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Chapter 1030

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"As you have said, a doctor has his patient's best interests at heart . Why are you objecting to it now?" Wu Qianqian asked .

Chu Yang, that bastard, could be heard being very pleased, but said as though he was being forced into it, "Never mind then . Since you have already put it that way, it would be rude of me to continue objecting . Angel Wu, please take off your clothes… uh I mean, let's have a look at your injury . "

After that, the sounds of chairs being moved across the floor could be heard, both of them had probably stood up .

"Sir, this way," Wu Qianqian said .

"Hehe… Miss, please . " Chu Yang's voice was filled with lecherous intent .

Thereafter, no more voices could be heard .

Clearly, the two had gone to look at the injury .

There was complete silence below . The crowd was as though they had been struck dumb by lightning .

They had never even given thought that angel Wu would invite Chu Yang to her room eventually .

"Beast!" After a while, angry, grieving, heartbroken shouts could be heard from below . "Chu Yang! You beast!…"

None of them was an idiot .

They were not confused about what had happened .

Why had angel Wu done that in front of so many people? Did she not care for her reputation?

Of course not!

Maybe she did not really care about it, but she would not have trampled on her reputation!

By doing that, it only showed that: She was tired of their harassment! Chu Yang's appearance provided her with the perfect shield!

Would angel Wu really take off her clothes for treatment after they entered her room?

Everyone knew that was not possible!

However… none of them would dare to appear in front of Wu Qianqian after this: She risked ruining her reputation just to be free of your harassment…

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The level of her disgust for them was clear!

So why continue trying?

They really made her desperate…

As they were smart people, they thought through it very thoroughly . At that moment, their hearts were filled with understanding for her actions, as well as hate… and some pity for Chu Yang .

How would he feel when he found out he was just used as a shield?

Beast! He deserved it .

When they thought wickedly about how Chu Yang would receive an unexpected treatment from angel Wu, their depression was lifted .

Above .

After Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian walked into the inner room, Wu Qianqian started laughing .

Chu Yang sighed resignedly . "Senior Sister Wu, you've really done me in this time . When I walk out later, they are all going to treat me as their love rival . But I'm innocent . "

Wu Qianqian snorted and asked, "Are you?"

Chu Yang rubbed his nose, not knowing what to say .

"I won't force you . " Wu Qianqian sat down and removed her veil . She stared at his face, taking in a few deep looks and blushed . "Did you already recognize me that night?" she asked .

"Hehe, other than you, I haven't seen any woman of your age that would trust me so readily," Chu Yang said .

It dawned on Wu Qianqian . "Oh right, that pill . "

She laughed self-mockingly . "I shouldn't have taken that pill so readily . That caused you to recognize me . " She sighed .

That sigh was more of self-pity . Because she knew that if she were to go through it again, she would likely still take it without hesitation .

After all, that was given to her by the person she loved and trusted the most . In that situation, even the smartest woman wouldn't have gotten her guard up .

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Chu Yang chuckled . "Senior Sister Wu, instead of being an empress in the Lower Three Heavens, you went through so much trouble to come to the Upper Three Heavens . You were looking for me, right?"

Wu Qianqian's face turned red .

I did come to find you! No matter what I do, it is to help you . But… you have always been avoiding this question, so why are you asking it so calmly now?

Wu Qianqian's heart was beating so fast that her heart almost jumped out of her mouth . She wanted to say something, but the words were stuck in her throat . Her head became dizzy and she almost fainted .

There was only one possibility she could think of: Has Chu Yang finally accepted me? Is he confessing to me?

With her heart thumping, she bravely raised her head and looked at Chu Yang .

Her eyes were filled with tenderness .

This was the first time in her life where she dared to look at the man she loved straight into his eyes .

Chu Yang did not know what this action of hers represented .

It represented her endless determination, her innermost hopes and her deepest expectations .

Young love was like a dream, like a poem .

Which young woman did not want to grow old with the person she loved? It would be until death do them part .

Wu Qianqian wasn't any different . She was just restraining herself; burying this love in the deepest recesses of her heart; not daring to say it out loud . However, that did not mean that she did not want that!

Now, Chu Yang initiated the topic .

Wu Qianqian was finally able to be brave for once . After hiding her love for such a long time, she stopped . She did not want to restrain herself anymore . Once Chu Yang said it, she would fly into his embrace, an embrace that had plagued her mind .

Dare to love, dare to hate!

She wasn't like other females, who were too mannered and self-conscious .

She looked at Chu Yang intently .

Chu Yang smiled . "Actually, I have finally come to realize something . "

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Wu Qianqian's face was red, but she looked determinedly at Chu Yang and asked gently, "What have you come to realize?"

At that moment, her mind was already in a daze .

He finally came to realize!

Finally realize!


Wu Qianqian felt bitter happiness in her heart, and tears almost fell out .

"When I saw you that day, I should already have known, but my mind didn't think of it at that time . " Chu Yang looked up at Wu Qianqian . "Senior Sister Wu, please do not blame me . "

"Why… Why would I blame you? Wu Qianqian stammered . "I would never blame you!"

Chu Yang smiled in relief . "If I am not wrong, you came to find me because of brother Bu right?"

"Because of brother Bu?" Wu Qianqian only felt her head becoming dizzy, and could not help but repeat the question . She felt dazed, and completely did not know what to say .

"Did Tie Butian ask you to find me?" Chu Yang looked at her warmly . "I should have thought of that long ago . "

Wu Qianqian became confused and at the same time, she felt a dull pain in her heart . She managed to control her voice and asked, "What should you have thought of?"

Did he find out that Tie Butian is a female? Does he know that Tie Butian bore him a son?

"Of course, you are the empress after all . If not for such an important matter, how could you have easily left Iron Cloud? Left the Lower Three Heavens?" Chu Yang chuckled .

"…" Wu Qianqian stared at Chu Yang blankly, her mouth filled with bitterness .

She was an empress!

"So Tie Butian must have asked you to come . To make Tie Butian that anxious, it must have been serious . Is it about having an heir?" Chu Yang said lightly, "From what I know, Tie Butian is the only of the true Iron Cloud royal bloodline . Is that why he asked you to find me?"

Wu Qianqian felt her heart slowly sink, from the peak of happiness all the way to an endless abyss .

At that moment, she felt her hands turn cold . Her heart seemed to have been frozen numb .

"What… did you think of?" Her hands which were placed on the table, were held tightly together with all of her strength .

When she asked that question, her heart had a slimmer of hope… despairing hope .

"Senior Sister Wu, forgive me if I'm too direct . " Chu Yang paused for a while before deciding to go straight to the point . "From what I observe, you are still chaste even though it's been a while since you and Tie Butian got married… May I ask if Tie Butian has some… hidden illness?"

"Hidden illness…" Wu Qianqian released her hands slowly, her hands becoming weak . She felt her body becoming hot and cold, and her eyes stared blankly ahead .

"Yes," Chu Yang said . "There are three ways to be unfilial; having no sons is the worst . This is especially so for an emperor . From what I can think of, this is the only reason a newly-wedded emperor would send out his empress to look for me… Since you are the only one who knows where I went . "

"Your are… correct . He does have some hidden illness," Wu Qianqian laughed lightly .

Her smile was so sad, so helpless, so resigned, so heartbroken . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

So I was wrong…

When that thought came to her mind, Wu Qianqian felt so ashamed and her feelings were so intense that she could kill herself . If you had not given me hope and allowed me to continue loving painfully, so be it .

But, you ignited all my hopes just now!

And extinguished them in an instant!

How cruel is that?

Even though I know you didn't mean it because you are thinking in a totally different direction, but… it's so cruel to me!

"Senior Sister Wu, you don't need to be so upset," Chu Yang comforted her after seeing her face . "This is not a big problem . Since you have found me, I promise to help . I will definitely cure him!" He smiled warmly and continued, "After all, Tie Butian is my brother, how can I not help him?"

Wu Qianqian nodded her head slowly, a stupefied expression on her face . "Yes, thank you! He… does have a… . hidden illness . You are the only one who can cure it . "

As she said that, Wu Qianqian felt like she was dreaming . She used all of her strength to maintain the calmness in her voice .

Her heart, however, had shattered .

I understand now . In your mind, I am already a married woman .


That word caused her emotions to be unstable; she wanted to cry and laugh at the same time .

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