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Chapter 1026

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That white-bearded elder sat quietly aside, pondering as he looked at Diwu Qingrou .

That elder had already cast out his divine senses outside the room, completely shielding any sounds made within the room .

Diwu Qingrou had sunk in deep thoughts .

The first person that he thought of was Chu Yang, but after some thoughts, Diwu Qingrou still felt that it's impossible .

This matter could only be intensified when his plan was known . But now, Chu Yang shouldn't know that Diwu Qingrou himself had sent people to convey the news to the Ye clan .

And, Diwu Qingrou also hadn't heard of any conflicts between the Ye clan and Chu Yang .

Besides, with Chu Yang's current capability, he still didn't have enough strength to confront the Ye clan or to exploit the Ling clan…

"Third elder, are you certain of Chu Yang's people?" Diwu Qingrou asked again .

"There are only two women, one adult and one child . What's there to be uncertain about?" that third elder with the white beard frowned and said .

"I just feel that something isn't right . " Diwu Qingrou extended his hands to rub his brows . "This person will always plan before taking actions, and won't take actions if he's not confident . And, how could he not have any backings when he came to the Tianji City? Relying on Han Xiaoran… this is obviously not feasible . So, why is he so confident?"

That white-bearded elder was also puzzled . "Even though that kid is a genius… he's just a two-bit nobody . I don't understand why you aren't paying any attention to the Supreme Martial Artists from the Ye clan, Ling clan and Lan clan, but caring so much about this kid . "

Diwu Qingrou took in a deep breath and said, "Third elder, although a Supreme Martial Artist is strong, when he carries out a task, he still needs one person to be the director, someone who tells him the goal and to accomplish the task courageously . If no one is to direct him, a Supreme Martial Artist is after all a strong man of no use . "

He smiled lightly . "After all, there are too few Supreme Martial Artists who can direct themselves and see the circumstances clearly at the same time!"

He looked out of the windows leisurely . "In the entire Nine Heavens, there're only a few people standing at the peak of the Supreme level cultivation . Whenever this topic is raised, only those few people would be mentioned… But it must be acknowledged that there are countless Supreme Martial Artists in this world!! Only that they're at different stages of the Supreme level . "

"But among these countless Supreme Martial Artist, there's no one who can say that… he can be a director of himself!"

Diwu Qingrou shook his head lightly . "From the beginning till the end, they're controlled by others . So, such Supreme Martial Artists aren't threatening . The scary thing is that hand directing the Supreme Martial Artist . Even if the master of that hand doesn't have strength, his existence is much scarier than that of a Supreme Martial Artist!"

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"This is intelligence! Wisdom! Wits!"

Diwu Qingrou sounded very dull .

This white-bearded elder behind him was also a Supreme Martial Artist at the upper stages . And, he's also commanded by Diwu Qingrou . According to seniority, this elder was a senior of Diwu Qingrou . Diwu Qingrou should have paid more attention in saying these words, but he spoke these words out without reservation .

This white-bearded elder also listened attentively and didn't show any discontentment towards Diwu Qingrou at all .

"No matter how big the Nine Heavens is, and no matter how strong a Supreme Martial Artist is, even if he could subvert the Nine Heavens, or even fold it up, he also needs great wits! Martial strength can't do all the job . So, the scariest thing is the hand taking the control . "

"Chu Yang is one such hand!" Diwu Qingrou smiled . "Even if he has no martial strength, if he dares to go to one place, he certainly has the confidence! And, he definitely has a clear goal!"

"Such a person is then the most dangerous . As for the Supreme Martial Artists from the Ye clan and Ling clan… If I can use some tricks to exterminate them, it's also not of many difficulties . " Diwu Qingrou smiled lightly and raised his eyes . "I don't even need my men to fight against them…"

The white-bearded elder nodded firmly . He obviously had no doubts towards Diwu Qingrou's words at all; but the elder asked, "In your mind, is this Chu Yang the same type of person as you?"

Diwu Qingrou didn't answer this question even after a long time . But his face started to turn grim .

That white-bearded elder took in a breath .

"Since he's that dangerous, should I go to eliminate him?" The white-bearded elder's eyes turned murderous . "If we don't, he'll be a constant source of further troubles for us . "

"Third elder, if you go, I bet that you have less than 10% probability… of coming back alive!" Diwu Qingrou said slowly, "If Chu Yang didn't have such confidence, he wouldn't have come here in the first place!"

Seeing the white-bearded elder revealing a disapproving look, Diwu Qingrou said lightly, "Third elder, you don't believe me?"

The murderous look on the white-bearded elder's face faded and he agreed miserably .

"Don't act blindly!" Diwu Qingrou said word by word . He sounded heavy, and almost like a warning, "Our Diwu clan still needs you for now . And… it's still not the right time to be Chu Yang's enemy! If you act rashly, even if Chu Yang is killed, my great plot will also be ruined! The hope of the Diwu clan will be ruined too . "

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The white-bearded elder revealed a terrified look .

Although he didn't know what Diwu Qingrou meant, he knew that since Diwu Qingrou had said it, this indicated the severity of this matter .

At this moment, a commotion rose outdoors .

A figure flew in . It's a macho in white robe . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Diwu Qingrou looked up and asked, "Well? How's it going?"

"I've found the information . There're originally 124 men from the Ling clan . But, after they parted with Chu Yang and his companions, there're only 119," that person said in a very low and hurried voice, "Three Saint level experts, one Monarch level expert, and a teenager were missing . "

"Oh?" Diwu Qingrou's eyes flickered . "After some people went missing… Chu Yang and the rest left unhurriedly . Am I right?"

"Yes . " That person nodded .

Diwu Qingrou pondered for a while, taking in a breath and said, "Then how about the Ye clan?"

"There're 130 people from the Ye clan originally, but now there are 128," that person said, "I heard that Chu Yang and his companions went to the Shui Yue garden for a banquet that night, but two people from the Ye clan were missing the next morning . But the Ye clan didn't pay attention to this then, and they couldn't remember clearly what had happened that night . "

After thinking for a while, he added, "The two people who were missing were both eighth stage Saint level experts . "

Diwu Qingrou let out a breath and revealed a trace of heaviness and relief across his eyes . He muttered, "Indeed… for whatever weird things that had happened, he would be there . "

The other two didn't speak .

Diwu Qingrou pondered for a while and said, "Then what about the Lan clan?"

"There are no missing people from the Lan clan," that person answered .

"Alright, you shall retreat first . Pay attention to the surroundings at all times . " Diwu Qingrou furrowed his brows and thought for a while, then waved his hands .

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"Alright . " As this person was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly thought of something and said, "Chu Yang was heading towards the Jiaxiu Building now . "

Diwu Qingrou's eyes flickered and he said, "Okay . "

That person quickly went off .

Diwu Qingrou paced two steps and said softly, "We shall bring our original plan forward to the Medicine Banquet selection round . Also… pay close attention… to the movements of those seven or eight young masters . "

He said as he pondered, "Chu Yang should be taking actions from there if he has any actions, but… for the sake of safety, we shall activate all the intelligent networks of the Diwu clan! In addition, let Diwu Liuxing use the power of the Zhuge clan's Foreign Affairs Hall to keep an eye on the networks! Remember that even if our movements are exposed, we shan't let go of any trace of evidence!"

The white-bearded elder said a little worriedly, "But if that's the case, once the Zhuge clan discovers this… the entire Diwu clan will be over!"

Diwu Qingrou paced towards the windows, looked out and said slowly, "Even if our movements are exposed to the Zhuge clan… I believe that they'll already be very exhausted by then . They'll not only let us go unpunished, but they'll also back us up…"

He waved his hands . "This matter shall be settled this way then . "

The white-bearded elder agreed and walked out .

Diwu Qingrou stood in front of the window for a long time before he looked down onto the ground; the grasses on the ground had already withered .

Diwu Qingrou muttered, "It's winter now… Every winter, there'll always be grasses that are frozen to death . Although they'll turn green again the following spring, that stretch of grass won't be the same stretch of grass as that of now . "

He remained silent for a while and smiled gently . "Chu Yang, you've remained dormant for two months . Are you finally going to take actions now?"

Chu Yang had already heard a great commotion at the Jiaxiu Building before he got near it .

Laughing, scolding, clamoring, and… singing? There's even… music?

Chu Yang oozed sweat . He really didn't know what this big Miss Wu had done to the Zhuge clan… It's only morning now, yet the Jiaxiu Building was already buzzing with activity .

Chu Yang hastened his pace forward .

He heard a familiar voice saying, "Come come come, come to bet quickly . Let's see who can make Fairy Wu make her appearance today . The minimum bet is 100 purple crystals . Everyone is from the various big clans, and you mustn't lose your morale… Come come come, I'll be the host . "

Another voice said discontentedly, "Why should you be the host?"

This voice said, "Nonsense! I don't have the intention to make Fairy Wu my wife, but all of you have such great ambitions for her . Who else is more suitable to be the host?"

It's Yè Mengse!

Chu Yang secretly laughed in his heart . This bunch of fellows really had nothing to do . They were actually starting a bet for this!

A voice said, "I'll bet 300 purple crystals on myself!"

Chu Yang looked in the direction . It's a tall fellow . Standing amidst the other young masters from the big clans, who weren't considered short, he's actually more than one head and a half taller than the rest .

Yè Mengse said discontentedly, "Zhuge Changchang, you're also considered the second young master of the Zhuge clan . You bet 300 purple crystals every time you bet . What an insult to the rest!"

Zhuge Changchang's face flushed and he said in rage, "But I've already lost for seven consecutive days…"

Everyone laughed together . Ye Shifeng walked one step up calmly . "500 purple crystals . "

Everyone else all took their bet .

Yè Mengse's face beamed and he said, "I shall say the rule again . If anyone of you has bet correctly, all the purple crystals will be his, and I'll compensate him the same amount . If he didn't bet correctly, all these purple crystals will be mine!"

Everyone snorted .

This fellow had already won for many days…

But nobody was willing to admit defeat and all were full of confidence .

Suddenly, a voice said, "Can I bet too?" Everyone looked towards the sound and saw a teenager in black smiling gently . He looked shy — he's standing a distance away from the bunch of young masters . But he was looking a little greedily at the big pile purple crystals .

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