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Chapter 1049

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"This kind of matter… If the Supreme Martial Artist are available, they could have organized the event anytime . Why do they want to hold it once every thousand years?" asked Zi Xieqing, while standing at one side .

"It is most likely because… the amount of Pharmacist 'fate energy' required to cultivate the Heaven Nourishing Jade would take at least a thousand years to accumulate," replied Chu Yang softly .

Zi Xieqing asked the question on purpose and Chu Yang made a conscious effort to reply as well .

However, this question and answer dispelled every doubt in their minds .

Both of them nodded in agreement at the same time .

Standing at the side, Wu Qianqian was weighed down with worry and anxiety . She knew that the best solution was to let Feng Yue couple witness the despicable actions of the Dharma Supreme and come to realize the truth themselves .

However… to do so, it would mean to first put Feng Yue couple in danger . Facing them was the besiege attack of at least 40 Supreme Martial Artists! Furthermore, there was also a danger of facing the Dharma Supreme, who was unpredictable and standing at the peak of martial arts!

In comparison, on her own side, there was no such person who could turn the tide in desperate times of emergencies and dangers .

In Wu Qianqian's mind, there were only two such candidates: Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing!

Only these two people could have extracted the Feng Yue couple successfully in this kind of desperate times . However, there would definitely be a price to pay for it .

"After careful consideration, there might still be other solutions to this matter . " Chu Yang consoled .

He had already decided to do it .

Not just to do it, but also to do it beautifully .

On the side of Nine Tribulations Sword Master Chu Yang, there was a severe lack of highly skilled professionals . There was basically none at all .

In his confrontation with the Nine Super Clans, it seemed on the surface that Chu Yang was gaining advantage in every step . Step by step, he was gearing towards victory and all the Nine Super Clans were being manipulated in his plan . However, all this was only possible because his identity was kept a secret .

In terms of actual strength, Chu Yang was pitiful in comparison .

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At the present moment, the strength of Chu Clan could not be used by Chu Yang . Otherwise, a single encounter would cause the Chu Clan everything .

Taking into account all possibilities, those beside Chu Yang and who could be considered as professionals were only Wei Wuyan, Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan .

Furthermore, these four people were only considered as professionals, compared to others .

In addition, they were still not yet in position .

Also, in the intelligence department, there was only Nangong Shifeng, who was famous for his bad mouth…

The Tao state energy of Zi Xieqing would be full anytime and by that time, she would leave the team . Yet, Chu Yang was unwilling to accept Zi Xieqing's suggestion for herself to annihilate the Nine Super Clans…

Therefore, at Chu Yang's side, the ones most skilled in martial arts were Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou, who were still unaware that Chu Yang was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Under such circumstances, to further sacrifice Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou, it was too great a loss for Chu Yang to bear at this stage .

Therefore, for these two people, Chu Yang would do all he could to guarantee their safety .

"That's great . " Wu Qianqian trustingly said, "I shall leave this matter to you . "

Towards Chu Yang, Wu Qianqian had an innate trust . Regardless of the matter, as long as Chu Yang said, "Leave it to me . "

Wu Qianqian would be entirely at ease to leave the matter to him!

In her eyes, there was nothing in this world that Chu Yang could not resolve .

After which, Wu Qianqian and Zi Xieqing talked intimately for quite a while, before finally bidding goodbye to each other reluctantly .

Chu Le'er had always been in deep sleep for the past few days .

Ever since Zi Xieqing changed her body nature, this little girl was basically in a daze these past few days . To sleep after eating; to eat after waking . Nothing else was done .

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However, this was to be expected . Furthermore, it was due to the weak body constituents of Chu Le'er that resulted in this . Therefore, Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing were not too worried .

All these should be better after a period of sleeping and adaptation .

In the following two days, everything was peaceful . Even Nangong Shifeng, who came every three days previously, did not come this time around . It was obvious that the number of people arriving had decreased significantly .

Those who should have arrived had all come .

The information gathered by Nangong Shifeng on the people who arrived had already piled up to over three feet thick . All the information was very detailed . At times, Chu Yang would suspect how did Nangong Shifeng manage to gather all the information?

Some of these information were even top secrets .

Regarding this question, Chu Yang would only know the answer when he asked Nangong Shifeng one day .

Nangong Shifeng was only responsible for finding out the names of the people who had arrived . Subsequently, he would approach a secret place within Tianji City, known as the 'Omniscient News Loft' . As long as he handed over some purple crystals, he would be getting all the information about these people…

It was not known who opened this 'Omniscient News Loft' . It was highly secretive . They only sell information and the price was definitely not low . They had a good reputation and it seemed like there was nothing in this world that they did not know…

Chu Yang was astonished in his mind, yet he found it a little funny, that there was actually such as business…

Therefore, Chu Yang gave another bunch of purple crystals to Nangong Shifeng to let him purchase the information . Chu Yang could not possibly allow Nangong Shifeng to use his own wealth to help Chu Yang himself .

These few days, Lan Changge secretly found Chu Yang and gave him a packet of medicine . It was for him to find an opportunity to add it to Wu Qianqian's medicine for her injury .

This gave a clear signal to Chu Yang that Lan Changge was going to spring into action .

Other than this, Zhuge Clan had no actions, neither did Ye Clan nor the Nine Super Clans . Ever since the Dharma Supreme arrived, the entire Tianji City became much more civilized . Throughout the city, there were not even many people who were scolding others, needless to say fighting…

This kind of quiet circumstances was also a relief to the people of Zhuge Clan . However, at the same time, they knew that each of the Nine Super Clans was not pushovers as well . This period of peace did not signify that they had given up . Therefore, the preparedness and vigilance behind the scene were even more strict .

This evening .

From outside the gates of Tianji City, came a person who strolled in leisurely .

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This person was wearing a green long robe, looking gentle . Even though it was just normal walking, it revealed a sense of calmness that could not be described with words . Regardless of the face, temperament or the body, it all gave people a sense that he was carefree and nothing could stir his heart .

This kind of carefreeness even included life and death .

Absolutely above all material .

Meng Chaoran finally arrived at Tianji City leisurely .

Just when the sky turned dimmed, from afar came three figures at high speed .

"The seclusion this time round took too long, not sure if Number Four had become anxious or not . The breakthrough this time around, it was obvious that the martial power had already exceeded in the requirement, yet the breakthrough in the enlightenment was still such an uphill task!" said the first person .

"Yes, even until now, there are still many things that we do not know about it . Looks like we have to put it in use during the actual battle, in order to fully understand and utilize it . I believe that Number Four in this city, must have been waiting for our arrival anxiously . " said the second person .

"Ke ke, Eldest Martial Brother and Second Martial Brother you are right . " The last person agreed .

The three figures were like a meteor flying across the land . Once they entered the city, they immediately disappeared within the crowd .

After a while, the moon slowly rose up into the sky . Another figure came from afar . This person looked skinny and the face looked dry, like a walking corpse . The face was full of horrible scars . The figure had a sheathed long sword, one that was very normal looking and did not deserve an extra look from the people nearby . Yet, the sword was not on his back, nor was it hung by his waist . It was just plainly held in his right hand…

From the bone structures, this person was originally someone brawny . No one knew what could have happened to cause him to lose so much weight in a short period of time .

"I still came here . " This person sighed, looking at the gates of Tianji City, stupefied .

"I have never owed anyone in my life . Yet, I owed Little Brother a great debt of gratitude . Now, he wanted to rise above the rest in this Medicine Banquet, how could I not come to help!"

"Wait till Little Brother's matter is settled, I would then go anywhere in the world to chase after that evil thief! To take revenge for my wife and child! To take my revenge!" said the man . His eyes glittered with extreme hatred and he clenched his teeth in anger .

Under such agitation, the face that was already littered with scars looked even more distorted and horrible .

His eyes flashed and he took a few heavy and deep breaths . Thereafter, step by step, he walked quietly into Tianji City .

The moon was in the middle of the sky .

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From afar, there were again three figures coming towards Tianji City at high speed .

Amongst the three of them, one of them was brawny . Even though their faces were not visible in the low lighting of the night sky, his body shape was sufficient to make people feel that he was really brawny . Every step he took, was like a moving mountain .

This kind of power in strength and impetus!

This was a natural imposing manner, which only the heroic characters, would unknowingly reveal about themselves . An unparalleled spirit!

Beside him, was another person, slim and slender with fluttering hair . Most likely a lady .

On his left, was a third person with a slightly strange posture . His movements looked similar to a big monkey jumping ahead, while at the same time, like a clumsy bird fluttering his wings gliding ahead .

"We have finally arrived . " The person stood firm in his position, gave a burst of loud laughter and said, "This journey was really enjoyable! We, Four Six Three People Hall, will start to spread our famous names from this journey onwards!"

On one side, the skinny and dry big monkey-like teenager rolled his eyes . He said, "What else could there be that was unhappy? Along the journey, everyone that we met was mostly beaten to the ground by you… so barbaric, you should have left some for me to practice, yet you took them all . "

The person smiled and said, "Those few times that we met the high level Martial Saints, didn't you have a chance to practice? What else have you missed out?"

"Number Four Dong! I will fight you with my life!" the teenager shouted furiously, "That was simply a torture! What kind of practice was that? Number Four Dong, you obviously knew that those people were not someone whom we can afford to offend, yet you wanted to pick a fight with them . Because of you, I was beaten to death three times during this whole journey… do you still have any conscience!?"

"In any case, you can't be beaten to death . " The gentle lady alongside, who had kept silent all the while, smiled and said, "So what's wrong with being beaten to death a few times? Once they are gone, we took your corpse away and after a while, you are resurrected . Furthermore, this process made you even more refined . We are helping you to cultivate your martial arts, my youngest brother . "

That skinny and dry teenager was already beyond tears . He said, "To let me die over and again… this kind of helping me! I have finally seen your true colors… Wait till we see Big Boss, I will definitely lodge a serious complaint against you both~!"

"Hmm . " The brawny teenager smiled and said, "My youngest brother, let's have a bet, do you think Big Boss will believe what we told him, or would he believe someone who had the reputation of being a petty thief and glib-tongued?"

The teenager suddenly became dejected and sighed, gazing towards the heaven . "I have really been ill-matched with you all…"

"Cut the cr*p, let's enter . Let's see if we can find anyone for a sparring tonight . I could feel that we are reaching yet another breakthrough!" said the brawny teenager, smiling . The three of them enter the city gate together .

. . .

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