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Chapter 1028

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Lan Changge went back disappointedly, utterly defeated . Facing the knowing looks of the crowd, his face turned redder, extremely embarrassed .

Zhuge Changchang laughed at his misery . "Ha! You deserve it! Who told you to use such a method? That's just coercing her! She's already being kind by not lambasting you .

"Well, what do you want me to do? Sing again?" Lan Changge replied angrily .

After he said that, the crowd was reminded of how angel Wu had described his singing as wailing and they fell over themselves laughing .

Although Chu Yang was smiling at the corner, coldness flashed across his eyes .

There was obviously discord among the young masters . However, when faced with an outsider, they excluded him for no reason .

Even when they were laughing just now, nobody glanced at him .

They just completely treated him as invisible .

They could argue, fight… kill even . However, that was just within their circle . That was their arrogance and pride: people outside of the nine super clans were not even worthy of opposing them .

Chu Yang watched them with a faint smile .

The others were crowded in a circle, laughing and arguing amongst themselves while ignoring him; but he just stood outside of the circle calmly, his expression non-changing .

He did not look awkward at all .

He was there to earn purple crystals, not to make friends with them .

Zhuge Changchang smiled for a while before calling out, "Next, Ye Shifeng . "

Ye Shifeng walked forward confidently . After letting out a light cough, he said calmly, "Angel Wu, I am Ye Shifeng of the Ye clan . Ever since I saw your ethereal figure that day, I have been constantly thinking about you, unable to sleep at night . My sincerity can be seen by the heavens . If you can take a liking to me as well, I promise to love you only from now on!"

He paused for a while . Seeing that there was no reply from above, he continued, "I am just asking for a conversation with you . Whether it works out or not, whether you are satisfied with me or not, I will be contented . "

After some time, Wu Qianqian's voice could be heard from above . "I have heard of you before, young master Ye Shifeng . You are a calm and collected person and can be considered the cream of the crop . However, I heard that you have two wives, eleven concubines as well as four other affairs outside of the clans . You already have a big family with many children . You will only love me from now on… I am not the only person whom you have said that to, am I?"

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Ye Shifeng opened his mouth to reply but was tongue-tied, and his whole face turned red .

The third one to try was Yè Mengse . He walked gracefully there with his hands behind his back . Behind him, someone commented, "Don't act cool . Angel Wu can't even see you, what are you doing it for?"

Yè Mengse ignored him and continued walking over in a genteel manner . He faced the empty window and gave a deep bow . "Greetings, angel Wu . "

There was no response .

Yè Mengse chuckled and said, "I dreamt of you yesterday night and was inspired to write a poem . I hope you will appreciate it . "

Without waiting for her response, he started reciting while moving his head to and fro, " The dispersion of clouds, ushers in ethereal beauty . The fluttering of her gown bears the resemblance of a fairy's descent . Her hair flows like her emotions just as it is written all over her limpid eyes . The pining leaves sigh, how then will it comfort my mind . "

He let out two sighs, seemingly dejected .

For a long time, there was no response from above .

Yè Mengse was excited, thinking he had a chance .

Chu Yang, on the other hand, pursed his lips . Being very familiar with Wu Qianqian's temper, he knew that she was thinking of how to make him give up . He did not have a chance .

Indeed, Wu Qianqian replied, "As I have said before, I am uneducated . I can't understand your poem . Could you explain it?"

Yè Mengse said radiantly, "What the poem means is that I dreamt of you yesterday . You descended from the heavens and returned back . That image is imprinted in my mind…"

"So it was just a dream…" Wu Qianqian commented .

Even though she said it lightly, there seemed to be something unsaid in her voice that made Yè Mengse on the verge of breaking down .

'It was just a dream and you wanted to make a poem out of it? No matter how good it was, wasn't it still just a dream? I really can't understand you educated people…'

That seemed to be the hidden meaning behind her comment .

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However, even though she did not say it out loud, her tone was able to express it perfectly .

Yè Mengse walked back dejectedly .

This time, the crowd did not even laugh .

The next few people racked their brains to come up with all sorts of ideas, but none of them were successful .

One of them walked over and suddenly shouted in a frightened voice below the window, "Ah! Why is this so? Ah! There's actually a flying dog in the sky!"

Wu Qianqian's reply: "Dog's can't fly, they only shout randomly", caused the crowd to laugh till their faces turned red .

Hence, that person returned back in failure as well .

Finally, it was Chu Yang's turn . The eight people before him gave him a dark look . Upon seeing Chu Yang's serious expression, they laughed inside: We can't succeed even with our backgrounds, knowledge and reputations . What hope do you have?

The crowd, however, was very interested . They were waiting to see another joke . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Brother Chu, it's your turn . Go on . "

"Haha… Brother Chu for all we know, you may succeed… Haha…"

"Go on, don't tell me you aren't ready yet?"

"I don't think you should bother trying . Just admit defeat . "

" Don't say that maybe brother Chu has an amazing idea that will not only allow him to see her but also allow him to enter her room… Haha, Haha…"

"This joke is so funny, my stomach is hurting…"

The whole crowd was in a mess .

Chu Yang walked forward slowly and gave a slight cough . The young masters stopped talking immediately, each sporting a 'please embarrass yourself quickly so that I can laugh' expression on their faces .

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In full view of the crowd, Chu Yang said loudly, "Angel Wu, I am Chu Yang . May I go up to have a talk with you?"

Wu Qianqian did not reply yet, but the young masters were already raging below .

"F*ck! Who does he think he is? Not only does he want to see her, but he also wants to go up to her room to talk to her…"

"Ha! Overestimating his abilities!"

"Ew, this lecher disgusts me! What an evil pervert! He… he… he… actually wants to enter the room of my goddess… This is unforgivable!"

"When angel Wu rejects him, I am going to beat him up . "

The whole crowd was abuzz .

But what happened next stunned them .

The only thing they heard their goddess say was, "You want to come up to talk?"

The crowd was shocked . What does angel Wu mean by that? Why does she seem to be agreeing?

"Yes . I heard you had a small ailment and was frantic . I came here especially to look at your injury . "

The crowd burst out in anger: Since when was angel Wu injured? We've been here for two months, why haven't we heard of it? You are obviously talking nonsense!

Before they could open their mouths to scold him, Wu Qianqian sighed and said, "That's very kind of you . It's already been two months since I was injured . You actually know about it . "

The crowd was surprised: Angel Wu is really injured?

"You have strong cultivation, so it's not a problem . I heard you really showed your hand the other night . However, it is still not easy, defeating two ninth level martial saints," Chu Yang replied .

Ye Shifeng and Ye Shiyu broke out into a cold sweat after hearing that .

Two months ago? Defeating two ninth level martial saints in the night? F*ck…

It can't be that coincidental, right?

The two of them were on edge, while thanking their lucky stars . "Well said, the battle that night at Shui Yue lake was indeed the most dangerous fight I had in my life . If not for… Haha, Divine Doctor Chu, please come up for a chat," she replied .

"Thank you, angel Wu . I will come up immediately after I finish collecting the purple crystals," Chu Yang thanked her with a laugh .

Other than that time at Shui Yue lake where they did not acknowledge each other, this was the first time Hades and the demoness worked together for the first time in the upper three heavens, after having separated for two years . Their collaboration could be said to be perfect though!

It was seamless!

Turning his head back, Chu Yang could see the young masters looking at him in wonder . "Sorry, I won," he chuckled as he cupped his hands together .

The crowd was regretful!

If they had known that angel Wu was injured and only a physician's status was needed to get close to her, they would have gone for it themselves! The rascal would never have had the chance .

The crowd had no qualms about losing the purple crystals and did not take it to heart either . However, they were green with envy that Chu Yang was able to go up to Wu Qianqian's room .

"All these purple crystals are mine now," Chu Yang said with glee . "Let me keep them . Hmm, young master Zhu, as the banker, you should pay me the number of crystals that were being bet, right? I will give you a discount, you only need to pay me 10,000 purple crystals . "

Zhuge Changchang's heart was in pain . "Do you think that I am not going to pay you?" he asked angrily, before waving someone over to get the purple crystals .

However, Lan Changge held his hand up, "Stop!" He then turned his head towards Chu Yang and continued, "You rascal . You knew angel Wu was injured, but you did not say anything and used it as an excuse to see her . That's equivalent to lying! Do you want to take the purple crystals just like that? In your dreams!" After he said that, many people had an unkind look on their faces .

Chu Yang fixed his eyes on him before saying with a little smile, "The fact that I know about it is my own business . The bet was on whether we could see her, not how! Why? The descendants of the nine super clans of the nine heavens can't afford to lose?"

"You are the one who is unable to lose! Who are you saying are afraid to lose?", some people in the crowd started shouting .

Everyone disliked Chu Yang from the start, it was just made worse now . Hence, they wanted to make use of it as a pretext to teach him a lesson .

Chu Yang looked at Ye Shifeng knowingly and said lightly, "Second young master of the Ye Clan, the two… young masters from your clan, do you think so too? Hmmm… angel Wu's injury is still waiting for me . "

Ye Shifeng felt his heart flip . That f*cker, he wasn't talking about angel Wu's injury, but using those two people to threaten me . Hence, what Chu Yang means is that he knows the identity of the two people, but angel Wu doesn't?

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