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Chapter 1127

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Ye Chuchen was on the verge of collapsing . Her heart had been devastated by the enormous grief! She felt disoriented, as if she were floating and drifting among the clouds .

From now on, Ling Hanwu would no longer exist in this world .

Ling Hanwu's sword remained embedded in the snow . It gleamed in the light, blood all over its surface .

Meng Chaoran slowly got to his feet . His gaze landed on the sword and he stepped forward, pulling it out of the snow . It seemed almost as if Ling Hanwu's warmth still lingered on the sword . Without any warning, he suddenly let out a long and bitter howl . Scalding tears streamed down his face as he shouted, "Hanwu! My brother! You and I shall fight on together!"

The howling of the wind was increasingly bitter and shrill, and the snow fell heavier and heavier!

In Meng Chaoran's hand, Ling Hanwu's sword gleamed coldly among the ice and snow! Just like how Ling Hanwu had declared previously —"If you want to kill them, you'll have to get past me!"

"Get him!" There was a hint of fatigue in Ye Di's low voice .

The men of the Ye Clan swarmed forward .

With Ye Chuchen in one arm and wielding the sword in his other, Meng Chaoran charged toward them with a deafening roar!

So what if the Ye Clan had countless experts?

So what if they couldn't clear a path out?

It didn't matter!

There was a kind of resolute firmness and a wild viciousness that had never been there before in Meng Chaoran's gallant form . This manner of battle, this burst of energy and this spirit of recklessness! It bore a shocking similarity to Ling Hanwu!

Wielding the sword as effortlessly as the wind, he advanced several feet!

An enraged voice bellowed, "Bastards! Why are you taking such a hesitant attitude against an unfilial woman who has betrayed her clan! If they are not taken down, I'll have all of your heads!"

This command was like a catalyst hastening their deaths .

The pressure on Meng Chaoran increased dramatically all at once .

A dizzying flurry of swords came at him simultaneously . Meng Chaoran sported the expression of one who had seen through life and death . He murmured to himself, "I wish to live but others cannot tolerate my existence . If I cannot survive, Hanwu, you mustn't blame me! If you really must, then I can only beg for your forgiveness on the way to hell! But I cannot become a burden to Yang Yang…"

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The swords came slashing down at him!

The sound of the wind impact of a palm strike ripped through the air — it was the Supreme Martial Artist again! This strike was not intended to injure but merely to seal Meng Chaoran's escape .

Meng Chaoran let out a hearty laugh . He swung to the side and faced the power of the Supreme Martial Artist's palm strike and all the swords aimed at him head-on!

Ye Chuchen let out a horrified scream and flew toward him . She dived into Meng Chaoran's arms and cried out in despair, "Let's die together…"

Meng Chaoran was dismayed at this turn of events! At the very last moment, he managed to grab hold of Ye Chuchen and swiftly spun away from the incoming attack . The corners of his lips turned up as he said in a voice with nary a hint of emotion, "Silly woman, your man is not dead yet . You can only die after me! This is my duty toward you!"

His body had only turned half-way but the swords and the power of the palm strike were already on him!

The Ye Clan never had the intention to kill him . Or at least, they had originally wanted to, for peace of mind, but now that Chu Yang was involved, Meng Chaoran would no doubt be a very useful pawn against him . How could they bear to kill him?

And so they instinctively tried to restrain themselves!

The Supreme Martial Artist also hastily tried to retract the power that he had projected!

But once projected, how could it be retracted so easily?

He tried desperately to retract his power but only succeeded in retracting 60% to 70% of it . The reversed counter-power from the retraction turned his face completely red in an instant . His body swayed unsteadily and he coughed out a mouthful of blood .


The powerful impact of the palm strike, as heavy as the mountains, blasted Ye Chuchen and Meng Chaoran!

Loud cracks echoed in the air! Their bones were broken in several places and they coughed out blood, while their bodies were thrown out into the distance like broken ragdolls .

"Useless trash!" that low and sinister voice bellowed furiously, "Hurry and check if they are still alive!"

With a resounding thud, the two of them crashed onto the snow-covered ground, not far from Ling Hanwu .

Ling Hanwu, dressed neatly in Meng Chaoran's blue robes, laid on the ground quietly, his expression peaceful .

The two of them tumbled for a while before coming to a stop . Ye Chuchen had already passed out cold but a last bit of consciousness remained in Meng Chaoran . He had a bittersweet smile as he said, "Hanwu, we're still together in the end… Haha, I've already charged so far out but I was still beaten back here next to you, my brother…"

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The Ye Clan men hurried over anxiously to check on them . Meng Chaoran could only feel severe pain all over his entire body, as if his internal organs had disintegrated . He knew that he had suffered fatal injuries but amazingly enough, still had one last breath left in him .

Fearing that he would be brought back to life only to become a tool to be used against his disciple, a small mocking smile appeared on his lips . He murmured softly, as if talking to himself, "Using me, Meng Chaoran, to threaten him… hurhur…"

With his last ounce of strength, he flipped the sword in his hand and brutally stabbed himself in the heart!

Right at this moment, a loud howl pierced through the air!

Two figures landed with a boom .

A voice cursed, "Damn, something was up after all! All of you, stop what you're doing!"

The other voice was filled with distress . "Teacher!"

The sword had already stabbed two inches deep into Meng Chaoran's heart . Blood gushed out of his wound, but the moment he heard that voice, he suddenly halted his movement . He turned back with great difficulty, wanting to see his face one last time .

His disciple!

This voice belonged to the disciple whom he had devoted all his efforts of a lifetime!

Even if it were just a cough from a far distance, Meng Chaoran would also be able to identify which of his two disciples was the one who had coughed, much less this call of 'Teacher'!

"Yang Yang…" Meng Chaoran moaned, his eyes gradually going out of focus .

A black figure landed nearby, followed by the loud clanging of swords and loud screams and shouts . It seemed like weapons were broken and people got hurt…

Then, Chu Yang's anxious face appeared in Meng Chaoran's vision . "Teacher… Teacher… I came too late…" He was in such a panicked state that his limbs were all over the place . He hastily whipped out two incomplete versions of the Nine Tribulation Pill and stuffed them into Meng Chaoran and Ye Chuchen's mouths .

Meng Chaoran's injuries were too grave after all and his consciousness had already started to gradually fade . After consuming the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill, he regained a small part of his consciousness before a wave of indescribable lethargy took over him . He muttered, "Yang Yang… Quick, take a look at… your Teacher's wife… and see if she's alright! And Hanwu… can he… still be saved…"

Now that his disciple was here, despite knowing full well that Ling Hanwu was already dead, Meng Chaoran couldn't help but hold a glimmer of hope in his heart nonetheless… Because he knew that Chu Yang… had elixirs in his possession .

Chu Yang anxiously took a look at Ye Chuchen who was still in his Teacher's arms . He said hurriedly, "Her breathing is very weak… She can still be saved but… Ling Hanwu… Ling Hanwu…"

Tears fell from the corners of Meng Chaoran's eyes . He asked despondently, "He's dead?"

Chu Yang nodded with a heavy heart .

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Meng Chaoran bit hard on his lip . He could feel his consciousness starting to blur and fade…

Bu Liuqing's enraged voice thundered . "Ye Di! Get your a*s out here!"

A jolt went through Meng Chaoran and with some difficulty, his eyes managed to focus . "Who is he?" asked Meng Chaoran . To dare to holler at Ye Di like that, could this man be someone incredible?

"Don't worry, Teacher! Tonight, I'll kill all of them and take revenge for you!" said Chu Yang hatefully, gritting his teeth . His eyes were blood-red and his hatred overflowing .

"No…" Meng Chaoran said anxiously, "I… I have to… take revenge with… my own hands… If not… I will let Hanwu down… and my ancestors too…"

"What they owe Hanwu… I will personally demand it back!"

Gripping Chu Yang's hand tightly, Meng Chaoran passed out at last .

His right hand was still clutching Ling Hanwu's sword tightly .

The sword was freezing cold to the touch .

italics I will avenge you for sure! I will take good care of Chuchu for sure! I will live on with Chuchu for sure!

Hanwu, I will not let your good intentions go to waste!

I will stain your sword with the blood of your enemies for sure!

And at that time, we shall drink to our hearts' content once more!

Chu Yang's eyes were blood-red . His body trembled uncontrollably, overwhelming murderous intent emanating from him!

He had never desired this much to exterminate the Nine Super Clans than now!

Ever since he had come to the Upper Three Heavens, Chu Yang was very clear on his mission . However, he had never once thought of really wiping the Nine Super Clans out entirely! There were heroes and chivalrous swordsmen, as well as honorable good men in the Nine Super Clans too .

All the legendary figures in the Nine Super Clans had a history filled with glorious deeds .

Such as Ling Hanwu and such as Yè Mengse…

But this moment, as he stared at the rigid and lifeless corpse of Ling Hanwu and Meng Chaoran's body bathed in blood, Chu Yang wished for nothing more than to slaughter everyone in the Nine Super Clans with his sword!

He understood now — Perhaps there were heroes among the Nine Super Clans too, but… as long as they faced an external threat, these people would unite as one to counter the external threat, and resort to any means available to them!

Today, they could ambush his Teacher and take the life of Ling Hanwu who was in the same camp as them . Who knew who they would target tomorrow?

In their eyes, his current identity wasn't even the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! He was but a newly emerged force that was posing a small threat to them and they could already bring themselves to strike such a vicious blow!

If they were to realize one day that he was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, what would they do then? Perhaps using violence against violence wasn't the best solution, but it was certainly the most effective!

He could no longer turn back, and neither could they!



Chu Yang stood there silently, but his heart was bellowing insanely inside!

A cold shout later, the sound of people tumbling and rolling could be heard . It turned out to be Bu Liuqing who had sent the surrounding Ye Clan men flying out with a strike of his palm . He landed next to Chu Yang and hollered mightily, "Ye Di, do you not dare to come out?"

There was a thick mist among the snow and Ye Di's black-robed figure appeared, covered in a dense night fog . There was a trace of apprehension and respect in his voice as he greeted, "Elder Bu . " He continued, "Elder Bu has graced us with his presence, only to meddle in the family affairs of our Ye Clan . I am truly overwhelmed by your favor . "

Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes . "Family affairs? Who cares about that? If I'm not happy with what I see, I will get involved! What, do you have something to say about that? Do you not accept that?"

Ye Di said calmly, "Elder Bu naturally has his reasons for wanting to get involved . Since that is so, the Ye Clan will cease our hand now . "

Bu Liuqing turned to Chu Yang . "What do you say, lad? To kill or not to kill?"

A blast of inky black night fog appeared within Ye Di's eyes . He glanced at Chu Yang, his demeanor somewhat wary and cautious . This was no simple fellow after all . Going by this situation… It seemed like even Bu Liuqing was taking orders from him?

Chu Yang was a huge risk after all! He must be eliminated!

Chu Yang said coldly, "Leave two men behind to help us carry them back . The others can leave first . " He paused a little before continuing, "My Teacher said that he wants to take revenge with his own hands!"

"Take revenge with his own hands!" Both Bu Liuqing and Ye Di snorted inwardly .

With Meng Chaoran's pitiful level of cultivation now, this was no different from an impossible task!

Ye Di let out a condescending laugh . "Fine! I shall await Meng Geyin taking revenge with his own hands!" With a wave of his hand, he commanded, "Ye Shiyu, bring two men and stay back to help Elder Bu to carry them back! The others can return!"

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