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Chapter 1111

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The spectral form of the Sword Spirit floated over like a wisp of thin fog and seeped into Chu Le'er's body .

With one hand on the Purple Crystal tub, Zi Xieqing pressed the palm of her other hand against Chu Le'er's forehead, transferring a steady stream of chilly Yin energy into her .

The Purple Crystal tub was of the Yin element by origin and the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water contained the number one frost poison in the world . The Yin energy that Zi Xieqing was transferring into Chu Le'er was, in terms of its intrinsic chilly nature, even more freezing than the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water .

Chu Le'er, who was submerged in the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water, had already passed out long ago .

Gradually, her form started to turn translucent in the water .

The surface of the water rippled as the Sword Spirit signaled to Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing calmly instructed, "Elixir!"

Chu Yang whipped out the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill that he had specially refined for Chu Le'er and placed it in her mouth .

The Nine Tribulations Pill changed into a multi-colored prism of colors, erupting within Chu Le'er's mouth . Vapors of various colors permeated instantly into Chu Le'er's meridians with a whoosh .

Even though this incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill was termed as such due to the lack of the Nine Legendary Herbs within, in reality, the vast amount of ingredients that the pill contained and their respective rarity and value were practically the most impressive in history!

A lavender hue appeared on Zi Xieqing's face and when she exhaled, out came a wisp of lavender energy!

Chu Le'er was instantly enveloped in lavender energy too .

Chu Yang could distinctly see little specks of black slowly appearing on Chu Le'er's forehead . The color darkened as time passed, gradually surfacing from her skin and forming inky black droplets dripping downward .

With a flourish, Zi Xieqing grabbed the black specks in her hand and flung them out .

"Sword Spirit, you must maintain her subconsciousness!"

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Right after she said that, all of a sudden, a bright and sacred purple light shot out of her eyes, and a strong wave of purple energy engulfed the entire Purple Crystal tub the next instant!

Prismatic waves emanated from Chu Le'er . Unable to disperse due to this wave of purple energy surrounding them, the waves could only slowly gather into a single wisp, which Chu Le'er inhaled into her body .

"This is the toxin present in her body ever since she was still in the womb," Zi Xieqing explained softly, "This kind of poison is known across all realms as the Heaven and Earth Poison!"

"This is the true origin of all poisons in the world!"

"That is why, no matter how, Le'er's illness can never be cured by the average physician; but to a top expert, this poison is instead an astounding chance encounter! With this Heaven and Earth Poison as a base, together with the most venomous of poisons in the world like the venomous core of the Human Face Rainbow Spider, the venomous core of the Poisonous Flood Dragon, Heaven Poison Jade Core and Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine etc and countless other Heavenly Treasures… After her full recovery this time, Chu Le'er would be a Heavenly Toxin Body and Innate Body!"

As if speaking to no one in particular, Zi Xieqing went on, "And with the purple energy of the universe that I have painstakingly cultivated circulating throughout her body to form her meridians and expand her Dantian… All the passageways of her meridians will be fully opened without any blockade . From then on, until the point where she can sink the heavens and break through the void, she will never experience any form of impediment in her cultivation!"

"It is also a form of fate that the Sword Spirit is protecting her subconsciousness!"

"Such a situation is difficult to encounter even in ten thousand years! I do not belong to this world; I am a visitor from the Heavens Beyond . Similarly, as a specter of the dead, the Sword Spirit does not belong to this world too . Hence… our collaboration is one of the Heavens and Earth, known as the Reincarnation of Nine Cycles! After this process, I will directly bring Chu Le'er's cultivation level up to the third grade of Martial Saint! In the future, it will be your duty to train her in experience and her techniques . "

Zi Xieqing opened her eyes and looked at Chu Yang, her eyes clear and unclouded, as if she could easily distinguish between good and evil of the world . "Do you understand?"

Suppressing the excitement in his chest, Chu Yang replied, "Yes, I understand completely . However, the Sword Spirit has mentioned before that Le'er needs to continuously ingest three such Nine Tribulations Pills… Does she still…"

"It's no longer necessary!" Zi Xieqing said resolutely, "Of course you'd need the other three pills if I weren't here . But now, with my help, she has completely recovered . "

In the few seconds of their exchange, a ghostly specter floated out of the unconscious Chu Le'er . With a weary and fatigued expression, the Sword Spirit practically returned to Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Space without even a moment's hesitation .

Leaving behind one word —"Lunatic!"

A smile appeared on Zi Xieqing's amused face .

"What happened?" asked Chu Yang .

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With a light snort, Zi Xieqing answered, "The method that I mentioned has taken too great a toll on that fellow; he was originally unaware but when I induced the purple energy earlier, he had no choice but to follow up and go along with the plan . Looks like he has gone back to recuperate now…"

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the Sword Spirit grumbled incessantly, "What is 'too great a toll'… This evil woman almost drained all my power of origin… Even in the imperial palaces of the Nine Heavens, doing this would definitely be considered a waste… To think this lunatic went ahead with the Reincarnation of Nine Cycles here in these Nine Heavens… I would let down these actions of hers if I don't call her a lunatic…"

His words stunned Chu Yang; realizing that Zi Xieqing, because of her imminent departure, was doing her best to build a solid team that could withstand unexpected situations for him, he couldn't help but be immensely touched .

After some time had passed, Zi Xieqing retracted her hand from Chu Le'er and brought her out of the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water . After she evaporated the moisture on Chu Le'er with her energy, she placed her on the bed and tucked the covers around her securely .

With a sigh of relief, she said, "She's fine now, she needs to rest for two days . When she wakes up two days later, she'll be a little girl well on her way to a meteoric rise . "

Chu Yang could put his mind at ease at last . When he reached out for the Purple Crystal tub, he suddenly discovered something odd .

The Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water in the tub had become a comfortably warm temperature…

Like lake water that had basked in the summer sun for a whole day, and not a low temperature at that .

"Under the effect of the Reincarnation of Nine Cycles, the frost poison in the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water has fully turned into power intrinsic to Le'er, so this is just ordinary water now . " With a cheeky smile, Zi Xieqing jested, "If you don't mind that this is your sister's bathwater, you can use it for tea . I'm sure it'll taste pretty good!"

Chu Yang gritted his teeth as he nodded . "Alright! You'll be the first I serve the tea to after I get it brewed!"

During mealtime, Mo Qingwu sat beside Chu Yang as usual . When she did not see Chu Le'er even after waiting for a long time, she was surprisingly disappointed . "Where's that feisty little girl?"

Everyone didn't know whether to laugh or cry . This girl was just one year older, yet she had the cheek to call the other a 'little girl' .

Zi Xieqing said with a smile, "She's in the midst of cultivation right now . She'll come to you for a showdown when she's done . "

Mo Qingwu raised her head tall and proud, her nose in the air as she commented snootily, "Hmph… With the likes of her?"

Zi Xieqing did not answer her, the smile remaining on her face .

Chu Yang glanced at her and thought, "I have no idea what this big sis is thinking, elevating Le'er's cultivation to a level that surpasses even that of Qingwu's…"

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And now she was even instigating them to challenge each other…

Hmm… This didn't feel right .

Chu Yang was just about to put in a word of dissuasion when Bu Liuqing gave a hearty laugh . He remarked, "It's good to exchange a few moves too, hurhur . This old man's disciple must not lose no matter what . "

Supreme Martial Artist Bu had a beautiful scenario in his mind — Up till the day before, Chu Le'er couldn't even cultivate . Even if she could cultivate now and had raised her cultivation level with Zi Xieqing's help, how much could she improve in such a short time?

With the fortification of the Spiritual Spring Water and the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water, his disciple was already a ninth-grade Monarch now! Just a step away from the Martial Saint level!

The Moon Breeze couple also laughed . Feng Yurou said half-jokingly, "How about letting Qianqian and Xiaowu exchange a few moves too? Whoever wins can be Chu Yang's wife . "

Yue Lingxue burst into laughter .

Wu Qianqian lowered her head at once, her face completely red even to her earlobes .

Mo Qingwu pouted and said, "I can't spar with Big Sister Wu yet, I'm not her match . We'll spar after I cultivate properly for another few days and surpass her…"

Everyone was overcome with laughter .

What was there to fight when she had already surpassed the other?

Their laughter continued for a while before Feng Yurou finally said, "These two days have been a little too peaceful . Chu Yang, you shouldn't have made such a show of your strength; the Dharma Supreme and the Nine Super Clans will probably set their sights on you now . "

A small smile of confidence on his face, Chu Yang replied . "I was just about to bring this up . The Upper Three Heavens are in a state of great apprehension now, due to the imminent emergence of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! It is apparent that a bloodbath is coming up . "

Everyone silently nodded .

"While there's not much else to say if I had kept a low profile, the situation now has become such that I am forced to do otherwise . Especially after that battle involving the Nine Super Clans, I am now caught in the teeth of the storm," Chu Yang said candidly .

Everyone nodded once more .

"Thus, once I make my emergence in the future, I will inevitably be suspected of being the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . When that happens, my conflict with the Nine Super Clans will not end until I am dead! And as of now, I still do not possess the capability to resist the Nine Super Clans . "

"Right now, the Dharma Supreme has already ascertained that I am not the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . I can only take this opportunity to let myself remain prominently in the public eye so that people will remember the Dharma Supreme's words, and give them the impression that my emergence was before the Nine Tribulations Sword Master's . "

"Otherwise… I certainly cannot fill in the shoes of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . "

Chu Yang remarked humorously .

The Feng and Yue couple and Dong Wushang etc all chortled in response .

"Therefore, while the Nine Super Clans are no doubt wary of me currently, they will not openly come after me at full force . Moreover, what it looks like on the surface right now is that all of you are my backing . As such, even if they were to go after anyone, it would be all of you, first and foremost . "

Bu Liuqing laughed aloud as he said, "And so you have gained for yourself the opportunity to grow and develop for quite a few years? If they want to come after us… Hurhur, it's not that I'm bragging, but there really isn't any force in this world that can wipe us out in one motion just yet . For people like us, as long as they cannot wipe all of us out at once, be it even just one person that manages to escape, it will definitely be a nightmare for the Nine Super Clans and the Law-Enforcement officer!"

The Feng and Yue couple also smiled when they heard that .

Bu Liuqing's words were indeed the truth .

With their prowess, even if they were to encounter a shameless siege, they would still be able to easily escape even if they could not beat the other party!

A light smile gracing her lips, Zi Xieqing held herself with great poise .

It was apparent that she agreed wholeheartedly with Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple's comments . In this world, the ones able to cause her harm… were far and few!

Chu Yang also concurred with this point of view . However, a lingering doubt remained in his heart . Although this was the truth, overconfidence would definitely lead to downfall .

Before he could contemplate further, news from the Medicine Banquet arrived .

The semi-finals would begin in three days!

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