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Chapter 1072

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As the crowd was discussing among themselves, a deafening explosion suddenly echoed through the far horizon . Afterward, a massive mushroom-shaped plume of smoke rose into the air, following which the whole sky burst and cackled, with endless streaks of black crack lines filling the sky .

It was quite obvious that the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing had begun their battle!

Ye Di and the rest looked at the distance with worried and distressed expressions .

The domain levels of the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing were levels that only a few could even dream of attaining .

The booming sounds from afar sounded endlessly .

After a while, a streak of light ripped the sky into two, carving a path of white from the Heavens to the Earth . There was nothing quite like the grandeur of it!

"The Sword of Mercy! Bu Liuqing has made his move!" The crowd was momentarily in awe .

Ye Di and Xiao Se both had solemn expressions on their faces .

Watching such a blow, both had the same thing on their mind - what would happen if they themselves had been struck by such a blow from Bu Liuqing…

Both of them glanced at each other and saw the same fear in each other's eyes .

"Go home, everybody . Let's stop spectating the battle . Watching a battle of such a level will only crush our own confidence!" Ling Fengyun laughed .

As the crowd started to leave, they felt the ground beneath begin to shake . They looked over frantically, and all they saw was brilliant shocks of white light protruding endlessly across the sky, just as an endless wave of lightning, illuminating even the place where the crowd was with radiance as bright as day .

Right in front of the radiance of the sword, however, was a mountain in mid-air . The entire mountain acted as a hammer and pummeled again and again against the light .

"It's the Dharma Supreme! It's his Divine Nature Power!" The crowd gasped .

Most people in the crowd could lift and hurl a mountain .

However, no one could lift such a gigantic mountain, let alone using it as a hammer and pummeling it continuously… This required beyond a hundred times the strength to lift a single mountain!

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With the Dharma Supreme's continuous pummeling, one could see the entire mountain being pummeled to dust! The light from Bu Liuqing's sword remained brilliant in the sky .

The entire sky of Tianji City became filled with sand and dust, causing the sky to be increasingly dull .

Witnessing this scene, the Second Grandmasters present let out a sigh in unison and were momentarily at a loss for words .

. . .

As Bu Liuqing and the Dharma Supreme brought their battle further away, a white figure traveled to where Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian were hiding, some hundred feet away, in the blink of an eye .

"Have you seen enough? Let's go . " The figure grabbed both of them by their hands with one hand waving the other in mid-air, and swoosh!

Chu Yang and Wu Qingqing saw the space in front of them being forcefully ripped apart, as if it were a piece of cloth . The mountains, rivers and buildings appeared quickly head-on from behind this piece of cloth, then vanished .

Zi Xieqing yanked them both all of a sudden across the cloth .

This single step was akin to crossing the line between life and death; as if crossing into the underworld!

Stepping out, Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian were shocked to realize that they had been transported from Tianji City to somewhere in the wilderness .

"Ripped Dimension, a thousand miles for a single step!" Chu Yang gasped sharply .

He knew Zi Xieqing was strong, but never did he expect her to be so powerful as to perform the Ripped Dimension with two others and travel a thousand Li with a single step!

"Wrong!" Zi Xieqing said lightly, "We are in fact 2,700 miles from Tianji City!"

Chu Yang froze .

Wu Qianqian stared at Zi Xieqing with a dream-like expression, dumbfounded .

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Ever since she had been following Chu Yang, Wu Qianqian was used to witnessing dynastic changes, brutality, death, and would have experienced life . She also had been traumatized by events for a fair number of times . Furthermore, ever since being a disciple of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou's clan, one could say Wu Qianqian had seen all that life had to offer .

Logically, at this stage, any event would not have astonished Wu Qianqian or made her lose her cool .

At this instant, she was stunned and felt her whole world spinning .

She would never have imagined that sister Xieqing, whom she had just been talking to cordially the other day, would have such terrifying cultivation! To be able to rip dimension apart as if it were a piece of cloth and to transport herself with two other people across 2,700 miles with a single step!

What's the meaning of this?

Wu Qianqian did not want to admit the possibility, but knew for a fact that even by multiplying the combined powers of her two teachers by ten and beyond was unable to match what she had just witnessed!

If that was the case, wouldn't that make sister Xieqing the best in all of the Nine Heavens?

Wu Qianqian was pretty jaw dropped for quite some time, before she regained her composure and said in awe, "Sister Xieqing is indeed unsurpassable in all of the Nine Heavens!" She finally admitted .

She had to say it .

"You're wrong," Zi Xieqing replied, "Not only am I the best in all of the Nine Heavens… I am the best in all realms tens of millions of miles even outside of the Nine Heavens!"

Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian were both dazed at the same time .

"This place is quiet and deserted . It is the most suitable place for the two Supreme Martial Artists to battle," Zi Xieqing continued, "I will use my energy to keep you hidden to witness this high-leveled battle between masters . "

She fixed her eyes on Chu Yang . "This is largely beneficial to your intended achievements in the future . Furthermore, such a match between masters of such a level of skill is the hardest to come across . Watch and learn . "

Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian nodded their heads seriously . Both knew how rare this opportunity was, even without Zi Xieqing mentioning it .

The battle between the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing was definitely a battle between the strongest in the Nine Heavens! The benefits reaped from this battle could possibly be more than the battle between Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing!

This was because the battle between Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing was not life-threatening . In the battle between the Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing however, it was a fight to the death!

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Those with powers that come close however, would not dare to witness such a battle . This was because they were striving towards attaining such a skill level . Watching such a battle though might instead leave the spectator feeling as if there was a skill level they could never attain, which could be really bad .

This was also why Ling Fengyun said, "Watching a battle of such a level will only crush our own confidence!"

The domain levels of Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian however, were far from the domain levels they were about to witness, and felt nothing as they watched the battle .

It was akin to someone earning $1,000,000 a month, looking at someone earning $10,000,000 a month . Instantaneously, he would think that he was wrong in thinking he was really cool; when in fact there were people who were much stronger than he was, deflating his ego .

Yet, for a person earning only $1,000 a month looking at someone earning $10,000,000, he would instead learn from the experience of others with humility and strive towards attaining that goal achieved by others .

Yes, this was more or less the principle behind it .

In between their conversations, they suddenly saw a frenzy of white light emanating from out of nowhere, accompanied by sharp swooshing sounds, as if slicing the sky into pieces .

It was Bu Liuqing!

A black, nebulous mass in the shape of a man followed closely behind . Neither swift nor slow, it had an air of confidence similar to a deity descending with an overpowering presence .

It was the Dharma Supreme!

Wu Qianqian had initially very much respected and admired both men . Yet, for some inexplicable reason, she thought to herself, "Nothing more than this?"

Such a thought scared Wu Qianqian herself a little .

Zi Xieqing's power must have been too riveting!

Both Bu Liuqing and the Dharma Supreme had a head start by leaving first, before Zi Xieqing brought Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian to move off . Yet, the trio arrived first and waited for a while, before the duo arrived .

No wonder Wu Qianqian would have such a thought .

Zi Xieqing's eyes glimmered . With a wave of her hand, invisible energy immediately cut off this area from all perceptions from the outside world, including sight, sound, feeling and intuition…

Bu Liuqing landed with a swoosh . Without turning his head, he said, "Brother Dharma Supreme, what do you think of the Feng Shui of this burial ground I have chosen for you?"

The Dharma Supreme's infernal black silhouette stood in mid-air, and he waved his hands around his surroundings methodically, as if actually sizing up the area's Feng Shui . After a while, he nodded with satisfaction and smiled . "If Brother Bu was to be buried here, the scenic landscape here would not be in vain . It's bound to become a mountain of swords in the future! Looks like you have already long made arrangements for your funeral, Brother Bu . "

Bu Liuqing's slender figure stood upright suddenly . He smirked . "I feel that this is a more fitting burial ground for the great Dharma Supreme . "

The Dharma Supreme shook his head and laughed . Dismissively, he said, "There is something, Brother Bu, that I can't seem to understand!"

"Ask away," Bu Liuqing seemed to have guessed what he wanted to ask, and replied with a straight expression .

"Brother Bu, you have always been full of hatred towards me," the Dharma Supreme said with a hint of melancholy, "13,000 years ago, at my inauguration of helming the title of Dharma Supreme, you came looking for me specifically in Law-Enforcement City . Yet, after you saw me, you turned and left without saying a word . That was the first time we met . "

Baffled, the Dharma Supreme continued, "I remembered at that time, out of the numerous guests present, the gifts from Brother Bu were the most precious and the most expensive! Showered with such affection, keke… I thought I found myself a true friend . Alas… the truth wasn't the case, why so?"

"7,000 years ago, in my pursuit of the Supreme Devil Mu Qingtian, I met you again . During that encounter, you drew your sword against me!"

"Even in front of Tianji City gate, Brother Bu was being sarcastic to me, throwing my face in front of everyone from the Nine Super Clans . "

The Dharma Supreme lamented, "I haven't been quite able to understand, have I ever crossed you in any way, Brother Bu?"

Bu Liuqing fell silent for quite a while, before asking, "Who are you?"

Startled, the Dharma Supreme replied, "Who am I?"

Bu Liuqing's cold gaze continued to be fixated on the Dharma Supreme . "That's right, who are you?" he asked coldly .

The Dharma Supreme's averted his gaze . With his hair waving in mid-air as if having a mind of its own, he chuckled faintly . "Brother Bu, are you gone? I am right in front of you, don't you recognize me anymore?"

Suddenly, Bu Liuqing howled with laughter that pierced through the sky .

"Dharma Supreme, did you know, Dongfang Badao is my friend! And from my hometown; both of us came from the same village . What's more, he is my love rival . My wife during that time was also from the exact same village . Young Dongfang Badao was also head over heels for her! However, she married me in the end . "

Bu Liuqing's voice was soft as the wind, but his gaze was sharp as a sword!

As for the Dharma Supreme, his face turned ghastly pale .

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