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Chapter 1023

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The young masters of the Zhuge Clan started to pit against each other openly and maneuver covertly . On the surface, they were in harmony and respectful, but they were back-stabbing each other in the dark . The clan was in chaos .

It was only a few days and rumors were rife . The young men of the Zhuge Clan were accused of having illegitimate sons and daughters…

The tense situation became more precarious .

Zhuge Shanyun was having a headache over the situation . He thought he had welcomed an esteemed disciple of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artist . Never did he expect to invite disaster into his clan…

Zhuge Shanyun was spared of his headache as his clan members invited his foe .

Ye Shifeng was badly smitten after seeing Wu Qianqian . It was not known whether he was after her beauty or status, he became her suitor . He was dressed in the smart black garment of the Ye Clan and would wait in anticipation at her dwelling daily .

The next day, the Lan Clan arrived and a few of their young masters joined in the competition for the favor of Wu Qianqian…

The Ye, Shi and Zhuge Clans were already holding animosity towards each other . With the competition for Wu Qianqian's favor, they were all fully armed and cautious . The scene became the re-enactment of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms .

The young masters of the smaller clans retreated with caution .

Only the Ye Clan's second young master Ye Shifeng, Zhuge Clan's second young master Zhuge Changchang and Lan Clan's third young master Lan Changge were left in the competition .

They were like a trio of mating peacocks that showcased their fanciful tails for attention .

Someone even set up bets to see which young master would win the hand of the lady . All the young masters placed their bets and Tianji city became a bustling casino .

The news spread like wildfire . The Yè Clan was halfway on their journey when young master Yè Mengse heard about the peerless beauty Wu Qianqian . He was afraid others might get to her first so he abandoned his clan and traveled through the night to arrive at Tianji city .

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms had become Four Nation's War and the situation became tenser .

Ye Shifeng acted suave with his dark face, black robe and cloak . He stood proudly like a pile of shiny black charcoal .

Zhuge Changchang… Er, required some explanation . His name consisted of the double meaning of tall and he was indeed tall… Actually, he was beyond tall .

Though he looked proportionately, he was on the tall side . For most men, 1 . 7-1 . 8 meters were considered tall . Anything above 1 . 8 meters was definitely a giant!

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Zhuge Changchang was a full 2 . 5 meters! When he was with the other men, he was like a giant among dwarfs . With his white robe, he was extremely prominent .

Zhuge Changchang looked forward to having a palmistry session with Wu Qianqian so that they could discuss about life and their ambitions… But he was not fulfilled .

Lan Changge carried with him a zither to complement his singing .

Yè Mengse created poems the moment he arrived . Within a few days, his ten poems were compiled by his fan . His poems were all excellent creations…

In the Zhuge compound, everyone yearned to obtain the favor of Wu Qianqian!

The Zhuge compound was like an opera .

This liveliness was like… what Ye Zhangzui had said before . The nonsense was blaring and loud .

No matter how the young masters curry her favor, the black-robed fairy remained cool, aloof and rejected them bluntly .

Ye Shifeng was ignored, Zhuge Changchang's request for palmistry was denied and he was being chided . Lan Changge sang for a few days and invited a question from Wu Qianqian that halted his serenading .

At that time, Lan Changge was singing his tune when the window on the second floor opened . A dark figure appeared at the window .

The crowd below was excited .

The dark-robed lady was looking for the singer . At this moment, the crowd held their breath .

She finally found him and asked him with a pair of astonished eyes, "Young master, why are you crying?"


Everyone shivered when they heard the words .

Lan Changge was embarrassed and gave a bitter smile . "I am serenading you…"

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"Please don't… I beg you . The voice sounded like the monkey from the forest who had lost its son . It's too melancholic . I'm not able to sleep properly because of your singing . Young master… please stop wailing . "

After she finished speaking, the windows were slammed shut .

Lan Changge almost fainted .

The crowd almost fainted .

Please stop wailing?

Wailing? …

After being stunned for a while, the crowd broke into hysterical laughs . Ye Shifeng, Zhuge Changchang and Yè Mengse laughed extremely loud . Lan Changge glared angrily at the three of them… That night, Lan Changge challenged Zhuge Changchang to a fight but Zhuge Changchang declined…

As for Yè Mengse, after composing that many poems he was not getting any response . He could not resist asking, "Lady, what do you think of my poems?"

Wu Qianqian replied in surprise, "If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have thought they were poems… apologies I had been learning martial arts from my teacher since young, I don't have knowledge of poems… I thought you were reciting from books… and I'm actually impressed with your diligence…"

Wu Qianqian's comment greatly discounted Yè Mengse's talent in composing poems!

The four young masters were held back by her rejections .

Wu Qianqian's aloofness was complemented by her peerless beauty, mysterious face veil, gracefulness and… a different demeanor from the ladies of the super clans .

That was the trait of a lady who traveled the martial world . She had a fusion of the aristocratic and yet graceful character… and a unique attractive aura!

Aloof and dignified!

Like the moon up in the sky, far beyond anyone's reach .

With such a trait, the more aloof she was, the more it piqued the desires of the young masters . They became bolder in their approaches .

These young masters were used to having beautiful women! Since when were they rejected so badly?

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This kind of hopeless courting was a serious blow to their ego! The more you ignored me, the more I would court you!

The thrill of the courting process was what they wanted!

The suitors were unable to give up once they had indicated their interests . They had the mentality that if I gave up and gave the chance to others to win her heart… would I not be on the losing end? Even if I failed, I could stay behind and sow discord among other suitors .

If I could not get what I want, I would not let the rest have the chance to win her hand!

With the mentality of sour grapes, the young masters treated each other with greater disdain . During this period, Ye Shifeng had sparred with Zhuge Changchang once and fought with Lan Changge twice . Yè Mengse fought with everybody .

Lan Changge was the weakest among the young masters . His eyes were beaten like a panda but he did not delay his courtship . It was alright as the lady did not even look at his face…

Zhuge Changchang had the worst luck . As he was too tall, everyone went for his crotch . He let down his guard once and Yè Mengse tackled his crotch like a monkey going for peaches .

As such, his "peaches" were manhandled and Zhuge Changchang had to stand cross-legged for the next four-five days . He also hobbled like a penguin…

The four masters continued their pestering, causing Wu Qianqian to be vexed and at her wits' end .

She knew that Chu Yang was staying at the nearby Orchard Palace but she dared not meet him . If she visited him, her suitors would follow and cause a nuisance to Chu Yang .

But Chu Yang…

Wu Qianqian was extremely irked .

You knew I am here but you chose not to visit me… what a heartless man!

Wu Qianqian made a mistake in her thinking . She knew that Tie Butian was a woman so she did not take her Empress status to heart and she did not see herself as someone's wife…

She did not have such thinking in her subconscious!

But Chu Yang was very clear that Wu Qianqian was Tie Butian's wife!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

As the saying goes, a good man does not take advantage of a friend's wife .

Why would Chu Yang want to antagonize Wu Qianqian? He would be happy to hide from her .

Chu Yang was a normal man . With his aging, his needs and desires were surging . When he looked at brothels, he would feel himself bloating and he had to lower his head and fasten his pace…

When he thought about surviving the next five to six years like this, he became depressed .

If Wu Qianqian was by his side, when faced with a willing and alluring beauty, Chu Yang felt that he would not have the willpower that he had at the Lower Three Heavens…

If he failed to control himself, he would make a cuckold out of his brother Tie Butian . If a country's ruler was cuckolded… that would be…

During this period of time, Chu Yang sparred daily with Zi Xieqing until he was fully exhausted . Once the session was over, he would collapse and fall asleep .

With Zi Xieqing around, he would not be in danger when asleep .

Han Xiaoran came a few times to report the matter to Chu Yang . Nangong Shifeng became a frequent visitor . Whenever there was news, he would slip stealthily into the residence and inform Chu Yang .

Though Chu Yang stayed at home, he had a good grasp of the happenings in the city .

Right now, he was waiting for an opportunity .

After Chu Yang discovered that the Ye Clan got to know about the Divine Clan's elder from a mysterious letter, he was relieved .

Chu Yang speculated that this mysterious man was definitely Diwu Qingrou!

He was fully confident of that!

The Lan Clan would not divulge such secret . If they had wanted to do so, they would not wait until now . Because they intended to kidnap the Divine Clan's elder secretly… It was even more impossible for the Zhuge Clan to divulge the secret .

Chu Yang felt that he could collude with Diwu Qingrou without meeting and planning anything!

Chu Yang was amused by such a situation . He believed Diwu Qingrou would feel the same way too .

Chu Yang was also monitoring the way Wu Qianqian was pestered by the four young masters . The right opportunity was still brewing . Once everyone was here and the situation was chaotic and out of control… the situation would be advantageous for him to create discord…

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