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Chapter 1074

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Bu Liuqing laughed coldly and mocked, "A person like you will never understand this feeling!"

The Dharma Supreme laughed unwittingly, his eyes filled with deep recollection . He shook his head and sighed . "If I weren't sentimental, I wouldn't have been one of the Nine Tribulations… Hehe…"

He laughed in a self-contemptuous way, and exclaimed, "That being said, that was a very long time ago… I'm no longer the person I once was!"

Again, he continued to murmur softly .

"Bu Zhuizhui… Lian Yiyi…" He could not stop mumbling the names under his breath . The pain between his brows also surfaced visibly again and again, though he seemed to be enjoying the torment he was in .

Finally, he let out a long sigh . "I finally got the chance to experience it again…" He sighed pitifully . "Back then… It was difficult for me to forget it too…"

He finally stopped rambling and shook his head, as if to dispel the emotions he was feeling . Letting out a laugh, he exclaimed, "This is it! I've got it! I scoured through his memory and always felt like something was missing, I had no clue what it was . A single name surfaced in many of the memories, which was the name Bu Zhuizhui . I went down the list of the entire continent's skilled martial artists, but could not find out who this Bu Zhuizhui was . To think that you would appear right in front of me today! Bu Zhuizhui, hehehe… Good name!"

"You finally admitted to it!" Bu Liuqing shouted into the heavens . His usually cold eyes now overflowed with tears that streamed down his cheeks .

Just like that, he stood there, howling into the sky in pain . His voice was filled with complete desolation and sorrow which could not be kept hidden, no matter how hard he tried! Whoever heard it was sure to cry with him in sympathy as well!

At this instant, Chu Yang bit hard on his lip while Wu Qianqian burst into tears as they empathized with Bu Liuqing's pain .

The Dharma Supreme laughed apathetically . With his hands clasped behind his back, he said, "That's right . So what if I admitted to it? What can you possibly do, Bu Liuqing?"

"I'm not plotting anything! All I want is to seek justice for my brother!" Once again Bu Liuqing lifted his face skyward, allowing tears to flow freely . Without any attempts to wipe his tears away, he continued, "Let the heavens and earth testify! Let them testify the injustice brought upon my brother, and how I avenge him!"

"Hahaha… Avenge?" The Dharma Supreme scorned loudly, as if hearing a big joke .

Bu Liuqing sighed softly . "Yes, avenge . "

The atmosphere suddenly tensed . Both parties were ready to strike!

The Dharma Supreme sighed deeply and said, "Bu Liuqing, my brother, since you have such a tight friendship with this Dongfang Badao, it is no wonder that you were able to unveil my identity . Yet, how were you so sure I was one of those behind the Nine Tribulations?"

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"I never suspected you to be among those behind the Nine Tribulations but… 600 years ago, Wu Jue Cheng suddenly appeared! Once Wu Jue Cheng appeared, the first thing on his mind was to attack the Law-Enforcement City, to kill the Dharma Supreme!"

Bu Liuqing continued, "He was bent on killing you! Yet, you survived in the end! This shouldn't have been the case . "

"If Wu Jue Cheng was determined to kill you, why did he change his mind halfway? Judging by his hatred towards the masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword, how could he have let you, the Dharma Supreme, the most prominent figure of them all, go freely just like that? You were clearly no match against Wu Jue Cheng, yet you survived!"

"It bugged me for 600 years! Until recently, when the duo Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue betrayed Law-Enforcement City and with you making it clear that you were against the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, I made a guess . "

Bu Liuqing's eyes burned with rage . "It turns out that Wu Jue Cheng decided not to kill wasn't because he changed his mind, it was because you and he met with similar fates!"

"Still, meeting a similar fate as him doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't finish you off! Only those he felt could truly empathize with his predicament, someone who could provide him solace, would he show mercy!"

"And perhaps even take a step further as to collaborate with the person . "

"You show no fear now, because you have a Wu Jue Cheng to back you up!"

Bu Liuqing's voice grew with weight . "Hence, you must be one of those behind the Nine Tribulations! But I do not know, were you one from 20,000 years ago, or 30,000 years ago?"

The Dharma Supreme smiled slightly as he listened on . "What makes you think I'm not the one from 40,000 years ago?"

"If you were from 40,000 years ago, Wu Jue Cheng wouldn't even have lifted a finger against you! If you were from 50,000 years ago, Wu Jue Cheng wouldn't have been able to match up against you! Thus, you could only have been from either 20,000 or 30,000 years ago . "

Softly, Bu Liuqing asked, "Who are you, exactly?"

The Dharma Supreme laughed dismissively . "Who I really am, that doesn't matter . What's more important is this battle between us today . Bu Liuqing, if you have said your piece, you may make your move . It is cold and chilly on this winter's night, and not to my liking . "

Bu Liuqing's pupils constricted with rage . Emphasizing every word, he said, "I would like to ask you one last thing!"

The Dharma Supreme frowned and replied, "I would also like to know something . 13,000 years ago, you already knew I was fake . What were you up to then, for 13,000 years?"

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He laughed sarcastically . "Why didn't you come to avenge your good brother?"

Bu Liuqing was having none of it . He replied simply, "You must know then, the reason I fought Ning Tianya for over 10,000 years? You think that people like us are truly concerned about being the best in the world?"

"So Ning Tianya was the one stopping you?" The Dharma Supreme burst out laughing . "Looks like I must have a good chat with Ning Tianya over some drinks the next time I see him!"

Indifferent, Bu Liuqing responded, "Ning Tianya firmly believed that everything happens for a reason . Since the Dharma Supreme was replaced by a phony, it should be left to the hands of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master to settle! I however disagree . "

"And you have always kept a low profile, not many opportunities were presented to me . "

"As for today, I came to the Medicine Banquet this time, since I knew you would be present . Although you had never once been present at any Medicine Banquets, I knew you would definitely come this time around, as the Moon Breeze duo had betrayed you . You know that they will create trouble during the Medicine Banquet this time, and there wasn't anyone else besides you who can stop them!"

"So I knew for sure that you would be present!"

"As for Ning Tianya, I have instructed him to be gone! My real motivations this time is to challenge you in a fight to the death!"

Bu Liuqing continued solemnly, "To avenge my brother! Although 13,000 years have passed, my brother deserves an explanation! Be it 13,000 years or 100,000 years, as long as I owe my brother an explanation, I will give it to him!"

Emphasizing on every word to reiterate his point, he added, "An explanation!"

"It is only after coming here did I know that you transformed Badao's body into an Innate Spiritual Meridian! Hehe, hehe, your abilities are always improving dramatically . To be honest, I'm also worried that if I let you go alive, I might have trouble killing you in the future . "

Bu Liuqing raised his concerns in all honesty .

The Dharma Supreme laughed out loud and said, "So what you're trying to say is that you are capable of killing me now?"

Bu Liuqing replied coldly, "That depends . Words are useless, we shall find out with our swords . "

The Dharma Supreme paused momentarily, before he responded, "I grant you the chance to ask me that one last question you wanted to ask earlier . After you're done, I'll send you to reunite with your good brother, in death!"

"Let me ask you this, is Dongfang Badao still alive?" Bu Liuqing took a deep breath and asked solemnly, "To possess another person's body, the soul could be suppressed, removed or obliterated . I want to know which method you used!"

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The Dharma Supreme laughed strangely . "What do you think? Did you think… that I would have left a piece of sentimentality?"

The spark in Bu Liuqing's eyes vanished . He closed his eyes, his chest heaving up and down . He took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly . As he opened his eyes, they seemed to grow with menace!

He nodded his head dejectedly . Possessing a sense of unforgettable hatred, he bellowed, "Good! Very good!"

The two stopped their conversation…

However, a horrifying atmosphere started to build up and flood across the innumerable mountains and valleys .

In the next moment, Bu Liuqing bellowed, "Badao! There can only be one Dongfang!"

Then, with a stroke of the sword, an overpowering force accompanied by a booming sound reverberated around the vicinity . All trees in the surrounding forest thrust backward in unison!

Such was a stroke of unparalleled grandeur!

Bu Liuqing stood in mid-air with a disposition of magnificence to the point of condescendence and arrogance, as if ready to accept worship from every living thing that lived!

"Dharma Supreme! This stroke shall thus be called… Tyrant of the East!" With a loud huff, Bu Liuqing's sword struck from the sky like a dragon .

"As I avenge my brother, my first move shall be named after him!" Another blow descended!

"Since you want Badao (Tyrant), I shall play tyrant with you!" The Dharma Supreme smiled slightly and took a step forward .

With this single step, he moved just inches out of range of Bu Liuqing's blade and threw a punch .

A simple punch!

With no signs or sounds of warning whatsoever .

The punch landed right on the sword!

A stroke by a tyrant, a punch by another!

The sword and this single punch clashed!

The sword seemed to have frozen, as it stopped in mid-air!

The Dharma Supreme's fist also seemed to have frozen in mid-air, as it stayed-put on top of the sword; as his black sleeves slid slowly behind, exposing a fair wrist!

Bu Liuqing remained in mid-air, with one hand gripping his sword . His long hair frayed into the sky and danced wildly in the air .

The Dharma Supreme stood on the ground and maintained his stance, with his fist extended and his long hair waving vigorously behind his head like a flag in the wind .

Such a peculiar pose was maintained only for a split second, before both let out a mild huff, with Bu Liuqing's torso flung in the opposite direction . His long sword instantaneously shattered into a million pieces and vanished in thin air .

The Dharma Supreme's torso, on the other hand, arched and was also flung backward at a high velocity .

However, one could clearly see that as the Dharma Supreme got flung backward, his feet first sank into the ground, followed by his shin, then his thigh, his waist, his torso and finally his whole body…

Just like that, his path backward was indicated initially by a drain carved out in the ground . By the time he stopped, the drain carved out by his trajectory had become a valley!

Stones overflowed like mud on either side .

He was being flung back for a solid 270 feet!

This was equivalent to using one's own body to carve out a huge valley hundreds of feet long and many feet deep!

Such a clash was also a head-on clash against each other with all their might! Since both were evenly matched, neither one was handicapped .

When the Dharma Supreme stood back up, he was no more than a tiny dot seen from where he initially was . Zi Xieqing purposely teleported Chu Yang, Wu Qianqian and herself using the Ripped Dimension technique once again, to where the Dharma Supreme was, just so they could see the state the Dharma Supreme was in . The Dharma Supreme winced . He raised his fist and inspected it solemnly .

On his fist was a prominent wound that sliced across his knuckles!

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