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Chapter 1103

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However, what happened next stunned everyone even more .

As the auction neared its end, three people walked out of the third chamber of first-class .

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou, along with their disciple Wu Qianqian, walked toward the third chamber of third-class .

Even a man as calm and steady as Ye Di stared after them with his eyes wide!

The others were even more astonished . The moment someone was about to exclaim in surprise, another person next to them would clap their hands over their mouth immediately .

They saw Yue Lingxue stop before the third room of third-class, inquiring, "Elder, may we enter?"

Inside, that aloof female voice answered, "By all means!"

Then, the Feng and Yue couple walked in together with their disciple .

They did not come out at all after entering .

Even till the auction ended, they still did not come out .

The hearts of everyone in the Nine Super Clans felt as heavy as a ton of metal .

Ye Di stared solemnly at the third chamber of third-class, his thoughts unreadable .

Suddenly, he stood and made his way over to the first chamber of first-class .

This auction with an atmosphere lively almost to the point of repression finally ended .

All the clans practically left the auction hall without turning back! As if making good their escape! There was absolutely no hint of the excitement of a 'rewarding and fruitful' return!

Each and every one of them had an ominous look on their faces, as if someone at home had died .

Chu Yang and the rest were naturally the last to go .

At the Fifth Elder's invitation, Chu Yang made his way to the auction hall's storeroom, his face flushed with success .

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The moment he entered, he was blinded by the dazzling Purple Crystals that filled the entire floor . Such a colossal warehouse was almost filled to the brim with Purple Crystals and all kinds of rare resources and minerals gained from this auction .

Chu Yang was bedazzled as he rubbed his palms and said, "All these… are mine?"

With a complicated look on his face, the Fifth Elder's gaze switched between him and the towering mountain of Purple Crystals . He nodded and said, "As long as you fulfill your promise to the Medicine Valley, these are all yours . "

Chu Yang was taken aback . "Promise? What promise? Why don't you just deduct the fees directly from the auction profit?"

What Chu Yang had promised in the beginning was that as long as the Medicine Valley agreed to organize and host this auction, aside from the auction fees, he would also sell to Medicine Valley one-tenth of the herbs intended for the auction!

The Fifth Elder's countenance was a little awkward as he replied, "I don't know how it happened but… all the herbs were auctioned off . We thought that we had already set them aside but we only discovered after the auction ended that we didn't… So now we aren't left with even one stalk…"

At this point, the Zombie-faced auctioneer also walked over . Stiff as a board, he went on to explain, "It's my fault . I was on a row, so I urged them non-stop to hurry up . The Fifth Elder was engaged in discussion with the Grand Elder at that point… Only when it was too late did I discover that I didn't keep any for myself…"

Chu Yang's world spun a little .

How did this even happen? He was on a row so he auctioned off everything? Including even his own share…

Totally outrageous to the core .

Chu Yang put his hands up in defeat . He had a funny look of exasperation on his face as he asked, "So what do you intend to do now?"

The Fifth Elder stammered in reply, "I think… We are thinking of… We can…"

Chu Yang looked at the old fellow patiently and said encouragingly, "Say it boldly . "

The Fifth Elder finally got it out of his system . "We can forgo the auction fees and exchange it for legendary herbs; then, we'll buy over your legendary herbs… cough, 100 stalks? No, no, even 50 stalks would do . Of course, this is on the premise that… you still have some on hand . "

The Fifth Elder had a hopeful and anticipating look on his face .

If, at this moment, Chu Yang flung an "I'm all out of it . I gave them all to you" at him…

… the Fifth Elder would probably smash his head against the wall and kill himself on the spot .

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Usually, the fee of an auction was charged at five percent of the total profit . One must not look down on this five percent; Chu Yang's total profit this time, if the value of the minerals and precious metals he got in trade were to be included, had already exceeded a whopping 120,000,000 Purple Crystals!

Five percent would equate to 6,000,000 Purple Crystals!

Certainly a frighteningly huge figure .

Was there such a good deal!

Forgoing the auction fee and exchanging it for legendary herbs instead?

Chu Yang frowned as he said, "There are still some… However, I'm sure the Fifth Elder is aware, I don't have the final say in this . "

It was as though a weight was lifted off the Fifth Elder . He instantly felt a whole lot lighter as he replied, "As long as there are still herbs . Of course, that friend of yours… We are well aware that that super expert is here, so we naturally will not let you lose out in terms of the price…"

Chu Yang was apologetic . "I am really sorry about this . "

The Fifth Elder consoled, "Don't worry about it, it is beyond your control . "

Chu Yang said sincerely, "You're right . " And followed with a sigh .

"Right now there are less than 300 legendary herbs left… I guess it is fine even if I sell them all to you . " In Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Space, of course, he did not have just these 300 Black Blood Forest herbs that he spoke of . Even if he wanted 3000 herbs, Chu Yang could also easily fork out!

But how would he say the truth?

"However, this batch of herbs was originally intended for my own usage, so they are comparatively more superior in grade . Hence, the cost would also…" Chu Yang deliberated as he continued, "So… you need to be mentally prepared . "

The Fifth Elder became excited in no time . "No problem! No problem at all!"

He thought to himself, "This is really a blessing that came after trouble! How would those that he kept for himself be of mediocre quality? They must definitely be treasures among the premium! To think that there would be such a benefit after auctioning everything off!"

"As for the price, that is even less of an issue . Our Medicine Valley has accumulated so many Purple Crystals over the years that they are just rotting away in the corner . We'll take all that you have!"

The Fifth Elder declared straightforwardly .

Chu Yang's heart fluttered . This old fellow was really lovable, sticking his neck out like that to be slaughtered . And he even revealed an important piece of news —'accumulated so many Purple Crystals that they are just rotting away!'

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Rotting away…

Since they were rotting away, it would be a real waste if he didn't spend some for them .

"I'll go and ask for instructions . " After saying that, Chu Yang left in a hurry .

Then he circled one round in the chamber and walked back out to the storeroom . "No problem . That elder said that as long as the price is right, this is not an issue . "

The Fifth Elder's facial muscles twitched a little .

That woman is one with a huge appetite . The herbs that the Nine Super Clans bought were all paid for at double the price…'As long as the price is right'— Does that mean that we have to pay double too?

This was too expensive…

"Can I ask Brother Chu to show us the herbs first and we'll see how it goes?" the Fifth Elder asked .

"Sure . " Chu Yang waved his arm with a flourish and a large pile of legendary herbs scattered on the ground at once . The people of the Medicine Valley in the vicinity swarmed toward them .

Exclamations could be heard all around immediately!

The elixirs that Chu Yang brought out this time were no doubt of an even higher grade than before!

The Fifth Elder's hand shook and blood rushed to his face in excitement before quickly draining, leaving him as pale as snow . His body swayed a little and he fell on the ground on his bottom…

He moaned . "So many good things…"

With a smile, Chu Yang said, "There are 399 stalks here!"

Since he had already specified 300-odd previously, he could not brandish too many . Chu Yang was a little regretful too, wishing he could have sold more… So he could only say that he had 399 .

As long as it was within 400, that would make '300-odd' too .

"399…" The Fifth Elder's facial muscles spasmed again . Even if they calculated per stalk at 100,000 Purple Crystals, that would also total up to 39,900,000 Purple Crystals!

And this was just his estimated market price . What that woman wanted was double! While the Medicine Valley did have quite a lot of Purple Crystals, for them to cough up 80,000,000 Purple Crystals at one go… They would probably end up owing a huge debt to others!

Everyone from the Medicine Valley would end up a beggar from then on!

Chu Yang observed his reaction and understood that the Medicine Valley most likely would not be able to chow down on all of the herbs . He smiled and said, "That elder originally wanted double the price, or even double and a half times…"

The Fifth Elder felt like he had been struck by lightning . "Double? Double and a half?" What the f*ck, did she even intend to let them live? Chu Yang's tone of speech changed as he said, "However, I bargained strongly with her . I said: See, if not for the Medicine Valley organizing the auction, it would have been really difficult for us to sell all these herbs . Even if we did, they would not be able to fetch such a high price…"

The Fifth Elder nodded incessantly . "Exactly! Exactly! And then? What did she say?"

Chu Yang continued, "She said: Even though you have a point, with the sale of these herbs, the Medicine Valley has also earned 6,000,000 Purple Crystals… It is not a loss for them . "

The Fifth Elder said dejectedly, "A mere 6,000,000…" However, the other party also had a point . Even though the selling price was high, their fee was also raised as a result… What was wrong with that? He couldn't help but sigh .

Chu Yang went on, "And then I said: This is a little ungrateful… They have given us a helping hand after all… No matter what, we should give them some face?"

The Fifth Elder blinked as he stared at Chu Yang .

"Then she said…'If that is the case, then I guess we can sell these herbs at market value . However, the remainder must be rounded up', meaning she would only charge 40,000,000 Purple Crystals . After deducting the auction fee of 6,000,000 Purple Crystals, the Medicine Valley would technically only need to pay 34,000,000 Purple Crystals and you will be able to take all these herbs back . "

Chu Yang spoke sanctimoniously . The herbs were clearly worth only this amount but Chu Yang went a few rounds and now it sounded like he was doing the Medicine Valley a huge favor instead .

"Really?!" the Fifth Elder asked in disbelief, his emotions going up and down like a rollercoaster . Suddenly able to reduce the cost by more than half, the Fifth Elder felt so delirious with joy that he could pass out .

34,000,000 Purple Crystals — even though this amount was astronomical, the Medicine Valley was still able to come up with it . Although it was painful, it was not to the extent of shaking their foundation .

And the most important thing was that with these herbs, the Medicine Valley's name would only get even bigger and bigger .

By that time, wouldn't earning Purple Crystals be a simple task then?

"Really . " Chu Yang nodded in certainty .

"That's great, that's great! Thank you so much! Thank you so much! This amount is definitely not a problem! Not a problem!" The Fifth Elder was practically jumping in joy . His eyes were fervent and filled with gratitude as he looked at Chu Yang, making Chu Yang shiver in trepidation .

"34,000,000 Purple Crystals! I can pay immediately! I, I, I… Go and look for the Valley Master now! Look for the high priest and get the spatial storage ring from him and bring me all the Purple Crystals! Go!" the Fifth Elder was shouting and yelling, "Hurry!"

As if terrified that that super expert would suddenly change her mind .

He grasped Chu Yang's hands gratefully in one swift motion, shaking them vigorously as he said, "Brother Chu, your great kindness… I, I… The Medicine Valley will always keep it in our hearts! This old man promises you — The doors of the Medicine Valley will always be open for you! I… am eternally grateful!!"

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