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Chapter 1025

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As Chu Yang was about to break down, he muttered a phrase that made Zi Xieqing quiet for a long time .

"I would never allow my brothers to take the Heavenly Treasure, that could allow them to increase their prowess, never again…"

After hearing the words, Zi Xieqing, who had never seen Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang, had red eyes . She was touched in the tender part of her heart and she had an urge to sob…

Chu Yang gritted his teeth and pressed on .

He was being pulled back from the seven near-death experiences and he made use of the energy accumulation of the "Journey to Hades" to strive for a breakthrough .

It complemented the Nine Heavens Divine Technique!

However, it failed .

Finally, Zi Xieqing cast off all her restrictions and broke all of Chu Yang's bones . Then she used the incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill to heal the bones . The process was repeated many times…

Every time, she would wait for the pain to subside before she broke Chu Yang's bones again .

The healing and breaking of bones were repeated nine times!

When Chu Yang was healed the ninth time, Chu Yang exerted all his efforts for the breakthrough . The Martial Saint barrier was finally broken…

The violent surging energy of the Journey to Hades broke through the barrier!

The energy of the Nine Heavens Divine Technique followed behind and demolished the barrier .

Chu Yang emitted unstoppable lightning like sword energy from his body .

Fortunately, Zi Xieqing had set up the dimension barrier that deflected his sword energy .

During each fight, Zi Xieqing would cover the sparring space with the dimension barrier . If not, their fights would have been discovered long ago .

Zi Xieqing was most astonished by his response . After much torture, Chu Yang recovered his strength and his first words were, "Bring it on! Little woman, watch my improved prowess!"

When she heard the words, her first reaction was neither anger nor fury . She was scared!

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Is this rascal a human?

Chu Yang's prowess improved exponentially . The impressive energy of the Journey to Hades complemented his internal strength and helped him attain intermediate third grade Martial Saint before his progress paused .

In the last few days, Zi Xieqing suppressed her true potential to spar with Chu Yang but she was finding it difficult to sustain herself .

Chu Yang's swordplay was full of surprises! The sword could be a white ray at a moment and emitting rainbows in the next instant . It could be gentle water at a moment and ferocious waves in the next instant .

An avalanche at a moment and an Earth fissure in the next instant!

With Chu Yang's current cultivation, his Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship was swift like lightning and forceful like thunder . When facing Zi Xieqing in the fights, Chu Yang exerted his full potential without any reservations .

He exhausted his potential in the all-out attacks .

When the 16 strokes of the Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship and his four self-created strokes were executed, Zi Xieqing had to raise up two levels from fourth to sixth grade Martial Saint . She had to depend on her rich experience and techniques to repulse him!

When Chu Yang exerted his explosive power using the 16 strokes of Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship, Zi Xieqing had to raise her level to ninth grade pinnacle Martial Saint in order to fend him off .

Her white robe was cut by his sword!

Though the sword did not harm her, it struck her chest .

Though Zi Xieqing had lived for a long time, she was still a chaste lady . She slapped instinctively on Chu Yang and he flew off from the blow . When she recalled the effectiveness of the Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship, she could not help but feel amazed .

She had encountered countless fights in her entire life .

It was her first time encountering such powerful swordplay .

She felt a sense of deep admiration for the creator of the Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship and the conqueror of the Nine Heavens . Who is that creator?

Every time Chu Yang sparred with Zi Xieqing, he was in the Tao State . Zi Xieqing's accumulation of the Tao State's energy for the past two months was not greater than her fight with the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists but she was almost done filling up her deficiency .

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According to Zi Xieqing's estimation, after fighting more than ten times with Chu Yang, she would have enough Tao State energy to leave this place .

As she was reaching her goal, she suddenly felt lost and secretly delayed the training plans .

After leaving this place, where could she go? Would she not return to her lone ranger nomadic life? And search aimlessly in the huge universe without a sense of exhaustion? Would she like to wander alone?

Was that the kind of life she wanted?

During this time, she would either spar with Chu Yang or indulge in a war of words with him . In her free time, she would chat and laugh with Chu Le'er . They also went out shopping and played childish toys with each other .

Her heart, that had been lonely for long periods of time, started to have attachments and a sense of reluctance…Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

What should I do?

Zi Xieqing remained very quiet for a few days .

She did not tell Chu Yang . Instead, she kept to herself . At times, she would sit by the window and gaze at the yellow leaves fall from the tree . Zi Xieqing started sighing… Her gaze would be gentle, full of reluctance and dazed…

Seeing Zi Xieqing going easy on his training, Chu Yang rested fully for a day . When he stepped outside his abode, he had a feeling that he had not stepped out for a lifetime .

The cold breeze howled as the leaves swirled in the wind . In the morning, a layer of frost formed on the ground surface . The weather had turned cold and the leaves on the tree were yellowed .

With a gentle breeze, the leaves floated down .

"It was mid-autumn when I arrived . Now it is winter . " Chu Yang smiled gently as he stood under a tree and looked up at the distant sky . Suddenly he had a great longing .

I wonder how my brothers… are doing?

I wonder how Mo Qingwu… is doing?

I miss all of you .

I really… miss you .

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Han Suran came a few times and Nangong Shifeng came regularly . Chu Yang had accumulated information on Tianji city that was as thick as a foot .

Chu Yang had detailed information on the overt and covert strifes of the young masters .

He could not understand why Wu Qianqian would come to the Upper Three Heavens when she was the Iron Cloud Empress . Was she ill-treated by Tie Butian? Even if that was the case, she should not have come here .

Chu Yang also observed that Wu Qianqian's waist was thin, her chest protruding, her spine upright, her buttocks pushed up, her brows thick, her face smooth and tight and there was short hair behind her ears…

These were signs of a maiden girl!

Chu Yang was even more perplexed .

What was going on?

He strolled slowly under the tree and suddenly thought of a possibility . He slapped his forehead and said in anguish, "I'm a fool! Yes, it must be so!"

Chu Yang intended to find Wu Qianqian .

Chu Yang was 80% confident in his speculation .

Scientifically, Tie Butian was a man but his body was weak and even feminine .

With his experience, this kind of men was not strong… in that area . Perhaps, Tie Butian had his hidden difficulty? And he only discovered after marrying Wu Qianqian? So they were unable to… be together?

Nobody knew that I am at Upper Three Heavens . To keep it discreet, he sent Wu Qianqian to invite me personally? To cure his illness?

Because of this embarrassing matter, Wu Qianqian was unable to tell me after meeting me?

The more Chu Yang thought, the more certain he was . He scolded himself in his heart that he had let his body imagination run too wild .

She is the country's Empress . How could she follow me for such a great distance to have an affair with me? I am such a narcissist…

If that was the case, it was wrong of me to ignore Wu Qianqian…

But how did she become the disciple of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists? I am unable to figure it out . Everyone has their own destiny . There are many things that I cannot figure out .

This is one of them .

Chu Yang thought that it was best to confirm with Wu Qianqian . He walked to Zhuge Clan with this thought .

In three days, all the people would arrive and the Medicine Banquet would commence its selection contest . With that many matters cropping up at the same time, I might neglect Wu Qianqian…

It is best that I say it first . If I wait for Wu Qianqian… she is thin-skinned and she might not be able to say it…

I am a friend and comrade of Tie Butian, could I not help him with this small favor?

Chu Yang made his decision and walked in haste to find Wu Qianqian . He was full of brotherly affection and loyalty for Tie Butian as he laughed inside . "He can't get it up… wahaha…"

Thinking of Tie Butian's predicament, Chu Yang felt the urge to guffaw . If I were to see him, I will definitely mock him…

If Tie Butian got to know his thoughts, she would definite pass out from anger…

I . . cannot raise it?

What do I need to raise?

What… can I raise?

At the Diwu Qingrou courtyard .

Diwu Qingrou frowned as he walked to and fro trying to figure out . A white-browed elder was made dizzy by his relentless pacing .

The elder was curious .

How long had it been? Since he last saw Diwu Qingrou in such indecision? And such perplexity?

This kind of indecision was a rare shock to the Diwu Clan .

"Who is that person? Who would have a hand in this scheme?" Diwu Qingrou frowned deeply and muttered, "With only the Ye Clan, Lan Clan and Zhuge Clan, it was already chaotic, why did the Ling Clan get involved too? These clans could not have divulged the secret, how did the Ling Clan know about this? What was going on? Could… it be a trap?"

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