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Chapter 1105

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Wan Renjie had fought Wei Wuyan for half his life, fought for their lives more than ten times, but they actually cherished each other's talent . Wan Renjie felt Wei Wuyan's mood as though it was his own . Wei Wuyan wanted revenge, and Wan Renjie had long decided to help him realize this wish .

Being of the same age, Wan Renjie understood Wei Wuyan's feelings deeply .

Chu Yang was stunned, and then also said, "That's just as well . " He knew from the way Wan Renjie talked that he was actually saying goodbye to him . Chu Yang felt grateful to the three men for coming to his aid, but he also realized that they were genuinely uncomfortable in front of Zi Xieqing and Bu Liuqing .

Unlike Dong Wushang's peers, who had pretty good cultivation but were still young in age, Wan Renjie and the other two were already old, and it was difficult for them to humble themselves, and they felt embarrassed to ask about things that they didn't know . Over time, they felt even more awkward, so they wanted to leave .

"But should three brothers have free time in the future, please do remember to come and visit your young brother," said Chu Yang earnestly .

"That's for sure . " Wan Renjie's eyes expressed deep emotions . He said in a deep voice, "Brother… should you be safe, we may never get to meet again for the whole life… But should you meet trouble, your brothers will come and be with you even if it risks our lives!"

He recognized the concern in Chu Yang's eyes, so he patted Chu Yang's shoulder and smiled . "We all have more than enough experience in the martial world, you don't need to worry about us . If we only wanted to preserve our lives, even one like Brother Bu would find it to find us, hahaha…"

Chu Yang managed to smile slightly . He produced four incomplete-version Nine Tribulations Pills, handed them over and said in a whisper, "If you have life-threatening wounds, eat this… There's an extra, it's for Wei Wuyan . "

Wan Renjie looked at him deeply, his eyes showing signs of reddening . Yet he turned away quickly, and let out a laugh . "In this case, big brother I will accept it!"

He reached out and hugged Chu Yang forcefully . He patted Chu Yang's back . "Fourth brother, take care!"

After that, Cheng Duying walked over and smiled mildly . "Fourth brother . " He turned to leave . He looked like he wanted to say something, but at the moment that he was about to say it, he felt a sadness in his heart, and he was actually unable to say it . So he gave up, turned and walked away .

Bao Buhuan hugged Chu Yang tightly . "Fourth Brother, what Big Brother said is what I want to say!"

Chu Yang was stunned, suddenly feeling a sense of sadness in his heart .

. . .

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Brother… Should you be safe, we may never get to meet again for the whole life… But should you meet trouble, your brothers will come and be with you even if it risks our lives!

. . .

Then the three purposely bid farewell to Chu Le'er . Wan Renjie caressed Chu Le'er's beautiful hair for a long time without speaking a word . He wanted to say something, but held it back, and tried to speak again, then forcefully stopped himself once more . In the end, he eventually let out a long sigh, and said softly, "Le'er, stay happy…"

Chu Le'er's eyes reddened, and her tears fell .

Wan Renjie looked at her lovingly and helped her wipe away the tears . He chuckled, but his voice was shaking .

He wanted to say: I wish I had a great grand-daughter like you… He also wanted to say: Le'er, you made me experience true familial love, and remember the happiness of the past… I am truly very grateful to you…

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"Everyone, today the winds are cold, in the future, the world will be wider . Should we be fated, we are meant to meet again in the martial world! We three brothers will say goodbye for now!"

Wan Renjie cupped his fists forcefully at the others, turning to leave immediately .

The three figures walked further and further away, and didn't look back . Chu Yang looked melancholically at the three leaving, turning at a crossroad, and disappearing . He suddenly felt that a dividing line had been drawn in his life .

Right now, he had been cut off from his brothers that just arrived at the Upper Three Heavens!

This was the end of an era!

"Life is meant to include separation . " Zi Xieqing felt the loss in his heart and said, "Actually, it is a good thing that they left . None of the three is high in cultivation . Besides, their meridians are almost curing, and there is pretty much no space for improvement . Should they stay with you, sooner or later they will die because of you! You should feel happy for them that they left now . "

Chu Yang was shocked, but immediately he let out a bitter laughter . "I can also realize this point . But… the emotions in my heart will not disappear because of that . The three of them are no good fellows in the eyes of the world, but to me, and to Le'er, they are genuinely good . "

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Zi Xieqing smiled mildly . "Good fellows and bad fellows… Can they really be distinguished clearly in such a world?"

"They can!" Chu Yang said earnestly, "In my heart, law-enforcement officers like Han Xiaoran are good fellows! And some honest men, even though they have to kill the enemies that they encounter, they are still good fellows . Of course, people who are good to us are even more good fellows . "

"I only just realized that you can be very naive sometimes . "

Chu Yang spoke plainly, but he spoke the evaluation of good and bad in every person's heart: everyone, in fact, evaluates goodness and badness in this way .

The group returned to Orchard Palace . Chu Le'er was good and went to make tea . Mo Qingwu also went to help out . The two cute girls busied themselves as they quarreled pleasantly . Everyone else looked at them and smiled knowingly .

Chu Le'er held the teapot while Mo Qingwu held the teacups, as they walked out one after another . Immediately, the aroma of tea filled the room .

In no time, Bu Liuqing and the Feng Yue couple came together .

Everyone sat down around a big round table .

In order, it was Zi Xieqing, Bu Liuqing, Yue Lingxue, Feng Yurou, Wu Qianqian, Chu Yang, Mo Qingwu, Dong Wushang, Mo Lei'er, Chu Le'er .

It was even in total .

Hot steam rose from the cups of fragrant tea in front of each person . All of them were silent, waiting .

None of them knew why Zi Xieqing gathered everyone together at this time . Only Bu Liuqing had a vague feeling in his heart, that his expression actually looked somewhat eager .

"Today, I gather everyone here because of something said by Brother Bu . " Zi Xieqing smiled mildly . Her eyes wandered between the faces of Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue . She waved a hand, and everyone immediately felt that an invisible barrier separated the whole Orchard Palace from this world!

In the presence of such a barrier, no one in the whole Nine Heavens could sense, or overhear anything from inside!

Nothing at all!

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Not even for the giants who stood at the top of the Nine Heavens!

Bu Liuqing, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue showed expressions of admiration immediately .

This single quiet movement was something that the three of them were absolutely incapable of!

Following that, Zi Xieqing said calmly, "Today at the auction house, Brother Bu asked me what could be above the Nine Heavens?"

Once Zi Xieqing said this, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue's bodies straightened instantly!

Everyone else also looked up in shock towards Zi Xieqing .

What could be above the Nine Heavens?

This was the unsolved mystery of the Nine Heavens Continent . For hundreds of thousands of years, only the two legendary Supremacies, Chen Feng and Liu Yun, left this world and went to that bigger world .

But that was only a legend, after all .

And Chen Feng and Liu Yun had never returned after going .

So nobody had proof of whether that "bigger world" actually existed . Nobody could be sure about this matter .

But today, they finally heard Zi Xieqing mention this matter .

Everyone held their breath, fearing that they would miss a word .

Bu Liuqing didn't even care anymore about the fact that Mo Qingwu was lying in Chu Yang's arms right now . He focused completely and listened intently .

Because he could sense the existence of that world! In only half a step, he could cross over!

Therefore, what Zi Xieqing was about to say today was extremely important to Ning Tianya and him!

Chu Yang held Mo Qingwu's waist, his eyes shining and looking at Zi Xieqing .

He alone knew that what Zi Xieqing was about to say now, was actually, ultimately, for him! Inside this, was all the wishes and hopes of Zi Xieqing!

"The whole world knows the Nine Heavens! Nine Heavens Continent, it's the name of this continent!" Zi Xieqing spoke very slowly, "Therefore, this continent became the Nine Heavens in everyone's eyes . But is it really the Nine Heavens here? If it is, then, why are there only three heavens, Upper, Lower, and Middle?"

She spoke in an indifferent voice, "Some may say, that a hundred thousand years ago, that great man folded the Nine Heavens, and they collapsed, resulting in only three heavens . But… as Brother Bu probably knows, how could someone with such capabilities make such a low-level mistake?"

Bu Liuqing sighed emotionally, nodded, and then said somewhat desolately, "Indeed . Usually, when one reaches our level, he does not do anything without being completely certain about it . But that person, having the capability to fold a whole Nine Heavens Continent, actually made a major mistake . This is something that we have been unable to understand for a long time . "

Zi Xieqing said, "So, that person making a mistake folding the Nine Heavens, furthermore folding it into three layers, and leaving a Nine Tribulations Sword to maintain the stability of this continent…"

"… none of this makes sense!" Zi Xieqing said slowly .

She had probably contemplated these issues numerous times, so though she talked very slowly, she spoke clearly and with a very organized structure .

"None of these were actually meant to happen! Yet they did, and it was absolutely not because of the limits of that great man's abilities, nor was it a mistake . Instead, it serves another purpose . What this purpose is, it's worth deep pondering . "

Zi Xieqing spoke in a very heavy tone, and she didn't look at Chu Yang .

But Chu Yang knew immediately that Zi Xieqing was reminding him of something of immense importance!

"This may be a conspiracy, or perhaps, a kind of expectation . Other than that, it could be a… starting point . " Zi Xieqing said calmly, "The starting point as a Nine Tribulations Sword Master! That's why the Nine Tribulations Sword Masters of all the past generations disappeared - disappearing is not reaching the endpoint! Instead, it was because they didn't qualify! So they were eliminated!"

Everyone was shocked by what Zi Xieqing just said!

They didn't qualify! So they were eliminated!

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