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Chapter 1122

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Chu Yang stood in a daze, the expression on his face going through a multitude of changes! Suddenly, he stretched his arms out and smacked his right hand hard with his left, and then the other way . He cursed, "At the most critical moment! You guys became so wimpy! Sigh… It obviously felt like it wouldn't be a problem to embrace her just now…"

He let out a deep sigh .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the Sword Spirit, with sparkling eyes, was checking the elixirs that had suddenly flooded in . He was in such ecstasy that his limbs flailed about wildly!

"We've made a killing now! So many Heavenly Treasures… and so many that we've never even seen before but with a medicinal effect that's just as potent… We're rich, we're rich…" The Sword Spirit was thrilled beyond belief!

"Rich?" Chu Yang's subconsciousness entered the Nine Tribulations Space, pulling a long face as he said in an icy voice, "All you know is getting rich!"

The elated Sword Spirit was unaffected . "The quality of this batch of herbs is very high! Totaling 3,700 stalks! And what's more is that a portion of the most precious ones should be from that place beyond the Nine Heavens!"

He fluttered his eyelashes cryptically . "That mysterious realm!"

Chu Yang said passively, "Oh? So many?"

The Sword Spirit was rather puzzled at Chu Yang's moodiness .

Why was he pulling such a long face when they just got such a huge windfall? What happened?

"How do the best of these herbs compare to the Nine Great Herbal Medicines?" asked Chu Yang, musing heavily over something .

"They cannot be compared in the same vein!" the Sword Spirit said, "Even though the Nine Great Herbal Medicines may not surpass these Heavenly Treasures if we were to just compare the medicinal potency, they, however, contain the heavenly force of the Nine Heavens . That is the reason why they are the main ingredients of the Nine Tribulations Pill . These herbs, especially the ones from the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, their medicinal potency have already surpassed those of the Nine Legendary Herbs . However, they do not contain heavenly force . Therefore, they cannot be compared . "

"Oh…" Chu Yang was silent for a moment before he asked, "If it's the Nine Tribulations Pill, will it be effective on someone like Big Sister Zi?"

The Sword Spirit's demeanor turned sober . "Zi Xieqing's cultivation level is too high . If she were to suffer injuries, it would not be any ordinary injury; the regular Nine Tribulations Pill would not be of any use to her . "

"The regular Nine Tribulations Pill?" Chu Yang focused shrewdly on the key point . "Which is to say, there is a special Nine Tribulations Pill that would be of use?"

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"Yes . " The Sword Spirit profoundly regretted his slip of the tongue .

"I want this special Nine Tribulations Pill then!" Chu Yang said adamantly, "At least ten!"

"At least ten?!" The Sword Spirit sprung into the air like a cat whose tail got stepped on . "Dream on! Even if you refine all the Nine Great Herbal Medicines you have now, you would only be able to produce 15 special Nine Tribulations Pill!"

"Do you know that that most precious portion of this batch of herbs only totals less than 100 stalks! If you use them to refine the kind of Nine Tribulations Pill you want, at least 80 would be gone just like that!"

"And that is the minimum . These can only produce six pills at most! Zi Xieqing can use them to treat her injuries or to increase cultivation!" The Sword Spirit was jumping up and down . "Ten! And 'at least' at that! You'll be hurting the fundamentals of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines if you do that! And we don't even have enough of those herbs in the first place!"

"Then six would do!" Chu Yang was unmoved, completely unperturbed by what the Sword Spirit said .

The Sword Spirit let out a long sigh, his expression morose and defeated . It was apparent that he couldn't bear to part with the herbs .

"Sword Spirit, I don't wish to do this either . But Big Sister Zi is leaving soon, and in the endless future, she can only wander from place to place by herself, all alone and without anyone to help her . Yet she left all her Heavenly Treasures to me!"

Chu Yang said solemnly, "What if she gets injured and then bullied? Even if I refine ten Nine Tribulations Pills for her now, that's just guaranteeing her safety ten times, that's all! But she gave me so many Heavenly Treasures, easily enough to let me build my foundation in these Nine Heavens!"

The Sword Spirit sighed in resignation . "I just know that it's because of this! Fine… but, just six at most . Also, the spiritual energy is insufficient here . Even if she consumes it, it will not have a significant effect . "

"In that case, it would only be of use to consume it when she reaches the Nine Heavens Imperial Court?" asked Chu Yang, "Is there such a strange thing?"

"It's not that it can't be used here, but that once consumed, it is not possible to gather enough spiritual energy to circulate throughout one's body in the shortest time possible . As a result, a large part of the potency of the Nine Tribulations Pill will go to waste… but if Zi Xieqing only consumes it when she reaches that place, reviving her from the brink of death with just one pill is nothing difficult!"

The Sword Spirit elaborated further, "For example, if consuming such a Nine Tribulations Pill here can increase 500 years of cultivation, in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, it can increase 2,000 years of pure cultivation in one time! Can you understand if I put it this way?"

"I see . " Chu Yang finally got it .

What a waste!

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Indeed, some things could only be brought out to its full potential under specific conditions in certain places .

Just like the Nine Tribulations Pill that the Sword Spirit was speaking of .

Chu Yang suddenly thought of the Nine Super Clans' ploy and his brows furrowed involuntarily . "Certain places, specific conditions…" he murmured, sinking deep into thought .

. . .

In the temporary courtyard of the Ling Clan .

Ling Hanwu tiptoed stealthily, intending to make his way out . He didn't know what was wrong with winter this year; it was almost the end of the year, yet there was still no sign of snowing .

This made Ling Hanwu rather restless and anxious .

His biggest wish in life was to appreciate the snow-covered landscape with the love of his life .

And amongst the pure white snowflakes whirling about in the air, to express all of his feelings, all of his thoughts, all of his everything… to hold nothing back and confess his deep love and his unwillingness to accept defeat .

And from then on, he would have no more regrets in his whole life . Even if he were to die right away, he would not have any regrets left .

But the heavens, even after waiting so long, showed no signs of snowing .

Seeing that the sky was dark and overcast today, as if showing a small hint that it was going to snow, Ling Hanwu wanted to make his way out again .

A shadow flashed past him and someone stood at the gates, his hands behind his back . The person looked at him with aloof and passive eyes . "You are going out again?"

"Yes, Old Grandmaster . " Ling Hanwu stood at attention, his arms by his side .

The person in front of him was Ling Fengyun .

He was also the person that Ling Hanwu admired the most in his life .

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"You're going to see that Ye Clan girl again?" Ling Fengyun asked impassively, "I heard that ever since Ye Chuchen arrived, you have been going over to request for a meeting almost every day?"

"Yes . " Ling Hanwu's heart trembled; he could sense that the Elder Master was not in a favorable mood today . He couldn't help but become cautious .

"She is not interested in you, it's better that you do not pester her any further," said Ling Fengyun dispassionately .

"I…" Ling Hanwu was about to speak .

Only to hear Ling Fengyun continue, "You would always bring an attendant the past few times that you went to look for Ye Chuchen, yet now that attendant is not in sight . I've always found that attendant of yours an unfamiliar face; he's not from the Ling Clan, is he? Where is he now?"

The corner of Ling Hanwu's lips twitched a little before he said, "Elder Master, that is a friend of mine; he came to the Medicine Banquet to see the world and broaden his horizons . "

"That friend of yours is Meng Geyin, isn't he?" A sharp glint flashed in Ling Fengyun's eyes . "Your best friend is your love rival, isn't he?"

An uneasy feeling went through Ling Hanwu's heart . "Yes . "

Ling Fengyun paced a couple of steps before he said, "I went to great lengths to guarantee your safety the other time at the Medicine Banquet, but because of this, I have also incurred the wrath of the Dharma Supreme . Stay home obediently and do not run about during this important period . "

Ling Hanwu did not speak .

Ling Fengyun, intentionally or otherwise, asked, "I heard that Meng Geyin has changed his name to Meng Chaoran now?"

A jolt ran through Ling Hanwu . He remained silent but there was a whirlpool of emotions in his eyes .

"I heard that Meng Chaoran is Chu Yang's Teacher?" Ling Fengyun continued, "And that Chu Yang is Chu Xiaoxin's descendant! That Chu Xiaoxin, in the past, has killed 17 Ling Clan members and snatched the most precious of treasures in the world, the Heavenly Wood?"

Ling Hanwu could not tell what Ling Fengyun was getting at exactly but his heart was rather fearful .

"And now Chu Yang is at the peak of his influence…" A small smile appeared on Ling Fengyun's face . "So, stop going over to Ye Chuchen's, lest it complicates matters and causes misunderstandings . "

Ling Hanwu lifted his head suddenly . Even his tone of voice was a little different as he said, "Elder Master… Could it be… could it be that the clan wants to deal with Meng Chaoran?"

"You do not need to know that!" Ling Fengyun looked at him sternly as he lectured him, "You are devoted and loyal, and give your love without regret — this is your strength of character as a man! Therefore, despite knowing that you are condoning your love rival just to fulfill the wishes of the woman you love, I tried my best to keep it a secret for you and fulfill your devotion toward her . "

"But it is a time of emergency now, and the Ye Clan has already taken notice of it . You are no longer suitable to be involved!" Ling Fengyun let out a long sigh . "Hanwu, you are someone from the younger generation whom I am very fond of . I know as well that matters of the heart cannot be forced… True love that is etched for life in one's heart comes only once in a lifetime . You have already had a taste of it… don't cling on to it anymore . "

Ling Hanwu was shocked and his mind was suddenly in a muddled mess . He said in a hoarse voice, "The Ye clan is already aware? How did they know?"

Ling Fengyun's brows drew together tightly . "You do not need to know that!"

Ling Hanwu lowered his head sorrowfully, murmuring under his breath, "Someone in the Ling Clan has betrayed me?"

"How dare you!" A furious Ling Fengyun raised his voice . "It is you who has been helping the enemy at the expense of your own people! How could you say that someone has betrayed you?"

A tragic smile appeared on Ling Hanwu's face . "When Meng Geyin was met with danger in the past, Chuchen, overwhelmed with grief, wanted to take her own life numerous times . Now that so many years have passed, the love she has for him never faded even a little . Should Meng Chaoran meet with danger in front of her again, she would die! She would!"

Ling Fengyun said emotionlessly, "But that no longer has anything to do with you!"

Ling Hanwu took a couple of steps back, a look of hopelessness on his face .

"Go back," Ling Fengyun consoled quietly, "Go back and have a good sleep . When you wake up, you will realize that everything has passed, and all your worries gone . "

Ling Hanwu bit his lip . Suddenly, he gave a little laugh .

He strode forward to the gates of the courtyard . When he reached the gates, he looked at Ling Fengyun with a determined gaze and said, "I am going!"

Ling Fengyun's white robes fluttered in the freezing wind, his eyes boring into him .

"I! Am! Going!"

Ling Hanwu said emphatically, his voice resolute .

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