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Chapter 1083

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Wu Qianqian flew out, dropped onto a piece of flat ground far away, and fainted, unscathed .

"Go back!" Zi Xieqing stood high above, her white clothes and beautiful hair fluttering in the wind . She shouted seriously to Chu Yang .

Chu Yang turned a deaf ear and ran back at top speed .

Zi Xieqing's look was complicated . She bit her full lips and looked at Chu Yang's running figure . There seemed to be tears flashing in her eyes .

That giant golden hand descended abruptly and grasped towards Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing stood completely still, staring at the figure of Chu Yang rushing over . She didn't dodge the giant hand above at all .

The hand was just about to reach Zi Xieqing's shoulder, when Chu Yang was still four hundred feet from her .

Bright golden light shone from the giant golden hand, covering Zi Xieqing's body . A hint of pain showed on Zi Xieqing's face . As she was slowly lifted up, her mouth opened towards Chu Yang, who was running wildly on the ground .

She seemed to be saying something .

Chu Yang couldn't hear it . But judging from the movement of her mouth, it seemed to be "take care" .

Chu Yang suddenly felt pain in her heart, and started yelling wildly like a wounded beast . He let out a long cry towards the sky, and then, with a "Swoosh!", he pulled out the Nine Tribulations Sword, and then with a scream of agitation and anger, he rose up towards the sky .

At this moment, Chu Yang used all his power, all his potential, and all his will power to carry out his most powerful attack since his debut!

The longsword formed a huge storm in an instant!

Chu Yang shouted with a hoarse voice!

One ray of cold light pierces ten thousand feet of blade!

What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!

A sharp will not be changed by being buried deep!

Unify the winds and clouds to rule over all!

Brilliance since time immemorial focused on a sword blade!

Wind and cloud move unhindered from east to west!

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The sun and moon thunder at my will!

Chopping mountains and breaking peaks under the blood-red sky!

This blade has existed under the sky since eternity!

One must go through the nine hidden hells on this journey!

Cut off the traveler's attachments with worldly affairs!

The sharp edge will reach everywhere and put everything to rest!

Steel walls and bronze gates have yet to see the end of strife!

With this, what else can one want in this life?

Nine-colored clouds gather in unison!

As long as I live, you shall not worry!

A mad wave of sword aura formed an enormous torrent! It went up flying from the sky with great strength and vigor . A bright and brilliant curve was drawn in the air, and with an invincible will and a completely unrelenting decisiveness, it went up towards the giant golden hand in the air!

"If you want to go, I won't stop you! But you should want to go by yourself! You being taken away, I will not have it!"

The point, edge, blade and case of the Nine Tribulations Sword sang in excitement all at once!

This was the first time the four parts of the sword worked together for an attack since their coming together!

A piercing murderous aura froze the winter sky in a moment!

Zi Xieqing's expression changed dramatically!

She struggled and got up desperately . She shouted sternly, "Don't…"

And then, she actually broke free of that golden hand and flew down .

An "Eh?" came from midair, as though stunned that Zi Xieqing could actually escape its control . The giant golden hand paused very briefly, and then continued to grab .

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Yet it met Chu Yang's sword light coming over in an attack like thunder . It couldn't help but let out another "Eh?", before the giant hand turned and slapped towards Chu Yang . A majestic voice said, "A grain of rice actually dares to challenge the punishment from heaven! You are dead!"

Zi Xieqing screamed harshly, and she moved as fast as a bolt of lightning, looking extremely anxious . Against this giant golden hand, even she herself didn't stand a chance . Chu Yang only had the tiny brightness of a grain of rice, but he actually dared to fight it . Wasn't that tantamount to seeking death?

But Chu Yang had already leaped up at full speed and came right towards her!

That giant hand with golden light also surpassed Zi Xieqing and grabbed violently towards Chu Yang!

Zi Xieqing already had no time to catch up . In desperation, she screamed, "I'll go back with you! I'm willing to face sanctions! Don't hurt him!"

"I was leaving anyway, I just didn't have enough Tao state energy to break the barrier! Did you hear me? I'm willing to go back with you!"

Yet that giant golden hand was completely indifferent, and continued to grab towards Chu Yang . That voice said indifferently, "He, who interferes with punishment from the sky, dies!"

Immediately, Zi Xieqing felt both panic and a heartache .

Chu Yang, I told you early on not to be impulsive .

But you…

Her body continued rushing forward, but her mind had already gone blank, as though she had lost consciousness .

Chu Yang roared with mad anger . Sixteen strokes of Nine Tribulations Sword Techniques formed an unprecedented torrent, which slammed onto the giant golden hand in just an instant!

The giant golden hand paused, and then pushed forward .

In the clouds, that voice suddenly let out an "Ah!" . It didn't seem to be from pain, but deep surprise . Then, the giant golden hand withdrew abruptly, as though it had lost its strength .

Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Sword came to contact with the giant golden hand, and with a bang, Chu Yang felt as though he had crashed right into a mountain made of Star Steel . The reactionary force in an instant made Chu Yang scream and fly back .

But just because of that brief contact, the giant golden hand suddenly lost its strength . How sharp was the Nine Tribulations Sword, not to mention the burst of power through the combination of sixteen Nine Tribulations Sword Techniques!

Countless waves of Nine Tribulations Sword Energy exploded inside the giant hand, and with a loud bang, a finger actually dropped off from that giant gold hand .

The finger slammed down noisily and landed on the ground . It actually made a deep hole in the ground and lay at the bottom of the hole .

In mid-air, that voice sounded another "Eh?", and the giant gold hand stayed in the air .

Zi Xieqing rushed over at top speed and saw Chu Yang lying on the ground, his face pale like paper, blood coming out from his eyes, nose, ears and mouth . He was already unconscious, on the verge of dying .

Looking at his injuries, his inner organs were apparently severely damaged .

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Zi Xieqing bit her lips and tried to deal with his injuries in a hurry, while worrying about that giant golden hand . She transferred energy to Chu Yang, while looking up and saying, "Will you please not move for a moment, and allow me to treat his injuries for the time being?"

There was actually a bit of pleading in her voice .

For Zi Xieqing who had been dominant her whole life, this was the first time she spoke to someone like this .

That voice in the sky didn't speak, but that giant golden hand stayed in mid-air, and actually didn't move .

After a long time, that dull voice said, "Your Tao state energy was insufficient, and you couldn't break the space barrier?"

Zi Xieqing replied while treating Chu Yang's injuries, "Yes . "

That voice said, as though to himself, "But why is this boy… holding the Emperor's sword? Could he be…" Suddenly, he snorted and said, "Then leave here immediately after you finish recovering Tao state energy!"

Zi Xieqing was overjoyed and said, "Yes! Once I finish collecting it, I will leave immediately!"

That voice snorted and said, "I will pay attention to you all the time! If you don't leave when the time comes, don't blame me for being merciless!" And suddenly, with a whiz, it retreated back into the thick clouds . Immediately afterward, the sky-full of dark clouds suddenly rose up abruptly, and then dissipated completely .

In the far east, a red sun rose . Everything went back to peace, as though nothing had happened .

Zi Xieqing was actually stunned .

What was going on?

This… this messenger, how did he leave so easily?

He came with such majesty and actually left so quietly . Not only did he give up on catching her, but he even left half a finger behind! This… This was incredible!

Someone with such immense power actually bore the suffering from Chu Yang, someone as insignificant as an ant in his eyes, and left quietly without complaint?

As Zi Xieqing hurriedly treated Chu Yang's injuries, she recalled everything carefully, and found it puzzling . Suddenly, she remembered a sentence said by that voice, "But why is this boy… holding the Emperor's sword? Could he be…"

Suddenly, she felt a coldness in her heart!

Could it be because of Chu Yang?

The Emperor's sword? What Emperor?

What level was the Emperor? Chu Yang was actually holding the Emperor's sword… What did this sentence mean? If this was the case… The person who folded the nine heavens continent back then must be this… "Emperor"?

And the Nine Tribulations Sword was the sword of this "Emperor"? Nine Tribulations Sword Masters over generations had always been…

Zi Xieqing contemplated carefully, her mind full of confusion .

With a dull grunt, Chu Yang woke up . Before he opened his eyes, he sat up abruptly, yet it moved his wounds, and he couldn't help but grunt in pain .

He opened his eyes to see Zi Xieqing right in front of him, and couldn't help but become overjoyed . "You didn't get taken away? He was chased off by you?"

Zi Xieqing didn't know if she wanted to cry or to laugh . She showed a small, gentle smile, and said softly, "More like chased off by you . "

Chu Yang laughed out loud, and shook his head . "Don't I know myself? I have no such abilities…" Suddenly, he blinked, and said cheekily, "Big Sister Zi, your voice was so gentle just now… It gave me goosebumps all over…"

Zi Xieqing was angry, irritated and amused at the same time . Her eyebrows raised and her eyes stared . Her hand reached out, grabbed his ears, and turned it one round . "You know yourself, so why did you go on without caring for your own life like that? Did you know that you could die from that?

Chu Yang's face contorted in a grimace . "Ouch, ouch, it's painful…"

"Talk if it's painful!" Zi Xieqing added even more force, and shouted fiercely .

Chu Yang turned his head halfway in the direction his ear was twisted, and with his mouth still in a grimace, he scratched his head and laughed . "I only understood it after the collision, not before . "

Zi Xieqing wanted to get angry, and wanted to twist his ear one more round . But for some reason that she didn't even understand herself, she burst into a smile .

Chu Yang looked immensely relieved . "Big sister, let go of your hand, don't tire yourself… That would be my fault . "

Zi Xieqing's hand finally let go . She said with a smile, "If you are scared of pain, behave properly from now on . "

Chu Yang rolled out a few steps away . He bowed and saluted, and said with a sad face, "Yes, yes . I won't be like this in the future . Sigh… Why are you like my mother…"

Zi Xieqing said angrily, "What did you say?"

Chu Yang hugged his head and squinted away .

Amid laughter, the things before did not seem to have happened at all, and neither of them mentioned anything about Zi Xieqing's having to leave . But both thought that there was something more in their hearts, there seemed to be some change…

And the relationship between the two seemed to be somewhat different…

But Chu Yang wisely did not continue to think about it, and Zi Xieqing also buried this feeling deep down in her heart . Both of them knew, that with each other, it was impossible…

Chu Yang smiled twice . Just as he was about to chase Wu Qianqian back, he walked a few steps and actually found a huge pit in front of him . Chu Yang walked over and took a look . There was actually golden light coming out of it…

He was very surprised . "What is this?"

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