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Chapter 1040

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People from the Nine Super Clans were standing in their respective contingents, in the direction of the city gate, welcoming the arrival of Dharma Supreme .

Ye Clan was dressed in black, like china ink, like the night sky, right there . At the front of it all, there was a curtain of darkness with a faint shadow of a person, standing there .

Xiao Clan was dressed in green . At the front of it all, was also another person, standing right there within a fog of green .

Lan Clan, just standing there, was dressed in light green within a shade of darker green . Yet, it gave people a sense of elegance . At the front of its contingent, stood a mighty and fearless figure with nothing to hide .

Ling Clan was dressed in snow-like white . The person at the front of its formation even had white-colored hair and white-colored beard . He was standing tall while he gave people the impression of extreme cold, like that of the chilly wind in a snow land, piercing through the bones .

Shi Clan was dressed in light green . They looked just like the huge green stones in the tall green mountain .

Zhuge Clan was dressed in linen robe and portrayed a divine poise .

Ye Clan, on the other hand, was dressed in purple, dazzling purple . Just like the purplish aura coming from the east, during the sunrise .

Chen Clan was dressed in shiny bright yellow and appeared graceful .

Li Clan was dressed in blue .

In front of every clan's contingent, there stood a person .

This person, was a candidate for the Nine Supreme leaders, chosen during the Medicine Banquet, an event co-organized by the Nine Super Clans, Medicine Valley and the law-enforcement officer .

The lowest was also a seventh grade Supreme Martial Artist

Nine of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer formed into a small group, waiting quietly for the arrival .

At this moment, outside Tianji City, it could be considered a true gathering of heroes, assembly of the masters!

From afar, came a black colored contingent slowly . With every step closer, it felt as if the chilliness and majestic aura became stronger .

Above the gates of Tianji City and against strong winds, stood 2 figures in white .

They were Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou .

"Such prestige . " Feng Yurou lightly pouted .

"I've always hated this style of doing things . " Yue Lingxue sighed deeply and said, "Being a law-enforcement officer should not have been a tyrannical abuse of power, ah…"

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"Shall we… take him down a notch now?" Feng Yurou tilted her head to look at her husband .

"The Tao state is still unstable, let's not add more troubles to it . " Yue Lingxue faintly said, "We couple, by standing together and showing our presence today, that's already the best that we can do and we deserve to keep our heads high . In the future, we shall compete again on our own means . " Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"The Nine Tribulations Sword Master has not appeared… Why hasn't the Nine Tribulations Sword Master appeared yet?" Feng Yurou frowned . "This is troublesome . If it's just us… it feels like there is no legitimate reason for us to do it . "

Yue Lingxue kept silent . After a long while, he said, "Even though the identity of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was not revealed, he has definitely appeared . Moreover, he's highly likely to be in this Tianji City…"

The couple stopped talking and stood for a while . Yue Lingxue looked at the sky and let out a long exclaim . "The Medicine Banquet has begun, Dharma Supreme! From today onwards, we, Feng Yue couple, shall offend you!"

With this long exclaim, turbulent times had begun!

The voice echoed strongly through the sky . Within the sky, amidst the thick gloomy clouds, it was still drizzling with cold rain . Suddenly at this moment, the clouds cleared apart to reveal a tunnel of sunlight that shone through the sky, creating a dreamy view from the reflections of the drizzling raindrops .

The voice of Yue Lingxue burst through the sky in pulses like thunder in the spring season . From where he stood above the gates of Tianji City, the voice rumbled through the sky, rolling towards the front .

For anywhere that the voice went through, the mountains moved and the earth trembled, as if an avalanche had occurred .

Right below, where the nine formations of people and horses were, everyone except the leader in front, revealed a horrendous color on their faces .

Within the black colored contingent far away, a formless aura suddenly rose into the sky .

This aura rushed quickly into the sky . The path of clear sky, free from dark clouds, that just appeared not long ago, quickly disappeared . Between the heaven and earth, it was once again drizzling from a cloudy, gloomy sky .

An elegant and otherworldly voice said with a smiley tone, "Ke Ke… I like this drizzling kind of weather the best, it's filled with a poetic atmosphere . Walking in this drizzle, it feels as if the soul is also being cleansed by rain…"

Following which, the same voice said again, "Young Brother Yue, Ke Ke… Would you drink with me to our hearts' content after we have entered the city?"

Yue Lingxue stood upright at the top of the city gate, faintly replying, "We are walking down different paths, therefore, we shall not make plans together . "

This voice laughed lightly . The smiley intention and tone started to spread across .

Everyone who heard this laughter, felt a sense of joy in their heart, a sense of relaxation . Uncontrollably, everyone revealed a grin at the corner of their mouth .

Unknowingly, the laughter of Dharma Supreme actually affected everyone .

Within this city gates, everyone was a character that would normally create an Earth-shattering event when they stepped up . Yet, the laughter of Dharma Supreme was able to influence them easily . This mental strength was really rare in the world .

"Young Brother Yue is still as stubborn . Well, after this whole event, we two brothers shall have a heart to heart conversation then . "

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Dharma Supreme said, while laughing loudly .

Yue Lingxue gave a 'humph' sound . The two white figures on the city gate flew up rapidly into the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye .

Within the black colored contingent, at the center of it was a horse carriage, where a man dressed in black was seated with his legs crossed . At the corner of his mouth, were traces of sarcastic smiles which he tried to hide .

Open and aboveboard? Yue Lingxue, this shortcoming of yours, could never be changed .

Open and aboveboard till it seemed a little outdated and not suited for the changing times .

If you had stayed in the dark to make things difficult for me, it would have been really troublesome . However, since you gave me warnings beforehand… that would be equivalent to suicide for you .

The smile on the lips of the man in black grew .

Following an earth-shaking majesty, the contingent of Dharma Supreme finally arrived at the front of Tianji City .

Quietly, the contingent stopped .

Everyone took a bow together . "Welcome Dharma Supreme to Tianji City!"

Two men dressed in black took a step forward and lifted the curtains of the carriage .

"Everyone is too courteous . " a gentle voice lightly said .

Following which, a black shadow suddenly appeared .

There were several eighth grade martial warriors . However, none of them had detected how the black shadow appeared .

The moment it appeared, it was right in front of the public .

Everyone suddenly realized and looked up . However, they only felt a sense of absent-mindedness, as if their life had gone back in time at this moment .

Back to the time when they were young .

That time, when they first saw the Dharma Supreme, he was already looking this way . Now, he was still looking the same way as before .

Dressed in black robe, but seemed to portray limitless majesty . There seemed to be endless black rocks under the ground, and they didn't seem to have softened by even a bit…

His hands were clasped behind his back, standing in front of the city gate . However, everyone present had an illusion that the Dharma Supreme right in front of their eyes, was much taller than this whole city gate of Tianji City!

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Although he was just standing in front of them, it gave people a sense that he was clearly standing within the clouds .

His body was tall and straight

His face…

It was really impossible to tell how old this person was . It was reasonable to say that he was 20 years old, 30 years old, 50 years old, or even 20 thousand years old . It was all reasonable .

A head full of long and shiny black hair, evenly parted from the center, falling down his face like a waterfall splitting at the center .

His eyes were filled with affection and amiability . Being spotted by this pair of eyes, it felt as comfortable as the spring breeze blowing across the lands . However, it gave rise to another feeling in people's mind . "In front of these eyes, you have nowhere to hide for any evil that you may have done!"

Dharma Supreme took a step forward, with a gentle voice and held everyone up . "Everyone, please rise . "

"Xiao Se, you finally appeared . "

"Ye Di, how have you been?"

"Lan Muxue, have not seen you in a long time . "

"Shi Jing, do you remember me?"

"Li Xiangsi, your lovesickness, has it recovered? Ha Ha…"

"Ling Fengyun, long ago I have already mentioned that your name is magnificent . True enough, you are already rising above all now . "

"Ye Qingchou, slightly later, I will drink with you together to forget our worries . "

"Chen Mengchi, how are you?"

"Zhuge Hutu, you are still as clear-minded as ever . "

The Dharma Supreme called out the names of each of the Nine Super Clans' leader familiarly . His voice with an intimate tone, as if they had been friends for many years and finally got to meet each other at this moment .

The nine leaders were full of smiles as they walked up towards the Dharma Supreme to exchange greetings one by one . They were full of respect, but also with a bit of self-restraint, neither obsequious nor arrogant .

It was a sight of joy from the meetup .

However, for the remaining people present from the Nine Super Clans, everyone was trembling with shock, one after another! They could only feel the constant rumbling of loud noises in their ears, as if a series of thunders were clapping beside their ears .

For no other reason, but the fact that the names which Dharma Supreme called out, were none other than the Elder Masters of each of the Nine Supreme Clans! The genuine second generation founder of the various clans!

Anyone from this group, if they appeared, would be sure to trigger great changes in the entire Nine Heavens .

"Rustling in the autumn breeze, day-less unsheathing of a sword!" Xiao Clan Second Founder, Xiao Se!

"In the darkness and depth of the night, the lord of the Nine Heavens!" Ye Clan Second Founder, Ye Di!

"Miles of ice and chilly sky, twilight upon a thousand snow-capped mountains full of flower petals!" Lan Clan Second Founder, Lan Muxue!

"Manpower has been limited since ancient times, but a stubborn stone can often shock the world!" Shi Clan Second Founder, Shi Jing!

"One person's shadow on the road at nightfall, he holds a sword stained with blood, expressing his lovesickness" Li Clan Second Founder, Li Xiangsi!

"He stands alone on the snowy mountain peak and guards the door to heaven . With only one sword, he can control the wind and cloud!" Ling Clan Second Founder, Ling Fengyun!

"He drifts along with the wind on a small boat . At world's end, can the trouble be gone with the wind!" Ye Clan Second Founder, Ye Qingchou!

"Since ancient times, life is but a dream . Once you are late in dreaming, then it is too late for regrets!" Chen Clan Second Founder, Chen Mengchi!

"The world is seemingly confused, but not . If I'm confused, then the world shall be as well!" Zhuge Clan Second Founder, Zhuge Hutu!

The nine elites! The nine Supreme Martial Artist!

These were all legendary characters, whose names had been resounding through the Nine Heavens, at least for nine thousand years! Yet, they had all uniformly appeared here!

How would this not give people a dreamy yet shocking feeling?

"Since billions of years ago, this Medicine Banquet of the Nine Supreme Leaders, this year's version can be considered the largest in scale and greatest in strength and influence . " The Dharma Supreme clasped his hands behind his back and smiled, while walking slowly forward . "Looks like we have high hopes and great confidence this time . "

Everyone smiled gently .

Only Zhuge Hutu from Zhuge Clan showed hesitation on his face . He smiled bitterly and said, "I still hope that it would be better to keep the scale of event small… So many of the influential characters appearing uniformly in front of my Zhuge Clan . Just a simple stretch of the hands and legs, our Zhuge Clan will be gone… Dharma Supreme, I do not even have the mood to cry . "

Dharma Supreme could not help laughing while shaking his head . "At this juncture, you are actually able to make these wisecracks . With me around… would I do nothing while seeing your Zhuge Clan get drowned all within all these?"

All the famed Martial Warriors immediately laughed together . Zhuge Hutu wanted this exact phrase . With a beaming smile, he said, "With these words from the Dharma Supreme, we can then all be rest assured…"

Everyone entered the city gates, while chit-chatting along the way .

Just at the moment before entering the city gates, suddenly a snort was heard and the voice said, "Wait! All of you took such a long time with your showy display . My old back is sore from all these waiting . Wait till I bring all my disciples in, before you all enter . "

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