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Chapter 1138

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The voice of the Medicine Valley's Valley Master spread out wide and far . It vibrated the snow particles in the air and turned them all into powder!

"Ya! Wa Ya Ya Ya Wa Ya…" From afar, a red shadow skipped happily towards here, dancing along the way . At the tip of the tree, the red shadow started flipping overhead . She said, "Chu Yang has succeeded! Wa Ya Ya…"

Mo Qingwu was extremely happy!

Her dear Brother Chu Yang, in the Medicine Banquet where Pharmacists from all over the entire Nine Heavens participated, had emerged champion! To Mo Qingwu, this was a piece of news, happier than herself becoming a Supreme Martial Artist .

At that moment, the little girl was so excited and happy that her entire heart almost exploded . She grabbed onto Bu Liuqing's sleeves, smiling and jumping . "Teacher, Chu Yang has succeeded! He has succeeded!"

Bu Liuqing squinted his eyes . He wanted to speak, but instead rolled his eyes and said, "How is it that you have changed to call him Chu Yang? Not Brother Chu Yang?"

Mo Qingwu was embarrassed and said, "Teacher, you are such a jerk!"

Stamping her feet, she turned around . However, she could not hide her happiness within . She blushed for a short moment and after which, began cheering again .

In the other direction, Han Xiaoran let out a burst of loud laughter, entirely free from worries!

The South East law-enforcement officers had finally made a name for themselves!

Some people cheered and naturally some people were depressed .

With Chu Yang claiming champion, the people from the Nine Super Clans were all a little sullen .

Especially the few elder masters, they were even more perturbed in their mind .

With Chu Yang claiming champion, this meant that a part of the Heaven Nourishing Jade would go to the hands of Chu Yang!

That was something great and valuable which could potentially reverse life and death!

Eight of the Second grandmasters let out a long sigh, before leaving in the snowstorm .

To prepare for action .

If it really did not work out, then they would have to murder Chu Yang and then to ambush Zi Xieqing concurrently?

Inside the gigantic array .

The lotus on top of Chu Yang's head had seemingly turned yellow .

Yellow, was the eighth color .

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The ninth color was pink and after that, it was white!

Without blinking an eye, the high priest stared at the lotus above Chu Yang's head . He held his breath and at the same time, both his hands were clenched tightly into a fist!

The moment when the lotus turned yellow, would be the time when it reached its final form!

At this moment, the high priest could clearly feel his heart beating . His mouth turned dry .

Finally, the color of lotus turned into yellow suddenly!

The high priest could not help but feel agitated . With his face flushed, he shouted, "Open!"

With this command, all the Supreme Martial Artists outside took actions together . All of them struck a palm towards the ground . This strike was nothing like the usual strike .

It was a pure amalgamation of the Supreme Martial Artists' life energy!

As they struck the ground, not even the snowflakes on the topmost layer trembled . However, the vigorous and firm force was silently gathered below the ground . Suddenly, the forces converged all into a single point, below the ground!

The point was the ultimate center of the action!

In an instant, in place underground with unknown distance away, a virtual, clean and white lotus bloomed bit by bit and slowly rose up…

The high priest stood up and walked over to Chu Yang . He reminded in a low voice, "Chu Yang, put down all your bodily defenses . Be ready to direct the Heaven and Earth's energy into your body! Refine and make the Heaven Nourishing Jade!"

Chu Yang nodded his head seriously .

Immediately after, he released all his bodily defenses .

To direct the Heaven and Earth's Energy for the refinement process!

The next moment, the huge lotus underground floated up and scattered to nothing . The bits and pieces integrated with the lotus above Chu Yang's head and it started to give out a light trembling sound . Suddenly, this sound grew louder by a fold!

Immediately after, the lotus turned suddenly from yellow to pink!

From the center of the lotus, three blazing breaths suddenly shot out and dashed up into the sky in a spiral fashion, after breaking the formation . They merged together and rushed up into the clouds!

The white light disappeared without a trace! .

Immediately after, a mysterious voice in the sky started to chant and it seemed as if it came from the deepest corner of everyone's soul!

The chanting became louder and more intense . In the end, it was already loud enough to flood the entire heaven and earth!

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Just as the chant was at its peak, it suddenly came to an end!

At the same time, an aura of purple energy, mysteriously ancient and powerful! It came from the distant clouds, broke through the snowflakes and fell directly into the Great Heavens-Reversing Array!

It connected both the Heaven and Earth closely together!

An aura of mysterious energy rushed downwards toward the top of Chu Yang's skull .

"It's coming, it's coming!" The Sword Spirit was fully focused with the Nine Tribulations Sword firmly in his hand . He was prepared to receive the purple Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy! This was the most fundamental form of energy in the entire Heaven and Earth!

The origin of all life!

It was already a shocking feat for the Medicine Banquet to be able to direct it down . To receive and to retain it, was totally impossible! There was no one in the human form, who would be able to absorb such a vast amount of energy!

This energy would return to the heavens after the Medicine Banquet, as if it just took a holiday in the mortal world!

However, the Sword Spirit was different!

The Sword Spirit did not possess a human form nor did it belong to the heavens . It also did not belong to the netherworld!

Furthermore, the Nine Tribulations Sword on his hand was an even more mysterious and powerful item!

Together with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master Chu Yang, they were now qualified to receive and to retain the Primordial Violet Vapor! Although there were still some risks involved, the Sword Spirit would never give up such an opportunity!

This was really a bit of good luck and rare opportunity that dropped from heaven!

It was a crime to not make full use of it!

The purple spiritual energy went through Chu Yang's skull turbulently!

Chu Yang only felt that his own spirit and consciousness took a comfortable cleansing and was ironed out neatly . It felt as if his body suddenly relaxed and soaked comfortably in a hot spring, after accumulating fatigue to the maximum…

Wherever the violet vapor went, tiny black dirt stains seeped out of Chu Yang's skin surface . These were the body's dirt . Until such cleansing by the purple energy, all the dirt was flushed out of the body .

If there was no Nine Tribulations Sword, then this round of cleansing and refining of the body constitution would have been the greatest benefit for this Number One Pharmacist!

The violet vapor went into the body!

The next moment, the Sword Spirit began to get busy!

He suddenly let loose of the Nine Tribulations Sword . The sword turned into light and went within the meridians of Chu Yang .

The Sword Spirit sat down with his legs crossed . He had channeled all his soul and spirit into the Nine Tribulations Sword which had just entered Chu Yang's meridians . The next moment, the turbulent violet vapor rushed forward in an earth-shatter

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ing manner, from the skull and to all other parts of the body!

Within the meridians, it was suddenly flooded with a wave of purple vapor!

The Nine Tribulations Sword gently trembled for a short moment . It was as if an extremely hungry man had just jumped into a clear and sweet-tasting lake, fiercely drinking the water!

The Sword Spirit's spiritual energy was being exerted continuously . It constantly removed the violet vapor consumed by the Nine Tribulations Sword and transferred them into the Nine Tribulations Space! With such high speed, in the blink of an eye, the process was already repeated numerously!

It was like a mouse within a huge oil depot working diligently to siphon out the oil towards its own home, without ever knowing what's fatigue .

Furthermore, it was an opportunity not to be missed!

At this moment, the Sword Spirit was using all the energy that he could summon, to rob the energy that was coming into Chu Yang's body .

This kind of robbery gave rise to a result… The Primordial Violet Vapor entered Chu Yang's body from the skull and diffused through the body from top to bottom . Originally, it should have circulated through the body for just one round, and seeped out into the huge Lotus of Heavenly Command…

It would undergo an accelerated process to maturity and finally to complete the refinement of the Heaven Nourishing Jade!

However, with the Sword Spirit robbing the energy with all his might, the Primordial Violet Vapor did not escape out from Chu Yang's body for a long while…

The high priest stared closely at the Lotus of Heavenly Command, checking the progress of the Primordial Violet Vapor .

He felt extremely strange when there was no response in the lotus after a long while .

"What's happening… why is the Primordial Violet Vapor so slow this time around…" The old men were all mumbling to each other .

Everything was happening within Chu Yang's body . Even if the high priest had super vision, he would still not be able to see what was happening . He would never imagine that the hard work of himself, the Nine Super Clans and the Law-enforcement officer for a thousand years, would become a windfall for someone else .

The Sword Spirit continued to rob the energy with all his might…

However, this kind of spiritual energy of the universe was simply too abundant . Not before long, after it had adapted to Chu Yang's meridians, the energy completed drowned out the Nine Tribulations Sword and the Sword Spirit under the purple wave…

Both the Nine Tribulations Sword and Sword Spirit were like the reef rocks amid a crazy tidal wave . They were completely submerged and could only see how the purple wave flowed past turbulently… limitlessly!

The Sword Spirit kept up a high speed of robbing the energy . He displayed a robbery skill that would stun even Rui Butong's two Teachers who were infamous for being robbers . The Sword Spirit continuously siphoned, transferred, put down and returned… one more time… one more time… one more time… one more time… one more time… one more time…

At the top of Chu Yang's head, the Primordial Violet Vapor poured downwards crazily in huge quantities and speed…

Finally, Chu Yang felt his soles getting warm . Two streams of Primordial Violet Vapor seeped out of his soles and went straight into the lotus of heavenly command .

"It's finally out…" The high priest looked at the crazy wave of Primordial Violet Vapor and finally heaved a sigh in relief . "F*ck, it's more troublesome than a woman giving birth…"

The Violet Vapor went endlessly into the lotus of heavenly command .

In an instant, the lotus turned pink totally . Thereafter, it slowly turned clean white, petal by petal…

The High Priest clapped his hands and shouted, "Come in, everyone!"

At his command, ninety nine Supreme Martial Artists came in altogether .

"Don't move first! Everyone shall guard a pile of medicine and listen… listen for my command!" The High Priest was so anxious that he stammered . He stared closely at the lotus of heavenly command . As every petal of the lotus turned clean white, his mouth also became wider .

At this moment, there was not even a moment for him to breath…

At the next instant!

The Primordial Violet Vapor rushed into the lotus rapidly!

The last petal of the lotus had finally turned clean white!

The entire lotus suddenly gave off a shiny and holy white light . Immediately after, it began to rotate .

Slowly, the speed of rotation increased… slowly but surely, the shape of the lotus became no longer visible!


At this moment, all the Pharmacist's fate energy had gone neatly into the petals of the lotus!

"Take action!" Under extreme nervousness, the high priest gave out a command with a gruff voice that sounded like a male duck!

Very quickly, all ninety nine Supreme Martial Artist carried the huge pile of elixir beside them and stood up to throw them into the center of the rapidly spinning lotus .

After throwing them in, they came down immediately and carried another pile…

This repeated for nine times!

Eighty-one types of elixirs were all thrown into the center of the lotus of heavenly command!

Not even an air bubble floated up! All the items completely disappeared…

The lotus lit up and nine different colors took turns lighting up the lotus!

It was like a huge neon light that started to rotate in the sky!

A strong fragrance diffused out strongly!

Lotus of Heavenly Command was finally completed!

At this moment, the Medicine Valley's Valley Master and the High Priest cheered together as they flew up into the sky . Each one of them held a medicine pounding stick that was entirely white and flew to the sky above the Lotus of Heavenly Command!

. . .

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