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Chapter 1120

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"Kill me," Ning Tianya laughed and said, "Lord Wu has not appeared for several ten thousand years and yet the moment you appear, it was actually to kill me . "

Suddenly a thought came to mind, with a frown of eyebrows, he turned his head and said, "I believe that the Dharma Supreme is out to deal with my Old Brother?"

Apologetically, the Dharma Supreme said, "Please be magnanimous enough to forgive me, Brother Ning . Your brother Bu Liuqing has really been in my way . In addition, the presence of Brother Ning will also affect the entire fate of the Nine Heavens . Therefore, for the future prospect of the Nine Heavens, it may be better for both Brother Ning and Brother Bu to go to the underworld to fight it out for Number One . "

Ning Tianya smiled indifferently and said, "As long as Lord Dharma Supreme and Lord Wu have the abilities, then it is nothing, for the both of us to go to the underworld to fight it out for Number One . "

Wu Jue Cheng said indifferently, "Brother Ning is indeed worthy of the title world's first professional . You are so sure that I would not be able to kill you?"

Ning Tianya replied indifferently, "If both Lord Wu and Lord Dharma Supreme do not want their faces anymore, then it is also nothing much for me to throw away my life as well . "

Wu Jue Cheng started to smile indifferently . The next moment, Wu Jue Cheng took a step forward .

Stormy clouds over the entire sky, move!

The entire land appeared as if it was shrinking at a speed, visible to the naked eye . Eventually disappeared!

There was only one point in front that was slowly enlarging .

The fist of Wu Jue Cheng!

Ning Tianya smiled apathetically and raised his hands to match up with the fist . Just as the hand reached midway, a saber suddenly appeared in the hand! A saber that looked just like a block of wood, simple and unadorned .

There was even no saber light reflecting from it . The saber simply slashed out in such a low profile manner .

Over ten thousand years of battle against enemies, no one had ever witnessed Ning Tianya's weapon . No one knew that Ning Tianya's weapon was actually a saber .

Supreme Martial Artist of Sabers!

Together with Bu Liuqing, it was just a nice saber and sword!

Today, Ning Tianya finally revealed his own trump card . Furthermore, it was right from the start, he had already flashed his saber .

It was obvious that Ning Tianya did not dare to underestimate any bit of this battle!

"Brother Ning is indeed the Supreme Martial Artist of Sabers!" The Dharma Supreme was standing at the side and his eyes flashed brightly .

The face of Wu Jue Cheng remained unchanged and still, like that of an old standing statue . As a fist was struck, there was no change in the course of the strike . It was as if the fist had gathered and accumulated all the force of the lands and gave a fierce and ferocious strike!

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The blade of Ning Tianya's saber and Wu Jue Cheng's fist clashed fiercely together .

The bodies of the two turned stiff and stuck together at the same time!

Immediately after, an ineffable shock wave spread out like ripples on the water .

At the same time within the skies, two areas of absolute vacuum black holes appeared .

With a loud snapping sound, the mountain peak below the legs of the two people cracked open . The crack line winded around like a long snake . It appeared all of a sudden and it became wider and wider . No one knew how deep it was .

For the two people battling it out, they were still in their original stance, not an inch different . Yet, they were now separated over a few hundred feet due to the long and deep valley that appeared all of a sudden!

The entire mountain was separated uniformly, starting from the middle .

It became two straight rows of cliffs!

The next moment .

Ning Tianya let out a long roar and said indifferently, "Nine Tribulations of ten thousand years! It is nothing more than this!"

Wu Jue Cheng replied indifferently, "World's Number One, it is nothing more than this!"

Both of them looked up at the same time . Their glance met each other from far across the deep valley . This glance gave them a feeling that whatever they did, be it a movement of any part of their body or any muscle or even the changes in the surroundings, all these would not escape the detection of these glaring eyes and senses!

In a battle of life and death, it only truly started from this moment of their mutual glance .

It was only the appetizer when their saber and fist clashed initially .

Wu Jue Cheng let out a long roar and his black figure suddenly rose into the sky slowly . It rose up to a few hundred feet high up in the sky . As he waved his two hands, a piece of shapeless and gloomy cloud dispersed across the entire continent .

Immediately after, his right hand trembled and a black whip suddenly appeared in his hands . With a single throw, the shadow of the whip became like the rising wind and scudding clouds churning up stormy waves; the entire sky of clouds was dispersed clear with a single whip!

Wu Jue Cheng's left sleeves were fluttering, seemingly like a piece of gloomy dark cloud; his right hand was throwing around the long whip, seemingly like the clouds and mountains! He stood proudly upright in the sky and shouted, "Ning Tianya, come and claim your death!"

Ning Tianya let out a long laugh and said, "I do not like to claim my death . However, to dispel the legend of the Nine Tribulations, that I am very interested to do so!"

He shot his body forward at high speed, like an arrow leaving the bow, straight towards Wu Jue Cheng up high in the sky!

The saber and long whip engaged and gradually rose higher up into the sky . It actually rose beyond the clouds and no one knew how far it went, how high it rose .

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The Dharma Supreme crossed his legs and sat at the mountain's peak . On his face, was an indifferent smile .

However, beside him, there was a faint black fog rapidly revolving and giving out hissing sounds . After the black fog passed, what was left behind were the black holes uniformly lined up and they uniformly disappeared soon after .

Within the heaven and earth, all the spiritual energy of the universe came forward fiercely . It was just like the Long River, rushing and pouring into the Dharma Supreme's body .

He was channeling his internal energy, extreme channeling of his internal energy!

Ning Tianya was not a match for Wu Jue Cheng . The Dharma Supreme was pretty confident of this .

Ning Tianya was now unable to escape from Wu Jue Cheng's air lockdown! Therefore, the only for Ning Tianya was to fight! Only after a fierce battle, would he be able to exchange his injuries for injuries and to break through the air lockdown by Wu Jue Cheng . Only then, would Ning Tianya be able to storm out of the battle in a moment .

What the Dharma Supreme was waiting for right now, was the exact same opportunity!

As long as Ning Tianya ran away in defeat, the current accumulation of strength would give the world's number one exponent a serious blow! This strike encompassed all the power and strength of the Dharma Supreme, all his potential strength!

As long as this strike hit solidly, even if it was Wu Jue Cheng who had such high cultivation, he would not escape without sustaining serious injuries first! Therefore, it would be a brush against death for Ning Tianya! In the most optimistic scenario, although it would not take his life, Ning Tianya would be unable to fully recover within a few hundred years!

Regarding this point, both Ning Tianya and Wu Jue Cheng were aware of it .

Therefore, Ning Tianya said that sentence, 'If both Lord Wu and Lord Dharma Supreme do not want their faces anymore, then it is also nothing much for me to throw away my life as well . ' At that time, Ning Tianya already knew that he would be in grave danger!

However, his arrogance from having been at the top for so long, eventually made Ning Tianya choose to proceed with this fierce and vigorous battle!

This was because with these two people combining their strength and being air locked down, it would be tough to even just escape from the battle!

Especially with Wu Jue Cheng's martial arts of poison, it was a lethal weapon!

Right now, within the clouds of the Nine Heavens, it was already a sea of poison fog!

The sky full of clouds and rainbows had all become lethal poison!

Even the aura within the skies had all become lethal poison!

Wu Jue Cheng and Ning Tianya were just fighting it all out within this sea of poison fog in an earth-shattering battle!

The cultivation level of Wu Jue Cheng was significantly higher than that of Ning Tianya . Although it seemed as if they were on par right now, Ning Tianya knew that his opponents had numerous trump cards that had yet to be revealed .

However, the moment his opponent's trump card was revealed, it would be the moment where Ning Tianya cut off the air lockdown and escaped from the battle with his injuries!

Both their body shadows had turned into thousands of afterimage within the sky . Yet, even these afterimages were battling with each other!

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A gloomy long shout was heard and Wu Jue Cheng stood up with an expressionless face . His long figure flew straight up high into the sky, looking like a cloud in the sky!

"Let's end this!" It was obvious that Wu Jue Cheng did not wish to prolong the fight .

Although Ning Tianya was strong, he was still a fair distance away from the strength of the super-elite person who had gone past the levels within the Nine Heavens . Therefore, Ning Tianya was astonished to hear that Wu Jue Cheng wanted to end the battle .

Within the poison fog, Wu Jue Cheng was able to freely regulate his breathing . However, Ning Tianya could not . He had managed to fight such a strong opponent for so long! All on just one single breath!

"Wu Jue Cheng, if you want to end this battle, bring out your true abilities!" Ning Tianya laughed while he dashed upwards towards Wu Jue Cheng, like a shadow following its body .

"Saintly wind starts within!" Wu Jue Cheng let out a loud cry . Both his arms shook and suddenly, stormy clouds filled the entire sky . An indescribable aura appeared fiercely and it crashed down towards the ground!

A gust of fresh and clear air arrived mightily, following the hissing sound of wind!

The mighty east winds!

That was the morning gust!

The rain of the Apricot flower season drizzled continuously and drenched the clothes, the oncoming wind with the willow scent was not cold but enchanting . This was a feeling of the morning in Spring!

It was already late afternoon, evening now . The skies were already dark . However, at this time, it actually started having a gust of wind like in the morning!

The morning gust of wind!

The divine art of moving the morning gust, by Supreme Martial Artist Chen Feng!

Ning Tianya let out a loud roar and the long saber slashed out continuously . In a moment, the obscure saber reflections formed thousands of lightning and it negated the oncoming morning gust . A furious slashing of Wu Jue Cheng!

This strike was the final and decisive battle!

In the eyes of Wu Jue Cheng was a faint sense of ridicule . The shadow of his whip was tall like a mountain, ferociously coming down . Just as he lashed out his whip, the shadow followed suit as well . Together with the power of wind and thunder, his attack heavily smashed into Ning Tianya .

At the same time, a sword appeared in his hands!

Immediately after, his whole body suddenly turned into the flowing clouds!

Wu Jue Cheng merged together with the flowing clouds in the sky, bringing with him spirited confidence and ineffable easiness . He drifted out from the clouds leisurely, but brought along with him the sword reflections of the entire heaven and earth!

Becoming a single sword!

The power of the wind and clouds, the power of the sky, the power of heaven and earth, the power of the stars and the power of the sun and the moon!

At this moment, all of these nature elements were driven along by this confident and at ease lights of the sword!

Together, they combined to form a single sword!

At this moment, Wu Jue Cheng let out a long moan as he leisurely said, "Flowing-cloud-of-the-Heavens!"

This sword brought with it 70 percent of confidence and carefreeness, 20 percent of loneliness and ten percent of melancholy!

Falling straight down from the sky!

Supreme Martial Artist Liu Yun's sword of the flowing clouds!

At this moment, as the morning gust of wind blows, the sword of the flowing clouds brought with it a transcendence beyond life and death and the wild attacks came rushing in!

At this moment, Ning Tianya was facing Poison Doctor Wu Jue Cheng's famous whip and his famous poison; he was also facing the eternal legend of the Nine Heavens… Saintly wind started inside; outside in the heavens, the moving cloud swung!

The four greatest art!

Utter despair!

Ning Tianya let out a loud roar and threw up a mouth of fresh blood . He laughed and said, "Wu Jue Cheng, we shall battle again another day!"

All of a sudden, the saber light filled up the entire sky!

It broke the whip shadow! Broke through the poisonous fog! Broke through heaven and earth! Broke through the skies! Broke through the morning gust of wind! Matched up with the flowing clouds!

An explosive sound was heard!

The body of Wu Jue Cheng staggered while high up in the sky, as he took a few steps back in retreat .

However, the body of Ning Tianya was spilling out fresh blood profusely, as he flew up into the sky!

The air lockdown was broken!

Although it caused huge damage to the body!

However, the only choice that Ning Tianya had was to leave! He could already leave now!

At this moment, a faint and indifferent voice said, "Brother Ning, leave behind your life before leaving!"

The black robe and long hair of Dharma Supreme were fluttering in the air . He stood in front of Ning Tianya's escape path and stared ruthlessly at Ning Tianya . Immediately after, both his hands which had been clasped behind his back appeared .

It was ninety-nine fist the moment it appeared! The ninety-nine fist which was a culmination of the Dharma Supreme's entire life of cultivation! At the moment, the energy which had been accumulated for a long time was released together!

"You are indeed really shameless . " Ning Tianya smiled bitterly . He threw up another mouth of fresh blood as his saber slashed forward rapidly and crazily without any hesitation!

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