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Chapter 1056

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Bu Liuqing was in deep thoughts .

All these years, although the Dharma Supreme might not have been able to fully understand him, Bu Liuqing himself was also equally unclear about him . However, through the fact that the Dharma Supreme was an innate spiritual meridian, at the very least…

At the very least, in terms of cultivation level, the Dharma Supreme was superior to him .

Bu Liuqing's eyes shimmered, and he snorted coldly in his heart, he could not have imagined how good the Dharma Supreme was at concealing his abilities .

However, albeit possessing a higher cultivation level, it was still not enough to induce such a high level of stress and threat in Bu Liuqing; so, where did this sense of threat originate from?

This left Bu Liuqing extremely puzzled .

. . .

Chu Yang frowned along his way back .

Without even making any halts along the way, he made his way back to his Orchard Palace . After making his exit, he actually forgot about looking for Han Xiaoran to make a move together .

Upon entering the Orchard Palace, he rushed to look for Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing was in the midst of helping Chu Le'er with the blood circulation in her womb and to wrap up the final transformation process .

Chu Yang informed her of his arrival and proceeded to wait for her silently under the planter boxes, he was frowning and seemed to be in deep thoughts .

After some time, Zi Xieqing's white figure appeared in front of Chu Yang . "What happened? Why do you have such a grave expression?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Um, the Sword Spirit is behind closed doors so there is only you whom I can look to regarding my questions . " Chu Yang took a deep look at her, Zi Xieqing could not help but be affected by his expression, she suddenly turned very solemn . With a sweep of her hand, she cast a protective shield over the place they were at and asked, "What is the matter?"

"There is a name, I am not sure if you have heard of it…" Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "Wu Jue Cheng!"

Ever since this name was mentioned by Han Xiaoran, Chu Yang secretly felt that this name was very familiar, yet he could not seem to recall when he heard it . He kept this in his heart but could not help but feel that this would not be a simple matter .

Hence, once he wrapped up his errands at hand, he rushed back to look for Zi Xieqing .

"Wu Jue Cheng?" Zi Xieqing was startled, she said, "I believe I might have heard it somewhere before . "

She frowned and gave it some thought, after some time, she said, "It was at least 10,000 years ago when I last heard this name . . . "

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"A name from 10,000 years ago…" Chu Yang pondered, he felt that there was an open secret in his heart, and what he was missing was a triggering factor to address the elephant in the room .

"Exactly… During those days, this name was very well-known, it was…" Zi Xieqing said .

Halfway through her sentence, Chu Yang slapped his thing and exclaimed . "I just remembered!"

"You have some recollection?" Zi Xieqing asked as she witnessed Chu Yang's expression turning very odd .

A sense of fear, a sense of confusion, a sense of … an unexplainable complication .

Chu Yang was a little shaken at heart .

Indeed, Chu Yang remembered the words of the Sword Spirit when he killed Ou Duxiao and obtained the "Guide to the World of Poison" book .

During that time, the Sword Spirit said, "This Guide to the World of Poison is not merely a record of poisoning techniques . In the past, it was the special methods that had made the 'Poison Doctor' Wu Jue Cheng famous .

"Poison Doctor Wu Jue Cheng was one of the nine brothers of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword forty-thousand years ago . And, the Wu Clan used to be one of the nine dominating clans of the Nine Heavens thirty-thousand years ago . Wu Jue Cheng would move unhindered in the Jianghu during those days relying upon his poison techniques . He would kill people and also save them . However, he never lifted a hand or used any weapon . In fact, he would kill people while chatting and laughing with them . Even outstanding heroes would become helpless in front of him . Their valor would be of no use . "

"Besides being a poison expert, Wu Jue Cheng was also a highly skilled divine doctor . He ventured between the good and the dark side and started to do whatever he felt like doing . He was truly a "monstre sacré" of that time . "

Chu Yang's heart was beating as loud as the thunder .

One of the Nine Tribulations forty-thousand years ago .

Subsequently, he recalled what Han Xiaoran had said earlier in the day .

"The year the Dharma Supreme and Wu Jue Cheng had a fight, that was what one would call astonishing, Wu Jue Cheng floated in mid-air and grabbed a large mountain in his hand, keeping it afloat in the air . "

"Wu Jue Cheng was the only successor of the Martial Warrior, Chen Feng . "

He remembered that Han Xiaoran wore an odd expression on his face, he seemed to have had a verbal slip and seemed to be somehow afraid of speaking out .

"The Poison Doctor Wu Jue Cheng…" Chu Yang mumbled incoherently, he rested his sight upon an imaginary point . "Martial Warrior Chen Feng… Wu Jue Cheng… Martial Warrior Chen Feng's only successor…"

"Martial Warrior Chen Feng was married to Martial Warrior Liu Yun . . . "

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"This means that Wu Jue Cheng was the descendant of Martial Warrior Chen Feng and Martial Warrior Liu Yun …"

One of the Nine Tribulations forty-thousand years ago .

Chu Yang continued mumbling to himself, the more he thought about it, the more confused he felt .

"One of the Nine Tribulations, how did he survive it?"

"How old is the Dharma Supreme? How did he even go into a battle with Wu Jue Cheng?"

Chu Yang mumbled to himself .

Wu Qianqian mentioned that day when the Dharma Supreme had attained his position more than ten thousand years ago . This was not changed all these years…"

As such, the cultivation level of the Dharma Supreme during that time would not have been stronger than what it was now .

How old was Han Xiaoran? Based on his tone, it was as if he personally witnessed what had happened . This meant that Han Xiaoran did witness the battle between the Dharma Supreme and Wu Jue Cheng!

Chu Yang continued to mumble softly as he thought about it .

Zi Xieqing was opposite him and she heard everything he said . She knew what he was puzzled about and was also giving it some thought herself .

"This is strangely puzzling," said Chu Yang .

"Actually, this thing is not as puzzling as you think it is!" Zi Xieqing smiled gently .

"It is enough as long as it can be confirmed that Wu Jue Cheng is the only successor of the Martial Warrior Chen Feng . "

"Since he is the only successor of the Martial Warrior Chen Feng, even if he was one of the Nine Tribulations, Chen Feng and Liu Yun would not have been willing to witness their only descendent die and become a stone to patch the sky . Besides, with Chen Feng's and Liu Yun's abilities, even if they were not capable of changing the overall situation, by manipulating or changing some minor details, or by substitution, it was not impossible for Wu Jue Cheng to survive . "

Zi Xieqing said slowly .

Chu Yang's eyes lit up . "That's right . "

"Other than that, nothing else can be confirmed… As for the battle between the Dharma Supreme and Wu Jue Cheng, the Dharma Supreme could not have been a match for Wu Jue Cheng . "

Zi Xieqing continued to analyze .

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"That's right . " Chu Yang nodded .

"However, both of them indeed had a battle," Zi Xieqing said, "You can consider both of us . "

Chu Yang's face immediately changed . "Do you mean?"

Zi Xieqing nodded her head . "That is possible . "

Chu Yang inhaled and kept silent .

"What do you think will the reaction of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master if he knew that Wu Jue Cheng is still alive?" Zi Xieqing tilted her head and asked .

"Of course, he will be full of hatred!" Chu Yang said without hesitation .

Who is Wu Jue Cheng? He is the successor of Martial Warrior Chen Feng! What a respectable status this is! However, this Nine Tribulations Sword Master actually almost became a stone for patching the sky… is Wu Jue Cheng that worthless?

After understanding everything, how could he not hate the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?

Thinking about this gave Chu Yang the creeps . He mumbled, "This means that there exists an extremely strong and possibly undefeatable competitor in the Nine Heavens…"

Zi Xieqing continued lightly, "As of now, the Dharma Supreme is at odds with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master who also sees Wu Jue Cheng as an enemy . The enemy of your enemy is your friend . Hence, the Dharma Supreme and Wu Jue Cheng could never be enemies . "

Chu Yang gave a bitter smile and nodded . "At the very least, in history, I was unaware that the Nine Clans had so many Martial Warriors…"

This was the actual truth .

From the memories of the divine spirit of the first Nine Tribulations Sword Master, it could be known that there were only three to five martial warriors in each of the nine super clans .

Yet, how many were there now?

It was incomparable .

"Do you know why?" Zi Xieqing smiled and winked .


"This continent is known as the nine heavens continent! The Nine Tribulations Sword Master, the Ninth Generation, and what you have been practicing, is the Nine Heavens Divine Technique!" Zi Xieqing said in a solemn voice, "Nine is the last single digit number, the path of the Nine Tribulations Sword has reached a dead end . "

"If I am not wrong, the right and wrong, and the grievances that lasted the last ninety-thousand years, will come to an end in your hand!" Zi Xieqing said lightly .

Chu Yang's body jerked for a moment .

"Furthermore, the Nine Tribulations of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is something that cannot be changed in this situation . Even for Chen Feng and Liu Yun, they would have to pay a price for going against the heavens .

Chu Yang was in deep thoughts, suddenly, his eyes lit up and he mumbled, "The irreversible situation before this…"

He emphasized on the words "before this" .

"Big Sister Zi, can you use your divine sense to check if Wu Jue Cheng is in this Tianji City?" Chu Yang asked .

Zi Xieqing gave a bitter smile and shook her head . "I will not be able to sense the presence of someone that is so powerful if he was to conceal it . Never mind these people, even for the normal Martial Warrior of the first rank, I am not capable of doing it . "

She raised her eyebrows immediately . "Are you worried about Wu Jue Cheng?"

Chu Yang smiled wryly . "Someone from forty-thousand years back . . . how high would his cultivation level be right now?"

Zi Xieqing said in disdain, "As long as he has not destroyed the Divine Sky and broke the void, he would not be able to get any stronger . "

"For someone who has attained such a status, would he have chosen to stay instead of trying to destroy the Divine Sky and break the void?"

"Not necessarily . " Zi Xieqing said, "You do not understand how strong of a temptation the realm is to a martial artist . In the past, I myself, was also unable to resist this temptation… how would Chen Feng and Liu Yun be able to? Yet, they still left… besides, if they went against heaven's wishes and stayed, they would have to undergo a punishment from the heavens every one thousand years . "

"Every continent has its own equilibrium point, if the presence of a person is able to disrupt this equilibrium point, the heavens will unleash its fury onto the people . "

"Of course, if one is able to resist such a temptation and the punishment from the heavens once in a thousand years, his wisdom is unimaginable . "

Zi Xieqing said slowly .

Chu Yang nodded his head . However, his heart still did not feel relieved . What if Wu Jue Cheng meant to seek revenge from the Nine Tribulations Sword Master? What would happen?

One must understand that for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master to allow him to become one of the Nine Tribulations, he first had to pledge full loyalty, his sentiments, his friendships and everything else that is fine and glorious to the Master .

However, at the final step, all this gloriousness was going to turn into enormous hatred .

This hatred was beyond irreconcilable!

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