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Chapter 1088

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All the Supreme Martial Artists let out a sigh in their hearts, dumbfounded .

So Chu Yang did not know what plan it was either! He was only aware of a scheme targeting Angel Wu and was totally unaware that there was another enormous covert plot involving a Holy Tribe Elder .

This guy was, at best, a halfwit who was used . Just that he was slightly smarter than the average halfwit .

What Ye Shifeng had asked Chu Yang about was, of course, when the Lan Clan intended to snatch the title of the Holy Tribe Elder . However, Chu Yang happened to be in a critical moment where he was mentally high-strung . Of course, he would naturally assume that what Ye Shifeng was asking about was when the plan to set up the Ye Clan would be…

"And so at that time, I told Brother Ye, 'Pay attention, on the evening of the ninth of the twelfth month, the Lan Clan will definitely take action!'" Chu Yang said, "We're all shrewd here, a push in the right direction was enough . Ye Shifeng got it immediately at that point and laughed loudly . We then drank to our heart's content with each other before he left . "

Ye Shifeng was a complete dumbass!

Ye Di's face was already black . He sacrificed a huge piece of Spirit Jade Ginseng only to get information that scammed one to death .

"The whole incident happened like that . This is the source of the Ye Clan's information . " Chu Yang said righteously, "Lord Ye Di, if you don't believe me, you can summon Ye Shifeng over and we can thrash it out right here!"

Ye Di's face turned even blacker .

Summon Ye Shifeng when he is already dead? Why don't you summon him instead? Try and see what happens?

The Supreme Martial Artists all had very interesting expressions on their faces as well .

This guy was so amusing, telling Ye Di to find a dead man to thrash it out with him…

How would Chu Yang not know that Ye Shifeng was long dead? In fact, he was right by his side when he died . And Ye Shifeng's death was single-handedly caused by him too!

However, right now, he needed to pretend that he did not know . To act like everything was seamless! Like he was on the side of justice!

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"Fine, I'll believe you!" Ye Di pinched his nose, trying to restrain his temper .

In these nine thousand odd years, when have I ever had to restrain my anger like this? And in front of a nineteen-year-old young fledgling no less?

At this moment, Ye Di seriously felt that he had excellent self-restraint .

"Since that's the case, you giving intel to the Ye Clan is still forgivable . But our Xiao Clan was not involved nor did we do anything, then, why did you give us intel too? Causing more than 40 to 50 of our professionals to die last night . " Xiao Se raised a difficult question .

Chu Yang instead asked, "Since the Xiao Clan did not plan to do anything or be involved, why did so many of your men die here?"

Xiao Se had no reply to that .

Ye Di sniggered gloatingly and said sarcastically, "Indeed, the Xiao Clan took part in neither the scheming nor the operation, why let so many of your men die in our Ye Clan's living quarters?"

"Isn't it all thanks to this fellow's intel?" Xiao Se said in fury .

"But if you had not planned on acting, why would you send someone to buy intel from him? If you had not planned on acting, you wouldn't have done anything even if the intel was delivered to your doorstep!" Ye Di said mockingly .

"Yes, the Xiao Clan approached me then," Chu Yang said innocently, "Since the Xiao Clan didn't receive any news, they most certainly would not be in cahoots with the Lan Clan; in that case, they would definitely be a helping hand to the Ye Clan! Since I had already intended to break out of Lan Changge's control, obviously the more help the Ye Clan received, the better it would be . Therefore, when Young Master Xiao approached me, I did not waste any time in giving him intel . "

Full of 'righteousness' and 'justice', Chu Yang said, "Also, although I did accept benefits… if I didn't, Young Master Xiao would instead think that my intel was unreliable . "

All the Supreme Martial Artists secretly nodded .

This was precisely human nature .

If one got something for free, especially from an unfamiliar party, one would instead suspect that there might be something fishy involved or that the other party had ill intentions; only something bought with real gold and silver at an exorbitant price would be valued and trustworthy!

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"As for the Yè Clan, it was Young Master Yè Mengse who came to me . Young Master Yè and I were old buddies from Middle Three Heavens times and we got along well with each other . " Chu Yang went on without waiting from Yè Qingchou to prompt him . "Brother Yè was forthright and his way of handling things was big-hearted and unrestrained; he was a faithful and loyal man . I hold him in high regard, so when he approached me, how could I refuse him?"

He continued, "Moreover, Brother Yè was very understanding at that time . He said that if it was troubling me, I could pretend that he didn't mention anything at all . But Brother Yè treated me as a friend and was so considerate toward me, how could I, Chu Yang, let down our spirit of brotherhood?"

The Supreme Martial Artists' expressions turned even weirder!

Alright, in the case of Ye Shifeng, it was fear; in the case of the Xiao Clan, it was for safety; and now in the case of the Yè Clan, it was about brotherhood? Was he aware that because of this brotherhood he spoke of, he almost scammed his buddy to death, and the losses to his clan immense?!

And this was when he had already gotten benefits?

"I would never let Brother Yè down no matter what, so I went after Brother Yè and told him the information!" Full of love and loyalty, Chu Yang said, "Brother Yè treated me with sincerity and I will give him my loyalty in return! What's important when it comes to friendship is to treat each other with absolute sincerity!"

The moment he said that, even the Dharma Supreme almost fainted .

This dimwit going on and on here was actually still unaware of how many from the Yè Clan had died because of his 'loyalty in return'?

The Supreme Martial Artists watched Chu Yang who was speaking with assurance, emanating righteousness and justice, emphatic about love and loyalty, and grand and imposing . They could not help but feel their jaw starting to ache .

"Also, I told Brother Yè then, that this matter was a maelstrom and to be careful . Brother Yè promised me so at that time too . We were reluctant to part but nevertheless parted ways at the gates of Orchard Palace . "

Upright and with a clear conscience, Chu Yang said, "I can thrash things out with Yè Mengse, Brother Yè, anytime about this matter!"

Yè Qingchou nodded weakly and waved his hand . "It's okay . "

The trial reached a point of stalemate at this moment .

This guy didn't know anything substantial and had absolutely no idea what was going on . How could they continue?

"In that case, you have absolutely no idea what kind of intel they came to you for?" the Dharma Supreme asked .

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"Of course I do!" Chu Yang said with a tinge of grievance, "At that time, from Ye Shifeng, Lan Changge, even Zhuge Changchang and Brother Yè, Yè Mengse, to the numerous young masters from the Shi Clan, Xiao Clan, Chen Clan, Li Clan etc — all of them were madly chasing Angel Wu . Which of them wasn't salivating after her? They almost got into a fight at Jiaxiu building at that time . And now, Young Master Lan Changge wanted to use such a method to achieve his goal… I'm sure all the young masters will not agree to it . "

"What you're saying is that this whole matter was because of love rivalry and jealousy?" Li Xiangsi was rather speechless .

"Wasn't it?" Chu Yang asked, taken aback . He then sighed heavily and said regretfully, "Women are the root of trouble… this is too true . "

The Supreme Martial Artists lowered their heads and kept their gazes low, their posture ramrod straight .

No one spoke .

Chu Yang's mouth did not rest though, and he said with a bitter laugh, "Lan Changge said he was helping me to attain the beauty but deep down, how would I not know? If this had gone well, the one who would attain the beauty was definitely him and not me . "

With a lonely expression, he sighed long and heavy . "To be honest… I'm just a pawn . A pawn who can be discarded after usage, that's all . "

The Dharma Supreme said impassively, "But contrary to what you think, there's more to this matter!"

Chu Yang was bewildered . "More to it?"

The Dharma Supreme said with an air of indifference, "Come here . "

Following which, he turned to face all the second grandmasters of the Nine Super Clans . "Everyone, if you trust me, I will cast the Soul Control spell . What do you say?"

Although Chu Yang's explanation was invulnerable, the Dharma Supreme still felt that there was something fishy!

This was a kind of instinct .

Chu Yang's voice, expressions, actions, tone, emotions, etc — each and every aspect showed that what he had said was from the bottom of his heart!

A lot of them were already convinced . Everyone was a wily old fox here — they could tell with a glance whether one was lying or not .

However, the Dharma Supreme still felt that something was not quite right, yet he could not pinpoint it .

Of course, all the Supreme Martial Artists agreed eagerly . In this world, if the Dharma Supreme could not be trusted, who would be?

Chu Yang's face was upright and fearless as he walked over . He exuded an air of 'He who is selfless in his heart would be able to hold a broader view of the world' .

Standing before the Dharma Supreme, he emitted an aura with a whoosh . The Supreme Martial Artists were swayed at once .

To think that this fellow dissolved his cultivation on his own accord and withdrew all his defenses when someone was casting a Soul Control spell on him! This was the same as fully leaving himself to the mercy of the Dharma Supreme .

Indeed… Keep one's conscience clear and one would never fear!

Chu Yang turned slowly and said, "Elders, Chu may be young but I am also aware of what can be done and what cannot . I've said what I said and done what I've done . When everyone came to me for intel, I sold it to them and also earned from it . "

"As for what kind of intel everyone came to me for, I've also relayed to you truthfully . If I said ninth of the twelfth month, then ninth of the twelfth month it was . And true enough, the Lan Clan took action . My intel was not wrong . "

"Even though it caused the Super Clans to fight a bloody battle, I, Chu Yang, have a clear conscience! I did the right thing and do not fear any consequences! I carry myself upright and handle things as they should be! I am a physician and have the merciful heart of one! My heart is broad and selfless! On this matter, certainly, I have benefited from it! But I rightfully deserve those benefits!"

"To say something most unceremonious, each Super Clan here have suffered losses . To feel heartache is inevitable . But so long as my intel is definite, accurate and true, then it has nothing to do with me! The resulting deaths, all the more, have nothing to do with me! You should look for whoever has killed them . An eye for an eye, to pay what you owe — buying intel also requires sincerity, simple as that!"

"If this wasn't about a beauty but a treasure trove; should people die while vying for the treasure, you wouldn't seek justice from the person who sold you the treasure map, right? If you bought 40 buns and gorged yourself on all of them despite being full… you wouldn't look for the bun seller, right?"

Chu Yang let out a tragic laugh . "The reason why I'm here today is because I'm weak and powerless . My weakness and lack of power are why everyone can place the blame on me! Even though everyone clearly knows that this has nothing much to do with me…"

"When the Dharma Supreme casts the spell later, the truth will be out! When that time comes, you can do anything you want with me, be it to kill or torture me! I only ask that you let my younger sister off . "

Chu Yang laughed bleakly . "Such is the way of the world, that's all . "

His eyes spirited and determined, he looked at the Dharma Supreme and slowly took a seat . He said solemnly, "Lord Dharma Supreme, you can start now!"

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