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Chapter 1094

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Something that had been troubling him for a long while was finally resolved today, thanks to the blessings that came after all that trouble . After receiving the Dharma Supreme's acknowledgment that he wasn't the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, Chu Yang was at total ease now .

He couldn't wait to run rampant again!

With the added joy of the reunion with his brothers, Chu Yang felt even more invigorated .

The Purple Crystals he was sorely in need of arrived in abundance after a while as well and Minister Chu became even merrier, till he practically couldn't tell left from right anymore .

He skipped all the way back to the Orchard Palace and immediately saw Zi Xieqing standing in front with a cold expression . "Where were you last night when you didn't return?"

That tone of voice and expression were exactly like a young wife who just saw her unfaithful husband return home after a night of wild fun .

"Cough, I went out to drink, anything wrong?!" Chu Yang replied, bold and indignant .

After being abused at home so frequently, he still had to be restricted in going out for some relaxation?

What kind of reasoning was that?

"Out to drink?" Zi Xieqing eyed him suspiciously . Then she reached out and grabbed his ear, holding it in a twist as she turned and dragged him in . "Still acting like you're in the right after not returning home for the night, was it? Come come, let's spar a little…"

"Spare me…"

Chu Yang's joy turned to sorrow in no time at all, his piteous cries filling the surroundings .

"We mustn't condone this bad habit of yours!" Zi Xieqing was merciless .

Turning anxious, Chu Yang said, "You're neither my mother nor my wife, why are you so concerned?!"

Zi Xieqing was taken aback for a moment, and then she gave him a ruthless kick . "Because I can!"

She then proceeded to beat him to a pulp .

. . .

During this carefree period for Chu Yang, Diwu Qingrou was, however, baffled beyond belief .

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Because he had heard from many different channels that Chu Yang was safe! He was actually safe!

After such a big incident where he offended all of the Nine Super Clans, he was actually safe!

Diwu Qingrou was so shocked that his jaw dropped .

And the fact that Chu Yang had a mysterious powerhouse behind him also boggled Diwu Qingrou's mind . Who exactly was this mysterious powerhouse?


Chu Yang did not use the incident that Diwu Qingrou had in mind at all . Through the Wu Qianqian incident alone, within a whole load of confusion, he managed to somehow successfully cause conflict .

The incident regarding the Holy Tribe Elder was suppressed because of this instead .

How could you expect Diwu Qingrou not to feel repressed?

He had planned it all — he would stay behind the scenes as the mastermind and set up everything; Chu Yang would appear and generate conflict in the world; all the Super Clans would be embroiled in this fight, and drag the Zhuge Clan into it and then conveniently… put his other plan into action .

This way, Diwu Qingrou would be safely hidden in the dark . No matter what, no one would be able to seek him out . This was the first point .

Secondly, while the one watching the show was naturally relaxed, it would be tiring for the one performing . Chu Yang, the one performing this whole show, would naturally be in trouble and awfully busy as a result .

This way, after being forced into action or paying the price of sacrifice, Chu Yang would be even more anxious about the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . If a few of Chu Yang's lackeys or family were to die, that would be even better…

Chu Yang, delivering the letter specially to Shui Yue garden previously, was precisely to deliver a message to Diwu Qingrou —'Bastard, you're scheming against me again! But if you intend to do that, then be prepared to suffer the consequences of my retaliation!'

And now, the consequences had indeed arrived . Diwu Qingrou's second phase of the plan had a grand stage all set up for him, but Chu Yang, the lead character, suddenly went on strike and refused to perform anymore…

Thirdly, after this incident, the power of the Nine Super Clans would be weakened to a certain extent . The Zhuge Clan, in particular, would suffer damage on a foundational level . It was possible to produce fluctuations in things, be it the secret prison underground or the nebula map in the sky, and Diwu Qingrou would be able to take this opportunity to achieve his other goal .

In addition, the last phase of his conspiracy with the Three Star Divine Clan elder would also be realized .

And what was even more important was that as long as Chu Yang was enraged and his path towards the Nine Tribulations Sword Master sped up, Diwu Qingrou, with his ample preparation, would be able to catch up to Chu Yang . Every step Chu Yang took, Diwu Qingrou would take advantage and catch up a step .

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Diwu Qingrou had absolute confidence!

It could be said that his plan even spanned a timeline beyond ten years .

But Chu Yang completely did not act according to plan . Even though both were working together in some kind of rapport, Chu Yang started to act on his own in the end!

And abandoned Diwu Qingrou…

He destroyed the bridge after crossing the river in one beautiful move .

Diwu Qingrou had planned this for so long and everything was in place . But the moment he got onto the bridge intending to cross it, the bridge broke when he got to the middle .

So he had no choice but to retreat .

And with this one move of retreat, he actually returned to where he had first started!

This was a partnership between the two parties . But within the partnership, both were also scheming against each other . Up till now, Diwu Qingrou could not deny that in this battle of wits and partnership where they did not get to meet, he was on the losing end yet again .

He had more advantages than Chu Yang but they were all merely on the surface . The influence was not as long-term as Chu Yang's . Moreover, all of Chu Yang's plans were successfully executed while the last step of his plan was stuck because of Chu Yang .

"This Chu Yang… is really difficult to deal with!" In this situation, Diwu Qingrou could only laugh bitterly .

However, he was still somewhat consoled . At least Tianji City got into a huge mess and all the Super Clans suffered losses . Also, even though Chu Yang pulled out at the end and abandoned Diwu Qingrou's plan in the end, he did not reveal Diwu Qingrou's trump card .

Toward this, Diwu Qingrou had even more of a bitter laugh .

"The reason why this King of Hell Chu did not reveal my trump card is that he wants to use it again… So ruthless . If I let him use my trump card to mess around again, everyone sent by the Nine Super Clans this time would probably all die in this Tianji City…"

Diwu Qingrou thought, full of concentration .

Just like how his plan from before needed Chu Yang's cooperation, the plan that Chu Yang intended to put into place soon also required his cooperation . The plan that he came up with beforehand was in line with Chu Yang's interests .

And now Chu Yang's plan was in line with his .

You don't want to do it? No way!

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After getting aboard my ship, you think you can still get off easily? In your dreams…

That was probably what Chu Yang wanted to tell him .

Diwu Qingrou rubbed his temples and smiled lightly . He muttered to himself, "I wonder where your next plan will start from? And how will it go? I'm really looking forward to it so much . "

He slowly paced, his expression still calm and passive . If he couldn't figure it out, then he would just not think about it . He needed only to retaliate when Chu Yang's move came and that would be it .

At this moment, someone came to report . "Lord Qingrou, the Medicine Valley has sent an invitation . "

"Oh?" Diwu Qingrou went over to the doorway and received it . When he took a good look at it, an idea came to him . "Black Blood legendary herb auction? Could it be… that the things in the auction all came from the Black Blood Forest?"

But no matter what, the attraction that the herbs from the Black Blood Forest held toward these clans was definitely extraordinary! Even the Diwu Clan was no exception!

He paced another two steps before saying decisively, "Please tell the Medicine Valley that the Diwu Clan will definitely be there!"

After dismissing the messenger, Diwu Qingrou knitted his brows together and thought, "Where did this big cluster of Black Blood Forest herbs pop out from? To organize a large-scale auction would require at least 50 stalks of Heavenly Treasures… How did the Medicine Valley suddenly have so many on their hands?"

He shook his head and laughed a little, as if joking with himself . "It can't be King of Hell Chu who provided it right? …"

. . . . . .

In the next couple of days, the people of the Medicine Valley were practically insane . All those with enough status had an invitation in their hands . They straight-out booked the largest auction house within Tianji City and even expanded it by one whole level!

Just for this auction!

Originally, auctions were handled by the auction department of the Law Enforcement Hall . However, the profits involved this time were too big, so the stubborn old fellows of the Medicine Valley put their foot down and refused to budge, and actually chased everyone from the auction department of the Law Enforcement Hall away…

No one dared to mess with this bunch of crazies from the Medicine Valley .

Even the Dharma Supreme couldn't do anything about it, and could only let them do whatever they wanted!

The Nine Super Clans had all received invitations . The odd thing was that even the Dharma Supreme received one . No one knew what expression the Dharma Supreme had when he received the invitation but the fellow that delivered the invitation got mercilessly admonished by the high priest instead!

The high priest only realized he was wrong after that .

These people of his Medicine Valley were even more audacious than what he had thought! Not only did the Dharma Supreme receive an invitation, but even Bu Liuqing also got one . Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou also got one each .

The high priest almost passed out .

What was the difference between inviting these four and directly gifting them the herbs? When the time came and the herbs were brought out, if they were to take an interest in it, they only needed to say one sentence —'I want this!'

Who would dare to bid against them? Wasn't that tantamount to looking for death?

An invitation could be sent to anyone but them .

But the deed was already done and the invitations were sent out; besides being resigned to fate, the high priest could only pray to the heavens —'Please let them all get diarrhea and not come…'

And in actuality, those few who received the invitations were all extremely enticed, especially Bu Liuqing, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue . They practically thought that treasures were falling into their laps .

The herbs from Black Blood Forest were a huge source of nourishment for their disciples . They definitely had to go and take a look to see if there was anything there suitable for their disciples and if so, win the auction without hesitation!

They were just mulling over the lack of Heavenly Treasures and now someone actually sent such an invitation… How thoughtful!

If there were anyone who had gotten tired of living and dared to bid against them, they could snatch it too, wasn't it?

Unbounded anticipation toward the auction started to rise within these three big-shots .

The Medicine Valley was a unique organization and had friendly relations with all of them . To openly snatch was obviously not appropriate… A sense of regret promptly rose within the hearts of all three .

Such a shame!

And so, within the endless anticipation of everyone, especially the close attention of the Martial Supreme Artists, the Black Blood legendary herb auction finally held its grand opening!

At the crack of dawn, the sound of celebratory cannons roared through the skies from the direction of the auction house, echoing non-stop for the longest time .

For an auction to actually use celebratory cannons!

It was no doubt telling the whole world —'The auction for the legendary herbs has started, come and give us your Purple Crystals now, dummies!'

. . . . . .

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