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Chapter 1071

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How could Lan Muxue be here when he had already been beaten up badly by Zi Xieqing?

The scene became silent when these words were asked .

Even the Lan Clan was silent, unsure of where their Elder Master had been up to now!

The Dharma Supreme said indifferently, "The rest of the other eight clans, hurry and leave this place! As for the Lan Clan, I shall leave it to Brother Yue to settle . However, I hope that this matter will rest as it is after this!"

As soon as he finished, the Dharma Supreme stood up, sternly standing in mid-air with his black robe fluttering . He said, "Brother Bu, since you want to battle, then come with me!"

He had no choice, but to first agree to the request of Yue Lingxue .

Bu Liuqing was obviously out to go against the Dharma Supreme . If the Moon Breeze couple had intervened in the battle between Dharma Supreme and Bu Liuqing, it would have been terrible for one person to go against three of them! With his status as the Dharma Supreme, it would not be shameful for him to flee with his tail between his legs!

Therefore, the Dharma Supreme had no choice but to first agree to the request of the Moon Breeze couple . They would then not be able to join hands with Bu Liuqing when they were busy settling their feud with the Lan Clan .

There were only benefits and no disadvantages to having a solo and big battle with Bu Liuqing .

At least, it would be an improvement to both his martial powers and the understanding of his techniques .

Bu Liuqing drew out his long sword and said indifferently, "Follow me!" The sword light flashed like a lightning bolt . With a loud rumbling sound, Bu Liuqing was gone without a trace .

The Dharma Supreme let out a huge laugh . Swiftly, he turned around with both his hands behind his back and followed Bu Liuqing . Everyone knew that he was long gone . However, it felt as if he was still floating in mid-air quietly .

With an angry scream, both Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue struck at the same time towards Lan Clan .

Even without Zi Xieqing, both of them had no intention of letting the Lan Clan off . Since the Lan Clan dared to harm Wu Qianqian, then they should be ready to pay a price for it!

It was an ultimate display of martial arts as both top-tiered Supreme Martial Artists attacked at the same time .

Not before long, over half of the Lan Clan was dead, leaving behind two high-level Supreme Martial Artists who tried to escape with all their might .

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Yue Lingxue wanted to pursue further, but was stopped by Feng Yurou . "Let them go! Take it as a return of favor, considering our relationship with Meixian . From now on, we have nothing to do with Lan Clan!"

Yue Lingxue snorted with dissatisfaction . Eventually, he gave up on chasing them .

Following which, the couple glanced coldly at the remaining eight super clans . Without any words, they both flew away .

"Humph!" Zhuge Hutu flicked his long sleeves and led the Zhuge Clan away .

Turning around, he scolded, "You deserved it!"

The rest of the seven super clans rolled their eyes together .

Zhuge Hutu finally understood that all the people present today were all hatching their individual plot against the Holy Tribe Elder . It was only because of the wrong information that resulted in today's huge battle .

How would this not make Zhuge Hutu depressed?

The Medicine Banquet was such an important event that concerned the fate of the Nine Super Clans . Yet, some still wanted to hatch certain plots or even steal and kidnap…

F*ck! What was this?

Zhuge Clan's Second Grandmaster spat with disdain and left .

However, in his mind, the Zhuge Clan's Second Grandmaster was still secretly happy about the development . He thought in his mind, 'Our Zhuge Clan had only two casualties . Yet, every other clan has numerous casualties… Judging from this number, I have also gained some glory . '

Humans were like this . They were always upset at the thought that they were the most unlucky . However, the moment they discovered that someone else was more unlucky than them, they would immediately become happy about it .

The Zhuge Clan followed suit and left .

Thereafter, the place was quiet for a while . Suddenly, a huge commotion started .

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The Ye Clan had lost their Second Young Master and over seventy of their martial art exponents . The Xiao Clan had lost their Fifth Young Master and over sixty of their martial art exponents . Both clans were extremely sullen .

As for the rest of the clans, Shi Clan lost over forty exponents, Ling Clan lost forty, Ye Clan lost thirty-five, Chen Clan lost almost fifty . The worst of the clan was Li Clan .

Li Clan came to the event without any invitation, trying to gain something without risking anything of its own . In the end, they lost the most, a solid ninety individuals! This was definitely detrimental to the Li Clan .

"Let us go!" Li Xiangsi waved his hands and led his subordinates away, without a single word .

Li Xiangsi was well aware of what caused them to be the clan who suffered the greatest casualties! It was all for the sake of Li Xiongtu, one of his clansmen and also "One of the Nine Tribulations"!

As long as they had "One of the Nine Tribulations" within their clan, they were the common target for the rest of the eight super clans .

Had they stayed longer, it would be unfavorable to them if the rest of the jealous adjacent clans became crazy and started to attack them .

Therefore, the Li Clan chose to leave first!

Chen Clan was the third clan to leave .

The Chen Clan could also be considered as a huge tragedy . They had saved a huge sum of money that would have been used to bribe Chu Yang . They only sent their men to monitor the rest of the other clans and to follow suit should there be any movements from them .

With such careful planning, they finally managed to attend this event of huge loss .

The other clans could at least make trouble for Chu Yang as a way to vent their anger . Chen Clan did not even have this excuse . Therefore, they quickly left the place .

No choice, but to acknowledge this as their complete loss .

Shi Jing from the Shi Clan was the first to start scolding . "All of you are useless! Not even using your brains when you do work! Had all your heads been just carrying bean curds instead of your brains? F*ck your ancestors! Even if the Shi Clan were all stoning and could not think, could it be that the rest of your clans were stoning as well? F*ck! Did we all just become a family?"

Both the faces of Xiao Se and Ye Di turned black .

Shi Jing was obviously using the tragedy as an excuse to scold the rest of the clans indirectly . He had just suffered a loss while managing and assigning tasks from the Dharma Supreme . Now, he was venting his anger from it .

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Ling Fengyun scolded angrily . "Shut up! If you don't want to become a pile of dead stones, then hurry up, grab your people and scram! I am very depressed now . Do not annoy me!"

Shi Jing responded angrily while stamping his foot, "What are you trying to say?"

Xiao Se took a step forward, coldly and solemnly . He said, "All of us have lost people . Why don't we just settle our own respective funeral affairs? You may be unhappy, Shi Jing, but so are the rest of us . If you pissed us off, we may just bash you up together!"

It was a classy response from Xiao Se . Although it was a scolding for Shi Jing, it unexpectedly brought everyone closer together .

Shi Jing shrugged his neck and scolded, "F*ck! Although I cannot afford to provoke you, I can definitely afford to hide from you . " Just like this, he led his people out of the place .

Subsequently, as the individual clans took count of their losses, every one of them revealed a depressed face about to break into tears .

"Ye Clan has 73 casualties . Amongst them, one of them is a first grade Supreme Martial Artist, 3 Ninth grade Martial Saints, 11 Eighth grade Martial Saint, 17 seventh grade Martial Saints, 5 Sixth grade Martial Saints and the rest were all Martial Saints of the fourth or fifth grade . "

"Amongst them, is the second in command of the younger generation, Ye Shifeng!"

"Ye Shifeng died under the hands of Xiao Clan . Amongst the 73 casualties, 41 of them were killed by Xiao Clan! 7 were killed by Ling Clan . There were 12 who got killed by Lan Clan and 2 by Chen Clan . 6 of them died under the hands of Li Clan, 3 by Shi Clan and 2 by Yè Clan!"

Ye Di clasped his hands behind the back and stood up . His eyes flashed and he said, "You all have to give me an explanation!"

"Bullsh*t!" Xiao Se was the first to jump . He said, "There is a total of 67 casualties from Xiao Clan, out of which 50 odd people died under the hands of Ye Clan . Even the younger generation, Fifth Young Master is dead, under the hands of Ye Clan! How are you going to explain this to me?"

Ling Fengyun snorted and coldly said, "The number of people from Ling Clan who died at the hands of Ye Clan is not small either . I too want an explanation!"

Yè Qingchou smiled indifferently and said, "The blood debt of our Yè Clan is not small either . "

Ye Di replied angrily all of a sudden, "Where do you think you are at? This is my territory! What are you all doing at my place? You all already deserve to die for appearing at my place! Yet, you still want an explanation? It's ridiculous!"

The various elder masters became engaged in serious arguments . All were flushed with agitation and their faces were red . Everyone cried foul and were all filled with indignation!

However, none of them could convince anyone else . The argument just became hotter and hotter .

The respective clan members behind were all teary, as they collected the remains of their fellow clansmen and were filled with murderous intent .

It looked like another battle was about to begin!

Seeing how the situation had gotten out of control, Ye Di frowned his head and said bluntly, "There is no point for us to continue this argument! Since this matter had not much of a link with Chen Clan, Li Clan, Zhuge Clan and that Lan Clan is almost annihilated, I would suggest to find Lan Muxue and learn more about the situation, before the five of our clans sit down to thrash things out again"

"Subsequently, we can find another opportunity, to catch Chu Yang and bring him in front of a justice court! We will find out what exactly happened today, before we talk about the rest . As for the damages, we can draft a constitution for it and all clans will have to pay for the damages involved!"

Ye Di looked at the other Elder Masters with authority and said, "How is my suggestion?"

"Fine! Then let us first capture Chu Yang, before we make other decisions . All of us have our homes and businesses here, none of us can run away . " Xiao Se was the first to agree .

Although the rest were still unsatisfied, it seemed like it was the only viable way out now .

The feuds of Xiao Clan and Ye Clan got deeper over the years, but it had never erupted into a full-blown conflict . This was all because of the excellent friendship between Ye Di and Xiao Se a long time ago .

If the two Elder Masters had not been such good friends previously, the two clans would have bled out over their conflicts long ago .

Even though both the clans had numerous blood debt, Xiao Se was still first to agree to the plans of Ye Di . This could only say how extraordinary their friendship must have been .

Ye Qingchou laughed and said, "Our losses may be huge, but compared to Lan Clan, it just seemed insignificant . This old ba*tard, Lan Muxue, ended up worse off than when he first started to take advantage of the situation . If he is alive now, he must be really depressed . "

The various Second Grandmasters suddenly laughed out aloud, gloating at their misfortunes . The entire atmosphere became less tense .

"Lan Muxue will not die . Even the remaining two Supreme Martial Artists of Lan Clan were let off by the Moon Breeze couple, so why would they kill Lan Muxue? However, Lan Muxue would be sure to suffer from tons of hardship when he is back . That is expected . " Ye Di said .

Ling Fengyun said, "Congratulations Brother Ye . You now have one less strong competitor . Therefore, the Holy Tribe Elder… Ha Ha Ha…"

Ye Di turned solemn and said, "We will not be lonely, with Ling Clan around . "

Ling Fengyun laughed heartily .

After the discussion, the various Elder Masters gathered their clansmen and prepared to leave this place filled with bloodstains . Everyone was filled with melancholy .

Ye Di kept quiet for a moment before saying, "Let's recompose ourselves tonight . We shall capture Chu Yang tomorrow early morning and bring him to the justice court!"

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