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Chapter 1090

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The moment he said that, everyone got a shock!

So the Dharma Supreme had gotten ideas in his head even after seeing that this little girl suffered from a chronic disease .

How glorifying was it to be accepted as a disciple by the Dharma Supreme? This was definitely a road to instant success for this little girl and this guy!

Lan Muxue's expression was especially complex and sinister . Should this guy's younger sister become the Dharma Supreme's disciple, how would the Lan Clan ever be able to take revenge on him?

Although this little girl's aptitude was not on par with Bu Liuqing's disciple who was an Innate Spirit Meridians, it was already a rare catch . The Dharma Supreme was also tempted — under his wholehearted guidance, she would definitely be another little monster!

One who would not necessarily be unable to match the Innate Spirit Meridians!

Chu Yang had a pitiful smile . "To have the Dharma Supreme think so highly of us, by right I should take up your offer right away . However… we have already made a promise to someone else, and that person has already gone on a search for medicine for Le'er… At the moment, we have already found seven to eight of the elixirs needed and just missing the last one…"

"Oh?" the Dharma Supreme said dispassionately, "Who might this person be?"

At the side, Lan Muxue sneered . "Do you know what an honor it is to have the Dharma Supreme accept your younger sister as a disciple? To actually not know what's good for you and be so audacious as to affront the dignity of the Dharma Supreme! Have you gotten tired of living?!"

He hated Chu Yang's guts to the core right now . How he wished he could find an opportunity to slaughter this bastard!

Seeing this fellow actually dare to reject the Dharma Supreme, he could not resist stepping on him further .

Chu Yang ignored Lan Muxue and said respectfully, "It's an elder . Actually, all this elder had intended to do originally was merely to treat Le'er's condition . But upon seeing how lovable Le'er was, made the decision to cleanse her meridians and reform her body, modifying it into an innate body . "

He continued with a smile, "To tell the truth, Le'er was originally not an innate body . She only became one in the past month!"

"Reforming someone into an innate body in three days?" The Dharma Supreme reacted in surprise .

Everyone else gasped as well .

If she were a newborn, there might be a chance that one could still reform her body into an innate body by forcibly circulating the remnant force of innate energy through her body with the power of a Supreme Martial Artist . But to reform the body of a twelve-year-old girl by force…

Even if the Dharma Supreme were to join forces with all the Supreme Martial Artists here, it would still be impossible!

Going by how nonchalant this guy had put it, it would seem that he was unaware of the difficulties involved too .

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Lan Muxue sneered . "Reforming into an innate body in three days? Do you think that person is a god… even if that person were one…"

As he said that, an aloof and impassive voice from outside reached them . "Lan Muxue, it looks like you still haven't learned your lesson from the other day!"

The shadow of a white palm flew in from beyond the door .

It looked exactly like the hand of a woman, be it the level of realism, size or shape . Floating in from the outside, this one lone hand swooped past Shi Jing's face, then Ling Fengyun's, and then across the top of Chu Yang who was in the middle, and slapped right across Lan Muxue's face!

When it swooped past the top of Chu Yang's head, the Dharma Supreme was actually able to intercept it if he had wanted to; but a flash went across his eyes and he ultimately did not make any move .

Lan Muxue's insides turned to ice . "It's you!"

Never in his dreams did it ever occur to him that this little girl's Teacher would be that mysterious and incredibly powerful woman who gave him a thrashing the other night!

Before he even finished, the hand was already in front of him .

Lan Muxue hastily dodged but that hand followed him, landing solidly on his face with a loud thwack .

Lan Muxue had already been suffering from grave injuries and it had taken all his strength just to dodge earlier . And now the force of the slap made him tumble off his chair and roll across the floor . He laid on the ground, facing the ceiling . Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth .

The Supreme Martial Artists' countenances changed .

Outside, that voice continued to ring out coldly, "Unrepentant trash!" And then it continued impassively, "Lord Dharma Supreme, I heard… that you intend to snatch my disciple?"

The Dharma Supreme took a deep breath . "I wouldn't dare . Since it's someone whom the elder has taken an interest in, of course, I wouldn't dare to contest you . "

The voice let out a chilly laugh . "Good that you know your place!"

Everyone was almost numb from shock!

Who was this? Judging from the voice, it sounded like a woman? Which woman could be this ferocious?

Actually daring to speak to the Dharma Supreme like that!

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The Dharma Supreme said with great formality, "Forgive my impudence, but may I ask your name?"

Outside, the aloof voice replied, "When my mood improves, I will tell you my name . But right now, my disciple is being held captive and may be stolen from me anytime, so I'm in a terrible mood!"

The Dharma Supreme let out a pitiful laugh . "We did not hold her captive but just invited her over for a little chat, that's all . Besides, your disciple is so bright and innocent, who would bear to hurt her? More like take care of her if we could, hurhur…"

The voice outside said in response, "Take care of her, I see; sure, I'll take care of everyone in these nine clans one by one the next few days too . Maybe make a trip to the Law-Enforcement City and take care of things there too . "

The nine Supreme Martial Artists' faces turned ashen the moment they heard what she said .

If she were to really 'take care' of them one by one… they really didn't need to get by anymore . Who couldn't tell? Even the Dharma Supreme wasn't her match!

The Dharma Supreme laughed pitifully and said, "It's just the youngsters messing around . There's no need for someone of your status to bother with such trivial matters . "

That person snorted and said indifferently, "If I didn't, my disciple would have been stolen by now! The two of you, what are you still staying inside there for? Having a ball of time being interrogated? Get your asses back here right now!"

Chu Yang let out a few panicky 'Oh, oh's before raising his head and asking a little uneasily, "Uhh… what was it, can I leave now?"

Everyone gave a bitter smile all at once — who would dare to say no?

"Of course, you can!" Ye Di gave a friendly smile . "If Young Brother Chu is free in the future, do visit the Ye Clan and have a good time . "

Chu Yang replied with a smile, "Yes, of course, I would have to go and have a good time . "

Ye Di returned the smile .

Of course, he had absolutely no idea that his so-called 'good time' had an entirely different meaning from Chu Yang's .

The Supreme Martial Artists of the other clans also expressed varying degrees of amicability .

Only Lan Muxue sat on the ground, wanting to weep .

He knew at last how the Lan Clan's ill fortune came about .

This bigshot must have gotten wind of how the Lan Clan had coerced Chu Yang . So she secretly set a trap and got the better of the Lan Clan .

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Then she even dragged the Moon Breeze couple in and viciously beat him to a pulp on top of that!

F*ck! How could this have happened?

The bastard Chu Yang had such an insanely strong and overpowering presence backing him up and yet he stayed silent on it, pretending to be a wuss while going for the kill . Wasn't that outright trying to scam the hell out of him?

Lan Muxue sat on the ground in a daze, defeated and disheartened .

All the other Supreme Martial Artists looked at him with sympathy in their eyes . Lan Muxue was caught completely off-guard this time around . Better to get away from him, in case his bad luck and misfortune spread over or his daftness became contagious…

All smiles, Chu Yang and Chu Le'er walked out of Xiaoxiao Hall .

There was no longer anyone outside . Zi Xieqing knew that the two of them would be safe and sound after what she had said . Even if the Dharma Supreme and nine Supreme Martial Artists were to be emboldened now, they definitely would not dare to touch Chu Yang again!

And so Zi Xieqing was already back in the Orchard Palace, off looking for tea .

Chu Yang had not even walked half a mile before the Sword Spirit flew into a frenzy inside the Nine Tribulations Space .

"What the f*ck! Why is he here?!" After a period of belated fear, the Sword Spirit's expression became frightening . "What's going on? Wasn't he already sacrificed to the heavens?"

When the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing were chatting, the Sword Spirit happened to be in seclusion and so, did not hear anything .

"Why is he here?" Chu Yang let out an icy chuckle . "I should be asking you that! Mr . Sword Spirit!"

"Huh! How would I know?" the Sword Spirit said glumly, "How can a Sword Spirit like me have the final say when it comes to matters like this? But he definitely should not be appearing here!"

That caught Chu Yang's attention . He said, "Then where should he be?"

The Sword Spirit was stupefied all of a sudden .

Chu Yang yelled in the world of his subconscious, "Answer me! If he shouldn't be here, then where should he be!"

The Sword Spirit's mouth hung open while glaring at him . Suddenly, he started to slap himself left and right .

Smack smack smack smack smack…

"There's no use even if you slap yourself silly!" Chu Yang was unmoved . "You're a goddamn soul! Even if you slap yourself silly, you can just goddamn recover with a mere thought! Come clean with it! Will you say it or not?"

As he went on, a fuming Chu Yang pounced onto the Sword Spirit and viciously put his hands around the Sword Spirit's neck, throttling him .

"W… what's there to say?" He was being choked by Chu Yang but the Sword Spirit elongated his neck, extending an extra part from the top . He said with a bittersweet smile, "It's not that I won't answer you, but this matter is not something that I can divulge . If I were to tell you, I would be erased in an instant!"

"Erased?" Chu Yang snorted . "Then tell me the truth, what's the deal with each generation of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?"

The Sword Spirit fell into silence .

Chu Yang said dispassionately, "Out of the ones who were able to become the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, there might be one or two who were callous by nature . Moreover, there was the first generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master misleading everyone at the Lake of Despair… There's no doubt that that would have an impact on things . But I absolutely do not believe that a cold and ruthless person can stand at the top!"

The Sword Spirit remained silent for a long while, an extremely difficult expression on his face . Finally, he said while struggling, "Don't pressure me . You will get your answer in the future for sure . But right now, I cannot tell you . "

"Cannot tell me?" Chu Yang was furious . "Then how long do I need to stew over this!"

The Sword Spirit let out a long sigh . "I can tell you only a little . "

Chu Yang replied, "What is it?"

The Sword Spirit stared intently at him, enunciating his words one by one, "Actually… the Nine Tribulations Sword and the god-given mission of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master… has never been completed ever!"

After saying that, no matter how much Chu Yang chased after him with questions, the Sword Spirit refused to say a single word more regarding the matter .

Chu Yang's heart was uneasy and he went on persistently . However, the Sword Spirit's mouth was clamped tight, refusing to answer any further .

Chu Yang was a little dismayed, muttering to himself, "Never been completed ever? But these heavens have certainly been nourished . And the people have died…"

The Sword Spirit was speechless .

Chu Yang wondered about this for a long time before giving up at last . He knew that no matter how much he thought about it, this question would never be resolved until he reached a certain level .

He asked, "Then who exactly is this Dharma Supreme?"

The Sword Spirit answered bitterly, "He should be one of the Nine Tribulations from thirty thousand years ago… Lou Wenlong!"

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