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Chapter 1079

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The Dharma Supreme should have paused for a moment at this point, but he continued without any interruption and said, "All of us felt something amiss when Big Brother said this . All of us were dumbfounded and only Diwu Chouchang said laughingly: Could you be wanting to kill us all, Big Brother?"

"Big Brother said that he did not want to kill us . However, he needed our souls and only our souls can be used to mend the cracks in the Nine Heavens . "

"Diwu Chouchang went silent for a moment before saying: If we were to nourish the heavens, then what would happen to you, Big Brother?"

"Big Brother said: I would nourish the Nine Heavens and receive the power of merit . This would be sufficient for me to reach the stage after the sky collapses and the void occurs . By then, I would naturally leave this world as well, to enter into another one, to cultivate myself or to strive in another new life . I have heard that it is an Elysium . You would get whatever you want . It is the place where only those who have the merit of nourishing heaven can enter . "

"Therefore, all your sacrifice would be worthy, said the Big Brother"

The Dharma Supreme finally fell silent after finishing his words . His throat vibrated violently for a moment or two, before he let out a bitter laugh with his hoarse voice .

"Elysium?" Zi Xieqing whispered to Chu Yang with her doubts .

Chu Yang shook his head slowly .

This all seemed too strange and odd . Chu Yang knew clearly that there was no Elysium . He thought in his mind, 'Could someone have deceived this Nine Tribulations Sword Master? But… who has the ability to deceive this Nine Tribulations Sword Master?'

'Could it be the Sword Spirit?'

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Chu Yang fell into deep thoughts and his consciousness went deep into the Nine Tribulations Space . The Sword Spirit was still in his seclusion for cultivation and his body was getting more and more condensed .

Chu Yang doubted in his mind that if there was really such an Elysium, then the Sword Spirit would also try to deceive him . However, until now, the Sword Spirit had not said anything about such Elysium .

Outside, the coarse voice of Dharma Supreme was raised again . Although the voice was still indifferent, one could tell that there was a sense of reluctance .

"Our Ninth Brother asked: Big Brother, when you reach the new world, can I still come with you? I… cannot bear to leave you… Haha, Haha, Hahahaha…"

The Dharma Supreme started to laugh madly, until his back was bent and even tears came out of his eyes .

The Dharma Supreme had all along been indifferent and calm, even throughout his narration of such a tragic story with cruel betrayal, it was also with extreme indifference and calmness . However, when he talked about what this 'Little Ninth Brother' had said, he suddenly grieved and started to laugh crazily about it .

By the misery within the laughter, Wu Qianqian, who was listening from the side, was startled and tears came out involuntarily .

"Even at that moment, Ninth Brother was still in denial that Big Brother would harm him . He actually still could not bear to leave him . He still wanted to follow him, still wanted to… Hahaha…" The Dharma Supreme laughed crazily . As fresh blood was coughed out from his mouth, he immediately used his hands to wipe them off and continued to laugh uncontrollably, just as his tears came out involuntarily as well .

The Dharma Supreme laughed loudly and was trembling and pouting as he looked at Bu Liuqing . At this moment, he no longer had any regard for his image . Twisting his neck and biting his teeth, with an obsessive look, he said, "You have brothers?? I have too! I have too! I have more than you do! Do you believe? Do you believe?! HA HA HA…"

"How can I not believe?" Bu Liuqing let out a sigh and said, "The love between the Nine Tribulations had always been exceptionally touching . Part of the energy that's used by the Nine Tribulations Sword Master to nourish heaven is also due to this undying love!"

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The Dharma Supreme started to laugh loudly .

He was wiping his tears as he continued to laugh loudly .

"At that moment, all our brothers did not say a word . Only Big Brother replied: Little Ninth Brother, I'm afraid that I cannot bring you along . Little Ninth Brother replied disappointingly: Why not? Big Brother then said again: That is because by the time I have used your soul to nourish the heavens, you would be dead . I am still alive and therefore, I cannot bring you along . "

"Little Ninth Brother was very disappointed then . Yes, you heard correctly, he was not afraid, just disappointed . He said: Big Brother, I cannot bear to leave all of you… With that said, Big Brother replied: You do not need to leave any of them because all of you will die together . "

The Dharma Supreme finally stopped talking . He was panting with perspiration seeping out slowly from his bright and clean forehead .

Regardless of how fierce and earth-shattering was the battle with Bu Liuqing just now, the Dharma Supreme did not break a sweat nor started to pant . However, at this moment, he became breathless from simply narrating a story .

"All of us went silent . Thereafter, Diwu Chouchang asked: Big Brother, when did you know about this matter? The moment this question came out, the eyes of everyone became brighter as the timing became so important to us all . "

"Big Brother said: I knew it from the moment I received the first section of the Nine Tribulations Sword . When he put it this way, all of the brothers fell silent . Everyone was breathing heavily, really heavily . "

"After a long pause, only then did Second Brother added a sentence . I could still remember clearly that Second Brother had a difficult time to complete his sentences then . He seemed to use all his energy with some stammering and voice trembling, he asked: For so many years, have you been lying to us? You led all of us on this strive for dominance, you led us up to the Nine Heavens, was it all for us to serve as the souls for nourishing the heavens? Then, you can obtain the power of merit from nourishing heaven and enter another Elysium? All along, have you been lying to us, using us?"

"All of us paid serious attention to how Big Brother will reply . We thought that it was already a foregone conclusion for us to be sacrificed . However, we still wanted to hear him deny it . Then even if we were to die, it can be less of a pain in our hearts . "

"Big Brother let out a sigh and said: I know that I have let you all down . However, that place is really so tempting to me and I really want to go there . I really want . It has been hard on all of you for so many years, to be always around at my beck and call . To do everything for me, even at the expense of your lives . And me, I have always been lying to all of you, using all of you . I feel really guilty in my heart . Really, I feel that I have let you all down…"

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"All of us were astounded . I could clearly hear the sound of my heart breaking then . I cried . Before that, I had only known joy, satisfaction and happiness . I have never cried before, until then . However, after hearing what Big Brother said, I cried, cried loudly . "

"Big Brother continued to give an emotional reply: Second Brother, you even took a knife for me and almost died from it; Third Brother, you used yourself as a guinea pig to test poisons for me and got yourself dumb muted for half a year; Fourth Brother, you gave yourself up as a hostage and let others slash you until your blood was almost dried, all just to let me stay alive and let me escape…"

"Fifth Brother, because of me, you predicted the will of heaven resulting in your hair turning white overnight; Sixth Brother, you like Xiaoxiao and I knew that you grew up together with her . That day, I feigned ignorance and told you that I liked her while pretending to be drunk . The next moment, you distanced yourself from her and went to the brothel the next day and stayed overnight . You hurt Xiaoxiao's feelings all because you wanted to grant me my desire to be with her and to let her marry me… All because of me, you had to stay a bachelor for your entire life . Even when setting up your clan, it had to be done with you adopting a godson… Seventh Brother…"

"My brothers, I would never forget in my entire life, the goodness that I received from all of you! I am proud to have you all as my brothers! I am also very touched! Really . "

"Our Big Brother recounted the contributions of our brothers, one by one . He was very emotional and even teared up . However, at that moment, I could only feel an extreme coldness in my heart . I am not sure what the rest of them felt, but with my heart so cold now, I doubt that their hearts could be any warmer than mine . "

The Dharma Supreme pouted his lips and laughed like he was crying .

Bu Liuqing thought in his mind, 'If it was me, my heart would be cold as well . '

'All the brothers had done so much for you, braving through life and death, giving you everything that they had! From a nobody, you are now the Master of the Nine Heavens . Yet, you could easily just sentence them to death! Furthermore, it was to sacrifice their lives, in exchange for your own bright future!'

'Is this still the act of a human?'

'Furthermore, you even used despicable methods, making use of your brotherhood relationship to snatch other people's fiancee . '

Bu Liuqing could not believe that there was such a person in this world .

He found one thing weird about this whole event . How did a person of this character become the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! How did he manage to find such hot-blooded brothers to aid him! How did he even manage to get such true and sincere brotherhood!

This was simply unimaginable!

It was not only Bu Liuqing who found it strange . Both Zi Xieqing and Wu Qianqian also found it extremely puzzling . As the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, Chu Yang found this whole matter really bizarre .

Chu Yang though in this mind, 'This is so incomprehensible! For one to be able to reach this stage, he must have had a really deep scheming mind in order to lie his entire life . '

The Dharma Supreme continued, "Then Big Brother said: My brothers, since you have already done so much for me, I now only have one last request for all of you! Sacrifice your souls and help me to accomplish my goal . We will always be good brothers for all of eternity . "

"F*ck!" Bu Liuqing was fuming mad as his fine beard fluttered in the air . He could not help but scold, "What kind of beast is this!"

Seeing how Bu Liuqing became fuming mad, the Dharma Supreme, on the contrary, regained his usual calm and composed nature . The Dharma Supreme said, "Seeing how we all kept silent, Big Brother continued on his monologue: Actually, I have also done quite a fair bit for all of you! I brought you all up to the Nine Heavens and helped you all to set up the Nine Super Clans . All your descendants will thrive and enjoy prosperity in the Nine Heavens for ten thousand years! A whole ten thousand years, which clan in history had ten thousand years of glory! All these, I don't take credit for it . However, if you all do not sacrifice to become the Nine Tribulations, how would we ever get a chance to achieve these ten thousand years of prosperity?"

"Furthermore, every step you all took, since when was it lacking in my help? Since when was it lacking in my elixir? I'm sure everyone took more than one of my Nine Tribulations Pills, right? My incomplete version of Nine Tribulations Pill, I believe everyone had at least a hundred pills, right? Those cultivation boosting elixirs were all supplied by me! Without me, how would you all be able to achieve the level of a Seventh Grade Supreme Martial Artist, at such a young age? All these are more than sufficient to make you all proud of your life!"

"I'm merely asking for you all to sacrifice your souls only . How is it that you are all keeping silent for such a small matter? Long ago when we were risking our lives together, it was much more dangerous than it is now . Yet, all of you were so willing then . It was also a life and death situation then, so why the reluctance to agree now? My brothers, has wealth and status changed your hearts?"

Listening to such shameless words, Chu Yang almost wanted to puke .

. . .

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