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Chapter 1116

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Zi Xieqing was physically in the Orchard Palace, but her divine sense covered the entire Tianji City!

Worried about Chu Yang's competition after all, she kept a constant eye on the competition venue . The moment something unforeseen were to happen, she would rip a hole in the time-space dimension and go over right away . Unexpectedly, she sensed the departure of the Dharma Supreme instead .

Bu Liuqing was opposite her, watching over Mo Qingwu's practice move by move . He said distractedly, "He left… and that's about it, what's there to be concerned over? There's not much point to him staying here anyway . "

Zi Xieqing's brows furrowed . "But he shouldn't be leaving at this time . For him to leave at this time, he must have something important to attend to! And right now, we are the only ones who can pose a threat to the Dharma Supreme in Tianji City . Therefore, his departure is likely because he intends to deal with us . "

Bu Liuqing snickered . "Even so, I really don't believe that there are any forces in this Nine Heavens continent that can do anything about us!"

It was no wonder that Bu Liuqing's confidence was through the roof .

The Dharma Supreme was obviously not his match now, and even the Feng and Yue couple was here with them too . More importantly, Zi Xieqing, the super expert whom even he could not hope to hold a candle to, was here as well!

Even if Bu Liuqing were alone, he was also confident in charging into the enemy ranks and coming out unscathed!

What more this gathering of super experts?

Bu Liuqing said in conceit, "Don't worry, as long as the Dharma Supreme did not lose his mind, he won't choose to make his move and deal with us now . No matter how, he would still need to wait for us to go separate ways and then vanquish us one by one . That is the only way, but he has to consider carefully whether he can afford the consequences of doing that!"

With a deep frown, Zi Xieqing mused over his words . She slowly nodded, saying, "You're right, even if they launched a siege, they would only be confident of doing it to one of us . If they were to surround all of us at the same time… it is likely that even the joint efforts of these Nine Heavens cannot stop us from breaking out of the siege . "

Bu Liuqing looked on, chuckling in content as he observed Mo Qingwu's moves getting more and more practised . Completely unruffled, he said, "They are not a cause for concern! You don't need to be concerned about them even if you leave!"

Zi Xieqing nodded slightly .

Somewhat overcome with emotion, Bu Liuqing watched the few youths hard at practice and remarked, "I must say, this Chu Yang fellow does have a discerning eye . Look at Dong Wushang, his achievements in the future will definitely be comparable to Old Ning, Ning Tianya!"

Zi Xieqing replied impassively, "Not just him . Wu Qianqian, Mo Qingwu, Chu Le'er, Rui Butong and Mo Lei'er… In the future, they will likely be existences that far surpass all of you, and become influential figures in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court!"

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Bu Liuqing was startled . "Putting aside Dong Wushang, Xiaowu, Qianqian and that Lei'er; isn't this Rui Butong's aptitude kind of average? You actually think that highly of him?"

A small smile appeared on Zi Xieqing's lips and she communicated via telepathy to him, "Your judgment has gone wrong; Rui Butong, he's a phoenix! And his phoenix bloodline has already awakened 60% to 70%…"

Bu Liuqing's jaw dropped, unable to close for half a day .

A phoenix!

There was actually a phoenix among Chu Yang's brothers!

This was simply too shocking!

Bu Liuqing had never felt this stunned in his entire life . Even his heartbeat felt like it almost froze…

After a moment, he finally shut his gaping mouth with a loud clack, the force so strong that he almost bit on his tongue . He hurriedly communicated back, "Isn't it said that the dragon and phoenix do not live separately? If that's the case, there must be a golden dragon among Chu Yang's brothers as well?"

Zi Xieqing nodded somberly . "Not just that! Chu Yang is also the owner of Spiritual Spring Water . When it evolves, it will become the Life Force Spring Water, the most prized treasure of the Fairy race!"

Bu Liuqing bit his tongue, murmuring, "This fellow couldn't have gathered all of the Nine Great Races that have already disappeared, could he?"

Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "I heard that one of Chu Yang's junior disciple brothers is the reincarnation of the king of the Three Stars Divine Clan . "

Bu Liuqing's face turned ashen, stunned to his core by this piece of information .

His eyes wide open, he couldn't utter a word for ages . Only after a long while did he finally mutter under his breath, "The world is going to change…"

Only to realize that Zi Xieqing had long been gone .

With a loud bang, the door to Chu Le'er's room suddenly blasted open, and the sight of Chu Le'er charging out with a loud whoosh greeted everyone . They couldn't help marveling . "To think that she has this kind of speed when she has only just begun on cultivation!"

However, what happened next was…

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Chu Le'er's tiny and lithe form crashed into the rockery in the garden . The sound of the collision reverberated and a huge piece of the rockery fell off, bits and pieces of smashed rock flying everywhere .

Everyone gaped at the scene .

The young girl then got to her feet and wiped her face . She waved her arm carelessly and with a resounding rumble, the rockery collapsed .

"What's going on…" The little girl stamped her foot in anxiety . With a loud boom, the ground shook, and the ground beneath her foot caved, forming underneath her a small pit the size of her foot . The pit was deep and dark, the full extent its depth unknown . The next moment, a jet of water erupted from the footprint-sized pit…

Stunned, the little girl was rooted to the spot and couldn't duck in time . Caught in the fountain of water, she was drenched from head to toe immediately .

"Hahaha…" Mo Qingwu doubled over in laughter, incredibly amused . The moment this little girl came out, she committed a string of embarrassing incidents one after another . She had never seen anyone literally stamp out a fountain of water with their foot and then drench themselves in it after that…

Dong Wushang and the rest couldn't help being amused too .

Bu Liuqing and the Feng and Yue couple, on the other hand, had looks of absolute astonishment on their faces .

The three of them were aware of just how astounding this series of events was — this level of cultivation, surely it's at least of Martial Saint level? Three days ago, she was still nothing, and now she had already surged to Martial Saint level?


So fast?

Surely even an immortal couldn't achieve such tremendous speed?

What was 'meteoric rise'?

At this moment, the three of them got a crystal clear understanding of the meaning of these two words .

Of course, the three of them could also tell that this showed that Chu Le'er truly had zero experience . Having newly acquired such tremendous power, she had no idea how to rein in her power and resulted in such a mess .

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And that was precisely why this show of her raw power was even more startling!

"Le'er, how do you feel?" Zi Xieqing asked with a warm smile, "Does your body feel a lot lighter?"

Frowning, Chu Le'er gave her body a once-over . Suddenly, she discovered that the suffocating feeling that had always been in her chest was gone without a trace, and the crown of her head, originally a restricted area, also felt completely relaxed and refreshed now .

Her whole body felt like it had been taken apart right down to the last nerve and then reassembled, a comfortable sense of refreshingness permeating throughout .

"I… I've recovered?" Chu Le'er looked at her hands in disbelief, and then gave her arm a hard pinch with so much strength that she let out a loud cry of pain . Her eyes, however, filled up with tears of joy .

"Yes, and completely at that . There's no need to ever worry about your illness from now on," Zi Xieqing was filled with mirth as she said, "You sure gave me a whole lot of trouble!"

"Wow! Wow! ~~~ Big Brother is so awesome!" Chu Le'er cheered with her arms raised high into the air . "Big Brother finally cured me… Long live Big Brother! Big Brother is the best, haha… Big Brother, my Big Brother, wowowow…"

A speechless Zi Xieqing was filled with a repressed feeling, the gentle smile on her face frozen .

This infuriating little girl!

I only managed to cure you after so much effort, and even laid out the path to a bright future and cemented a rock-solid foundation for you . I remolded your entire body constitution, fortified your spirit, expanded your consciousness as much as possible, forged your meridians into a state that even people of the Nine Heavens Imperial Court would be envious of, and even modified your Dantian to a black hole-like existence…

And you don't even make a peep about me, only thanking your Big Brother the moment you hear that you've recovered…

Not even a single person other than him…

This was intolerable!

"Only your Big Brother is awesome?" Zi Xieqing said, miffed .

"Errr…" Chu Le'er's eyes swiveled for a moment before she quickly dived into her arms and continued like a child who had been spoiled silly, "Big Sis-in-law is awesome too! Hehe…"

Zi Xieqing blushed immediately and said huffily, "Who's your Big Sis-in-law! Go practice and familiarize yourself with your strength now . "

Mo Qingwu charged over to them, cracking her fists and popping her joints, all ready to start a fight . "Le'er, little kiddy! Your Big Sis-in-law is right here . Come, let Big Sis-in-law teach you a good lesson and exchange a few moves!"

"You! You haven't even left the nest and you're already thinking of being my Big Sis-in-law!" Chu Le'er snorted derisively . "I was just about to teach you a lesson too!"

The meeting of enemies always resulted in seeing red more than usual .

In an instant, there was a flurry of fists and legs, the two young girls brawling .

How would Chu Le'er, who had only just recovered and did not even possess a good grasp of her current strength, be Mo Qingwu's match? The moment they crossed swords, she was constantly at a disadvantage .

Bu Liuqing wanted to go up and separate them, but was stopped by Zi Xieqing . "Only the method of mastering her strength which she discovers for herself would become her instincts . Don't stop them now, let them continue . Only after this fight when I teach her how to use her strength and control her power will the teachings be deeply entrenched in her mind and never forgotten!"

When Chu Yang came back, dust and sand were flying everywhere in the Orchard Palace and two young girls were fighting against each other, their shouts and yells echoing throughout the place! He couldn't help being dumbfounded . "This this this… What's happening?"

Bu Liuqing harrumphed and turned away, refusing to speak . His disciple was determined to marry this fellow… He really couldn't find him pleasant to his eye at all!

Zi Xieqing harrumphed, her expression icy as snow, ignoring him .

Chu Yang rubbed his hands against each other, coughing a little awkwardly as he said, "First! I'm first in rank!"

No one responded to him .

And so Minister Chu, much to his chagrin, hunkered over to where the girls were sparring and watched them instead…

The next few days, everyone was in a cultivation frenzy . Chu Le'er, under Zi Xieqing's training and guidance, improved at an unprecedented speed .

Chu Yang also finally took out the 'Guide to the World of Poison' that had been patched by the Sword Spirit . As if an instinct, Chu Le'er took a vested interest in the ways of using and mixing poison, hungrily absorbing new knowledge like a sponge .

She spent little time cultivating and meditating every day, spending most of her time poring over the 'Guide to the World of Poison', dueling with Mo Qingwu, sparring with Wu Qianqian and battling Dong Wushang… her days incredibly fulfilling .

However, Tianji City these same few days was peaceful and quiet, like a still lake with no ripples whatsoever . This peace was surprisingly unsettling, as if heralding the steady approach of a turbulent storm .

Contrasting against the lack of concern that Bu Liuqing and rest displayed, Chu Yang suddenly recalled Diwu Qingrou's word of caution the other day after the auction .

"Their true strength is far greater than what you see on the surface!"

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