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Chapter 1038

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Chu Yang had a relaxed journey on his way over to the Orchard Palace .

However, he felt something fishy the moment he stepped through the doors . It was too quiet .

He thought that Zi Xieqing had brought Chu Le'er outside to play . Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened the door, Chu Yang saw that Chu Le'er was soaked entirely within a large wooden tub . Zi Xieqing was standing beside the tub with one hand pressing on the head of Chu Le'er, urging for something to happen with all her might…

"What is going on?" Chu Yang scratched his head in puzzlement .

"Ah! Big brother, don't look!" Chu Le'er was top naked within the wooden tub when she saw Chu Yang coming through the door . Immediately, she became embarrassed .

Chu Yang pouted and said, "You are really a sensitive little girl, asking me not to look… Even if I had taken a look, what could I see? Just two rows of ribs…"

It was indeed so . Due to chronic illness and her young age, all of her female bodily features had not yet been developed .

Not even any early signs of development . No wonder Chu Yang did not spare a glance for it .

Otherwise, Chu Yang himself would have escaped from the room, needless for Chu Le'er to say anything . Moreover… Zi Xieqing would never have let him come in .

"Big Brother, you are such a jerk," said Chu Le'er, as if she was wronged . "I've not grown up yet!"

"Uh… I would not be able to watch after you have grown up . " Chu Yang nodded his head, as if he had really intended to watch .

"Ha Ha Ha…" Even though Zi Xieqing was a serious person, she could not help but laugh at these few conversations . She continued to laugh while retracting her hand from the head of Chu Le'er .

Chu Le'er slammed and jumped out of the wooden tub, into the blanket . Her mouth was muttering with discontentment, "Bad Big Brother! Bad guy! Such a jerk…"

Both Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing were laughing themselves into convulsions .

After laughing for a while, Chu Yang finally remembered to ask .

"Its a problem with the constitution of her body . I had her meridians dredged previously and changed her body endowment . Once Le'er gets rid of her chronic illness, she would have a gifted body for martial arts . " Zi Xieqing mentioned casually and continued to say, "This is nothing much . I like Le'er . "

Chu Yang heaved a sigh in relief .

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He thought, "Nothing much?"

"You said it so easily, while it almost frightened me to death!"

Imagine a living person, what's more, a girl with congenital disease . To change her entire body's endowment, directly upgrading her body to one that all martial artists had been dreaming of: A gifted body for martial arts .

This was tantamount to remolding oneself thoroughly, taking a lift to heaven!

Some martial artist could train hard their entire life, but would never reach the gifted level; what's more, an entire body of meridians and blood vessels that were all gifted .

And, for someone with a gifted body but had never practiced martial arts, that was an even more outrageous matter!

That was equivalent to an unrefined gold and jade! Once martial arts practice was started, it would be a head start from the gifted level .

Chu Le'er only felt more relaxed in her body . Little did she know that she had so much more benefits, but Chu Yang was fully aware of that .

"I wouldn't mention any word of gratitude," said Chu Yang slowly, while staring at Zi Xieqing deeply .

Just a simple thanks could never express the gratitude of this level of favor .

Zi Xieqing smiled lightly . "There's nothing much to thank about; it was as easy as lifting one's hand . "

Chu Yang laughed . How could he so naively believe that it was no effort at all for Zi Xieqing? Looking at the perspiration on Zi Xieqing's forehead, one could tell that it was definitely not an easy task for her .

To transform an infant's body into that of a gifted body could have been an easy task for highly capable people like Zi Xieqing . However, it was almost an impossible task to transform the body of a 12-year-old, who had never practiced martial arts, into that of a gifted body for martial arts . What's more, it's the body of a girl with a congenital chronic illness!

"Oh yes, I made a trip this morning and got hold of quite a bit of elixir . In addition, I got hold of 60 to 70 thousand purple crystals, I think that should be enough for a while . "

Chu Yang suggested . "Why not, let's have another round of fight?"

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Zi Xieqing's eyes blinked, and she replied with some tiredness in her voice, "I'm tired today, maybe another day . "

And there was silence .

Chu Yang was in a daze, looking deeply into her eyes and smiled faintly . "Another day then . "

Both of them became silent at the same time . After a long while, both of them came out at the same time and took a seat near the flower stand .

"This period of time has been really tumultuous . The Nine Super Clans, each having their own objectives . By then, I may need your help . " Chu Yang said softly .

This sentence was a little redundant . Even if he had not said, when the time came, Zi Xieqing would be sure to help .

"No problem . " Zi Xieqing said . Her petite body slightly leaned back onto the chair, revealing some traces of laziness . It was a rare sight to see this laziness in Zi Xieqing . Chu Yang could not help but stare blankly .

"Actually… If you just want to unify the Nine Heavens, I think I can help . " Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang seriously . With a wave of her hand and a humongous divine sense, the entire Orchard Palace was lit up .

Immediately, she turned to Chu Yang and said, "Let me destroy the nine super clans before I leave, how about that? Let me clear the Nine Heavens for you, shall I?"

The voice of Zi Xieqing was relaxed, as if talking about something trivial and not worth a mention .

"To destroy the Nine Super Clans? Clear the Nine Heavens for me?" Chu Yang was shocked for a moment, staring back at her with his mouth and eyes wide open .

"Yes, if you are willing, I shall destroy and eliminate the Nine Super Clans completely, before I leave this Nine Heavens! I dare not say for other things, but that one thing I can assure you, if you are willing, then there will no longer be anyone in this Nine Heavens to hold the family name of any of these Nine Super Clans, after I leave .

The tiny hands of Zi Xieqing gently tapped on the stone table in front and said, "If you are concerned about the law-enforcement officers, I will eliminate them together as well . "

Chu Yang felt dizzy all of a sudden .

This lady's talk was too much of an understatement . This was as good as saying that she would help to do the dirty work that I had been unwilling to do so .

Suddenly, Chu Yang felt dry in his throat . He picked up the teapot and drank a few cups of tea continuously .

"I see that your abilities are weak, but yet fighting amidst such powerful enemies . It is tough and you may die anytime . " Zi Xieqing said lightly and her eyes no longer looking at Chu Yang, but rather at her own fingers . "By doing this, take it as… take it as my way of repaying you for helping to gather the Tao State energy . "

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Chu Yang smiled with a bittersweet look .

"No . " Chu Yang replied deeply, but clearly .

"No?" Zi Xieqing was surprised and tilted her head up to look at Chu Yang .

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "I understand what you mean, but there are a few things that I would like to say as well . "

"Firstly, you do not owe me anything . If there's anything, it's more of me owing you . We both take what we need, so it's more of a collaboration . Therefore, I do not wish to hear anything more about repayment . I cannot repay you for what you did, all the more, you need not repay me anything . "

Chu Yang said seriously .

Zi Xieqing paid close attention to what he said, slowly nodding her head .

"Secondly, I am a man . This is my own matter and I would like to deal with it myself," Chu Yang said solemnly, "I could use a little of your help within my plans, but I would definitely not use your hands to achieve my ultimate goal . "

"A proud man huh?" Zi Xieqing smiled .

Chu Yang also laughed .

"Thirdly, these enemies in front, they are my opponents . They are my encounters in life . " Chu Yang said seriously, "In other words, they are my sharpening board; only by dashing out of here, walking out, then can I begin my rise in this world, rising above all…"

Until here, Chu Yang stopped for a moment and looked towards Zi Xieqing . "Can you understand what I mean?"

Zi Xieqing nodded . "Understand clearly . "

"Hence, I need these kinds of dangers, to excite me, to sharpen myself, to let me strive and let me fight! Even if I were to die… this life would have been… fulfilling!"

Chu Yang joyfully treasured his words as he replied .

"I understand . Your goal is not the Nine Heavens!" Zi Xieqing smiled faintly and continued, "My proposal previously, if you had agreed, I would have accomplished it . Although, there would have been some discontentment . Right now, your answer, it's definitely a consolation for me . "

She was a little dejected, yet a little gratified . "So what you said in the past, it's true . "

"Of course, it's true . " Chu Yang raised his eyebrows and said, "The one who collapses the Nine Heavens… is one person . You, Zi Xieqing, is also one person . "

"I, Chu Yang, is also one person . "

As Chu Yang finished this sentence, both of them became silent .

These words from Chu Yang carried a lot of meanings within . However, no additional words were needed anymore . Both of them were well aware of what it meant .

It's no true ability to accomplish something by relying on someone or something .

To carve out a sky of your own, using your own hands, that's true honor and glory!

Honor and glory is the goal, the process is enjoyment!

After a long while, Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "Well said; I also think that you are one of those tough ones under the limitless sky . "

Chu Yang laughed heartily and said, "Maybe I have no other strengths, but this proud bones of mine, in my past life and present till now, have not lowered my head for anyone nor bent my knees!"

"Past life and present?" Zi Xieqing laughed playfully and said, "These words sound interesting . "

Chu Yang faintly smiled .

"Then… you said that you would hit me in the future, is that true as well?" Zi Xieqing looked suspiciously at Chu Yang and smiled playfully .

"If I can win you in a fight, then I will hit you!" Chu Yang was straightforward in his reply and did not try to hide his intentions .

"Good, good . " Zi Xieqing smiled gently and said, "I will wait for you, wait for you to come hit me . "

"Do not cry when it comes to that . " Chu Yang blinked .

Both of them laughed together .

"In this long night, there is limitless excitement, but also limitless loneliness . " Zi Xieqing gently smiled and said, "Once you have chosen this path, it is a path of solitary . Once you are hurt, you may never recover from it . The circumstances are unpredictable and bizarre . An obstacle can block your way anytime . If you cannot overcome them, it will only be a life of solitary for you . Sometimes, it is hard to even find someone to talk about it . You have to consider carefully before making a decision . "

Chu Yang was silent but suddenly laughed and said, "In your words, I had a feeling, as if you had been following me for a long while, since the Lower Three Heavens . The words you said, they almost encompassed all the names of my brothers . "

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