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Chapter 1084

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Zi Xieqing pouted and said, "I have no idea what kind of luck you have to actually own something so amazing . Hurry down and bring it up, it's your spoils . "

"My spoils?" Chu Yang was surprised . When the golden finger came crashing down, he had already lost consciousness and naturally would not know that he was able to create such a shocking outcome…

Though the other party had gone easy on him…

Chu Yang jumped down with a whoosh and started to groan at the bottom of the hole . "What the hell, my injuries haven't healed… I can't move it . What is this thing, it's too heavy . "

He then tossed an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill into his mouth .

On top, Zi Xieqing could not help but burst into laughter . "You can stay down there if you can't move it . I'll go and get Qianqian over . "

And she left with a whoosh .

"That little bitch…" Chu Yang secretly muttered to himself . Zi Xieqing pretended not to hear it and went off .

Chu Yang sat at the bottom and began to circulate his internal energy to treat his injuries .

As he did so, he discovered without warning that the spiritual energy in the atmosphere had increased significantly all of a sudden . The pure and concentrated spiritual energy of the universe rushed to fill his mouth and nose, almost suffocating him!

Where did such pure and concentrated spiritual energy of the universe come from?

Chu Yang's eyes shot open in alarm, only to see wisps of dense spiritual energy emanating from the golden object . As he breathed in and out, the wisps of spiritual energy transformed into two long dragons heading fast and furious toward his nostrils .

No wastage in the least!

The serious injuries in his body had already been more or less healed in an instant by the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill . With this rush of spiritual energy, he reached complete recovery instantly and his cultivation actually improved to boot!

All these within just a few breaths!

"My god!" Chu Yang jumped to his feet in shock . "What is this amazing thing! So awesome!"

He went over in a hurry, grabbing it toward him and examining it .

This thing was the size of a grinding wheel, yet it weighed a full 3,500 to 4,000 kilograms .

Chu Yang scratched his head and circled the object, mumbling to himself, "Why does it look so much like the pad of a finger… This part that protrudes at the edge, could it be a fingernail? But where would there be such a huge hand?"

Then he suddenly recalled the gigantic hand that had grabbed at Zi Xieqing before he lost consciousness!

He could not help but be astounded .

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Might this have been from that gigantic hand?

He thought of what Zi Xieqing had said .

"It's your spoils . "

Chu Yang let out a curse and his eyes widened .

Was I really this awesome? To actually hack off such a piece from the gigantic hand?

Thinking back to the apocalyptic power of the gigantic hand, a sense of fear belatedly arose in Chu Yang's heart . A chill ran down his spine and his legs turned weak . His calves felt like they were going to cramp up and he fell onto his bottom with a loud thud .

Droplets of cold sweat crept up on his forehead one by one .

"Oh my goodness!" Chu Yang exclaimed .

He gazed intently at this segment of a finger, pondering . Going by the incredible power of that golden hand, even though his sword strike was powerful, he definitely should not have been able to hurt the hand!

Why did a part of it get hacked off by him?

This incident was rather strange .

As Chu Yang stopped circulating his energy, the spiritual energy surprisingly did not emanate from the finger segment anymore . It returned to being a silent, grinding wheel-sized… segment of… a finger .

Chu Yang reached out and jabbed at it tentatively . This thing actually had the hint of spring to the touch…

"Doesn't seem like human flesh though . " Chu Yang scratched his head in puzzlement .

At this point, Zi Xieqing's mind message rang in his ears, "Take the golden finger with you, we're heading back . "

Chu Yang gave a sound of compliance and hurriedly stored the golden finger into his Nine Tribulations Space .

The moment he opened the Nine Tribulations Space, the sight of the Sword Spirit with an expression full of agitation greeted him . The Sword Spirit asked, "What good stuff did you get? Why is it so powerful? I could feel it even while in seclusion . "

Chu Yang rolled his eyes .

Then he heard the Sword Spirit exclaiming, "Oh my god… Might this be the Divine Bone?"

Startled, Chu Yang asked, "What Divine Bone?"

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The Sword Spirit eyed the golden finger greedily and muttered, "The Bone of the Divine God… My god…"

Chu Yang got annoyed . Lifting the finger segment, he threw it into the Nine Tribulations Space, smacking the Sword Spirit squarely in the face .

The Sword Spirit was struck onto the ground with a deafening bang . Even with his mouth full of the golden finger, he still let out an unclear sigh . "Ahm ho haphee… (I'm so happy…)"

Chu Yang was speechless .

The Sword Spirit finally shifted the golden finger away from his face . Out of the blue, his face fell . "But I'm so miserable too…"

"What are you miserable about?" Chu Yang asked perplexedly, "Didn't you just say you were so happy?"

The Sword Spirit said in anguish, "I did say that I was so happy to see the Divine Bone… but what I'm cultivating now is the spirit, so I can't absorb the power inside this… I'm so miserable!"

Rolling his eyes, Chu Yang said, "I was so concerned that you would misappropriate it . So you can't absorb it? Excellent . "

The Sword Spirit was at a loss for words .

He did not speak anymore .

He stayed silent but Chu Yang's interest was piqued instead . "What's the use of this Divine Bone?"

The Sword Spirit said, "The use of this is enormous . You can use it to cultivate — the spiritual energy that comes out of it is the most primitive spiritual energy of the universe . Looking at the size of this, I estimate that it should be enough for you to absorb for quite some time . "

"Also, when you are done absorbing the spiritual energy, you can use the Divine Bone to forge a weapon of superior grade . The Nine Tribulations Sword notwithstanding, the intensity of its toughness and sharpness is enough to be number one within the Nine Heavens!"

"Is it really that great?" Chu Yang was instantly excited . "You can go and sleep now . "

"That's going in seclusion!" The Sword Spirit defended himself in speechless annoyance . Rolling his eyes, he sulkily returned to his seclusion…

Chu Yang leaped to the top from the bottom of the hole and saw Wu Qianqian, whose eyes were round with curiosity . She asked, "Chu Yang, what did you jump into the hole for?"

Before Chu Yang could reply, Zi Xieqing had already answered her, "He was smacked down in one palm by me!"

Wu Qianqian got a shock .

After the trio packed up a little, Zi Xieqing, holding a person in each hand, ripped open the dimension and stepped onto the path back .

Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue had already searched throughout Tianji City, but Wu Qianqian was nowhere to be seen .

Even though both of them knew that Wu Qianqian would be safe so long as Zi Xieqing said so, their minds would not be at ease until they saw their disciple alive and well before their very eyes .

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Seeing that the sun was already up, both husband and wife sat in Jiaxiu building, lost for words .

"Where exactly did she go?" Feng Yurou said, "That elder wouldn't lie to us, right?"

Yue Lingxue replied, "Definitely not . With that level of cultivation, that elder probably can't even find any interest in deceiving us . "

Despite what he said, his eyes turned toward the doorway nonetheless .

Feng Yurou said, "That's true…"

At this moment, an aloof voice said, "Catch hold of your disciple . " Following which, a shadow from the sky crashed inward through the window with a whoosh, landing right into Feng Yurou's arms .

Feng Yurou was overjoyed .

She said, "Thank you so much, elder . "

Zi Xieqing replied, "You're welcome . I'll take my leave now . "

Feng Yurou chased after her with Wu Qianqian in her arms . "Elder, elder! There is still something I would like the elder to advise upon . "

She came out of the building only to find that there was no longer anyone there .

She could not help but feel disappointed and lost .

Yue Lingxue consoled her from behind . "This elder has no ill intentions toward us, there will eventually be a chance for us to meet again . Since she has already said so, she will definitely have a way to help us . Besides, we have already come our way all these years, would this extra bit of time still matter?"

Feng Yurou let out a sigh and said, "You have no idea how envious I am, every time I see other women embracing their child, their faces full of happiness… sigh . "

At this point, Wu Qianqian, who was in her arms, let out a soft moan and regained consciousness .

"Are you alright, Qianqian? What exactly happened?" Feng Yurou asked in concern .

At the same time, she checked her disciple's body all over, circulating one round of internal energy before setting her mind at ease; her disciple's clothes were neat and there was nothing wrong with her body . Her body was still chaste, so she definitely did not encounter any frightening incidents of that sort .

Wu Qianqian replied, "I don't know either… Just that…"

From Wu Qianqian's depiction, the blame for this incident, of course, fell entirely on the Lan Clan . In addition, after she was drugged, she was rescued by Zi Xieqing . Thereafter, Zi Xieqing brought her to look for Chu Yang, who went through much trouble to nullify the poison while ensuring that her reputation was not compromised… and so on .

"This Chu Yang is surprisingly a good child . Kind and with a big heart, he is a real gentleman . " Feng Yurou sighed in appreciation .

"Who? Chu Yang?" Yue Lingxue's brows furrowed and asked, "Which Chu Yang?"

"How many Chu Yang's do you know?" Feng Yurou replied with a frown .

"I know that the one whom Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing's disciple loves is named Chu Yang . " Yue Lingxue had a strange expression as he said, "Could it be him?"

"The one whom Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing's disciple loves?" Wu Qianqian was stunned . Was there such a coincidence? Who was Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing's disciple?

After that, under Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou's persistent questions, Wu Qianqian answered seamlessly according to what she and Zi Xieqing had discussed .

She also told them that two eighth stage Martial Saints of the Ye Clan had ambushed her at the Shui Yue lake before and wanted to take her life then . It was also Chu Yang that had saved her that time…

What she said filled the two Masters with endless gratitude toward Chu Yang and at the same time, great fury toward the Ye Clan!

. . .

Zi Xieqing was aware that what Feng Yurou wanted to ask her had to be about childbearing . However, after Chu Yang's explanation, what she was the most afraid of was precisely the couple asking her about that . How could she not hurry and make good her escape?

If she were to be caught and asked about this, that would truly be awkward to the max… She would not be able to face anyone anymore .

Besides, she was still holding onto Chu Yang in her other hand .

Now that she had already sent Wu Qianqian down, it did not seem suitable to continue grabbing Chu Yang in one hand anymore, so she decided to simply hold him in her arms .

Chu Yang was instantly in paradise, suddenly finding himself entirely enveloped in a soft and warm touch… Minister Chu nestled blissfully in Zi Xieqing's arms and pretended to be in deep sleep, even talking in his sleep . His face, however, shifted intentionally or otherwise toward Zi Xieqing's bountiful chest…

At last… He got to touch it…

Such happiness…

Young Master Chu almost swooned .

So big, so pert, so soft…

He was still lost in revelry when he was thrown to the ground with a bang all of a sudden . Right after, he received a kick to his butt and fell on his face . Zi Xieqing cursed, "Stupid punk!"

Chu Yang laughed in embarrassment and opened his eyes, only to see that they had already returned to Orchard Palace .

However, the next moment, both Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing got a shock at the same time!

Why are the gates of the Orchard Palace open? The mess within looked as if they had been set upon by bandits!

Chu Yang's heart skipped a beat . "Le'er!" He yelled and charged in .

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