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Chapter 1089

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The Dharma Supreme held his hands behind his back with a complex look in his eyes . He sighed lightly . "It's good that you understand . If you had been powerful enough, you would not be treated like this today . Therefore, just as you have said, even though you may feel that it is somewhat unfair, such is the way of the world . If it had been Ning Tianya or Bu Liuqing, all they need is just to say one sentence, 'This has nothing to do with me', and that would have been it; even if it did have something to do with them, it would also become nothing . However… even though you have already explained yourself well enough, on the account of the Nine Super Clans, I still have to search your soul! Do you understand?"

Chu Yang smiled with an open heart . "I naturally understand this reasoning . So feel free to go ahead, Lord Dharma Supreme . Just as you have said, I am not powerful enough, so I will take it . "

The Dharma Supreme let out a loud laugh .

Chu Yang's words had indeed illustrated the intrinsic nature of this world!

This reasoning was acknowledged in everyone's hearts .

This world revered the truth, advocated mercy, promoted chivalry and admired nobility — these were all true . Loyalty and filial piety were forever advocated as the mainstream!

They truly existed .

Looking down on despicable acts and outcasting vulgar acts; punishing wrongdoings and avenging injustice! These were mainstream too!

Not just law-enforcement officers, everyone held responsibility!

However, what was undeniable was that oppressing the weak and fearing the strong was even more mainstream! The selfishness of human nature was even more mainstream! Bullying the powerless was even more mainstream! He who ingratiated himself with the powerful rose while he who was honest and considerate suffered — this was even more mainstream!

Everyone denied and despised all these, but it was undeniable that everyone was guilty of it!

This included the commoners too — those whose households were doing better than their own would be seen in a better light in their eyes . Admonishing the rich behind their backs for not being benevolent, but when in person, still smiling when one should and still fawning when one should .

Those who led an impoverished lifestyle would be frequently praised — So grounded! So honest! Such a good man… And the next moment, people would turn around and scoff in their hearts — What an idiot this man was! Other people made it big after becoming officials but he was still down and out after becoming one…

Being well-matched in terms of social status did not only apply to marriage .

Fairness and impartiality required even more of a basis! Only when one was equally matched in social status could one enjoy fairness . A regular man fighting a court case with another regular man — only then was it true fairness .

When the Dharma Supreme placed his hand on Chu Yang's head, he gave each Supreme Martial Artist of the Nine Super Clans a meaningful glance .

Ye Di and the others all lowered their heads in shame .

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When this incident happened, everyone thought that capturing Chu Yang for interrogation was a given, an act that was normal beyond normal . Only upon hearing Chu Yang's speech did they suddenly realize that in the midst of it all, they had somehow ended up committing the bad habit of relying on force to bully others!

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou's disciple was right here and the Feng and Yue couple had even made clear their intention to wreck the Medicine Banquet . And yet, after what happened the night before, who dared to mess with their disciple? This was the same reasoning .

The Dharma Supreme's mental energy flooded Chu Yang's mind like raging waves .

The Sword Spirit who had been in seclusion inside the Nine Tribulations Space had been forcibly awakened by Chu Yang beforehand in preparation for this .

This moment, facing the surging waves of mental energy from the Dharma Supreme, the Sword Spirit invigorated himself and started to construct a realistic illusion, slowly taking in the waves of mental energy…

But while doing so, the Sword Spirit jolted in surprise and an astounded expression formed on his face . And then he went on with even more caution and concentration .

Chu Yang had been saying that this matter was of utmost importance and wanted him to give it his all . The Sword Spirit did not think much of it initially but now he realized, if he was not careful, he might be discovered by this Dharma Supreme on the spot any moment!

It's a familiar face!

And then, right before everyone's eyes, Chu Yang's expression changed from being full of life to completely dull .

The Dharma Supreme's imposing voice rang out with questions .

Chu Yang's stiff and robotic voice came next .

Before long, the whole matter was explained again . In addition, under the effect of soul-searching, even details that were not mentioned earlier were elaborated on .

Exactly the same as what was told before!

All the Supreme Martial Artists gave a long sigh .

They were mistaken .

So it was purely each clan's own selfish desires at work here that led to this incident! What had it got to do with Chu Yang? As the Nine Super Clans, their people approached Chu Yang to buy intel while openly showing their status, would he even dare to not sell it to them?

Would Chu Yang dare to reject Lan Changge when Lan Changge went to him to propose a collaboration?

They had wronged a good man .

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Eight second grandmasters sighed in lamentation .

What a sincere and honest child Chu Yang was!

Only Lan Muxue of the Lan Clan watched Chu Yang, the fury in his eyes getting more and more intense . Every word of Chu Yang's, though truthful, was steadily pushing the Lan Clan into the deep abyss!

And by a large step!

At this moment, the hatred and dissatisfaction the few Super Clans held toward the Lan Clan had even surpassed that of the Li Clan! Although the Li Clan had one of the Nine Tribulations, the Li Clan had only taken a defensive stance up to this point, never one of offenses .

But the Lan Clan had made its move instead . And in a way that framed and set up others and stopped at nothing to achieve their goals no less!

How could one expect them to take this lying down!

After the Dharma Supreme's final question about the incident, he surprisingly did not release his control on Chu Yang's spirit . Instead, he started to ask about Chu Yang's entire life, including all the trifling details from when he was young until he grew up…

All the Supreme Martial Artists were rather puzzled . What was the Dharma Supreme asking these unrelated things for? Wasn't it a waste of time?

Entirely unaware that within the Nine Tribulations Space, two people were under intense pressure .

Chu Yang concentrated all of his mind on coming up with a seamless and perfect answer for each question, the kind that could withstand investigation . What he came up with was 70% truth and 30% lies .

This way, the degree of credibility immediately rose to 99%!

Chu Yang was acutely aware that only by overcoming the trial that was the Dharma Supreme today could his identity be completely safe . In the future, he would be able to do whatever he wanted without restraint and without risk of suspicion of being the Nine Tribulations Sword Master .

If even the Dharma Supreme was convinced that he wasn't, then… who would dare say otherwise?

This trial was critical!

Even though he knew that Wan Renjie and the others were in Tianji City, he did not dare to look for them . Because if he did, he would bring a fatal disaster upon them for sure!

He had already gotten news from Nangong Shifeng that the trio who had come to Tianji City seemed to be Dong Wushang, Rui Butong and Mo Lei'er . Yet Chu Yang had to painfully suppress his emotions and avoid verifying it .

He could not afford to make any hint of a slip .

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But as long as he could get past the Dharma Supreme today, whatever he did from now on would be well within expectations!

The Dharma Supreme finally ended his interrogation .

He raised his head, thinking hard .

The interrogation earlier had come to the point of asking things like how many meals Chu Yang ate a day, how many times he went to the toilet a day, and even whether he used his left and right hand to clean his ass! Yet his answers had nothing to do with what he had suspected earlier!

Moreover, almost every stage had an eyewitness and could easily be verified if so desired .

So why was it that he still felt as if this young man before him remained somewhat shrouded in mystery? And was still hiding something?

He kept quiet for a while before activating the power of his spirit again, ready to counterattack once more .

Within the Nine Tribulations Space, the Sword Spirit was already drenched in sweat .

He had already lost count of how many times he called Chu Yang a retard . Why did he attract the attention of such a person at such a time? The results of his long seclusion were almost exhausted in this short time alone…

Swearing aside, the Sword Spirit was also aware of the significance of this trial .

As such, he tried his very best to endure it .

The Dharma Supreme was in full-on offensive mode while the Sword Spirit had to divide his attention and simulate multiple scenarios . The extent of his exhaustion was almost thrice of the Dharma Supreme!

At this point, Chu Le'er suddenly burst into tears . "Big Brother, what's wrong with you? Why… why are you acting so weird…" She threw herself into Chu Yang's arms and patted his face lightly . Then she abruptly turned to the Dharma Supreme, her pink little cheeks all puffed up and glared at him . She yelled furiously, "You baddie! Release my big brother!"

The Dharma Supreme's line of vision was cut off by Chu Le'er all at once .

He looked resignedly at the blissfully unaware little girl and said with a tinge of disappointment, "Don't panic, he's fine . "

At last, the Dharma Supreme retracted his hand, a hint of disappointment flashing across his face .

Chu Yang regained his senses at last .

His body swaying, he shook his head and wanted to get to his feet . But there was no strength in his whole body and the moment he got up, he sat back on the ground with a thud . He held his head in his hands, stifled moans coming from him . Anyone could tell that he was currently in great discomfort .

It hurt a lot .

The Dharma Supreme was still observing his expressions intently, every twitch of his muscles, the look in his eyes…

The Dharma Supreme's eyes were calm and sharp, as if wanting to see through all his pretenses!

However, Chu Yang wasn't acting right now . The Sword Spirit had given him the same kind of agony and even more .

The Dharma Supreme's mental energy had already pulled out of Chu Yang, so now, the Sword Spirit was naturally free to do whatever he wanted to and not be discovered .

A long time passed before Chu Yang's agony gradually subsided .

The Dharma Supreme also slowly retracted his line of vision .

The thought of simply striking this man with that hint of shadiness down with one palm crossed his mind countless times! In fact, during the soul-searching process, the thought of directly destroying his consciousness also occurred to him countless times .

However, he was currently in the presence of many and this man was obviously not the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! Should he do something like that, the Nine Super Clans would inevitably lose great respect for him .

So the Dharma Supreme thought left and right and eventually gave up on that idea .

In this whole process, the Dharma Supreme had, intentionally or otherwise, emitted an imposing aura . None of the Supreme Martial Artist dared to speak under this immense pressure . Only now did that aura gradually disperse .

Chu Yang breathed heavily, perspiring profusely . That acute pain was almost worse than death .

The Dharma Supreme finally shifted his line of vision away from Chu Yang's face and asked in a low voice, "Do all of you still have any concerns?"

Ye Di and the others shook their heads in unison .

Chu Yang got to his feet at last, his body still a little unsteady . He finally steadied himself after swaying a little . He gave a pitiful smile . "The elders' suspicions should be gone by now, right… Hurhur, this feeling is truly worse than death…"

The Dharma Supreme smiled and said, "It doesn't feel good but when you came in, you were already prepared to take it . "

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . "If I didn't, I would only die here . "

With a smile, the Dharma Supreme said, "Chu Yang, it seems like your younger sister hasn't started on cultivation yet? If the two of you are willing, how about I take this little girl as a disciple?"

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