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Chapter 1085

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The courtyard was in a complete mess .

Chu Le'er was not in her room .

Chu Yang rushed to the doorway and forced himself to calm down immediately .

This moment, Zi Xieqing felt as if Chu Yang had suddenly transformed from the ball of burning fire before into a ball of icy snow!

This extreme change in emotions caused Chu Yang's face to turn pale .

He entered the room slowly and gradually looked at the surroundings . He noticed that the door to Chu Le'er's room was already broken in pieces but there were no signs of disarray inside the room .

"Le'er is a clever child . She left with the other party without any struggle . She knew that there was no use in struggling . " Chu Yang said softly as he looked at the decor in the room .

Zi Xieqing frowned slightly, and then once more, before drawing her brows tightly together .

This moment, a clear wave of murderous intent, as though materialized in form, emanated from her . In a mere instant, it permeated the entire Tianji City!

"If anything happens to Le'er, no one currently in Tianji City will be able to live!" A purple light flashed in Zi Xieqing's eyes while she said impassively, "I shall wipe the city out!"

"There's a 50% chance that something will happen to Le'er, and a 50% chance that nothing will happen to her . " Chu Yang drew his brows together . "This is most likely the work of the Nine Super Clans . They are here for me — to settle their scores with me . "

"I wasn't around, so they took Le'er . They only have one goal — to force me to go over . So Le'er… was just implicated by me . "

Chu Yang sneered coldly . "However, I've held the Nine Super Clans in too high a regard nonetheless . Considering their status, to actually resort to something like kidnapping a powerless little girl, my impression of them has dropped to zero in an instant . "

"Since they have abducted Le'er, they would surely leave behind clues for me to find my way there . If not, there wouldn't be any point in taking her . "

Chu Yang observed Le'er's empty room, going through every little detail . He then walked out and went to his own room .

His room was in complete chaos . Practically even the ground had been flipped over .

"They were looking for those valuables used to bribe me," Chu Yang said quietly .

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A piece of paper laid quietly on the desk .

Chu Yang's eyes flashed and he walked in .

He picked it up in a swipe .

"It was regretful to see that Master Chu was not around when I visited at sunrise . Your younger sister is at my place, Master Chu may come to Xiaoxiao Hall to fetch her . "

The message was very simple, it did not even express any intent or motive . In fact, it was very courteous and only said that his sister was with them and that he could bring her back if he went over .

But Chu Yang knew that it was not so simple .

The memo did not even reveal any identity .

Frowning, Zi Xieqing murmured, "Xiaoxiao Hall?" Abruptly, she turned to walk out .

"Wait . " Chu Yang halted her calmly . "It's too reckless to just go over like this . Should she not be there, there wouldn't be any use even if you kill everyone there!"

"Then what should we do?" Zi Xieqing said furiously, "Le'er is just a normal little girl with no cultivation whatsoever now . Can she bear with this?"

"She has to bear with it even if she can't . I want a Le'er who's alive and kicking . I definitely will not allow our hotheadedness to drive these people to desperation and hurt Le'er as a result . "

Chu Yang said dispassionately, "These people are different from your regular kidnappers . They are the Nine Super Clans, their ten thousand years' worth of foundation does not tolerate insult, nor will they easily let themselves be threatened . If we drive them into desperation, our negotiation can break down . We can't risk that . "

"What do you say we do then?" Zi Xieqing took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down .

"I'll go over and check out the situation," Chu Yang said calmly, "Their purpose in looking for me is probably to find out the truth of what happened last night . When I go over, they will question me but will not harm me for the time being . "

"You follow after me . Once we determine Le'er's position, we'll go into action immediately . Should we not be able to determine it, wait for me to work out something with them," Chu Yang said softly .

"What if you…" Zi Xieqing said worriedly .

"You'll be right behind me . If you discover anything unusual, you can strike immediately . What's there to be worried about?" Chu Yang said impassively .

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"Alright!" Zi Xieqing gritted her teeth and agreed to the plan .

Xiaoxiao Hall!

In Xiaoxiao Hall, there were nine elders of noble bearing and great presence seated .

Other than that, even the exterior was devoid of human presence .

It was akin to a piece of desolate land .

The second grandmasters of the Nine Super Clans were gathered here . Even Lan Muxue sat there, his face deathly pale and body weak .

Ye Di had originally intended to conduct a joint hearing with all parties involved; however, after everyone had heard of the matter, every clan turned out to be involved and so, all of them turned up without prior agreement .

Even the Li Clan and Chen Clan wanted to know how they had come to mysteriously suffer losses . As for the organizer, the Zhuge Clan, they wanted all the more to be clear on the original cause of the matter .

And so everyone turned up without any exceptions .

"The momentum has gotten rather strong . " Ye Di's thin face formed a somewhat pitiful smile and said, "To actually mobilize these old bones of ours just to interrogate a little fellow of the Monarch Level, this matter is truly…"

Xiao Se said impassively, "This matter is of great importance . Because of this, each of the Nine Super Clans has already developed enmity; who would be at ease to let others recount on their behalf? Should the person recounting possess even a hint of a selfish motive, that little discrepancy would result in an error of the enormous difference . The impact on each clan would be immeasurable . Therefore, even if it were not someone of the Monarch Level but just a regular man, it is important that all of us are present . "

Everyone nodded one by one .

"But we shouldn't have captured that little girl!" Ye Di could not stop sighing . "Do we really need to kidnap someone to achieve our purpose? The few who were sent to conduct the mission have had their legs mercilessly broken by me! What the hell, when I heard of it, this old man's face was red with shame!"

Everyone burst into laughter . This matter was indeed not conducted with honor .

"Where is that little missy? Bring her out for us to take a look . To frighten a little girl like that is indeed a little too much . " Ling Fengyun chuckled .

Ye Di gave a pitiful laugh . "I've already instructed them to bring her over, I've not seen her before either… I heard she's quite the poor little thing, haha…"

Everyone burst into laughter .

These were all people of great status . Moreover, each and every one of them was an astounding figure that had run rampant in the world for countless years . If they really wanted to deal with someone, why would they engage in something as despicable as kidnapping?

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As such, they were rather repulsed by the incident, considering it a disgrace to their reputation .

"When he arrives later, release the girl first, no matter what happens!" Li Xiangsi said as well, "To make things difficult for a little girl, the Ye Clan has truly outdone themselves . "

Ye Di snorted in response .

At this moment, a commotion rose outdoors .

"The Dharma Supreme has arrived . " Ye Di rose to his feet at once, followed by the rest .

Black robes fluttered in the wind .

The Dharma Supreme with two others glided over, as if riding on the wind .

"Dharma Supreme . " Everyone greeted in unison, before glancing at the two behind the Dharma Supreme and saying, "Guardian Elders . "

The two behind the Dharma Supreme were the law-enforcement officers, the two soul reapers! They were a pair of twins .

Once they take action, there were no survivors in the hands of these two! They rarely appeared by now in the recent few thousand years . It never occurred to them that the Dharma Supreme would bring these two along today .

"Yeah, I had a scuffle with Bu Liuqing last night and suffered a few minor injuries . " The Dharma Supreme smiled indifferently . "The two of them were worried and insisted on following me, hurhur . "

"The Dharma Supreme's health takes precedence . " Everyone realized at that moment — so that's what had happened .

However, since the Dharma Supreme was injured, did Bu Liuqing suffer any injury? Everyone was deeply curious about this but did not dare to ask .

The Dharma Supreme walked in, composed and unhurried, and said, "What exactly happened? To send news over while I was still in the midst of the battle? And not just one person at that?"

Ye Di laughed pitifully and said, "It's regarding the Nine Super Clans' great battle last night . Everyone is feeling anxious about it, so we got an eyewitness in today to let us understand the original cause of the matter . We would like to trouble the Dharma Supreme to be witness to this . "

He gave a smile . "If it were any other time, it wouldn't be of any consequence even if a few people were to die in a fight or two . However, it is the time of the Medicine Banquet right now, and soon the nine Supreme Martial Artists will nourish the Heavens . Should someone have any misgivings because of this and cause our plans to be held up, affecting the process of nourishing the Heavens, it would be akin to helping the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . The fate of the Nine Super Clans would be over!"

The Dharma Supreme nodded and said, "We cannot afford to have anything go wrong at this critical juncture indeed . "

Then, he looked at Lan Muxue and frowned . He said, "Muxue, how did you get those injuries?"

Lan Muxue laughed tragically and said, "Dharma Supreme, I asked for trouble and then got beaten up . "

"But this is a little too serious . " The Dharma Supreme knitted his brows . "It's the Moon Breeze duo who did this?"

"No . " The moment Lan Muxue heard the Moon Breeze duo being mentioned, he could not stop sighing . He had originally wanted to scheme something to deepen the bond of the two parties, not expecting to go for wool and come back shorn, even ending up offending the other party through and through .

What was the point of this exactly?

"Not Moon Breeze? Then who is it?" His words caused everyone to be puzzled . Lan Muxue was carried over on someone's back today . There weren't many in this world who were able to beat a Supreme Martial Artist at the apex of the eighth stage to this extent .

"It's a mysterious woman . " Lan Muxue's eyes were overcome with fear . "I did not have any power to strike back at all . According to my guess, this mysterious woman's cultivation level compared to even Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing joining forces… would be even stronger by not just a little!"

"Huh?!" Everyone turned pale in shock .

There was such a person in this world? How could that be possible?

Lan Muxue smiled bitterly and recounted what had happened that day .

The Dharma Supreme's eyes flickered and he started to contemplate heavily .

In an instant, he went over all the professionals within this few tens of thousands of years mentally before finally exhaling a long breath of air . "Muxue, if what you said was the truth… I am afraid you must have run into a ghost! Because there is no professional in the past sixty thousand years that fits your description!"

Lan Muxue had an unshakable look in his eyes as he said, "But I really met one!"

Everyone pondered on the matter .

At this moment, someone from outside came to report . "Elder Master, that little girl has been brought here . "

Ye Di snorted and said, "Bring her in and then get lost!"

The person outside seemed to tremble for a moment . Then two black-clad figures brought in an innocent-looking adorable little girl . They knelt down and kowtowed twice, before leaving the girl behind and quietly retreating from the room .

For a moment, within the Xiaoxiao Hall, the eyes of all twelve Supreme Martial Artists were on Chu Le'er .

Chu Le'er stood in the middle pitifully, her eyes a little evasive . She looked just like a frightened little bunny, terrified and unsure, triggering people's compassion .

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