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Chapter 1118

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"Such a thing will probably never happen," the Sword Spirit comforted him, saying, "Now that you have successfully released yourself from the suspicion as Nine Tribulations Sword Master, and that the birth of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is coming, how would they possibly waste so much effort on a suddenly rising power? Have you thought about how high a price they must pay for it, even if they can actually do it? If they mobilize 1000 Supreme Martial Artists, at least 700 will die!"

The Sword Spirit said, "This way, it was equal to eliminating all the elites of the Nine Heavens! Who can bear such a loss? If the Nine Tribulations Sword Master comes to attack at that moment, will the Nine Super Clans allow themselves be slaughtered?"

Chu Yang frowned and said, "But somehow, I always feel that there is a high possibility for this to happen!"

The sword spirit sneered .

Yet the sense of danger kept increasing in Chu Yang's heart .

He had first mentioned this to Zi Xieqing, who only gave him a dismissive smile . With Bu Liuqing, when he was only starting to speak, Bu Liuqing already pointed to the door- "Get out!"

When he mentioned it to the Moon Breeze couple, the couple smiled respectfully and listened to him finish politely, before sending him away with the best of manners .

Now that he mentioned it to the Sword Spirit, the Sword Spirit still drew on various histories, truths and lines of logic to tell him that such a thing would never ever happen!

Even though they were so unanimous, it still couldn't dispel Chu Yang's sensing for such danger! Instead, precisely because of their responses, Chu Yang became even more worried .

His heart felt increasingly depressed .

The less Zi Xieqing, Bu Liuqing and others cared, the greater the sense of danger in Chu Yang's mind!

Yet, he couldn't change the minds of these four! Completely powerless he was .

Chu Yang's mind was troubled .

Zi Xieqing and others were absolutely different from Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing . With the latter, so long as Chu Yang mentioned something, even if it was impossible, they would put in full effort to take precautions!

Yet these few people were all great powers of the time, each of the figures who could venture to the four corners of the world without anyone daring to challenge them . Over the years, they must have long obtained great confidence!

Not to mention there not being danger, even if there was really great danger, these people would not only confront, but even put themselves in there to try out…

This was the arrogance and pride belonging to someone with top abilities!

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It had nothing to do with character!

And what Chu Yang was most afraid and most worried about, at the moment, was just this pride of theirs!

Seeing that not even the Sword Spirit agreed with his opinion, Chu Yang ended the conversation helplessly and let out a long sigh . Immediately afterward, he called for Mo Qingwu, Chu Le'er, Wu Qianqian, Dong Wushang and Rui Butong to come .

"There is something that I have to warn all of you seriously! During this time period, do not go out unless you have to! Even if you have to, Qingwu, you can absolutely not go more than one hundred feet away from your master . Qianqian, you too . Le'er, I'm warning you never to leave Big Sister Zi's side! Wushang, the three of you don't have to be concerned as such yet, but still be careful, and try to refrain from going out!"

Chu Yang instructed them with a heavy expression .

This was the single best way that he could think of .

Nothing else .

Besides, this was also the only way that Chu Yang thought of, after a lot of contemplation, that could simultaneously put Zi Xieqing, Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple in danger .

With Chu Le'er, Mo Qingwu and others kidnapped, Zi Xieqing and Bu Liuqing would never retreat before they rescued them .

Then they could make use of the special landscape to ambush, sneak attack, threaten, etc . , in order to weaken the combat power .

In the end, they would gather all the Supreme Martial Artists of the Nine Heavens and besiege them!

But so long as he himself didn't give them such a chance, they might not be able to manage as such even if they wanted to .

Chu Yang knitted his brows, and with a heavy voice and a stern expression, he repeated the arrangement once more .

The younger ones were all completely obedient to Chu Yang, so they all agreed .

After settling the arrangement, Chu Yang still felt insecure .

What Diwu Qingrou said still haunted his mind . The power of the enemies is far stronger than what you see!

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Late at night, Chu Yang couldn't sleep . He got dressed, came under the flower stand and started to think quietly .

How strong is the power of the enemies, after all?

A white figure flashed in front of him, and Zi Xieqing appeared lightly and gracefully .

"Still troubled by your foolish reflections?" Zi Xieqing smiled a little derisively and teased him .

"That was absolutely no foolish reflection…" Chu Yang was raged . "I was worried about you! Do you know that or not! Why do you always feel that there is no danger? Even though you are braver because you are powerful, this is really no ordinary matter!"

Zi Xieqing smiled lightly and sat down in front of him . Her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and she said, "In the past, when I was at another continent, the favorite son of the continent's hegemonic power took a liking to me, and used all kinds of means on me . Out of spite, I killed him!"

"Afterwards, thousands of masters across the continent were gathered to besiege me . Wherever I went, there was lots of fighting . "

"You wanna guess what happened in the end?" Zi Xieqing blinked towards Chu Yang .

"What?" asked Chu Yang weakly .

"None of the thousands of masters survived! The hegemony was ended completely!" Zi Xieqing said mildly, "Among those masters, at least five were better than the Dharma Supreme right now!"

Chu Yang replied weakly, "But, are these two worlds comparable? Back then you were all alone, but now you have connections! The Nine Heavens is mysterious, the law-enforcement officers are unpredictable, and the Nine Super Clans have solid foundations . For what reasons do you think that these people can't kill you?!!"

"If they can kill me, they have skills! If I get killed, I have no regrets," said Zi Xieqing calmly . Suddenly, she turned her head and asked, somewhat smiling, "Do you care so much whether I will be killed? Why?"

Chu Yang was in no mood to discuss this at all . He casually said, "If you leave, I want you to leave safely; if you stay, I want you to stay safely . Whatever you do, I hope it is out of your own wish; even if you were to die, I hope you die peacefully at an old age . "

"I don't want you to die . It's that simple," said Chu Yang mildly, "There's no reason . "

Zi Xieqing looked at him deeply, and a gentle curvature appeared at the corner of her mouth . She lowered her eyebrows and said, "I will take note . "

Chu Yang sighed . "But you are obviously saying this to comfort me . You don't care about those people at all; what you care right now is only what happens after you leave, but never what danger might come when you are here!"

"You are too arrogant!" Chu Yang's anger rushed up as he talked . He burst out, "Why can't you just listen to me? Why are you so careless about the matter of your own safety?"

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Zi Xieqing smiled mildly and stood up . "I'm going to sleep . "

"Sleep your head!" Chu Yang was enraged . "Can't you listen to me?!"

Zi Xieqing didn't answer, instead, she turned and left .

"Stop right there!" Chu Yang was furious, but Zi Xieqing's figure had already disappeared .


Chu Yang kicked at the stone table in front of him, and it bounced up . He cursed resentfully and weakly, "Bastard woman! Impossible woman! Self-absorbed woman! Awful woman! Damn! Damn!"

He cursed and vented his anger furiously .

Only that, with all these cursings, Zi Xieqing actually didn't come out to teach him a lesson .

Inside the room, Zi Xieqing stood beside the window and looked up at the gray and chilly sky . The corners of her eyes and the corners of her mouth were full of gentleness . Her eyes were clear and smiling . She stood quietly, listening to Chu Yang cursing her angrily . Gentleness was all over her .

Chu Yang lay down weakly, knowing that he probably couldn't convince these people on this matter; to prevent the disaster that was to come, he would probably have to work on his own, to resolve, or… to rescue!

"But how do I have such great abilities!" Minister Chu was very vexed!

In the following days, Chu Yang's demand for intelligence became greater and greater . The Nangong Shifeng brothers also labored hard . Purple Crystals were spent, and a bunch of news was bought .

What Chu Yang was vexed about, was that even this mysterious intelligence shop couldn't produce a little information about the hidden power of the Nine Super Clans .

Chu Yang also repeatedly reminded Mo Qingwu, Chu Le'er and Wu Qianqian multiple times in these few days . In the end, even Wu Qianqian was surprised at the extent of Chu Yang's nags .

Do you have to keep on emphasizing and repeating the same matter?

Five days later, still nothing happened, but a circle of bubbling actually appeared around Chu Yang's mouth .

"The utmost powerlessness in the world is knowing that something bad is going to happen, but actually not being able to stop it!" Chu Yang sighed at the sky .

Of course, Chu Yang didn't forget to seize this period of time to look out for news about Meng Chaoran .

Chu Yang had long known that Meng Chaoran also arrived at Tianji City . During this period of time, he had also been taking note of the movements at Ye Chuchen and Ling Hanwu's places, yet he simply didn't discover any clues .

It was as though Meng Chaoran was just a drop of water which fell into the ocean of Tianji City .

Without any movement…

Chu Yang's fruitless seeking made him admire his master's hiding skills: there weren't many in the world who could escape his full-on investigation .

The Dharma Supreme had shown no movement after leaving .

Zi Xieqing monitored it closely, but didn't find the Dharma Supreme to return .

One day, Chu Yang wrote a pile of invitations . Dong Wushang himself went to send the invitations .

Ye Shiyu from Ye Clan, Ling Hanwu from Ling Clan, Xiao Sansi from Xiao Clan, Zhuge Changchang from Zhuge Clan, Shi Yunping from Shi Clan and Chen Feitian from Chen Clan .

These were the young sons of the existing ones out of the Nine Super Clans . They were also the rising powers of the Nine Super Clans of Tianji City .

Chu Yang's purpose was simple: to have a chat with these people first in order to facilitate long-term exchanges . Once the suspicious movement was detected, he would take the first move to control all of these people for an exchange of hostages!

An eye for an eye .

Though he knew clearly that the importance of these people was far from enough, this was the most powerful counterattack that Chu Yang could think of at the moment .

When Dong Wushang returned, the news he brought made Chu Yang so angry that he broke the stone table with one slap .

Nobody was available .

Their words were all very polite, but all were scarily busy . They said as though in one voice: I would invite Brother Chu for a proper catch-up after the Medicine Banquet!

In summary, not coming .

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