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Chapter 1055

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Mo Qingwu did not expect to really meet Chu Yang here .

Throughout the journey, the Teacher gave all kinds of excuses so she was faintly aware that the Teacher was against the idea of her and Brother Chu Yang's meeting .

After all, her cultivation base was obtained through a crash course and she did not possess a strong foundation . In fact, her travels during this time period were for her to stabilize her state of mind and improve her cultivation base .

How could Mo Qingwu not understand this reasoning?

Under such circumstances, meeting Chu Yang would only affect her spiritual faith .

Hence, Bu Liuqing kept dragging on, he was neither anxious nor was planning to make any move . Although Mo Qingwu was displeased, she had nothing to say .

Even towards what Bu Liuqing had said, 'Your Brother Chu Yang will definitely attend the Medicine Banquet', she highly doubted it from the bottom of her heart .

However, at this moment, in the sea of thousands, she caught sight of that figure .

Figure .

The figure dressed in black .

A figure that was tall and straight as a sword, and yet was still accompanied by indiscernible idleness and casualness . The shoulders were not considered broad, but seeing this pair of shoulders made Mo Qingwu feel like they are strong enough to endure all the hardships in the world .

This figure was etched in her memory .

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yang's figure disappeared into the crowd .

Mo Qingwu continued to stand on the rooftop and stared into space as tears coursed down her elegant and beautiful face .

At this moment, she could not comprehend what she was feeling in her heart .

Sad, surprised, bitter, and a little perturbed, she felt a little shy and her heart was in knots… her heart was beating quicker by the minute and was almost going to jump out of her throat .

She was overjoyed yet she could not utter a single word .

Clearly, she wanted to jump down immediately and look for him, she wanted to tell him how much she had missed him .

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However, in her great surprise, she stood still like a puppet and could not move .

She continued to stand there lifelessly and her tears continued to trickle down her face but she did not bother to wipe them away .

Her vision was blurry and she could barely see the window in front of her clearly . Yet, with tears in her eyes, she continued to stare in the direction where Chu Yang vanished, screaming madly in her heart . 'Brother Chu Yang, I saw you again . '

Brother Chu Yang, I saw you again! This is great!

However, she could not even make a sound .

Eventually, she covered her face with her hands and crouched to the ground, sobbing silently . The tears escaped through her fingers .

Her tears became uncontrollable and slowly, her body started to tremble .

Do you know how much I have missed you? Do you understand how lonely I felt? Do you know how empty I was without you by my side? Do you know that you appear in my dreams every single day?

Her thin shoulders continued to tremble, after the tremendous surprise, her heartfelt great sorrow and grief . She could not control her emotions at this point in time .

. . .

"What is the matter, Xiao Wu? Why are you crying?" Bu Liuqing's anxious voice came from behind .

"I… I…" Mo Qingwu raised her head to reveal her small, delicate face . "Teacher… I saw him . "

Bu Liuqing's heart pounded . "Who? Who did you see?"

"I saw my Brother Chu Yang . " Mo Qingwu wiped away her tears . She was feeling more and more sorrowful, yet happier and happier at the same time . "I saw him, Teacher…"

Bu Liuqing stared at her with a surprised look on his face . He repeated himself like a puppet . "You saw him?"

"Yes!" Mo Qingwu nodded her head furiously as two drops of tears dripped down onto the ground .

With his eyes wide opened, Bu Liuqing said with a dejected expression on his face, "Why is this rascal here?"

"Hmph!" Mo Qingwu snorted loudly and stomped her feet . She said angrily, "Teacher, you are a bad person!" With tears in her eyes, she suddenly remembered . "I am going to look for him!"

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With a leap into the air, she flew down the tall building .

Before Bu Liuqing could stop her, Mo Qingwu had already leaped off the building; he could not help but sigh . "Silly girl… A girl should learn to be more reserved…"

Following that, he sighed again . "This rascal, how can he really appear here? I have miscalculated…"

. . .

Mo Qingwu threw herself off the building, a red figure could be seen floating in mid-air, just like an empyrean fairy falling from the sky .

Everyone who witnessed this scene stared at it in rapture .

Mo Qingwu's slim and graceful figure landed on the spot where Chu Yang was last seen before he disappeared, she ran around quickly . Her pair of eyes were looking around anxiously, in the bustling crowd around her, everyone cast a strange look at her . They did not know what this fairy-like, dewy-looking young girl, with a mixed look of confusion and excitement, was looking for .

However, Mo Qing Wu could see no one, there was only one figure that remained in her heart .

She searched around painstakingly, Brother Chu Yang, I am coming for you .

Where are you?

Where are you? I obviously saw you . . . Where did you go?

Finally, after a long time, Mo Qingwu stopped searching .

She knew that Chu Yang had already gone far .

She stood, baffled and confused . She was standing in the crowd and was surrounded by many people, yet she felt a deep sense of loneliness .

As she stared blankly into space, her tears flowed down uncontrollably, she crouched to the ground and wept silently as her thin and fragile shoulders trembled furiously…

It turns out that you are here .

You are here .

After a long time, someone patted her shoulders and Mo Qingwu tearfully turned to look, only to see Bu Liuqing standing in front of her, looking at her pitifully . "Be good, Xiao Wu, let's go back . Since he is here, the two of you will definitely meet one day . "

Mo Qingwu nodded her head gently, with her eyes on the ground as another string of tears streamed down again .

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Bu Liuqing grabbed her hands, gently, both figures floated up in the air and returned to the rooftop .

Mo Qingwu looked outside in a daze and spoke in a gibberish tone, "Teacher, so is this what love is like?"

Bu Liuqing was stunned .

"Is this what love is like between men and women?" Mo Qingwu repeated in a daze . She seemed to sigh, as if to affirm . After some time, to one's surprise, she sighed in the tone of a mature lady . "This feeling is so bitter yet I look forward to it…"

Upon hearing this, Bu Liuqing felt like passing out, clearly, this little disciple had obsessive tendencies .

Just as he was about to console her .

He heard Mo Qingwu say, "How do I stop myself from thinking about him? My heart seems to have a mind of its own . Teacher…" She raised her small face to look at Bu Liuqing and said, "Teacher, have you ever experienced a love like this?"

Bu Liuqing was extremely startled, thoughts raced through his mind, time turned back to more than 10,000 years ago, the memories that had been locked away since a long time ago flooded his mind, those faces seemed so vivid .

He thought he had buried those memories in the past, but thinking about them at this moment in time made him realize that he had never forgotten .

He sighed deeply and gave up on trying to console Mo Qingwu as he sat down quietly .

How many years ago was that… when he had one wife and two concubines . After their passing, he once remarried, yet he still remembered a woman, who on her deathbed, gently touched his face and looked upon him fondly, and her last words .

"Actually, I really want to die after you . I cannot bear to leave you . Without me, poor you will have to spend many years alone, as you spend this long life alone, companionless and lonely, in solitude and desolation… how can I be at ease when I leave you . . . "

. . .

As Bu Liuqing recalled these memories, the hint of a reminiscent, dreary smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, ever since he heard these words and since the day she passed away till today, the thought of remarrying or starting a new family had never crossed his mind .

Such a long time; indeed, for an ordinary person, he seemed to be almost immortal and appeared to be an eternal entity living on earth . However… who could have understood how unbearable it is to withstand such a heartbreaking parting by death while living such a long life?

Amongst ordinary humans, or even warriors, how many of them were actually able to live a long and happy life till old age with him?

Bu Liuqing gave a long sigh .

At the window, the tiny girl in red also heaved a long, heavy sigh; a sigh that was actually filled with heartbreaking grief .

As Bu Liuqing overheard her long, heavy sigh, he suddenly gave another long sigh .

It seemed like he was beginning to lose some understanding of the world, a small girl at the tender age of thirteen… surprisingly…

"Teacher, please do not worry about me . There is only happiness in my heart now that it is certain that Brother Chu Yang is here . Furthermore, I will definitely be able to see him . " Mo Qingwu continued to say, "I will wait every day and I will dress myself up nicely . . . "

Once again, Bu Liuqing heaved another long sigh and said, "I will then continue to ponder about my own matters, ah, how I wish that the person in front of you right now is Ning Tianya instead of me . "

Mo Qingwu appeared to not have heard him and turned to look out of the window with a dazed expression . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Bu Liuqing gave a wry smile, and proceeded to drift off in contemplation .

Ever since they arrived at this place, a concern had been wandering around in his mind, this concern made him very uneasy to the extent that he felt a faint sense of threat . Sometimes, he would even feel a chill creeping over him .

It had been a very long time since he felt something like that .

However, since the day he met the Dharma Supreme, such threatening sentiments grew stronger . Unexpectedly, the feeling of chills going down his spine also occurred a few times .

This left Bu Liuqing extremely startled .

Based on my cultivation level, how is it possible for me to face any danger here? Unless… the Dharma Supreme is really intending to lay his hands on my disciples? Bu Liuqing's eyes turned cold .

Not only did the thought of the Dharma Supreme make Bu Liuqing depressed, but it also further complicated his train of thoughts .

Since the day they met, the more Bu Liuqing thought about it, the more suspicious he felt . One night, he finally discovered the roots of his suspicions .

"At the beginning when I formally became an apprentice to my master, my master once mentioned that the clan's special power can only be passed down to innate spiritual meridians . He ordered me, when I start to look for apprentices in the future, to only accept those with an inborn spiritual pulse . Rather than accepting unqualified disciples just to make up the numbers, he would rather have the knowledge of this special power be buried in history .

These were the words of the Dharma Supreme .

Bu Liuqing finally realized what was amiss .

Supreme Fa, as it turned out, possessed the inborn spiritual pulse .

Bu Liuqing's eyes turned as cold as those of a falcon . Dharma Supreme, Ning Tian Ya and I are around the same age . Me and Ning Tian Ya's competencies are at most of the good quality but definitely not anything extraordinary .

However, the Dharma Supreme actually possesses the demonic nature of an innate spiritual meridian .

What did this indicate?

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