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Chapter 1027

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When Yè Mengse and Ye Shifeng turned their heads back, they were astounded .

To both of them, that was a familiar face .

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However, Yè Mengse met Chu Yang at the middle three heavens, while Ye Shifeng had just met him a while ago . Chu Yang looked at the crowd . There was quite a number of people he knew: Ye Shifeng,Ye Shiyu, Yè Mengse, Zhuge Wen…

There were also a few other handsome, well-dressed young men . Clearly, they were talented figures in the other clans within the nine super clans .

However, at that moment, they were looking at Chu Yang with the eyes of a rookie . No, not even a rookie, but a fool .

Trying to earn purple crystals, without understanding the situation? Are our purple crystals so easily earned? Can't even tell that it's just quibbling between the few young masters and is harboring greedy thoughts…

"Brother Chu? Why are you here?" Yè Mengse asked, full of shock .

"I am attending the Medicine Banquet as a representative of the South-east law-enforcement officer . " Chu Yang replied succinctly . "Brother Yè, this bet… hehe…"

Yè Mengse let out a laugh and asked, "Brother Chu, are you trying to win the beauty or the purple crystals?"

Chu Yang rubbed his hands together and said abashedly, "I am a little hard up recently . " He was indeed poor after he had absorbed tens of thousands of purple crystals over time, leaving him with not more than 2000 purple crystals .

Looking at that pile, he was very happy .

The crowd snorted at that .

However, Ye Shifeng's and Ye Shiyu's eyes were serious, as though they were slightly fearful of Chu Yang .

Ye Kong and Ye Yun died trying to kill Chu Yang, but he was standing there perfectly fine! Ye Kong and Ye Yun, on the other hand, died horrible deaths .

Their death was definitely related to Chu Yang, but they could not ask Chu Yang just yet .

They could only bear the loss in silence!

Now, seeing how Chu Yang had stepped forward, both their hearts jumped .

Ye Shiyu let out a coquettish laugh and asked while swaying his buttocks, "Brother Chu, you are poor? What a wonder!"

Chu Yang looked at Ye Shiyu lecherously, his gaze sweeping up and down before stopping at his buttocks for a long period of time . With eyes that of a salivating wolf, he said, "If little Yu wasn't here, I wouldn't have wanted to come . "

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That demeanor, combined with that voice, made all the young masters silent . They stared at Chu Yang and Ye Shiyu unbelievably with such wide eyes that it seemed as though their eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets .

Even though he knew that Chu Yang was just playing with him, Ye Shiyu could not help but feel a shiver down his spine . He swayed his butt and retaliated with a flirtatious tone, "You're so bad!"

When Chu Yang heard that, his face gave off an expression of love and his whole body slackened as he called out warmly, "Little Yuuuuuuu . "

Urgh… urgh… A young master dressed in blue turned his head and almost vomited .

The other young masters, including Zhuge Changchang had a long face . Lan Changge's face became deathly pale and he kept muttering to himself, "Weirdo! What a weirdo… It's so… so… urghhhh…"

Yè Mengse was already a cleanliness freak and the current situation caused goosebumps to rise on his skin . He shot off like an arrow to the far side and looked back at the two in fear, maintaining a posture where he could run off anytime .

Ye Shiyu could not hold it back any longer . His face turned white and he could not help but move back . "You… you… don't come any closer…" he said nervously .

Chu Yang laughed aloud .

Ye Shifeng frowned . "Divine Doctor Chu, if you want to make a bet, you have to bring out some purple crystals . "

He quickly changed the topic to help his brother out of the situation .

Chu Yang chuckled . "Purple crystals… I don't have much, but I still have some . "

In the crowd, Zhuge Wen let out a significant laugh . At his side, Zhuge Changchang frowned and asked him, "You know him?"

"No, I don't . " Zhuge Wen shook his head and continued, "However, this person is scary; the method he is using now is the best way to deal with Ye Shiyu!"

Zhuge Changchang raised an eyebrow and gave out an air of nonchalance . "Scary? Third younger brother, I am afraid… there are quite a lot of people you are scared of," he said lightly .

Zhuge Wen let out a warm smile and replied, "Second elder brother, you are right . I never dare to underestimate heroes in this world . "

Zhuge Changchang harrumphed and asked loudly, "Brother Chu, how much are you going to bet?"

"I…" Chu Yang paused, before turning to ask Ye Shiyu, "Little Yu, are you betting?"

Ye Shiyu's face was pale . He wanted to sway his bottom, but his whole body felt stiff . "What are you trying to do?" he questioned back .

Chu Yang wiggled his eyes and let out a loving smile . "How about we make a small bet?" he asked .

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Before Ye Shiyu could say anything, the crowd had already started chanting, "Bet! Make a bet!"

Ye Shiyu ground his teeth . "Fine . Brother Chu, choose the betting amount and I will match it!"

Even though Chu Yang asked it lovingly, he still challenged Ye Shiyu in front of the crowd . Whether it was for himself or the Ye Clan, Ye Shiyu had no choice but to accept .

"If that's the case, I will bet…" Before Chu Yang finished, a shout could be heard from Yè Mengse, who was shaking his head . "Wait! I will not be the banker for this round!"

"Why?" Lan Changge asked, astonished by his declaration . "Have you earned too much money, you f*cker?"

Yè Mengse kept on shaking his head . "No, I won't do it even if you kill me . Dead or alive, I will not be the banker for a bet between two ladyboys . " He paused for a moment before continuing, "Whoever wants to be the banker can be, I will join in on the bet . I will bet 500… No, I will bet 1000 purple crystals . Are you happy?"

Everyone started laughing after he said that .

However, after they saw the expression on Yè Mengse's face, they felt that something was out of place .

That could not have been the reason behind his reluctance . If so… could the real reason be this newcomer?

If that's the case, this person wasn't so simple?

The nine super clans had legacies spanning more than thousands of years . To hold an important position in such clans, how could those young masters be fools?

Even though everyone seemed lecherous and lustful at the moment, they kept their real motives and thoughts to themselves .

Zhuge Changchang was silent for a while before he asked, "Brother Chu, how much do you want to bet?"

Chu Yang smiled humbly and said, "Not much, just 2000 . "

Zhuge Changchang smiled darkly before asking, "Brother Chu, who do you want to bet on?"

Chu Yang chuckled and said, "I haven't found a wife yet… Since I am still single, I would, of course, bet on myself . "

After he said that, everyone let out a sigh of relief: Betting on himself? They had been staying there for two months and none of them had succeeded .

He had not even shown his face there for the last two months and he wanted to win the beauty on his first try?

How could that be possible? He must have been dreaming .

"I will be the banker!"

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"I will be the banker!"

Two people stood up indignantly at the same time .

Zhuge Changchang and Lan Changge .

Those two had lost the most in the past few days . Now that there was a sure-win bet for them, they had to try and recoup their losses of course .

After an argument in which Zhuge Changchang came out on top, he successfully became the banker .

Zhuge Wen's eyes flashed, and it seemed as though he was going to say something, but he stilled himself at the end .

Since Chu Yang offered 2000 purple crystals, Ye Shiyu gritted his teeth and did the same, placing his crystals on top of Chu Yang's pile . Yè Mengse withdrew 1000 purple crystals readily and bet on himself .

Many other young masters, to show that they were not afraid, readily threw in 1000 to bet as well .

That caused the number of purple crystals in the pile to grow to a staggering 12,000 .

Looking at the pile made Chu Yang's heart flutter .

He thought back to before he returned back to his clan, when the entire Chu clan earned only 200 odd purple crystals a year . These young masters from the nine super clans, on the other hand, could throw in a few hundred purple crystals per person, simply on a bet .

Being from a powerful clan definitely meant being different from the rest!

Zhuge Changchang held out his hand, a bunch of bamboo sticks held within . "To be fair, everyone will draw a stick which will determine their order . Please note that nine people are participating in this bet . Hence, I will say this beforehand . If the first person succeeds, he wins the bet and every one after will have to accept defeat . "

The crowd started talking . "Isn't that obvious? If the first person succeeds, there is no more beauty to woo . What the f*ck would they still be betting on?"

As they were talking, the young masters participating started pushing forward to draw a stick, making Chu Yang the last in line .

He was the last to draw a stick, and he got the last position .

Relatively speaking, getting the last position meant that he would have the smallest chance of success .

Even though the young masters showed no outward emotions, they were laughing at Chu Yang on the inside: What an idiot . Did he really think that just because it was drawing sticks, it would be fair?"

It was just a few bamboo sticks . With our abilities, any one of us could make him the last without being noticed . The rascal had better get ready to lose his bet .

Holding the stick, Chu Yang chuckled . "What great luck, I get to be the finale . "

Even though everyone started laughing, they were scorning him on the inside: You can continue to be a fool till your death .

Chu Yang smiled while holding the stick . Even though his facial expression did not change, he was sneering at them in his heart: Well, the nine super clans stick together . Even if there is conflict amongst them, when an outsider comes between them, they would still work together .

After all, get rid of the common enemy first!

This situation, wasn't it similar to when the nine super clans fought against the nine tribulations sword master?

It was just a small bet, but it made Chu Yang a lot more vigilant!

Well, clans were clans!

He could not help but admit that .

"The first person to try, young master Lan Changge," Zhuge Changchang announced .

At once, Ye Shifeng could not help but laugh and added, "Young master Lan Changge is going to start 'singing' again," . That caused everyone to start bellowing in laughter .

However, Lan Changge remained composed and arranged himself before walking towards the window of Jiaxiu building .

"Angel Wu, I am Lan Changge . Haha, it's been many days, you should know me by now . Can I have the honor of bringing you around Tianji City for a day? I am asking this from the bottom of my heart . Considering the friendship between my ancestor and your teachers, the esteemed Feng and Yue elders, please accept my request . "

Unexpectedly, Lan Changge did not start singing, but asked her out directly and even mentioned his ancestor .

The young masters were all regretful .

I should have used this method .

Wu Qianqian was silent for a while before asking in her ethereal voice, "Young master Lan, may I ask which ancestor of yours was acquainted with my teacher?"

Lan Changge was excited at hearing her voice and replied, "It's my great-grandfather's grandfather's…" He got tongue-tied halfway through .

The crowd felt themselves breaking out in a cold sweat: Luckily, I didn't think of such an idea .

"Wow, we actually have such a deep history… If that's the case, we aren't strangers, but tell me… if you are using this as an excuse, what should you call me based on the seniority between us?"

Lan Changge's face turned as red as a ripe tomato . Wu Qianqian, being a disciple of Yue and Feng, was very senior within the pugilistic world . She could practically be considered a very old ancestor .

The intention behind the statement no doubt was: Lan Changge are you trying to flirt with your ancestor? What a rebellious and disrespectful person…

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