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Chapter 1110

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A subsequent piece of news made the Nine Super Clans even more resolute in their decision .

Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple had moved into the Orchard Palace, together with their disciples!

This piece of news was practically explosive!

Dong Wushang, Rui Butong and Mo Lei'er had also moved into the Orchard Palace but it was apparent that they were unconcerned about these three . What they were concerned about were only Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple .

Each of the Super Clans started to take swift action .

They could feel danger coming closer bit by bit, the situation becoming more and more urgent and desperate by the moment .

"As for the Li Clan, surely we cannot just let them get away like this?" Shi Jing brought up the issue yet again .

All the other second grandmasters did not speak while their brows furrowed deeply .

"We are all away from home, and the Li Clan has Li Xiangsi around, it is not possible to stop them," Xiao Se said impassively .

A cold gleam flashed in Ling Fengyun's eyes . He said, "How about we send a message to intercept and kill them along the way? Every death counts . Li Xiangsi won't dare to seek revenge under these circumstances anyway . "

Shi Jing was the first to agree . Of course, the Li Clan would not dare to seek revenge . The area along the way was the territory of each of the clans . All of them still had their grandmaster holding the fort at home . If they were alarmed and became displeased as a result, Li Xiangsi would have no chance of survival!

Ye Di contemplated for a while before he agreed . "Alright then! Notify all the Super Clans at once to organize their elite members and intercept and kill the Li Clan members! There is no need to completely annihilate them, but… I want Li Xiangsi to crawl back to his Li Clan all alone like a dog!"


. . .

The Li Clan left Tianji City that very night .

Just before leaving Tianji City, Li Xiangsi turned to look at the gates of Tianji City, lost in thought .

"Once I leave, the Nine Super Clans who had each other's backs originally would turn on each other from now on!" Li Xiangsi stood there for a long while, the edges of his robes fluttering in the night breeze, an inexplicable sense of loss and loneliness within him .

"I have already reached the limit of my cultivation . I will not be able to live till another ten thousand years, but the future generations of the Li Clan require these ten thousand years!"

"Therefore, old buddies, I am sorry . "

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Li Xiangsi bowed deeply toward the city gates .

"Elder Master, do we inform Chu Yang and others about this?" the seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist next to him asked .

"Forget it!" Li Xiangsi considered for a moment before continuing, "Chu Yang is not the Nine Tribulations Sword Master after all . If he becomes on guard at this time, they would not be able to start the conflict . Once they start fighting, no matter the success or failure of the plan, both parties would suffer great losses . This would be of extreme advantage to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Nine Tribulations . If Chu Yang's forces were to grow, they would be a formidable foe to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Nine Tribulations as well . It's better to exterminate them while it's still early . "

Li Xiangsi waved his hand and left swiftly with his men .

"Hurry and go, the earlier we enter the Li Clan territory, the better!" Li Xiangsi looked toward the night sky with a somber expression . He said, "The way home will definitely not be peaceful! Even though the Dharma Supreme has spoken and allowed us to return, I have associated with these people for a few thousand years, how would I not understand them? They definitely will not let us leave so easily!"

"This long way home will surely be a journey filled with a bloodbath!"

The group quickly disappeared into the dark of the night, swift as the arrow .

. . .

Chu Yang did not wait even a moment and started to refine elixirs that night .

He was refining an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill for Chu Le'er's treatment .

Even though the Sword Spirit was at an important point of his seclusion, he was still dragged into action to help out .

The Double Nine Agglomeration was now complete!

The Superb Nine Vine, Nine-Colored Lotus, Nine-Deaths Water, Nine-Leaves Flower, Nine-Clover Ganoderma, Nine-Leaves Pangolin, Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng, Nine-Heavens Jade-Ichor… and the ingredients for the Nine Tribulations Pill, all ready!

"And the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water, Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine, the toxic core of the Poisonous Flood Dragon, and a piece of the Heaven Poison Jade Core, and the toxic core of that Human Face Rainbow Spider…"

The Sword Spirit said rather excitedly, "Unless we don't go ahead, the ingredients are so complete this time, how about I just do something awesome for Le'er! So that the moment she is reborn, she can dazzle the whole world!"

Chu Yang pursed his lips . "Are you sure it's harmless?"

The Sword Spirit replied hurtfully, "Am I that kind of person?"

Chu Yang ignored him and retreated from the Nine Tribulations Space, leaving a speechless Sword Spirit behind…

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Then, with two large Purple Crystal bottles in his hands, Chu Yang walked into Mo Qingwu's room .

Bu Liuqing was supervising his disciple's cultivation . When he saw Chu Yang, he couldn't help but ask warily, "What do you want?"

Chu Yang was rather speechless . This was his territory, couldn't he go about?

He rubbed his nose as he said, "I'm here to deliver something for Xiaowu to drink . "

Bu Liuqing said suspiciously, "What is it? Are you sure you didn't drug it?"

Chu Yang looked at Bu Liuqing with extreme ire and said furiously, "If not for the fact that I'm not your match, I'll kick you in the face right now!"

Bu Liuqing laughed heartily and received the two bottles from Chu Yang .

The moment he took them, he was taken aback . He sniffed at the air, his inhaling loud and audible .

Then he brought his nose closer to the bottles and sniffed loud and hard . Then he suddenly raised his head . "Water from the Spiritual Spring?"

Chu Yang harrumphed and looked at this great Martial Supreme Artist, his arms folded . "Hurhurhur, are you interested in it? Too bad it's not for you, it's for Qingwu!"

Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes . "It's better that it's for Xiaowu instead of me! What's in the other bottle?"

He brought it close and sniffed at it again . Upon feeling the chill in his palm, he was stunned yet again .

"Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water?" He raised his head and looked at Chu Yang in disbelief . "Where did you get all these good stuff?"

Calm and composed, Chu Yang replied, "Interested?"

"Yes!" Bu Liuqing held them tightly in his arms .

"Hmph . " Chu Yang turned and left haughtily .

Mo Qingwu was in a meditative state . Chu Yang did not want to interrupt her, because he knew that Mo Qingwu was far more interested in spending time with him and talking to him than cultivation .

But that would be doing her a disservice .

The Upper Three Heavens was riddled with danger now . The higher Mo Qingwu's cultivation was, the better it would be . Chu Yang would never allow the tragedy from his previous life to happen again .

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With this big bottle of Spiritual Spring Water and Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water and Bu Liuqing's help, Mo Qingwu's body constitution and cultivation, as well as the degree of materialization of her spirit, would improve tremendously .

Chu Yang walked into the Feng and Yue couple's room with another two bottles of the same thing for Wu Qianqian .

The Feng and Yue couple was greatly taken aback .

Even a sip of such an amazing treasure would have been the encounter of a lifetime to the average man, but Chu Yang actually dished them out by bottles… Such a big bottle contained at least two to three liters!

The way that Feng Yurou looked at Chu Yang in particular was rather peculiar . She wanted to say something but just sighed in the end without a word . Yue Lingxue also had a somewhat strange look on his face…

Chu Yang delivered them to Dong Wushang, Rui Butong and Mo Lei'er one by one, instructing them on their cultivation . He was just about to return to his room when Zi Xieqing stopped him .

Zi Xieqing knew that Chu Yang was refining elixirs, so she was finishing up the process of solidifying Chu Le'er's foundation .

"You have Vitality Spring Water? You've leveled up?" Zi Xieqing's beautiful eyes gazed at Chu Yang .

"Yes . "

"Not bad, looks like letting you resolve the Feng and Yue couple's issues was the right choice!" Zi Xieqing breathed a sigh of relief before continuing, "Remember, when your Vitality Spring Water has upgraded to the highest level, the Life Force Spring, you can resolve the Feng and Yue couple's problem without resorting to that kind of immoral method . "

"Oh?" Chu Yang was pleasantly surprised . "How do I do that?"

"When that time comes, you only need to give Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou water from the Life Force Spring . The two of them will naturally use the vitality within the Life Force Spring Water to block out the intermingling of their spirits when they engage in the Moon Breeze Dual Cultivation Technique… and therein resolve all their problems! Understand?"

Zi Xieqing's face was a little red as she spoke with a sullen face .

"Oh, are you saying that after the two of them consume the Life Force Spring Water and do that thing… they'll be able to conceive?" Chu Yang inquired sternly and seriously .

"Get lost!" Zi Xieqing was completely red in the face . Her leg flew up and she kicked Chu Yang into the high heavens with a loud bam .

"Hey… I was seriously and sternly asking you a very proper question… Why are you hitting me!" Chu Yang flailed about in mid-air, yelling in grief and indignation .

"Come down and spar! Seek enlightenment in the Tao!" Zi Xieqing's fair and delicate face was completely red as she flew into a rage from embarrassment .

"Ouch… My stomach hurts suddenly, I'm going to the loo…" Chu Yang had been very hardworking this period of time . The moment he heard that, his body which had been falling straight down suddenly flipped in mid-air and actually turned the corner in one nimble motion, in the direction of the loo…

"Such a bastard!" Zi Xieqing muttered under her breath . Then she suddenly recalled . "Chu Yang, I have to be present when treating Le'er! I have no confidence in the middling cultivation levels of you all!"

The Sword Spirit in the Nine Tribulations Space swore viciously .

Big Bro here is older than you, just that I haven't fully recovered yet . To think that I've become a middling existence in your eyes…

Later that night .

Zi Xieqing brought Chu Le'er to Chu Yang's room and ordered Chu Yang to melt a substantial amount of Purple Crystals and cast it into a large Purple Crystal tub the height of a person .

"The Nines have congregated?" Zi Xieqing asked .

Chu Yang nodded . "Not just that, there's also the Spiritual Spring, Poisonous Flood Dragon toxic core, Human Face Rainbow Spider toxic core which is the origin of all toxins, Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine, Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water, and the Heaven Poison Jade Core…"

"The ingredients are abundant indeed!" Zi Xieqing exhaled . "Let's start . I'll guard Le'er's spirit, try not to waste any of the Heaven and Earth Poison within her body!"

"Pour the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water into the container now and fill it up . " Under Zi Xieqing's instructions, Chu Yang poured the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water into the Purple Crystal tub with a loud slush .

Zi Xieqing pulled Chu Le'er over and stripped the little girl in one quick motion, leaving only her underwear .

Chu Le'er was embarrassed to the core and she exclaimed, "Don't let Big Brother see…"

And then she was flung into the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water by Zi Xieqing . Chills ran down her spine and she shivered uncontrollably, her jaw clenching, unable to even make another sound .

Aside, Chu Yang didn't know whether to laugh or cry .

This girl still obsessed over this at this time… He seriously didn't understand what was going through girls' minds every day .

"Sword Spirit! Come out!" Zi Xieqing called .

Within a dense fog, a somewhat illusory spectral shadow materialized in the room . The Sword Spirit asked strangely, "How did you know that I can already materialize?"

Zi Xieqing harrumphed disdainfully . "Stop talking so much! I will guard Le'er's spirit and meridians, you protect Le'er's subconsciousness; the two of us just so happen to be one with the power of the Heavens and one with the power of the netherworld . Together, we will be able to directly create a reincarnation dimension for Le'er! Watch it, if anything goes wrong, I will turn you into a Nine Tribulations and send you to nourish the Heavens!"

The Sword Spirit shivered and looked at Chu Yang in sympathy .

What a fierce woman, you have it tough, having to face her every day .

"Begin! Chu Yang, feed Le'er the elixirs!" Zi Xieqing instructed .

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