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Chapter 1075

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The Dharma Supreme loosened his fist, as he stretched his fingers, the white scar returned to the color of blood, soon after, he clenched them again .

"Is he injured?" Wu Qianqian asked gently as she looked at the white scar on the Dharma Supreme's forehead .

"No!" Chu Yang gazed at her and said, "But it is definitely painful; hence I reckon that he will not fight with the enemy without a weapon later! We will have to entrust the Dharma Supreme to sound out the intention . "

"Oh, that's not it, instead, Bu Liuqing has succeeded . " Chu Yang corrected himself hurriedly .

Zi Xieqing who was next to him looked at him with approval .

"Bu Liuqing has succeeded?" Wu Qianqian asked with a confused look .

"Bu Liuqing told the story to explain the whole situation and to seek revenge for his good friend; not only that, but he also wanted to tell the Dharma Supreme: I have found out about your background! I know your secret!"

Chu Yang said, "The Dharma Supreme hid his true identity for 13,000 years, he is definitely guilty now that he has been exposed; hence, Bu Liuqing wanted to use psychological tactics, and through a powerful sword attack, throw the Dharma Supreme aback while he was distracted; although there was no clear winner, the Dharma Supreme is certainly unhappy about it because Bu Liuqing was already in control of the pace of the battle . "

"Even though the pace will not affect the results of the battle, if Bu Liuqing managed to keep up his performance, he could turn it into an advantageous situation for himself, and being in an advantageous situation would increase his chance of winning, which results in a life-death situation!"

Chu Yang looked solemn and sighed . "You cannot ignore any actions in a battle between two professionals . A slight distraction will be able to determine the results . "

Zi Xieqing smiled . "However, the Dharma Supreme will never allow himself to be taken advantage of by Bu Liuqing, he will definitely strike back and turn the situation around . "

Chu Yang nodded in agreement . How would the Dharma Supreme allow himself to suffer such a loss? It was certain that he would retaliate .

Wu Qianqian nodded her head . Both of them squinted their eyes at the same time, recalling the battle that had just happened .

At this time…

In between the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing, where their fists and swords met, there was dead silence!

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After that, there was a sudden "click-clack" sound, within the blink of an eye, cracks started to appear and the space exploded into pieces .

In the beginning, the cracks were very fine but as they became thicker and more obvious, they stretched to three hundred miles long, the tiny rifts became a black hole that was big enough to devour the world!

The three hundred meters long space exploded all at once!

Immediately, the power of heaven and earth from all directions gathered; within a second, the space was restored to what it was before .

Following that, an explosion was heard! A large mushroom cloud emerged from the ground and floated upwards; the top half of the trees that were within a hundred meters were snapped off and they flew out wildly .

Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian sighed at the same time, they realized that the rumors on the Jiang Hu were nonsense: According to rumors, you would receive a lifetime lesson through the witnessing of a battle between two professionals! This was utter bullshit!

You should neither be too close nor too far while watching the battle . For a battle between such professionals, standing within three hundred meters from the battleground would be enough to kill you, yet at such a distance, it's impossible to see anything clearly… how absurd!

If it was not for Zi Xieqing who had been using her cultivation energy to set up a protection barrier, Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian would have already been in pieces, mixed together…

A large hole appeared on the ground, it seemed almost pitless! The most absurd thing was the large gush of water that rushed out of the hole into the sky .

Chu Yang gave a sigh . "So this is how rivers and lakes are formed…"

Zi Xieqing snorted and said, "You are still in the mood for jokes… Have you thought of anything yet?" She turned around to look at Wu Qianqian and asked, "How about you?"

Chu Yang pondered deeply, recalling the sword and the fist, he exclaimed, "How domineering! Indeed, how domineering!"

Wu Qianqian said, "I am actually registering some emotions . Emotions that have exploded after being strongly suppressed! It seems like this has provided Bu Liuqing an avenue to vent the anger and sorrow that he had accumulated over ten thousand years . Hence, I believe that Bu Liuqing will continue to attack with increasing enthusiasm! The Dharma Supreme will need some time to turn the tables around . "

Wu Qianqian smiled sheepishly and explained, "This is purely based on my intuition . "

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"Emotions? Straightforward? Intuition?" Zi Xieqing looked at Wu Qianqian in shock; she looked at her deeply . She praised, "Sister Qianqian, indeed, you have a bright future ahead of you!"

Chu Yang was moved .

What Wu Qianqian just said proved something: empathy

At the next instant .

LightningLightning flashed across the sky, Bu Liuqing grew in size, the reflection from the sword shook the heavens and the earth!

The aura of death filled the entire sky!

In mid-air, Bu Liuqing started to attack with his sword; from a few hundred meters away, the attacks moved forward as rapidly as lightning and each movement was precise and exact, they were all aimed at the Dharma Supreme!

Many people who witnessed the situation were under the illusion that the God of Thunder was crazy!

Just like a violent storm, the sword light illuminated the areas that were a few hundred meters in the radial vicinity .

The Dharma Supreme stood firmly on the ground, he counter-attacked each sword attack with a fist attack; not wanting to waste any opportunities, he alternated between his left and right fist attacks!

Hence, the sword light was continuously deflected .

On the surface, it appeared that Bu Liuqing was on the attack while the Dharma Supreme was on the defense, however, Bu Liuqing's sword attacks were not a match for the Dharma Supreme's powerful fists, hence it seemed like Bu Liuqing was on the losing end .

However, a real professional would know that at such a level, the possession of a weapon would not make any difference! The Dharma Supreme's hands, his fists; they were one of the most powerful weapons in the world!

They were definitely not inferior to Bu Liuqing's sword attacks .

However, Chu Yang seemed to have noticed something, he frowned and said, "What is the Dharma Supreme doing? Even though he appears to be calm, he is actually behaving passively . Also, in comparison to the sword light, his fists are not penetrating enough . Hence, if this continues on longer, he will not be able to withstand it . "

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Zi Xieqing replied, "This is why he is alternating between his left and right fist, if he only uses one of them and is able to deflect these dense sword light, Bu Liuqing should be running for his life by now . "

Wu Qianqian said, "I feel that the Dharma Supreme feels helpless himself . Sister Zi mentioned this just now, he is unable to deflect above two sword light with a fist, hence even though he appears to be calm, he is actually in a disadvantageous position . The Dharma Supreme can only force himself to push through this since Bu Liuqing's enthusiasm is at an all-time high . "

"If not . " Chu Yang shook his head . "With Bu Liuqing's cultivation level, it will be no problem even if he wants to extend this battle for months . Not only that, the Dharma Supreme will definitely lose the battle when the duration is extended, bringing about more distractions . "

"Also, the Dharma Supreme has not taken out his weapon till now . " Chu Yang gave a conclusion .

He recalled the moment that the space exploded into pieces . At that moment, he felt so excited that his spine was tingling . It was as if he was on cloud nine and that the world was blooming in front of his eyes like fireworks!

So, this was how it was!

It was like an emotion that could be felt but was hard to describe .

Broken space, broken space!

Zi Xieqing witnessed the change in Chu Yang's expressions, it was so familiar that she got a shock; she got Chu Yang to observe the battle between the professionals to pave his future pathway in the martial world; little did she expect that Chu Yang had actually managed to comprehend some concepts of broken space!

Even though it was only a small part, a small part that's not worth mentioning!

However, Zi Xieqing was shocked beyond words, her heart was thumping quickly .

This could only be comprehended at the level of broken spaces! And Chu Yang only possessed the fourth level of the Saint of Swords!

These two levels were worlds apart .

However, he could actually comprehend such an idea right now?

Zi Xieqing suddenly felt like the man and woman in front of her were monsters .

A martial saint who could predict the results of the battle based on her intuition and another martial saint who could comprehend the concept of broken spaces…

What a monster!

Bu Liuqing attacked furiously in mid-air, each sword light came down like snowflakes; with the Dharma Supreme's defense tactics, the sword light was deflected into the distance, knocking down trees everywhere, many huge stones were thrown up into the air by the commotion .

At that moment, the scenario was earth-shattering and chaotic!

However, the air between the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing was still; within this stillness, the space continuously exploded, it was as if they were deities from the heavens that launched their battle on earth!


"Take note, the Dharma Supreme is going to make his move!"

Zi Xieqing warned .

The Dharma Supreme continued with his fists defense, however, his legs started to tremble; from an outsider's point of view, his legs seemed to be still .

However, the small movements carried a sense of mystery around it .

Chu Yang's heart moved and he said, "Senior Sister Qianqian, do you recall the Snow Cloud Movement Technique?"

Wu Qianqian was also frowning, she said, "I was just about to mention that even though this method is different from ours, it does possess the mystery aura present in the Snow Cloud Movement Technique . "

Chu Yang nodded in agreement, he thought deeply . "The accumulation of snow on the clouds, in the sky, moving in or out, moving forward or backward…"

He thought to himself: These are definitely different but they seem to share the same qualities, what exactly are these qualities? This is so unclear and confusing…

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