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Chapter 1037

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Chu Yang was overjoyed . "Really!"

Lan Changge was almost bleeding in his heart . He said, "I, Lan Changge, is a man of words!"

"That is great!" Chu Yang shook his hands continuously and said, "You treated me like a distinguished citizen and I will be sure to repay you with all my heart . Please be assured, Brother Lan . I am just one single person, how could I possibly escape from the Lan Clan . Therefore… Ha Ha… Our collaboration, that is for sure, how would I dare to shirk the responsibilities?"

Lan Changge smiled cruelly and said, "It's good that you know this . "

"However, Brother Lan would also need to guarantee that after the matter is accomplished, I do not wish to see myself being kicked to the curb, or being silenced when I've outlived my usefulness," said Chu Yang solemnly .

"That is obvious!" said Lan Changge seriously . "I swear by heaven that if I do such things, may I die a terrible death . "

Chu Yang was moved and he replied, "Brother Lan, you didn't need to take such a serious oath, I believe you…"

Lan Changge laughed .

"When can we start?" Lan Changge asked .

"As soon as my items arrive, we can begin immediately!" Chu Yang promised seriously .

"Good!" Lan Changge praised and said, "Brother Chu indeed agrees readily! Come, let me bring your stuff . However, some of the items may not be sufficient in quantities now . I would need to send someone to collect and fetch them . Brother Chu, please do not take offense . "

"Why would I mind? I have all the time in the world, I can afford to wait," Chu Yang replied with a hearty smile .

Lan Changge was depressed for a moment . He thought that by saying this sentence, Chu Yang would have replied: "It's fine to have fewer quantities of each…"

No one knew if this a*shole was really muddle-headed or just acted to be one . He could actually afford to wait… An idle person like him could, of course, afford to wait, but a busy man could not .

Both of them walked out of the teahouse behaving affectionately, headed straight for the premise of Lan Clan in this area .

After walking for a distance, after 2 bends of the road, in front of them appeared a group of people .

Both of them looked at each other and could not help but become dumbfounded .

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What an inevitable clash between enemies!

The oncoming group consisted of Ye Shifeng and his group of subordinates, who seemed to be heading out for a meal .

Upon seeing how affectionate both Chu Yang and Lan Changge behaved together, Ye Shifeng revealed a sinister look at the exact moment, but quickly hid it and came forward to welcome with a huge smile on his face . "I thought who was it, its actually Brother Lan and Brother Chu . So, both of you are going… Already had your meal? That's pretty early . "

Chu Yang honestly replied, "No, we did not . It was just a cup of tea . "

Ye Shifeng replied affectionately, "Lan Changge, you are really stingy . How could it be just a cup of tea when you invited Brother Chu? Come come come, Brother Chu, if you do not mind, let me treat you and you can drink to your heart's content and get thoroughly drunk!"

It was impossible for Lan Changge to let Chu Yang leave with Ye Shifeng . Taking a step forward, with a slight smile, he stopped them and said, "Brother Ye, Brother Chu and I still have some unfinished business… if you would like to treat us, after we have finished our business, Brother Ye can propose a venue . Both Brother Chu and I would be sure to turn up . "

Ye Shifeng gave a cold stare that could almost chop Lan Changge and said, "In that case, I shall not disturb both Brother Chu and Brother Lan . Do not forget our date, Brother Chu . I still owe you a meal… Ha Ha Ha . We brothers still have a long way ahead, one of these days we will definitely drink to our heart's content with Brother Chu! Do not reject me again when the time comes, Brother Chu . "

Chu Yang replied readily, "What are you saying, it's a treat from Brother Ye and I would more than love to have it . "

Ye Shifeng laughed, continued with some polite remarks and left with his subordinates .

"On the surface, this man appears to be a forthright person, but in reality, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, sinister as ever," commented Lan Changge, not forgetting to badmouth him at the same time . "Please be extremely careful when you have any dealings with him, Brother Chu," said Lan Changge .

"Yes," sighed Chu Yang . "In this world, there are really very few people like Brother Lan, loyal and righteous, warm-hearted and considerate…"

Both of them laughed heartily and left, chit-chatting along the way .

Behind them, Ye Shifeng, who left earlier on looked back . He looked suspiciously at the direction that Chu Yang and Lan Changge left in . Doubtfully, he thought to himself, "What could the two of them be doing together?"

Out of nowhere, Ye Shifeng felt a sense of crisis .

Could it be that Lan Changge wanted to deal with him? He remembered how he had previously offended Lan Changge . Furthermore, both clans had a similar conflict of interest…

Ye Shifeng was confused .

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"Second Young Master, is there any problem?" asked an elder alongside him, with a stern face .

"The problem… is not small, I'm afraid," said Ye Shifeng . Sighing, he spoke again, "Come with me you guys, let me tell you in details; If we think the matter will not work out, then we can only try to stem the problem now, while it is still at its infancy stage! Even though we will offend Han Xiaoran by doing this, we cannot afford to be choosy now . "

Everyone sighed .

Han Xiaoran did not have great achievements; amongst the nine law enforcement leaders, all the other eight of them had already become supreme martial artists with the law-enforcement master reaching the fifth supreme level . However, Han Xiaoran was still hovering around the ninth martial saint level, with no improvement throughout the years .

With this kind of ability, it was simply not worth a mention, especially in the eyes of Ye Clan, the top clan amongst the nine super clans .

However, Han Xiaoran was more than just a normal ninth level martial saint . He was the number one leader of the law enforcement officers in the entire region of South-East .

The right-hand man of the Dharma Supreme .

To touch Han Xiaoran, would be equivalent to bearing the wrath of all South-East law enforcement officers! This was only one of the reasons .

More importantly, to touch Han Xiaoran would be equivalent to giving the Dharma Supreme a tight slap on the face . Who in the world would dare to slap the Dharma Supreme?

This was a truly terrible reason!

"Seventh Grand Uncle, sorry to trouble you to make a trip . Within the vicinity of the Lan Clan's premise, do investigate what both Chu Yang and the Lan Clan are colluding and plotting . Should there be an emergency," Ye Shifeng said and finally with determination, he continued, "Seventh Grand Uncle, please act in the bigger interest of the Yeshi Clan . "

This sentence was as good as saying, "In times of emergencies, Seventh Grand Uncle, even if there's any sacrifice, you would have to kill Chu Yang . " Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

A cold and emotionless looking elder with black clothing replied, "Rest assured . "

Standing up, in the direction of Lan Changge and Chu Yang, the elder chased . Soon, he was nowhere to be seen .

"Was this necessary? He is, after all, just a tiny Chu Yang . Even though he is a Pharmacist, what could he possibly do?" the other person asked, not understanding the reasons within .

"You do not know…" sighed Ye Shifeng as he continued to say, "Angel Wu is hurt . The culprits were actually Ye Kong and Ye Yun . Angel Wu still does not know about this matter, but Chu Yang does . "

Ye Shifeng said calmly .

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"What?!" The crowd exhaled in cold shock simultaneously .

"Hence, every word that Chu Yang says, could bring trouble to us . In this critical time period, we cannot afford to have even a tiny bit of trouble!" Ye Shifeng sighed long and deeply . He continued, "Otherwise, we would rather have to offend Han Xiaoran… worse comes to worst, we would have to silence Han Xiaoran… to prevent any future complications!"

Following Lan Changge, Chu Yang reached the temporary stay of Lan Clan . He was served tea in the living hall, while Lan Changge went in hurriedly . Not before long, a malicious looking elder came out following Lan Changge and began to size up Chu Yang .

Chu Yang calmly looked back into the eyes of the elder, but his glance was just nice, filled with greed and desire .

On the other hand, the eyes of the elder were sharp, almost piercing through and tearing apart the body of Chu Yang, looking at what Chu Yang was thinking in his heart .

After a good while, the elder made a "humph" sound and left without a word . Right before leaving, he threw a ring to Lan Changge, before disappearing into thin air .

Immediately, came a sarcastic question from outside . "What are you doing here, Seventh Brother Ye?"

Immediately, the sound of clothes could be heard and a voice said, "Thinking of leaving so soon? Not having tea?"

The voice became softer and it was obvious that the person had run outside .

Lan Changge laughed and sat down in front of Chu Yang .

He began to remove items from the ring, one after another of the Heavenly Treasure . All being taken out and placed in front of Chu Yang .

Chu Yang was extremely delighted, both eyes gleaming with joy . "Wow, is this Heavenly Star Purple Lingzhi, Five Beads? Wow! Is this Earth Dragon Grass? Wow! Is this Ice Snow Uni-head Ginger? Wow, Wow, so many, really so many…"

The items were kept away quickly with a wave of the hands while talking simultaneously .

Lan Changge looked at him with despise and disdain . Lan Changge thought, "Some bumpkin who has never seen any good stuff… I, the Young Master, sitting with you is really an insult to my status and identity . "

Following up, were the rare mineral resources .

"I ask for your understanding, Brother Chu . We do not have Heavenly Wood and Purple Sun Tears; Those kinds of items, I believe are extremely rare and you would not see much of it, even in the entire Nine Heavens . Therefore, what do you think if I were to add on more quantities of the other items in compensation of those two?" asked Lan Changge .

"No problem, I was not having high hopes . Ha Ha . " Chu Yang replied, without any bit of politeness, "I am fine with using other items to replace those two . I do not mind . "

"What can you mind? Even for the other items that you are getting, how many of them can you see in your lifetime?" thought Lan Changge .

Lan Changge felt suffocated . Every piece of the item taken out was quickly kept away by Chu Yang .

Finally, with a crashing sound, came a huge pile of purple crystals . Based on the visual judgment from Chu Yang, there were at least 50,000 pieces . Looks like Lan Clan really burnt a hole in their pocket this time .

It was unknown what kind of effects the Elder of the Holy Tribe had on the Lan Clan . They were actually willing to spend big on him .

However, if he was really that important, then why would they give him away willingly to the Zhuge Clan previously? This point was unfathomable for Chu Yang .

"Please take stock, Brother Chu, to ensure that it is all correct," said Lan Changge .

"There's no need for that . Even if I do not believe the entire Nine Heavens, I would still trust Brother Lan, " said Chu Yang as he happily brushed the purple crystals and kept it .

Lan Changge twitched the corner of his lips .

"Damn, you are really generous! Had I known this, I would have shortchanged you a little and kept them for myself," thought Lan Changge .

"So, when do you plan to take action, Brother Chu?" asked Lan Changge .

"The earlier the better . As soon as Brother Lan passes me the medicine, I would be able to arrange it anytime," said Chu Yang readily .

"Great!" exclaimed Lan Changge who looked really excited now . He clapped his hands with force, gave an understanding smile and said, "Looks like Brother Chu also cannot wait to get hold of angel Wu . "

Chu Yang revealed a 'You would know as a guy' kind of smile . "Ha Ha Ha…"

Chu Yang stepped out of the Lan Clan courtyard with literally two sleeves full of treasures!

It's a fortune! What's more, its a windfall and easy money .

Feeling the Nine Tribulations Space deeply, Chu Yang sighed greatly and thought, "No man is indeed rich without a windfall; no horses can get fat without an extra meal at night . This sentence is really true to its core . "

Therefore, Chu Yang decided to carry out the plan of Lan Changge, till success and to his best abilities . Although the ending would not be what Lan Changge had envisioned, it would definitely be in accordance to what Chu Yang had in mind…

By then, it would definitely be a 'big pleasant surprise' for Lan Changge and the Lan Clan!

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