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Chapter 1117

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This strange and unsettling peace reminded Chu Yang of Diwu Qingrou's word of caution .

The competition was incredibly fierce in every generation of the Medicine Banquet! Underhanded meant behind the scenes were commonplace, yet it was so peaceful this time . It was as if the Nine Super Clans suddenly recalled that they had had ten thousand years of friendly relations with each other and started to treat each other with respect and honor .

Their old scores had seemingly become non-existent too .

This kind of situation definitely should not be happening!

It made absolutely no sense!

Fierce and ferocious undercurrents must be surging behind this facade of peace and quiet!

Chu Yang's two lifetimes of experience told him that this situation was exceptionally bizarre . The Nine Super Clans and the Law-Enforcement officer must be up to something!

In addition, Diwu Qingrou's reminder could not be without due cause!

One must know that it was a huge risk for Diwu Qingrou to publicly speak to him and offer him a reminder under those kinds of circumstances!

And yet in spite of it all, Diwu Qingrou did so nevertheless, signifying that Diwu Qingrou was wholly convinced that danger was abound! And this danger was connected to Chu Yang's safety, which in turn was irrevocably linked to the Diwu Clan's grand scheme of things!

Thus, despite the risk, Diwu Qingrou took a step forward and said what he did regardless .

And now, Chu Yang was also having that same feeling as Diwu Qingrou — danger!

The successful execution of his ploy meant that he had given himself a new identity and completely chased away the identity of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master from himself, allowing him to develop his power in the Upper Three Heavens in an open and aboveboard manner .

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Switching from an identity that had to be kept under wraps to one that all could see was a positive change .

However, the price in exchange for this was that he would have to openly face the Nine Super Clans' efforts to hammer him down! Besides, the conflict among the Nine Super Clans would turn latent too . Without some hardcore instigation, nothing would break out among them for the time being .

Originally, Chu Yang was already mentally prepared for this situation . However, he only now realized all of a sudden that the first crisis that he was going to have to face, was his friends and allies!

And each more stubborn than the other!

Zi Xieqing's unparalleled cultivation level had caused Chu Yang to overlook this crisis prior to this . However, this bizarre peace led Chu Yang to unexpectedly sense that something was a little off .

He couldn't help asking himself — what would he do if he were the Nine Super Clans? If he were the Dharma Supreme?

Chu Yang was deep in contemplation .

It was already late in the night . He sat on the rooftop by himself, watching the dark and cloudy freezing night sky and feeling incomparably clear-headed instead .

"Sword Spirit, I need you to dispel my doubts and help me to straighten out my thoughts," Chu Yang said softly .

"What is it?" the Sword Spirit asked, "I was just about to consult you too . There is also something that is puzzling me very much . "

Chu Yang was startled . "What is it?"

The Sword Spirit replied solemnly, "The sword intent of the Nine Tribulations Sword is obviously in Tianji City . It has always been found at the same place the past tens of thousands of years, why is it that there is no reaction whatsoever this time?"

With a deep frown, the Sword Spirit continued, "This shouldn't be . In the past, as long as we came to this area, the sword intent would be able to sense my arrival and the call of the Nine Tribulations Sword; and I would similarly be able to sense the location of the sword intent! However, I couldn't sense it this time . I initially thought that it was because the Zhuge Clan had concealed the heavenly secrets, but now, it seems that the Zhuge Clan obviously did not do anything of the sort… So what could it be?"

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Chu Yang pondered heavily over this . He said, "In that case… could someone have gotten to it before us?"

"Impossible!" The Sword Spirit was very sure . "The sword intent of the Nine Tribulations Sword is connected to the flow of fate of the Nine Heavens Continent, who could get to it before us? Even a Supreme Martial Artist would be killed by the counter-attack for sure! And when this person dies, the sword intent would return to its original position by itself! Therefore, the possibility of someone getting to it before us does not exist at all!"

"Not necessarily," Chu Yang replied impassively, "Can any of the Nine Tribulations retrieve the sword intent?"

The Sword Spirit snorted derisively . "You mean… the Dharma Supreme? Impossible! If he cultivates for another ten thousand years, maybe he would have a chance of temporarily using the sword intent for his own gain, but now, definitely not!"

"If not the Dharma Supreme… then what about Wu Juecheng?" Chu Yang went on to ask, "Do the Nine Tribulations of each generation know of your existence?"

The Sword Spirit considered his question for a while before answering, "I don't know! The existence of the Sword Spirit is a secret privy only to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . The other Nine Tribulations definitely will not be aware . "

"Which is to say, they only know of the Nine Tribulations Sword, but do not know that a Sword Spirit exists within the sword!" Chu Yang mused over this, his thoughts unknown to anyone but himself .

"Yes," The Sword Spirit continued, "You mentioned Wu Juecheng earlier… If it's him… if it's him… then it might be a little possible!"

Chu Yang said sinisterly, "Then that should be it; the sword intent must have fallen into the hands of Wu Juecheng!"

The Sword Spirit sighed . "If that's the case, we have to get it back! The sword intent of the Nine Tribulations Sword is a crucial part of the Nine Tribulations Sword's power . Zi Xieqing has already spoken about the Nine Heavens Imperial Court a few days ago, and now I can tell you, the sword intent… is of absolute importance in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court!"

Chu Yang nodded .

Every part of the Nine Tribulations Sword was crucial . Chu Yang was increasingly convinced that the Nine Tribulations Sword contained a big secret, one that was big enough to shake the heavens and shatter the earth! It absolutely would not do to lose any part of the sword!

Just that — wasn't snatching the sword intent back from someone like Wu Juecheng easier said than done?

The Sword Spirit fell silent as well .

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With Wu Juecheng's whereabouts a mystery now, even locating him was a difficult task . Moreover, his cultivation level was already at a level of perfection; even if they managed to find him, how would they be able to retrieve the sword intent in a situation where he was unwilling to relinquish it?

Should the sword intent really fall into the hands of Wu Juecheng, it would be a troublesome situation indeed!

"What is it that is troubling you?" the Sword Spirit asked, changing the topic .

"If you were the Dharma Supreme, if you were Ye Di or anyone else from the Nine Super Clans, what would you do?" Chu Yang said, frowning, "These past few days have been very peaceful, but there is always this lingering sense of foreboding in my heart . "

"Foreboding?" With an unaffected smile, the Sword Spirit continued, "How can the Dharma Supreme and his men be Zi Xieqing, Bu Liuqing, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue's match? Don't worry, it'll be fine . "

"No, that's not right!" Chu Yang stated seriously, "This train of thought is too logical! They cannot afford to mess with them, and so they just won't? They cannot afford to mess with them, so they just willingly give up the benefits that they have been enjoying?"

The Sword Spirit was startled . "Messing with them even when they cannot afford to? Isn't that suicidal?"

Chu Yang said impassively, "If I were the Dharma Supreme and the rest, from their perspective, upon seeing that Chu Yang had such a strong and solid secret weapon and backing, I would be shocked and suspicious . I would feel an impending crisis looming over me, unable to eat or sleep!"

"This way, I would think — with these four people backing him up, what is Chu Yang not capable of? The emergence of a new force is already inevitable by now . But the power structure of the Upper Three Heavens is defined clearly; a new force would unavoidably eat into their territory . Furthermore, the authority of the Law-Enforcement officer is also being strongly challenged . If Chu Yang really makes an emergence, isn't this the same as declaring to the world that so long as you could make even the Law-Enforcement officer acquiesce, you would be able to do the same?"

"When that happens, Chu Yang's capabilities and reputation would surpass that of the Law-Enforcement officer's!"

"And this, as the Dharma Supreme, will definitely not be condoned!"

"And yet he cannot afford to mess with us now . But the more he can't, the more he would want to eliminate us . Therefore, under such circumstances, he has to come up with a plan that can eliminate all these people who threaten the authority of the Nine Heavens!"

Chu Yang's brows were deeply furrowed as he continued, "And herein lies the problem — What means does he have to wipe out Zi Xieqing, Bu Liuqing, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue simultaneously?"

"Or should I say, what method is there in these Nine Heavens continent that can kill Zi Xieqing and Bu Liuqing etc in one shot?"

The Sword Spirit started to ponder over this issue, shaking his head after thinking for half a day . After thinking for another half a day, he shook his head again . "There isn't any!"

The Sword Spirit mused out loud, "Think about it, if these four do not make any move, they definitely would not dare to do anything to you; because anyone with a keen eye can tell — Zi Xieqing is here because she is Chu Le'er's Teacher, and you are Chu Le'er's big brother . Bu Liuqing is here because Mo Qingwu likes you; for the sake of his disciple, Bu Liuqing has no choice but to help you! The Moon Breeze couple is here, firstly because of Zi Xieqing and secondly, because Wu Qianqian has fallen for you!"

"Therefore, these few super experts have all gathered here because of you . If you die, while they would go their separate ways, even one such as the Dharma Supreme would not be able to withstand their revenge that comes after . So, they will not make a move toward you, nor will they make a move toward Mo Qingwu and the others . Instead, they will directly eradicate the source of the problem!"

"If Zi Xieqing and Bu Liuqing etc die, even though you, Chu Yang, and Mo Qingwu, Wu Qianqian etc have astonishing potential, all of you have not developed sufficiently after all . When that time comes, just a bounty on your heads would easily let you die a tragic death!"

"Hence, to deal with your emergence, they can only start by killing Zi Xieqing! After Zi Xieqing would be Bu Liuqing's turn . And then, your game is basically over! But to kill these two is something that even I cannot do as of now . "

"Let's not even talk about Zi Xieqing but just Bu Liuqing alone . If he wanted to escape, even if the first-generation grandmasters of the Nine Super Clans were to join hands with the Dharma Supreme and all of the Law-Enforcement officer's high priests and elders and ambush Bu Liuqing, gravely injuring him… as long as Bu Liuqing wanted to escape, even if he was on the verge of death, he would still be able to escape any time he wants!"

"This is the power of a Supreme Martial Artist at the pinnacle of ninth-grade!"

"It is possible to defeat him but to stop him from escaping is absolutely impossible!"

"Therefore your concerns are completely unnecessary," concluded the Sword Spirit .

"Wrong!" Chu Yang said, "What if they create a kind of situation where they cannot retreat but can only fight to the death?"

"What kind of situation can cause these people to not even be able to retreat? Reservations? What kind of reservations can they have?" asked the Sword Spirit .

"If Mo Qingwu, Wu Qianqian, Chu Le'er and I were all under their control… in one place… Before they can rescue us, I'm afraid they will not leave . " Chu Yang pointed out the biggest one .

"And if the Nine Super Clans of the Nine Heavens join hands with the Law-Enforcement officer, their combined power may be enough to accomplish this," Chu Yang continued worriedly, "The Nine Super Clans and the Law-Enforcement officer definitely do not just possess the amount of capability they show on the surface . "

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