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Chapter 1131

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Ever since Chu Yang was reborn, he never thought about this matter .

Putting it another way, he had no memories of such a thing!

All along until just now, when Mo Qingwu said, "I will… dance unto the Highest Heaven for you!"

Upon hearing these words, Chu Yang was suddenly enlightened . He thought of this poem and remembered this person .

Xue Leihan!

He had always neglected his person! Why?

As he thought of Xue Leihan, many memories came floating into the minds of Chu Yang .

He then realized that this life and his previous life had many differences .

In his previous life, he was a Poison Sword Revered Martial Artist . Although his name was well-known, he was only a Revered Martial Artist . However, he could freely roam around the Lower Three Heavens . He could even roam around freely in certain places of Middle Three Heavens .

Martial art exponents of the King grade were nonexistent in the Lower Three Heavens and only pathetically few in numbers within Middle Three Heavens .

Even when Mo Tianji ambushed him, it only took him three King grade exponents .

But in this life…

Mo Clan had more than three King grade exponents . They had even the Emperor grade exponents!

In the Upper Three Heavens, both the King grade and Emperor grade exponents were not even worth a mention; Monarch Level was merely another person and the Martial Saints were commonly seen . Even for Supreme Martial Artists, there were probably thousands or over ten thousands of them in the entire Upper Three Heavens!

In the previous life, there were two legends: Supreme Martial Artist Chen Feng, Supreme Martial Artist Liu Yun .

In the current life, the legends were only Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing…

And now?

He might have been ignorant in his previous life . The moment he reached the Upper Three Heavens, he led a lowlife, like rats on the streets . He just came up not long ago and he died, without even getting the fifth section of the Nine Tribulations Sword…

However, legends were legends! Could he have been ignorant till such a level?

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Furthermore and more importantly, Xue Leihan!

Such an unparalleled literary talent with a resounding reputation in the Nine Heavens . In his current life, he actually had no memories of him . Absolutely nothing! Totally nothing!

Why was that so?

As he thought of Xue Leihan, he had another idea in his mind and he suddenly felt the familiarity of some faint memories .

That elder who did fortune-telling…

Mo Qingwu of the Nine Heavens, Ke Butian on the road of three lives; appreciate the people who care about you; do not underestimate the evil in the air;

Such familiarity…

Xue Leihan!

That was you!

Chu Yang was stunned by this!

He was now 100 percent sure that, within Tianji City, the fortune-telling elder that he and Zi Xieqing met, was his friend in his previous life… the world's number one literary talent Xue Leihan!

Although at that time, he indeed did not recognize him!

Who was he exactly?

What the hell was going on?

In the mind of Chu Yang, it all suddenly became a mess . The more he thought about it, the more confused he got, with no leading clues at all . He had a hunch that should he manage to solve all these, he would discover an earth-shattering secret!

At this moment, he heard Mo Qingwu say, "That person… is so weird . "

Chu Yang was startled as he looked up .

About a few tens of feet in front, there was a middle-aged literary man dressed in white, stepping on a white cloud, on his way over .

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This road was a compulsory route towards the Medicine Banquet . At this moment, the streets were bustling with activities even though it was early in the morning . However, this man dressed in white was just walking along the crowded streets with a warm smile on his face . He looked so kind and approachable, but it felt like he had been alone for the past few tens of thousands of years . Against his surroundings, he did not blend into it at all .

This man was stepping on the white clouds . Every step he took, left a huge and deep footprint . This way of walking should have required a lot of effort . However, from his expressions, it was all but a breeze and leisure walk for him .

"He is indeed very weird . " The alarm bell in Chu Yang's mind rang .

If he guessed correctly, this person should be extremely dangerous .

As he was thinking, this man dressed in white had already walked to somewhere not far in front . Suddenly he turned his head around and saw two people there . He smiled and said, "What a great young lady in red . You looked as cute as a bright pearl . "

Mo Qingwu turned red and hid behind Chu Yang . Only half of her face was peeking out to see the surroundings .

Chu Yang smiled and cupped his hands in greetings . He said, "You flattered us . How may I address you?"

The man in white smiled and said, "Pharmacist, just a nobody . " It was a bitter smile, but filled with confidence and nonchalance . He continued to say, "I didn't even get past the first round . So now, I'm just going ahead to join the crowd and watch the fun . "

Chu Yang replied, "I see . "

Chu Yang spoke again, "Why not travel together?"

As he was saying the sentence, it was just nice that the man in white also said, "Why not travel together?"

The two looked at each other, and couldn't help but laugh .

The smile of Chu Yang was understanding and kind . The smile of the man in white was gentle and warm .

However, when Mo Qingwu saw both of their smiles, she shuddered .

The two men walked side by side . The man in white said, "Brother Chu, you must be aiming to win this time around . I came especially today to support and cheer you on, Brother Chu . "

Chu Yang revealed a surprised expression and broke into laughter . He said, "So actually you knew me . "

The man in white shook his head and smiled . "Brother Chu had been really outstanding during this banquet . Amongst the Pharmacist in this Tianji City, how few are those who do not know you?"

Chu Yang let out a burst of comfortable and huge laughter . "Let's see how my luck is… It's still not for sure . There are too many exponents around . I have no confidence at all . "

Although he said that he had no confidence, from the tone of his voice and facial expressions, it was obvious that it was a 'fake humble' look . It was obviously an expression brimming with confidence .

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The man in white had his head lowered and did not see Chu Yang's expression . He said, "There's no need for Brother Chu to be so humble . With your caliber, it should be an easy feat for you to become the world's number one . "

At this moment, a man on the roadside suddenly yelled, "Brother Lu!"

The man in white stopped in his tracks and said apologetically, "Brother Chu, I met my friend . "

Chu Yang hurriedly replied, "Brother, please go ahead . "

The man in white gave an apologetic smile and turned around quickly . He walked up to the man by the roadside and behaved intimately, as if they were good friends who had not seen each other for very long…

Together with Mo Qingwu, Chu Yang continued along the thick snow-covered ground . Along the way, they continued to chit chat . They came into another road, after taking a turn .

The distance from the main event area of the Medicine Banquet was just a few tens of feet away .

. . .

On the roadside just now .

The man in white was still smiling gently . However, his face had already become cold .

A black shadow appeared without a sound, smiling gently . "Brother Wu, is it?"

The man in white shook his head and said, "I don't think so . However, this guy knows how to conceal his strength . You told me that he is a grade one Monarch level . However, from his body, there is a strong hidden sword intention running about . From what I see, his real cultivation level is definitely around that of a Saint of Swords level! And, it's at least a grade 5!"

The man in black let out a sigh of relief and said, "Then I can rest assured . Saint of Swords is not scary . However, since he is a Saint of Swords, he must have come from the Sword Emperor level . The Nine Tribulations Sword Master would never become a Sword Emperor . "

The man in white said, "Yes . Therefore, this Chu Yang is definitely not the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! However, this young man is definitely below the age of twenty and he already possessed such amazing cultivation . He is also the successor to the ancient divine doctor… Within the Nine Heavens, he is definitely the number one talent! If he develops well in the future, his success may not be lower than that of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!"

When these two men spoke, the word 'Nine Tribulations Sword Master' was spoken with hatred and their teeth gritting .

The man in black went silent for a moment and said, "Then, will Brother Wu do it?"

The man replied, "I naturally will not let him off easily . Along the way, I had already given him seven different extreme poisons! These seven poisons have no cure . In normal times, they neutralize each other and there will be no harmful effects . However, when the time limit is up, they will immediately take effect, resulting in a sudden stroke, with no chance of recovery! Let the effect strike during the finals!"

The man in black let out a sigh of relief and said, "Brother Wu, you've worked hard . "

The man in white gave an indifferent smile and said, "It's not hard work . However… To poison such a lowly character is a little degrading to my own value…"

Both men chuckled and suddenly disappeared .

. . .

Over on the other side, Chu Yang took a turn along the streets .

The sword spirit came out and said in a terrified voice, "Oh my god, we just ran into a ghost . "

"Ran into a ghost? Ke Ke…" Chu Yang was not surprised at all and said indifferently, "The man just now, should be Wu Jue Cheng, right?"

The Sword Spirit was startled and said, "How did you know?"

"I just know . " Chu Yang gave a gentle smile . "A hunch . "

Immediately he said again, "He didn't recognize me . "

He continued, "If he had recognized me, then this moment, I would already have become a pile of rotten meat!"

The Sword Spirit let out a sigh and said, "You are right . The hatred that Wu Jue Cheng has for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is definitely far beyond that of our current Dharma Supreme!"

Chu Yang said with an understanding voice, "This is because Wu Jue Cheng has a special identity . Ke Ke, he was the successor to Supreme Martial Artist Chen Feng . Everywhere he went, he was praised and held in respect . In his entire life, since when has he been subjected to any setback or deceive? When someone had played with him for a lifetime, how would he not hate that person?"

Immediately after, Chu Yang said, "What poison did he give to me?"

The Sword Spirit was astounded . "You could feel that he had poisoned you?"

Chu Yang smiled indifferently . "No, I did not feel anything! Even until now, I have no feelings at all . However, Wu Jue Cheng would definitely not come to me just for that few sentences of insignificant conversations . "

"Seven different poisons, well balanced amongst each other . It will cause a person to stroke out," the Sword Spirit smiled and continued, "However, he does not want your life . It seemed like he just wants you to have a stroke during the finals…"

Chu Yang clicked his tongue and said, "That's great of him! Any methods to treat it?"

The Sword Spirit said, "Of course, there is no problem . However… this kind of poison, only the Nine Tribulations Sword can absorb . If Wu Jue Cheng realized that you are not poisoned, then he would immediately know that you are the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . He would come directly to kill you! Even if it's during the finals, there's no stopping him . "

Chu Yang thought deeply . "Is there another way?"

"Yes, there is," The Sword Spirit let out a smile and said, "You can place a bottle of Spiritual Spring water on your body and drink half of it . For these poisons, it will help to delay the time poison attack . I will remove the poison to allow you to complete the competition . Even if Wu Jue Cheng came over, he would know the reason when he sees the Spiritual Spring water . "

Chu Yang eyes brightened and he said, "He wanted me to be paralyzed and to stroke out, I believe it is more than just to stop me from finishing the finals . Most likely… he had other motives . Otherwise, for a person of status like Wu Jue Cheng to poison me personally? He might as well strike me with his palms to death . Isn't that easier?"

"Therefore, his motives would likely be Sister Zi and others," Chu Yang let out a cold snort and said, "To use poison against poison, to threaten?"

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