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Chapter 1031

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Chu Yang sighed in his heart . He almost didn't dare to look at Wu Qianqian's miserable look, his eyes dodging that of Wu Qianqian's by a little .

He knew that he had touched her sore spot, but there's no other way he could do to prevent this .

Wu Qianqian was after all Tie Butian's queen!

Although Chu Yang had no scruples, he couldn't go against his heart . Tie Butian was the king, but he's also a brother that he had acknowledged!

Some things had touched the bottom line of Chu Yang's morals . Even if he had to be killed, he wouldn't allow himself to do things such as accepting Wu Qianqian now .

Once Tie Butian's body was healed, this tinge of uncertain feeling Chu Yang had for Wu Qianqian would also be buried . Wu Qianqian's grief could only continue to last .

"Senior Sister Wu, do be rest assured . Wait till the passages of the Nine Heavens are opened, I'll immediately accompany you down the Lower Three Heavens and save Brother Tie… from his illness!"

Chu Yang gritted his teeth and said these out in one breath .

Wu Qianqian looked blank . She seemed to have not heard him .

Chu Yang felt awfully bad in his heart .

There's only one point that he had confirmed from this matter: Tie Butian indeed had some hidden illness!

But there were definitely other reasons why Wu Qianqian had come to him! Wu Qianqian's current looks indicated that she indeed had deep feelings for him!

Chu Yang seemed to see a huge whirlpool from Wu Qianqian's looks!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

But he forced himself to not continue thinking about it and not to devote himself into that whirlpool! He even forced himself to stay away from it!

Turn a blind eye on her and show no concern to her!

The bitterness in Wu Qianqian's heart was indeed inexplicable . But since when was Chu Yang feeling good?!

Human beings are living creatures . How can they not have any emotions?

In the Lower Three Heavens, his heart was all about Mo Qingwu . But this didn't mean that he had turned a blind eye to Wu Qianqian's deep affection toward him . He was only trying hard to evade Wu Qianqian!

He couldn't be sorry to Qingwu .

But he also knew clearly in his heart, that the present Wu Qianqian was the past Qingwu! They could also be said to be pretty much identical .

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What's more, Wu Qianqian's efforts put in towards Chu Yang and her help for him was even bigger! The only thing lacking was that she hadn't paid him her chastity as a woman . That's it .

While the Lower Three Heavens was in chaos, Chu Yang was the master of the Bu Tian Pavilion! His entire body was covered in glory and halo! On the surface, he had a firm grasp on everything going on in the world!

All the endless mysteriousness and splendor belonged to the King of Hell Chu!

But, it must be known that all of these things couldn't be done by Chu Yang alone! Two heads are better than one . By Chu Yang's lone force, even if he's full of wisdom, what could he do?

At that time, there's only one sole person that Chu Yang could completely trust . That was Wu Qianqian!

It's Wu Qianqian who had single-handedly succeeded Chu Yang in working on the internal affairs! Everything, no matter big or small, must be passed through Wu Qianqian's hands . Only after the matters were sorted out would she then pass them over to Chu Yang .

Chu Yang would then devise strategies and issue down orders . But Wu Qianqian was the one who's truly responsible for their executions! For the sake of Chu Yang, this originally innocent girl forced herself to mature and accept any knowledge, even if it's about brutal conspiracies that she's reluctant to learn about!

She had done all of these just to help him!

As long as Chu Yang was there, she would do her best to help him!

If Chu Yang wasn't there, she would be Chu Yang! As she carried on the fame of being the 'King of Hell Chu', she also had to do her own duty!

And even execute the matters personally!

How would it be mere impersonation as she sat on the position of the King of Hell Chu? There're some things that needed the King of Hell Chu to do personally!

What the King of Hell Chu did must be worthy of its name!

It's nothing surprising should some officials take on this role, but you shouldn't forget that Wu Qianqian was only a weak woman who's not yet 20 years old .

It's only slightly more than half a year since she had gone down the mountains to Tieyun, that she became the King of Hell Chu's capable assistant .

When she's up on the mountains, she's still a naive girl who's unfamiliar with the ways of the world!

After half a year, she had to be resolute, be the commander of battles, and wield her delicate hands to carry out cruel acts so that everyone, no matter whether it's her subordinates or her enemies, knew that the one in front of them was the King of Hell Chu!

Because of the black robe and the mask that she's wearing!

Because that person who's supposed to be in a black robe and golden mask wasn't here at the moment and was in an extremely dangerous place, and that the more real she's acting like him, the safer her beloved ones would be!

So, Wu Qianqian determinedly did it .

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She would vomit in grief whenever she's back at home .

But who knew all of these?

How cruel was it for a girl to make up a bloody scene of hell? Yet who knew about this?

This was especially for a young girl who had just stepped into the martial world . Now, she had to personally do those disgusting and cruel things that were typically enough to scare her to death!

Who knew the spiritual torture she had to suffer?

From this point of view, Wu Qianqian had endured more exhaustion than Chu Yang! Because it's not only twice the amount of work that she had put in, she also paid off her spirit and love!

When Chu Yang was in danger, Wu Qianqian more than once had to take on the identity of the King of Hell Chu, take over the responsibility of Chu Yang and die for the sake of him!

But she had no regrets!

It's because of her that Chu Yang could travel away into the martial world with no worries! And to devote his heart into creating a legend that belonged to the King of Hell Chu!

But what if he was without her?

Nobody could answer this question .

Even if the Emperor Tie Butian had to reply to this hypothetical question, she could responsibly reply it this way: Without Wu Qianqian, no matter how successful Chu Yang was, he also had to put in more than a hundred times of work as compared to that of now!

In the face of outsiders, Wu Qianqian was a cold-blooded strategist who's unserious about the happenings of the chaos that she had stirred up in the martial world!

But when she's alone, she would hurdle up in her quilt, and wail and vomit till she became entirely restless!

She succeeded in creating a legend for Chu Yang just like this, but Chu Yang couldn't accept her and he had to leave . Wu Qianqian could only continue to wear on that black robe and mask…

To silently take over the role that her lover had taken previously .

But who knew that, for every time she wore that black robe and mask, her heart would break once? That she had to endure the pain once every single day?

It might not be difficult to forget a person . As long as you stayed far away from that environment and started your new life, that figure in your mind would ultimately fade away with time and transform into a faint whisper of his midnight dream .

But if you kept wearing his clothes and mask, used all the strategies that he once had taught you, managed the countless affairs that he had once managed, and even imitated his voice as you spoke, and completely inherited his styles of doing things…

And repeated all of such again and again in the course of time…

Did you even want to forget about him?

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How ridiculous this thought would be!

Chu Yang completely knew and was aware of all of these!

Such deep affection would even move heaven and earth! Even though Chu Yang had a nickname of being the king of hell, his heart was ultimately not made of stone!

He's also a man, a hot-blooded man!

How could he not be a bit touched by the contributions of Wu Qianqian? How could he not have a tinge of love for her?

Even Chu Yang himself wouldn't believe this!

He didn't want to accept Wu Qianqian's love? He wanted! No one was willing to disappoint such deep affections! But Chu Yang couldn't accept and only disappoint her!

Because at that time, Chu Yang's heart was already obsessed with Mo Qingwu!

Before Mo Qingwu's matter was resolved and Chu Yang was satisfied, Chu Yang would definitely not implicate himself into any other love relationships! So, he had resolutely chosen to leave!

On one hand, Mo Qingwu and the matters in the Middle Three Heavens were urgent; on the other hand, how wasn't he not being a scoundrel?!

Escape the affections of Wu Qianqian, allow himself to use his heartlessness to cut off her affections!

How wasn't Chu Yang's heart hurt?!

When he left, upon knowing that Wu Qianqian was finally going to marry Tie Butian, while he heaved a sigh of relief, how could he not be hurt in his heart?!

How could he not feel a turmoil of emotions inundating his heart?!

How could he not feel sorry, guilty and heartbroken?

A man is after a man . Even if he's a heroic figure, he's, after all, a man! A man innately wants to dominate over women! This has nothing to do with morality or virtue . This is human nature!

But what could Chu Yang say? You couldn't grant her the happiness she wanted, and yet you still didn't want her to leave you?

So Chu Yang had left first!

And he never went back since he was up in the Middle Three Heavens .

The Lower Three Heavens was after all the place where he's born and where he had fought bravely; Including his teacher, friends and comrades, he had too many things that he's unwilling to part with!

Why didn't he go back to have a look at them?

Although he's busy, he must have the time to go back once . It would only take a few days for him to go back and forth .

But he ultimately didn't go back . Why was this so?

Because he's afraid! He's afraid of seeing Wu Qianqian, this woman whom he had no intentions to hurt but yet had hurt the greatest! That inexplicable guilt in his heart always agonized him every time at the thought of it .

What he could do was to bless her and Tie Butian and wish happiness for both of them!

If Wu Qianqian hadn't decided to marry Tie Butian, Chu Yang would have gone back! The matter on Mo Qingwu's side was already very satisfactory as she was accepted to be the disciple of two Supreme Martial Artists .

She's very safe!

Chu Yang could also be considered to have made up part of his guilt from his previous life . He finally felt better in his heart .

Why shouldn't he go back?

There's no such thing as monogamy in this world . It's a common thing for a man to have a few wives and concubines at the same time! This had been the case for the past 90,000 years, and women had all been used to it . There's nothing of such that they couldn't accept; then why could a man not accept it? Was it good for a man to see a woman who loved him to be tortured by love for all her life?

But Wu Qianqian had married Tie Butian, and this had obstructed Chu Yang's thoughts of going back .

The fewer times he went back, the happier Wu Qianqian would be . There's finally one day when she would forget about her love for him, and bury this past in the bottom of her heart . When she had stopped thinking about it, she would feel peace in her heart .

If he had gone back at a time of instability, it would be even more painful for her! I've already been sorry for her . Why should I bother to hurt her more?

Therefore, while Chu Yang had thought about going back for countless times, he ultimately still restrained himself from his impulse!

Now, they had met at the Upper Three Heavens .

But, so what? Even though she's still what she's like in the past, she's after all a wife of another person, who's his friend, brother and comrade!

What could Chu Yang do?

Seeing Wu Qianqian sitting there blankly, Chu Yang sighed and said, "Senior Sister Wu, if you have no other things… I shall leave now . "

Wu Qianqian said blankly, "Alright . "

Chu Yang looked at her silently for a while and finally stood up; about to leave . Although he felt thousand tons on his feet, he could only leave!

Wu Qianqian's eyeballs rolled a little blankly as she witnessed the departure of this body of black robe . A hint of sorrow revealed from the corners of her mouth .

At this moment, a cold voice sounded, "Kid, I've been bearing you for a long time already! You're still thinking of leaving?!"

A woman in white had unknowingly come in front of Chu Yang, her eyes fixed sharply on Chu Yang's face . Her pretty face was filled with rage!

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