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Chapter 1129

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A few days later .

Meng Chaoran started to find Zi Xieqing for some discussion . Zi Xieqing was rather suspicious of his intentions .

However, after listening to what he had to say, Zi Xieqing was deeply touched and almost lost her composure!

Meng Chaoran had created a mental cultivation technique on his own which he felt was useful . Since, around here, Zi Xieqing had the highest level of cultivation and the broadest experience, Meng Chaoran came over to discuss with Zi Xieqing, to seek any improvements .

After all, before getting any seal of approval, Meng Chaoran did not dare to pass on something, which even he himself was unsure of, to his disciple .

Meng Chaoran encountered numerous changes . His mind was calm and steady, his character was indifferent and it always seemed as if he did not take any of the events in the world to heart . These few years, he felt that his own body had been restrained and he had been trying very hard to achieve a breakthrough .

However, the breakthrough never came .

After Chu Yang had cured him, he finally managed to reach the Upper Three Heavens . He practiced and trained numerously, day and night . Finally, he succeeded in creating a new mental cultivation technique . Only just recently did he manage to perfect it .

This cultivation method was named by Meng Chaoran as Tianyi Divine Art .

And this was also the main reason for the rapid improvement of martial arts for Meng Chaoran .

This cultivation method would not help in raising one's cultivation level . However, it could help to concentrate one's mind! When doing a certain thing, all minds and efforts would only be on this certain thing . For all other matters, it would be removed from the mind!

This was not just a cultivation for the heart, but also a cultivation of the mind and spirit!

Zi Xieqing was overwhelmed with shock and horror!

This was because after trying it for a while, Zi Xieqing felt that although this cultivation technique had its flaws, it was definitely of value to the user! Being fully focused on practicing, was equivalent to being in a high-level state of meditation, right from the beginning! Right from the start, it would already be at the deepest level of cultivation .

With these, how could it not be beneficial?

This type of cultivation technique was considered a first of its kind even in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court . It could not be practiced, it could not cultivate the heart, it could not cultivate the mind and spirit, it could not cultivate the body . However, it could make one fully focused on the task at hand, with no distractions whatsoever .

During battle, this would be the worst valued mental cultivation technique . However, during cultivation, this would be the unparalleled and most powerful cultivation method!

It was actually created by a person who was not even a Martial Saint level!

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Zi Xieqing felt that all these were like a dream .

This kind of mental cultivation technique was definitely useful to people like Zi Xieqing, or even to people who were at a higher level than her . Extremely useful!

Unless it was for those individuals who were at the great saint level, for example… . those who managed to turn the Nine Heavens upside down . Then it might not be so useful for them . Even so, at that level of cultivation, there might still be a need for this mental cultivation method during certain times!

Zi Xieqing felt that it would work, therefore she immediately used her vast sea of martial arts knowledge throughout the few days without sleep or rest . She did her very best to work this mental cultivation technique to perfection .

"You shall be the one to pass it on to them!" Meng Chaoran gave an indifferent smile to Zi Xieqing and said, "My cultivation level is too low . For me to pass it on to them, they might just look down on it… However, If you pass it on to them, there will be no problem . "

Finishing his sentence, Meng Chaoran let out a confident and carefree smile .

He continued on to look after Ye Chuchen and to practice his martial arts .

In the face of such indifference beyond 'confident and carefree', Zi Xieqing was stunned for a while .

This teacher of Chu Yang was indeed a talent from heaven . However, he was also worthy of being called a weird person .

Although Meng Chaoran left as confident and carefree, he left this uphill task to Zi Xieqing!

Who should she pass it on to, for this kind of mental cultivation technique?

This entire series of cultivation art, in Zi Xieqing's opinion, was the indisputable number one in the world .

This was because there were no other series of mental cultivation technique like this one that could be used by anyone! From the commoners who knew nothing about martial arts, to those who could change the landscape and to affect nature . Everyone would be able to benefit from this mental cultivation technique! Everyone could have a way to use it!

Regardless of good guys or bad guys, everyone could use it!

If this kind of cultivation method were to spread around and some villains were to get hold of it, then it would be endless troubles for the world!

Villains who got hold of such a cultivation technique would only improve their cultivation and result in greater troubles for the world!

It was the first time Zi Xieqing was too troubled to have her meal in peace .

At night, she called Chu Yang to ask about this question .

Minister Chu was startled as well . He did not imagine that his teacher actually had such an earth-shattering ability! In an instant, Chu Yang became proud from within .

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However following which, in respect of Zi Xieqing's worries, Chu Yang was helpless as well .

He would definitely want his people to learn this mental cultivation technique . As long as this method had been created, it would definitely spread around . As for who it would spread to, only heaven would know .

"We shall not think too much and just practice it ourselves first," Chu Yang then made a bachelor-like comment and said, "Let us benefit from it first, let it spread amongst ourselves . It will not be leaked to the public any time soon . As for the subsequent spreading… that would be a matter of the far future . By then, who knows where would we all be and who would be able to manage things in the future? It is just like men nowadays . As long as we can get a wife and hug her every night during sleep, that would already be very good . No one expects us to care if our grandsons 100 thousand years later would be a bachelor or not . Do what we want now . To even worry about the future, that is so typical of a woman… incurable . "

"Get out of here!" Zi Xieqing let out an angry roar .

Minister Chu gave such a great idea and the result was a kick from Zi Xieqing . This kick destroyed the room door and Minister Chu landed on the snow in a pathetic state .

Mo Qingwu was just practicing in the backyard when she saw Chu Yang fall down . Instantly, she had a heartache . She immediately stood up and walked over to hold Chu Yang up . She grumbled and said, "Brother Chu Yang, you must have tried to play rogue with Sister Zi again, right?… I'm not trying to lecture you, but even if you wanted to play rogue with her, you also need to have some confidence before you do it… You are asking for a beating, when you are still not as strong as her . "

Chu Yang dropped to the ground in shock!

He thought in his mind, 'Look at what this little girl is saying . I… Am I this kind of person?'

Immediately after, Zi Xieqing gathered Bu Liuqing, the Moon Breeze couple, Wu Qianqian, Dong Wushang, Rui Butong, Mo Qingwu, Chu Le'er, Chu Yang and officially passed on the mental cultivation technique to them .

She also made a stern request; It was not to prohibit the spreading of this cultivation technique . Should they ever decide to pass it on, they must be sure of the person's good character . Furthermore, it had to be of absolute secrecy!

They would keep this secret for as long as it was possible .

As for the future… it would be like what Chu Yang said, "If it comes to a time when they can no longer manage it… then do whatever they want to…"

What else was there to manage and to care about when they were no longer around?

Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple had the highest cultivation . They were most worried about this problem . To receive this mental cultivation technique was equivalent to receiving a treasure!

This mental cultivation technique could actually avoid any growth of the demon in one's mind!

Avoid demons in one's mind!

To martial art exponents like Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple, this kind of cultivation technique was even better than taking elixirs that allowed them to instantly fly up the sky!

An absolute treasure!

Dong Wushang and others were also very excited about it .

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Zi Xieqing was unwilling to take credit for the technique . However, Meng Chaoran was determined not to admit that he was the one who had created this cultivation technique . Therefore, Zi Xieqing had no choice but to embarrassingly accept the gratitude from the crowd .

She felt like, amongst all the things she had done in her life, this was the most embarrassed one .

With this cultivation technique, when they practiced, they realized that the efficiency was tripled, as compared to usual times! For the various old and young ladies, Mo Qingwu, Wu Qianqian, Chu Le'er, Feng Yurou, Mo Lei'er, they even had an improvement of 600 percent, as compared to usual times…

One could tell from this point that women were usually imagining a lot of things, up to twice that the amount of men…

Scary women!

A huge snowstorm, that came down continuously for half a month! The amount of snow that fell onto the ground was at least up to the knee cap . Many places within Tianji City actually had a snow disaster . The huge snowfall which caused the collapse of roofs was a common occurrence .

This level of huge snowfall, according to Bu Liuqing, for cities like Tianji City which were at the southern tip of the continent, was the first occurrence in ten thousand years . It was nothing short of being a strange occurrence .

As the snow continued to fall, the air within Tianji City became clearer . Following which, was thicker and richer spiritual energy of the universe .

This made every one of the martial artists within Tianji City very happy .

Today .

Zi Xieqing was looking at Chu Yang and the others practicing . Suddenly, her divine senses spread out .

Mumbling, she said, "The Dharma Supreme is back . "

Chu Yang was startled and said, "Did he come back alone?"

Zi Xieqing replied, "Yes, you are right . He came back alone . "

"Came back alone?" Chu Yang was perplexed . He thought that when the Dharma Supreme left, it was to bring back reinforcements, such as the legendary Wu Jue Cheng…

However, he actually came back alone . That was unimaginable

Could it be that… Dharma Supreme did not manage to find any reinforcement?

During this period of time, several people of unknown origins came into Tianji City…

Chu Yang speculated that these people were the secret reserves of the Nine Super Clans . They were probably the main force behind the plot that Dharma Supreme and the Nine Super Clans were preparing for .

Chu Yang paid special attention to these people . However, once they entered Tianji City, they disappeared without a trace, just like a drop of water in the ocean .

Even if he tried to probe using the Divine Senses, he could not find anything .

The more he probed, the more he felt as if a crisis was imminent .

When he heard that the Dharma Supreme came back alone, he felt even more strange in his mind .

Of course, what both Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing did not realize, was that from the North gate of Tianji City, a person who looked like a common martial artist, came over speedily on a fast horse . He restrained his breath and internal energy and came into Tianji City speedily!

Immediately after, he disappeared .

During these few days, Bu Liuqing's reactions were out of the ordinary . Other than being absolutely quiet when he was using the mental cultivation technique for practicing, the moment he stopped practicing, he became ineffably irritable .

Regarding such changes, Bu Liuqing himself was also a little puzzled .

In normal circumstances, with his level of cultivation, he had absolute control over his own emotions and therefore, should not have behaved this way . Therefore, how could he explain his currently abnormal behaviors?

Even towards his disciple Qingwu, whom he rarely even talked in a serious voice to, was reprimanded a few sentences by him…

Looking at the disciple's teary eyes of being wronged, Bu Liuqing felt a little unable to understand himself…

"Could it be that something has happened to Old Ning?" Bu Liuqing mumbled and then immediately smiled and said, "With a cultivation like that of Old Ning, how could something bad happen to him? Even if everyone met with a mishap, Old Ning would be alright…"

However, his mind was consistently irritable .

This emotion continued for almost a month, before it slowly went away .

Bu Liuqing did not pay much attention to it as well .

This was because the Medicine Banquet was just around the corner!

A month had passed!

The finals of the Medicine Banquet was tomorrow!

The finals would determine the winner of the Heaven Nourishing Jade and the big events of the Nine Supreme Martial Artist nourishing the heavens . It would also determine the fate of the Nine Heavens!

Chu Yang was all ready to go!

He was determined to win the Heaven Nourishing Jade .

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