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Chapter 1104

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It was definitely considered a bountiful harvest for Chu Yang as he left the auction warehouse!

Within the Nine Tribulations Space, the Sword Spirit had purposely created a warehouse to store all the purple crystals but now, it was actually all full! The Sword Spirit had no choice but to create another warehouse in preparation for storing more purple crystals .

Within the Nine Tribulations Space, various kinds of rare and precious mineral resources were piled up like mountains!

The Nine Tribulations Sword was lying just on top of the pile and it was crazily devouring the minerals . However, at this rate of crazy devouring, Chu Yang estimated that it would definitely take more than three to five days before it could finish devouring all of them!

The elixir garden within the Nine Tribulations Space did not have much of an expansion .

However, all the herbs and medicine required for the treatment of Chu Le'er were already sufficient .

Chu Yang had finally settled one of the matters on his mind . He had prepared to leave after tonight, to treat Chu Le'er's injuries and to recuperate her body . After which, to cultivate her martial arts .

During this period of time, Zi Xieqing had been preparing the foundations for Chu Le'er . With the help of Zi Xieqing's powers, the moment Chu Le'er recovered and started to cultivate, she would create a miracle and wonder in the cultivation of martial arts!

Chu Yang went back to the room and gave a word . Soon, the crowd stood up and walked out of the room .

Feng Yurou, Yue Lingxue and Wu Qianqian all followed behind .

This was because Zi Xieqing had invited them and the Feng Yue couple would naturally not give up such a golden opportunity . As for Wu Qianqian, she naturally wanted to stay together with Chu Yang for as long as possible . Of course, she would not disagree with this, right?

Along the way, Mo Qingwu was holding on to the arm of Chu Yang . She was laughing and seemed to be in high spirits along the way .

Walking at the back, Wu Qianqian looked enviously at the arm that Mo Qingwu was hanging onto . She could not help but drift away in her own thoughts intermittently .

The current Wu Qianqian had not realized that the little girl in front of her would actually be the key to whether she could be together with Chu Yang or not! She thought that Chu Yang was only treating Mo Qingwu like a sister to him .

However, who knew that these two people had been intertwined all their previous lives and how could it possibly be just a brother-sister kind of relationship? Chu Yang stepped out of the auction

Right in front, there was a person, smiling while standing . The person was smiling gently and looking at Chu Yang .

The green robe was fluttering in the wind and both of his hands were clasped at the back . There was an indescribable elegance and carefreeness, as if nothing mattered to him . Yet, there was a sense of confidence and a feeling of being in control exuding out from him .

Diwu Qingrou!

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Chu Yang's heart jerked .

Diwu Qingrou gently smiled . Chu Yang eased off from the hug with Mo Qingwu and signaled to the rest to wait a moment . Then, he walked over to him .

"Waiting for me?" Chu Yang asked, while smiling gently .

"Waiting for you . " Diwu Qingrou smiled lightly .

Both of them let out a laughter .

"Congratulations to you," Diwu Qingrou said, "You have finally gained a foothold in Upper Three Heavens . "

"Many thanks," Chu Yang smiled gently and continued, "But, my foothold is not as steady as yours . "

Diwu Qingrou shook his head and smiled bitterly . "Just one sentence . "

Chu Yang listened carefully .

"Do not underestimate any enemy!" Diwu Qingrou said indifferently, "Their true strength is far greater than what you see on the surface!"

Chu Yang nodded his head solemnly .

"Our collaboration a few days ago did not work out," Diwu Qingrou said indifferently, "The next time, we shall plan it out properly in detail . "

Chu Yang nodded his head and replied leisurely, "You are right, we definitely need to plan it out properly in detail . "

Diwu Qingrou smiled gently . He turned his body and took a few steps forward leisurely . Just a few steps ahead and he had already disappeared into the heavy crowd .

Chu Yang stood still and thought over the conversation that he just had . After a good while, he shook his head in laughter and turned his body around .

"That is Diwu Qingrou?" Zi Xieqing asked lightly .

"Yes, he is!" Chu Yang replied .

"He is indeed not a simple person . " As if pointing at Diwi Qingrou, Zi Xieqing said, "You have to be careful when you deal with him . "

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Chu Yang nodded his head and said, "Our only encounter was in Tianji City . After that, we would be at different corners of the world and I would not be planning anything with him further . "

Zi Xieqing laughed and said, "You are right . Your strength is how you can plan in details for each matter one by one . However, this person is on a totally different level! Therefore, on the aspect of just a single matter, you will definitely beat him . If you were to compete with him on the whole scale and long term of events, you would definitely not be able to beat him!"

Of course, Chu Yang knew about this point .

If it was just for one single matter, regardless of the scenario and circumstances, Chu Yang himself would not be inferior to Diwu Qingrou . However, if it was for ten different matters or ten over matters, then the only one who could be on par with Diwu Qingrou, yet be organized and tidy for each matter, that person would be Mo Tianji!

Zi Xieqing looked back and said to Yue Lingxue, "I would like to trouble Brother Yue to run an errand and invite Supreme Martial Artist Bu to come over to Orchard Palace . "

Yue Lingxue replied, "Sure . "

A white shadow raised and in an instant, it disappeared without a trace .

"What was that for?" Chu Yang asked, perplexed .

"There are a few things which I would like to talk to you first, while there is still time . " Zi Xieqing smiled indifferently, but her mind was filled with infinite complexity . She thought in her mind, 'You are such a simpleton, I am making full use of time, before I leave, to help pave your path, to pave your future . The Tao state energy is getting more and more . Now, even when we are not battling, I can also feel the presence of the Tao state energy in the air . '

'Who knew if I would leave anytime now . '

'I am just doing all that I can, to do even just one additional thing for you, it would be good enough . '

Chu Yang fell into silence . He could tell what Zi Xieqing was thinking and finally he asked awkwardly, "Don't go… Is that not possible?"

Zi Xieqing softened in her heart . With a sour tinge, she held off the rising emotions in her heart and coldly shook her head . "No, it's not possible!"

Chu Yang lowered his head in silence .

Mo Qingwu quietly asked Chu Yang, "Is Big Sister Zi leaving?"

Chu Yang let out a sigh and held her little hand . "In life… all good things must come to an end…" Within his voice, there was a deep sense of melancholy exuding out .

Zi Xieqing had a twitch in her ears and immediately after, she felt pain in her heart . However, she maintained an expressionless look and went to the front of the group to lead the way .

Mo Qingwu blinked and asked, "Could it be that Brother Chu Yang wants Sister Zi to stay?"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . "Yes, I am in a dilemma . I would like her to stay, but if she really does stay, she would be in danger . "

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"Grave danger?" Mo Qingwu asked .

"Grave danger! Life and death!" Chu Yang heaved another sigh .

"Brother Chu Yang, do you like her?" Mo Qingwu asked, with a bit of disappointment .

Chu Yang did not deny . He nodded his head and replied seriously, "However, the one that Brother Chu Yang likes the most is still Qingwu . "

Mo Qingwu said happily, "Then I am rest assured . "

Suddenly, Mo Qingwu pulled Chu Yang's head closer and placed her lips beside his ears . She said, "If Brother Chu Yang really doesn't want Sister Zi to leave, I have an idea . "

Chu Yang asked strangely, "What idea is that?"

Mo Qingwu bit her lips and hesitated for a while . Finally, she said lightly, "If you and her can cook the raw rice into a meal [refers to the couple who have to get married because the woman has lost her virginity to the men]… how would she leave?"

Chu Yang staggered for a moment . He felt that his two legs grew weak and there was danger of him falling to the ground .

Even Zi Xieqing, who was walking at the front of the group, staggered . Immediately after, her small ears turned red and she quickly walked forward .

Feng Yurou, who was walking beside her felt strange and asked, "Senior, are you alright?"

Zi Xieqing gasped a breath and said, "I'm alright, Ke Ke…" And she quickly walked forward .

Chu Yang gave a knock to Mo Qingwu's head and said in a low voice, "You naughty little girl… Where did you hear of such nonsense?"

Mo Qingwu smiled happily as she complained of the pain . She said, "My Teacher got me a masseur . We chit chat about things frequently…"

"A masseur? Man or woman?" Chu Yang asked anxiously .

"Of course a woman . " Mo Qingwu glanced at Chu Yang with a smart but mischievous look . She smiled like a successful little fox and said, "Brother Chu Yang, I often tell her about you…"

Speaking of which, Mo Qingwu's face suddenly turned red .

That time after she had become familiar with the masseur, because of how she had frequently mentioned about Chu Yang, the masseur told her one day, "If you are worried… Then when you are slightly older, you can cook his raw rice into a meal, that way, he won't be able to run away…"

Now that Mo Qingwu was thinking of this matter, she wondered when she would be old enough and have the asset to cook his raw rice into a meal .

After the corner, Nangong Shifeng and the others bid farewell to Chu Yang . After this auction, there would bound to be actions . The Nangong brothers would need to go ahead to check out any newest development .

"Having made this trip in my lifetime, I am now able to hold my head up high!" Nangong Shifeng said . One could also tell that he was in a really good and cool mood . "I had never been so brilliant, honored and glorified before . Just today alone has fulfilled all my wishes of a lifetime . Haha…"

Chu Yang kept silent for a long while, before he said indifferently, "In the future, you would have even greater glory! Shifeng, after the Medicine Banquet is over, I would treat the injuries and restore the bodies of you and other brothers . "

Tears welled up in Nangong Shifeng's eyes . He held onto Chu Yang's hands and shook it with gratitude . Without any words, he led a few of the brothers and turned around to leave .

"I shall go with them to take a look . " To prevent any failure, Wei Wuyan silently bid farewell to Chu Yang and followed along with them .

Since reaching here, Chu Yang had been thinking hard of a way to help Wei Wuyan recover . However, Wei Wuyan's emotions had only gotten more and more low spirited . He was also quieter now .

Anyone could tell that Wei Wuyan was lifeless and spiritless .

On this matter, Zi Xieqing could only let out a sigh .

The heart of Wei Wuyan was already dead . There were only two things left in his mind now .

To take revenge and to repay a debt of gratitude .

To take revenge for his wife and kids and to repay the gratitude towards Chu Yang for saving his life .

Other than these two, there was nothing else in life that he wanted now .

The moment he thought that the two wishes were fulfilled, Wei Wuyan would not hesitate to take his own life!

Regarding this, Chu Yang was helpless .

"We shall go with them to take a look as well . " Wan Renjie said, as he could tell the worries of Chu Yang .

"This might be nice as well," Chu Yang said, "Do not let him do any silly things . "

Wan Renjie let out a laugh and said, "Fourth Brother, we would look after Wei Wuyan for a while . If he requires, we think… we would go together with him to the end of the world and fulfill his final wish . Thereafter, if there is nothing else, I'm afraid we would leave together with him . To go with him everywhere in this world and to accompany on his road to revenge . We would never be able to rest while leaving him alone . "

Wan Renjie smiled and continued, "Wei Wuyan and us, we are truly carefree . Probably, only us old bachelors can understand each other . We no longer have anything that we wish for… After all, we are brothers and since Wei Wuyan has his wish, that would be our wish as well . "

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