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Chapter 1135

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He's exceeded, he's exceeded! By way too many!

Now everything was truly messed up .

The Sword Spirit wanted to cry but he couldn't find any tears in himself . The Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Nine Tribulations! As implied, there were supposed to be only nine people… but how many had he named? Easily at least eighteen…

Too merciless… he was too merciless…

"… Gu Miaoling…" Chu Yang finally recited the last name and stopped . Those faint and indistinct singing voices also stopped right about then .

Pillar after pillar of fate energy split off from the main source, forming prismatic arcs that shot out and disappeared into the horizon!

Cold sweat trickled down the Sword Spirit's back!

Because when the final two names were recited, the pillars of fate energy that had split out were already very weak and faint… This indicated that the Nine Super Clans' ten thousand years' worth of fate energy had already been wholly depleted by Chu Yang!

This was no doubt a huge move that attacked them at their very core… as well as extremely cruel and vicious…

Chu Yang had pretty much recited the names of everyone related to him… He didn't even leave out the names of his brothers' wives .

As if he was afraid that he could not drain even the very last bit!

At this exact moment .

In the Ye Clan .

In an area encircled and guarded by the Ye Clan, surrounded by mountains and lakes — The Ye Clan's ancestral graves!

Back when the Ye Clan was constructing their ancestral cemetery, they had gotten an expert to assess the feng shui of the area . This area housed a golden palace in the middle and was surrounded by a jade belt and had golden dragons circling it — In other words, it was a place with outstanding feng shui, with magnificent and grand mountains winding round!

In the underground was a convergence of three mountain ranges, which protruded slightly and was situated on the highland . It was a piece of land worthy of a king!

But at this moment, a deafening boom resounded throughout .

The great mountains behind the Ye Clan ancestral graves suddenly caved inward! It was as if the middle of the whole mountain ridge had collapsed and sank in . A series of loud booms could be heard coming from the underground .

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In the underground where nobody could see:

Fissures appeared in several areas, eventually rendering the strata into nothingness; the shine of gold and jade flashed irregularly before they went out completely . It looked as if an indistinct golden dragon had broken free of its shackles, letting out a roar as it soared into the sky and disappeared into the far distance…

The Ye Clan was in a complete mess .

At the same time, in the Xiao Clan, Yè Clan, Chen Clan, Ling Clan… the same situation appeared in all the other eight clans .

Caving in!

Caving in!

And still caving in!

The Upper Three Heavens was in a state of utter chaos!

. . .

In an unknown location elsewhere .

Ning Tianya, covered head to toe in blood, was seated and treating his own injuries . After being set upon by Wu Jue Cheng and the Dharma Supreme, Ning Tianya's injuries had certainly suffered grave injuries this time . In addition, only Ning Tianya himself was aware…

…that what had truly dealt him a serious blow was purely Wu Jue Cheng's ambush at the end which had utilized the sword intent!

He had thought that his false defeat in the beginning had already succeeded in fooling them . However, he did not expect Wu Jue Cheng to be such a cautious man and deal him with such a heavy and vicious blow! Not to mention that it was completely out of Ning Tianya's expectations that Wu Jue Cheng could actually use the Nine Tribulations Sword Master's sword intent!

This was something that could never have occurred to anybody .

Ning Tianya knew then that he had no choice but to fight . Furthermore, since they already had intentions to deal with Bu Liuqing and the others, they could not possibly make a move if he was safe .

That was why he had pretended to suffer defeat and made his escape . Once they had relaxed their guard, he would secretly hurry to Tianji City and join hands with Bu Liuqing . Then, they could pretend to go along with their scheme and get a fast one on them, killing them all!

But he didn't expect at all that Wu Jue Cheng would have something like that up to his sleeve, to actually strike him with the sword intent at that point!

Leading to a complete mess of Supremacy Ning's plans!

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The sword intent exclusive to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was overwhelmingly powerful!

This sword intent had almost taken Ning Tianya's life!

Much to his chagrin, Ning Tianya could only escape to this place to treat his injuries . However, the recovery of the injuries caused by the sword intent was extremely slow . Only now was there some kind of progress .

He was in the midst of recovery when a mysterious wave of energy shot over from a distance with a speed so fast that Ning Tianya couldn't even react in time and entered his body

Ning Tianya felt huge alleviation from his pain and discomfort in that instant!

Although this wave of energy did not have any obvious effect in treating his injuries, Ning Tianya instantly felt immense relief throughout . In addition, it seemed like there was a boundless improvement in his martial aptitude…

Though his injuries remained, he felt instantly alleviated of his discomfort!

Alarmed, Ning Tianya's eyes shot open . "Where did all this fate energy come from? Who's so kind to actually transfer fate energy to me? This is something that's incredibly troublesome… and would also be subjected to the karma of the universe…"

. . .

In the Lower Three Heavens .

Within the Iron Cloud Imperial Palace .

Tie Butian rested on the bed, her son in her embrace as she slept . In her grogginess, she seemed to have dreamed of something . In her dream, she saw a smiling Chu Yang come forward to her . When he raised his arm and pointed at her, a ray of white light diffused into her forehead .

Tie Butian woke up with a jolt, only to feel a calming and relaxing feeling throughout her body . She murmured in confusion, "I dreamed of that detestable fellow again… To think that it felt so real this time though… Sigh . "

She let out a long and low sigh, all signs of drowsiness gone from her . She bent over and watched her son who was sleeping soundly, a wave of sentimentality involuntarily arising in her heart .

It was at this moment when she discovered something unusual happening to her body . Her child was already more than a year old and had already been weaned . But she felt her breasts swelling at this moment . Alarmed, she looked down, only to see that milk was seeping out of her breasts again…

"What's going on?" The female emperor stared at her large and swollen bosom in a daze, her eyes round and wide…

. . .

In different places, Bu Liuqing, Mo Qingwu, Yue Lingxue, Feng Yurou, Wu Qianqian, Chu Feiling, Yang Ruolan… a funny feeling went through all of them at the same time… They felt as if they were different from what they were just a moment ago…

Other than Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue who could tell that this was fate energy and as such, was all the more astonished, the rest were all puzzled and didn't know what was going on .

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Zi Xieqing, a beneficiary as well, could sense the fate energy in her becoming stronger and more abundant . She had a complex look in her eyes .

I had thought that when I leave this place, we would never meet again for the rest of our lives .

I didn't expect you to use this kind of method to increase my fate energy! Even though you only mean well and have no other intentions, and while people like me who are from the heavens beyond owing favors isn't usually a problem, do you know that this kind of insubstantial and abstract fate energy is the only thing that I can never escape from?

From now on, even if we are in different corners of the world, my fate energy will be inexplicably linked to yours; isn't this going to give me no end of trouble…

. . .

What was different from these people's reactions were Chu Yang's brothers .

Rui Butong and Dong Wushang were in the midst of sparring when suddenly both of them let out a weird cry and threw out their respective saber and sword…

A bewildered Dong Wushang opened his mouth . "This is so strange . I'm in the midst of a fight, why am I suddenly dreaming?"

Rui Butong was dumbfounded too . "I had a dream too… I dreamt of Boss… Boss had such a sneaky smile on his face when he gave me a slap… But I'm in the midst of a fight, ain't I… My god, what's going on?"

"You had a dream too???" The two of them stared at each other in a daze, before they turned their gaze to the dark saber and sword that they had thrown onto the ground, completely baffled…

In the Middle Three Heavens .

Within a mysterious dimension .

A few people were seated and in the midst of cultivation, their countenances serious and solemn!

On top of everyone's heads were three clouds of white fog that had almost materialized . They continued to gather and expand, as though flower buds on the verge of blooming…

At the side was a golden dragon of tremendous size with a good half of its tail already gone…

They were Gu Duxing, Mo Tianji, Luo Kedi, Ji Mo, Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong .

The six of them who were in deep concentration in their meditation suddenly seemed to 'see' a vision at the same time — Chu Yang who had a mysterious and sneaky smile on his face, the kind that he wore whenever he just played a satisfying prank, using his hand to guide clouds of white fog into their foreheads .

Those clouds of white fog then entered their bodies, leaving no trace of its existence behind .

At the same time, a jolt went through their bodies and all six of them broke through in their cultivation…

The fog floating around the golden dragon suddenly became even thicker and denser, and the speed at which it emanated spiritual energy surprisingly doubled…

The six of them opened their eyes at the same time, a look of blankness and sentimentality in their eyes .

"I dreamed of Boss…" Gu Duxing murmured with a frown, "I think he gave me something . "

A look of contemplation appeared on Xie Danqiong's handsome face too . "I had a dream too . Boss was pointing at my forehead…"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Ji Mo jumped to his feet, flailing his limbs wildly as he shouted in excitement, "I dreamed of that too, wahaha… Boss had an expression like he was a coyote that had successfully stolen a chicken, wahaha, so gross…"

There was obvious agitation on Mo Tianji's attractive face . His eyes were twinkling, a huge difference from his usual calm and unflustered self . He practically looked like a different person altogether!

"Tianji, could it be that you know what's happening?" Ao Xieyun was a meticulous and observant person . When he saw Mo Tianji's reaction, he immediately had a hunch that something extraordinary was happening .

Mo Tianji, with agitation on his face, was suddenly rather flustered as he reached into his clothes hurriedly and brought out nine bronze coins . He shook his head, indicating to the rest not to speak . Then, he activated his divine skill, 'Controlling the World' .

In solemn silence, he tossed the nine coins into the air .

Mo Tianji's hands formed several different complicated gestures, his expression extremely dignified and serious .

The next moment, the nine shiny coins suddenly flashed brightly in the air!

They landed on the ground at the same time, each coin facing up! When they landed, intense golden light shone from them, so dazzling that the few brothers couldn't even gaze upon them directly at their current cultivation levels!

The dazzling golden light before them was so radiant that they felt as if they were in the jade palaces of the heavens!

Mo Tianji waited till the golden light had subsided before he looked over .

And when he took a good look, he was overjoyed!

"This is fate energy!" Mo Tianji was agitated beyond control . "Boss has succeeded! Do you know? Do you know?! Hahaha…"

When Gu Duxing and the rest saw Mo Tianji's somewhat crazed behavior, they were rather unsettled . They hurriedly asked, "What's going on? Hurry up and tell us…"

Mo Tianji took a deep breath but to no avail . He took another, and then tried to calm himself by taking several more deep breaths, before he finally turned to them . With bright and shiny eyes, he said, "This is fate energy! Boss has drained the destined luck of the Nine Super Clans in the Upper Three Heavens and given it to us!"

"Which is to say, the fate energy of the Nine Super Clans is now in us!" Mo Tianji explained . These are feng shui terms

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