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Chapter 1080

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Bu Liuqing thought in this mind, 'He had plotted for a betrayal, to use his brothers right from the start . Yet, he actually dared to say that his brothers now have a change in heart due to wealth and status…'

'This is really the height of shamelessness!'

Bu Liuqing was panting from the anger of listening to the story . He was so angry until he rolled his eyeballs .

In the eyes of someone who valued relationships and loyalty, this incident was truly the most hated matter in the entire world!

The Dharma Supreme laughed coldly and said, "That time, I was also laughing this coldly . All our brothers laughed this coldly . Otherwise, we did not know what else could we still do . Even if we wanted to scold him, we did not have the energy to do so!"

"Big Brother said: My brothers, you should all know that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master has both a mission on hand and also punishment to be accorded should I fail . If I failed to nourish heaven, my entire clan will suffer the wrath of the heavens . Can you all bear to see me die like that?"

The Dharma Supreme continued indifferently, "When we heard this, all of us spat in contempt . "

"Pei!" Bu Liuqing similarly threw out a spit in contempt .

"Second Brother replied: Initially, it was all willing on our part when we went through life and death with you . However, now, it isn't anymore! Big Brother, you are actually wrong . All of us are willing to die for you . Not for anything else, but for our brotherhood . "

"You didn't have to say anything . All you had to do was to gather us and tell us about your new mission, which is to nourish the heaven using the Nine Tribulations . If it doesn't succeed, my entire clan will perish . All you had to do was to say this, even if it is a lie, we would all arrange for our own funeral affairs and give up our souls for Big Brother!"

"That time, Second Brother continued to say: I am not selfish nor do I fear death . If I could go through life and death with you so many times, it means that I have already recognized you as my Big Brother . That is very normal, when the Big Brother is in trouble and requires his brothers to sacrifice their lives . "

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"However, you shouldn't have lied to us and made use of us . In the end, force us to do something against our will! Second Brother continued to say: When you put it that way, all of the brothers would have willingly sacrificed for you, isn't that great? Big Brother, you have shot yourself in the foot . Now that the matter has developed to this stage, forgive me for not being able to comply with it . "

"Well said!" Bu Liuqing clapped his hands in praise and said, "Your Second Brother is really a great person!"

The Dharma Supreme revealed traces of how proud he was on his face and said, "That is of course! My Second Brother is someone with lofty sentiments and aspirations!"

"Then, what did your Big Brother say?" Bu Liuqing asked .

"Big Brother said… I had considered this before and I also believe that my brothers will be willing to sacrifice their lives for me . However, I still had my worries . After all, you are already the lords of your various districts with great status and power . Your attitudes may inevitably have some changes . As long as one of you is unwilling, everyone will be stirred into action . That way, I may give the game away, fail my mission and get killed instead . "

"Therefore, I might as well take control of you all first, when you no longer have the power to resist, then isn't the situation more stable and in control?"

"At that time, Second Brother said: Even if you had us under control, you could have used us directly to nourish heaven . So why tell us everything just before we die? Second Brother looked to be under extreme pain as he continued: If we were to die without knowing then it will be just it . Don't you know how painful our hearts are now? Why did you do this?"

The Dharma Supreme spoke till here and stopped .

Bu Liuqing was puzzled and said, "Exactly, if it was already going to be done as per what he said, he could have directly killed you anyway . Why did he bother to torture the minds of his close brothers and how could he bear to do it after telling them? What exactly was he trying to do?"

The Dharma Supreme shook his head and managed an indifferent smile . He said, "I knew that Brother Bu will not be able to guess the reason . Keke . That time, none of us was able to guess the reason, other than Diwu Chouchang . I still remembered how Diwu Chouchang let out a sigh and stayed silent, after Second Brother had finished his question . "

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"So, what was the reason?" Bu Liuqing asked while frowning . He really could not understand the reason behind it and the more he thought of it, the more illogical it became .

"At that time, Big Brother said: This is exactly because of the second reason which I told you about . We are, after all, long time brothers; If I were to kill all of you, I would definitely feel guilty and therefore, it will be easy to plant evilness in my heart . In that case, even if I were to reach the Elysium, I would not be truly happy . Hence, I wanted to explain the entire origin of these events clearly, before you all die . "

Bu Liuqing was still puzzled and he asked, "Why? Would he have prevented the evilness from growing in his heart just by explaining it all out? This is absolutely absurd!"

"No, it's not absurd!" The Dharma Supreme said, "At that time, Big Brother said: I had lied to all of you from the start, made use of you all and now, I wanted to kill all of you . Aren't you all sullen? Hate me to the bones?"

"All the brothers were burning in their eyes, as they violently nodded their heads in agreement . They were all nodding their heads while tearing up at the same time! All nine of us were decisive killers and we didn't even frown when fighting . A few of the brothers, like Second Brother, Sixth Brother and Eight Brother, it was my first time seeing them tear up… Can you imagine what kind of feeling was that?"

Bu Liuqing heaved a long and deep sigh .

Bu Liuqing thought in his mind, 'That must have been really heart-breaking! All these firm and unyielding men, they had been deceived all their lives, made use of all their lives . Even when they were at their deathbeds, their souls were made use of by the same person who deceived them, to achieve his goal!'

'The worst thing was to know of it, only just before they die . They could only watch but could not do anything about it . '

'How depressing this must have been? How much resentment there must have been?'

The Dharma Supreme continued, "That time, Big Brother said: You are right, I want all of you to hate me! The more you hated me, the happier I get . " Violence was seen in the eyes of the Dharma Supreme, with signs of him losing control of his emotions . However, with all his might, the Dharma Supreme managed to control his own voice and forced out an indifferent voice and said, "… the more you hated me, then the more justified and at ease would I feel when I kill all of you! The less guilty would I feel . Since I would not feel any guilt or shame, then I would not plant any evilness in my heart! Since you hated me, you would want to kill me . Since you wanted to kill me, then you are all my enemies! What kind of evilness could I possibly be planting in my heart, when I am simply killing my enemies, especially those who made use of me?"


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Bu Liuqing could no longer hold it in after hearing what the Dharma Supreme said until here . He hit out a palm and caused the dust, dozens of miles away, to fill up the entire sky . He then said angrily, "This beast! Beast! B*stard! Son of a bitch! There is actually such a person in this world! F*ck his mother, what kind of thing is he!"

The Dharma Supreme and continued saying, "Since ancient times, there were already eight of such beasts! Right now, the Ninth beast is growing!"

At this point in time, Zi Xieqing gently nudged Chu Yang and whispered, "Are you this kind of beast?"

Chu Yang was engrossed in the conversation and rolled his eyes fiercely at Zi Xieqing, after hearing what she said .

"Beast! Beast!" Bu Liuqing was muttering to himself angrily and suddenly, he thought of his disciple Mo Qingwu; thinking of Mo Qingwu also made him think of Chu Yang . He then remembered that Chu Yang was the ninth generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

He could not help but become shocked upon realization . He thought in his mind, 'Could Chu Yang be this kind of beast as well? However, no matter what… Little Wu likes him so much and stays with him . This is too dangerous! I definitely cannot agree with this! I must let Ning Tianya know of this matter… To guard against Chu Yang!'

Up to this point, Bu Liuqing suddenly thought of Dongfang Badao and asked, "Since all your deaths were inevitable, how did you manage to survive?"

The Dharma Supreme stared back at him, as if blaming him for interrupting his narration . The Dharma Supreme did not reply, but instead, continued his narration .

"That time, when Big Brother finished his words, all the brothers were all indignant and could not help but scold . Diwu Chouchang said: Stop scolding, Big Brother must have his own considerations . We should all be supportive of him and follow his arrangements unconditionally . Even if it requires us to sacrifice our souls to nourish the heavens . For our Big Brother, a sacrifice it shall be!"

"At that moment, everyone was startled! They could not understand why Diwu Chouchang would say such things . Big Brother said: As expected, Diwu Chouchang is really scheming . You actually still want to praise me and follow exactly what I said, in order to plant the evilness in me! Praising me now is useless, so is hating me . Ha ha ha…"

"Thereafter, Big Brother said: I shall go and do some packing up, to prepare for sending you all off to nourish the heavens . We are after all brothers . If you have any unfulfilled wishes, be sure to let me know . I guarantee that I will fulfill it for you . "

Bu Liuqing was at a loss of words . He was simply mad and kept scolding, "This beast! Beast! At this moment, he dared to address everyone as brothers and actually asked for any unfulfilled wishes… This is absolutely comical!"

"Yes, this is really comical! None of us spoke at that time, neither did we bother to reply to him . I only had a phrase in my mind and I kept repeating it angrily: I must've been blinded! I must've been blinded! I must've been blinded! I must've been blinded…"

Just this phrase of 'I must've been blinded', the Dharma Supreme had repeated it at least ten times! The more he said, the more pain and hatred was there in his voice . Bu Liuqing also sighed one after another, as he felt the extreme despondency and grievance in his voice .

"At that time, Big Brother waited for quite a while and none of us said a word . He then said: Looks like none of you would bother to ask for my help . If that is the case, then it seems that I'm unwelcome . Thereafter, Big Brother stepped out of the room . The brothers wanted to speak, but was stopped by Diwu Chouchang; Chouchang said: Since we are all going to die, what else is there to say or to discuss? Our fate is as such, what can we do about it? Based on Big Brother's usual way of things, do you think that he would let us escape? Everyone agreed with what was said and so, kept quiet . Everyone had long seen past life and death . Dying was never a concern, although they felt sullen . However, they could only blame themselves for being blinded and had chosen the wrong person to be their Big Brother . "

Chu Yang sighed in his mind . He thought, 'All these nine brothers are really warm-blooded and righteous men . Even though they now already know that their Big Brother is a bad person and wanted to kill them, they still address him as 'Big Brother' . '

'Or maybe it has become a habit to them and they can't change it in a short time?'

'Regardless, until now, they have never scolded any ugly words . All their emotions were kept deep within themselves . '

The Dharma Supreme then continued, "After eight hours, Diwu Chouchang suddenly and hurriedly said: Listen to me, everyone . Based on Big Brother's habit, he must have been eavesdropping on us just now . However, he must have left after such a long time . We don't have much time left, we can only take a risk . "

"Everyone's spirit rose in an instance . Chouchang actually was brewing this idea . "

The tone of the Dharma Supreme gradually turned more excited .

"Diwu Chouchang said: Our deaths are inevitable . However, we cannot sacrifice for nothing . It is too sullen to die just like that . A shame to our reputation! I have an idea to let one of us have a slight chance of getting out of here alive . "

. . .

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