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Chapter 1082

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The expression of the Dharma Supreme gradually returned to calmness, as it was previously . His body, which had innate spiritual meridians, started gathering spiritual energy once more . He straightened his body slowly, put his hands behind his back, and with his long hair moving in the wind, he gazed at the morning lights which were slowly emerging at the horizon . He said calmly, "Brother Bu, though you are my enemy, for this talk tonight, thank you!"

Bu Liuqing smiled bitterly . "Actually, you should have talked to Wu Jue Cheng . "

The Dharma Supreme smiled and shook his head slightly . "It would not work for a sad man to talk to another sad man! I wish to be heard, and so does he . From both of us, it will be the same story to be heard . Once I know my own, I would know his . What is there to talk about?"

He laughed, and then took a step out . He moved swiftly and lightly, such that while his figure was still in front of them, his actual body already went several hundred feet away . "Brother Bu, I'll wait for you to come to me any time, and we will fight to the death! Should you not, I will come back after my wounds are healed!"

His voice went away, and Bu Liuqing didn't chase after him .

Instead, he sighed deeply, stomped his feet, and then his body suddenly flew up and disappeared completely .

Three figures appeared out of thin air at the place where Bu Liuqing and the Dharma Supreme were talking .

Chu Yang, Zi Xieqing and Wu Qianqian .

Chu Yang's brows knitted tightly together, and he let out a long breath . "So, this is what the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is!"

Zi Xieqing also said, with extra meaning in her words, "So, this is what the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is!"

She turned her face towards Chu Yang . "Chu Yang, what are you thinking?"

Chu Yang breathed in deeply and smiled mildly . He said, "I will wait patiently!"

Zi Xieqing laughed . "However, I may not be able to see it . "

Chu Yang said softly, "You will see it in the future . "

It won't work to say anything right now . 'I promise not to be like this to my brothers . ' Would you believe it? No! Eight Nine Tribulations Sword Masters had been like this across ninety thousand years . How can you Chu Yang be an exception?

But I, Chu Yang, will just have to be an exception!

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I must!

At any rate, I am a man once dead . I would rather die before I do something so dirty, despicable and shameless!

Zi Xieqing smiled deeply .

Wu Qianqian looked at the two with mild confusion . She couldn't understand what the two were talking about .

"Come! Let's go back . " Zi Xieqing smiled mildly, and prepared to grab the two and fly back .

Right at this moment, a brightness suddenly appeared above the horizon . The sun was about to come out .

Yet Zi Xieqing's hands, which were about to catch the other two, suddenly stopped . She looked at the horizon with a heavy expression .

Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian couldn't help but look up .

And there they saw, at the place where the morning glow brightened, a piece of purple cloud moving very rapidly . In almost just one instant, it was already right above them .

Chu Yang was full of surprise . He had never seen a piece of cloud being able to move so fast .

In a second, heavy clouds suddenly gathered in the sky above them . And then, there was lightning and thunder . The glow that just started to appear above the horizon was immediately suppressed again .

The sounds of thunder beat on the three hearts like the dull sounds of a drum . All three felt a suppression, a heaviness in their hearts, as though something bad was about to happen .

The clouds lowered .

And the pressure became heavier .

Zi Xieqing's expression also became more serious .

Chu Yang muttered, "What is this? Can't it be… a punishment from heaven?"

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Zi Xieqing bit her lip, and looked silently at the clouds in the sky, which pressed lower and lower, as though they were about to solidify . Suddenly, her hand moved and a palm slapped onto Wu Qianqian's neck . Wu Qianqian fainted without making a sound .

"What are you doing?" Chu Yang was shocked .

Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang with a complicated expression, and then answered softly, "It's here to look for me . My existence broke the balance of the Nine Heavens . My fight just now used Heaven Yang Purple Gas, and I'm discovered . This can't be known by Qianqian . "

Chu Yang was so stunned that his eyes opened wide, and he was unable to speak for a second . "What do we do, then?"

Zi Xieqing took a breath and said, "Strong ones like us are not allowed to break the balance of the plane in whichever plane that we are in . Should we just merely stay, there won't be any problem . But once we show our abilities that are able to break the balance, we will be sanctioned . If I were a local, it would make things easier, but I just happen not to be… And Bu Liuqing and the Dharma Supreme are the top powers of the Nine Heavens . Therefore, with me interfering in their fight, this is the outcome . "

Chu Yang was surprised . "Why didn't you tell us earlier then? Since you've known it all along, why fight?"

Zi Xieqing's expression was somewhat complicated . She said, "I've got to leave sooner or later . Leaving now is only a bit earlier than I expected . The only difference is whether I leave myself or get forced out . "

Chu Yang raised his eyebrows . "Forced out?"

"Yeah . Usually, with this kind of situation, one gets forced out . It won't be difficult, but I won't be allowed to stay on anymore . " Zi Xieqing gave Chu Yang a deep look, and said softly, "Chu Yang, you've got to take care!"

"What if I won't let you go?" asked Chu Yang, his voice deep .

Zi Xieqing's body shook, and then she said with a bitter smile, "Won't let me go? This is a punishment from the heaven!"

Chu Yang sneered, "In my whole life, I've been working against the heaven . Punishment from the heaven? If I offend it one more time, so what?"

Zi Xieqing sighed internally .

She did know that once she made the move and showed her abilities today, she would be punished . But she didn't dare to stay on any longer, especially around Chu Yang .

In Zi Xieqing's whole life, she had never been around a young man for so long . And furthermore, she had never appreciated and cared for a young man like she did for Chu Yang .

Since they were in the Black Blood Forest, she took joy in abusing Chu Yang . Though she was gathering Tao state energy, she was in fact also hoping to see which stage this stubborn youth could persevere until?

But she didn't expect that Chu Yang was always fierce like a dragon in battle! However cruel it was, however large the number of his failures, Chu Yang's spirit only became even stronger, and never subsided . "

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He became even fiercer through the failures!

All along the way, Zi Xieqing was constantly also pressing for Chu Yang's bottom line . She even thought: Can you still be stubborn when you are forced to use your last bit of potential?

But until they reached Tianji City, though Chu Yang was tired to the bones with injuries all over him at the end of each day, he had never relaxed!

The most terrible thing was that even when he did relax, he was actually teasing her .

Zi Xieqing became more and more unconvinced, and she fought him with more and more effort . Yet Chu Yang's resistance actually also increased with that, and he became tougher over time .

When Chu Yang was at Tianji City, the two fought even more frequently .

Even with that, Zi Xieqing didn't completely exploit all of Chu Yang's potential .

Until that time when Chu Yang was breaking through, and Zi Xieqing was forced to help him using the cruelest method . Even a Supreme Martial Artist, Zi Xieqing believed wholeheartedly, wouldn't be able to stand such cruel punishment .

But Chu Yang himself came up with the ideas for her to torture him, yet he persevered through everything, and achieved a breakthrough!

At that moment, Zi Xieqing almost cried .

And it was just at that time, Zi Xieqing felt that her state of mind had changed . In the past, she roamed the world alone, and besides wanting to repay her benefactor and say 'thank you', she never had cared .

Her mind was as free as flowing water, her consciousness as carefree like the clouds in the sky .

But from that day on, there seemed to be one more concern in her heart, and that was Chu Yang . She even thought that she didn't want Chu Yang to suffer like that anymore .

That was why she helped Chu Yang with all kinds of things, and even brought him along today for him to watch the battle of the supremes, in order to pave way for his future and reduce his obstacles .

But after a while, Zi Xieqing felt that she seemed even more unable to let go . Sometimes, she even saw him in her dreams .

At this moment, Zi Xieqing finally felt that this was no good .

So, she came up with the idea today to expose her strength, because she wanted to leave here .

Anyway, she had to leave, sooner or later . Since that's the case, sooner was better than later . Though Tao state energy was not yet completely replenished, what she had right now was enough for her to survive a punishment from the heaven, and then enter into the Tao Void to replenish Tao state energy again .

If she stayed any longer, she was afraid she would feel even worse . With Tao state energy replenished, she would want to stay but not be able to, and that would be really painful .

Therefore, she risked drawing punishment from the heaven, just to save herself from this emotional vortex . Though that would be painful… Zi Xieqing really didn't want herself to sink any deeper into this emotional vortex!

But just now, when Zi Xieqing heard Chu Yang say 'What if I won't let you go?', she suddenly felt a trace of bitterness in her heart, and then sweetness . In fact, a myriad of emotions filled her heart at that moment .

But she soon controlled herself and showed nothing .

"Going against the heaven, you would suffer punishment . " Zi Xieqing said gently . Her hand reached out and gave Chu Yang's face a stroke, and she said softly, "After I leave, don't miss me . Live properly, live well . "

Chu Yang stared at her and said, irritated, "Didn't you hear? I said, what if I won't let you go? Is there a way for you to stay??"

He actually started questioning her .

If it was an ordinary day, Zi Xieqing would slap him, and then kick the guy's butt, sending him flying in the air once more .

But right now, Zi Xieqing felt satisfaction in her heart, and this rough scolding actually brought a bit of sweetness to her heart .

She bit her lip, and with a satisfied smile in her eyes, she replied softly, "There's no way . "

Chu Yang was startled!

A whistling sound came from the sky, followed by a majestic roar of thunder . It came rolling in, as though approaching from far away . It was deafeningly loud . At the same time, a giant, golden hand suddenly emerged from the clouds in the sky, and it came down grabbing with a sense of majesty that couldn't be violated .

An indifferent voice came from the sky . "Bold slut! You actually dare to break the plane's balance! Hurry up and follow me back for your trial!"

Zi Xieqing's face ashen and her lips trembled . She took a deep look at Chu Yang's face, and then she grabbed Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian violently and threw them to the space faraway .

Chu Yang let out a mad scream and turned back abruptly mid-air . He stopped halfway from where he was supposed to land, and then rushed back like a bolt of lightning .

. . .

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