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Chapter 1021

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The dark figure approached closer and closer . The silhouette changed from a small dot to a short chubby figure .

This kind of figure was prevalent in the current Ye Clan's expedition group!

Abruptly, the dark figure tripped and fell to the ground . He struggled to stand up . Ye Shifeng shouted, "It's bad!"

They saw that the dark figure was injured .

The trip and fall allowed his pursuers to close in and give him a devastating palm blow!

The dark figure had gotten up and was about to scream for help when he was hit on the back by a fatal palm blow .

He stopped in mid-air before lifting up his head to spit out fresh blood . Then his body disintegrated and turned into blood mist!

He perished without any traces!

A single palm blow disintegrated a person!

The five Ye Clan members witnessed the dark figure stopping before his body disintegrated and his limbs and head exploded most horrifically!

The five of them watched the scene solemnly . Their eyes were filled with rage!

The elder's face became cold and hard as he said, "A palm blow that disintegrates! This is a Supreme Martial Artist's method . The Ling Clan has great ambition . "

The Ye brothers were tight-lipped . The eyes of the two Supreme Martial Artists were filled with raging flames . They looked at their targets with clenched fists .

If it was a normal occurrence, they would not be that agitated but they had witnessed the grotesque corpses of their companions when they were being led here . It was obvious the perpetrator was taunting them!

Then they witnessed live, a member of the Ye Clan being disintegrated!

That was like dousing fuel on an open flame!

Even the elder with superior willpower was full of rage . Nothing needed to be said for the other four companions .

A thread of thought surged within them . A white figure led them to the waiting corpses that belonged to the Ye Clan . The black figure who disintegrated appeared to belong to the Ye Clan . The white figure behind the disintegrated figure looked like… the previous white figure .

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We lost two comrades, and another one died before us…

D*mn! Is there an end to your taunting?

They unknowingly blamed the three deaths on this group of white-robed men .

"Let's take a look!" The five of them flew over .

The five Ye Clan members arrived just as the four Ling Clan Supreme Martial Artists arrived . Seeing each other, they stopped at a distance of five feet and gazed intently .

Everyone's faces were solemn . Deep within their eyes, there were traces of anger that was heavily suppressed .

"I am curious to know who is that domineering . So it's you . "

These exact words came out from two persons at the same time—The Ye Clan's elder and Ling Clan's sixth grade Supreme Martial Artists .

It was like a rehearsed stage line .

"Hehehehe…" the Ye Clan elder's eyes flashed as he smiled coldly and said, "Brother Ling, good skills! Good Technique! A single blow and you disintegrated a man . I am full of admiration . "

The Ling clan's Supreme Martial Artist became more gloomy .

Nobody would believe but he did not intend to kill!

That dark figure led me here and I am left with no choice . The dark figure's skill was almost on par with mine . My palm blow was to injure him and stop him from escaping only .

I never expected my blow to disintegrate him!

D*mn… his death was totally unexpected .

He was surprised and angry . He saw the Ye Clan members gather here and start the accusations . Immediately, flames of rage were stoked in him .

"Hehe… Brother Ye, you're in a good mood to come that early to appreciate the lake scenery!" the Ling clan Supreme Martial Artist smiled coldly and said in a weird feminine tone .

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The Ye Clan elder almost could not control himself after hearing his words .

Good mood? D*mn with the good mood! If I was not being baited by you scumbags, would I be up that early at the lake?

He gave a forced smile and said, "Hehehe… Brother Ling's a wise man to be able to see that . We are indeed admiring the beautiful scenery… Hei, hei, this astute observation and intelligence are the attributes of a loud sounding farting fairy!"

The Ling Clan Supreme Martial Artist was glum and said, "Ye Zhangzui! What do you mean by that?"

This Ye Clan Elder Master was Ye Zhangzui .

After hearing the words, even a person with deep cultivation would not be able to resist retorting . "Ling Yuanshan, what do I mean? Hei hei, I would like to ask you instead! What's the intention of the Ling Clan?"

Ling Yuanshan smiled coldly as he looked at Ye Zhangzui with an icy gaze . He articulated word by word, "Our Ling Clan did not antagonize the Ye Clan! You… shouldn't have done that . "

Ye Zhangzui focused his eyes and said, "We had no animosity towards the Ling Clan but you killed our member in our presence!"

"So he's one of you!" Ling Yuanshan's gaze was like a sharp blade .

"He's killed by you!" Ye Zhangzui lifted his head and revealed eyes that were as dark as the night .

"He deserved to be killed . " Ling Yuanshan said .

Ye Zhangzui smiled coldly and said, "That's flesh and blood! That's a human life! Ling Yuanshan, hehe… do you realize this is the start of our hatred?"

Ling Yuanshan smiled and said, "I know that and more . It's about honor and reputation!"

Ye Zhangzui laughed so loudly that he fumbled and said, "Ridiculous! Ridiculous! What honor! And nonsensical reputation!"

Ling Yuanshan's pupils contracted as he said, "Ye Zhangzui, it seems like a fight is inevitable . "

"Perhaps you don't wish to fight?" Ye Zhangzui looked tauntingly at him . "If you don't fight, whatever you had done would be ridiculed!"

Ling Yuanshan stood up with his hands clasped behind his back and said, "For the past three thousand years, I had battled with the Heavens, Earth and humans and I had never shirked!"

He smiled as his gaze turned deathly cold . "The Ye Clan's unscrupulous . Because of the Divine Clan's elder, you are pulling the Ling Clan into the fray… hehe… Ye Zhangzui, you are indeed scheming!"

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Ye Zhangzui was agitated and his eyes gazed at Ling Yuanshan with malice . "Ling Yuanshan, how do you know… about this?"

Ling Yuanshan shook his head and smiled . "I don't know, but you told me . "

"I told you?" Ye Zhangzui barred the movement of his companions behind him . He frowned and glanced behind, asking softly, "Ling Yuanshan… you were not here last night?"

Ling Yuanshan was startled and said, "You are saying… we had been fooled?"

Both of them were sixth grade Supreme Martial Artists and had surpassed ordinary humans . Though they were angry, their wisdom was not affected .

As they were escalating to a fight, Ling Yuanshan's words gave Ye Zhangzui a realization .

You told me!

You told me!

How could I tell other people about this?

Perhaps it was that dark-robed figure?

Ye Zhangzui instantly thought about this .

"Shifeng, go back and do a headcount… see who is missing . " Ye Zhangzui frowned and abruptly said, "No! You… Duting, you'll go! Shifeng can't handle alone . "

The second grade Supreme Martial Artist behind him acknowledged and vanished into a stream of green smoke .

Ye Zhangzui turned to look at Ling Yuanshan . Their gazes met and they broke into a bitter laugh .

Ling Yuanshan shook his head and said, "If you wanted to fight with me, you don't have to resort to such childish method…" The man that Ye Zhangzui sent back had just left and Ling Yuanshan already believed Ye Zhangzui .

At their level, certain things did not have to be articulated .

None of us are fools .

Ye Zhangzui smiled bitterly and said, "That's right… we were led here by a white figure and discovered the two Martial Saint corpses… after that, you appeared…"

Ling Yuanshan was surprised . "Two Martial Saint corpses?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

They looked at each other and felt that they were being tricked into a huge scheme .

Ye Zhangzui did not explain and led them to the side of the lake .

With Ling Yuanshan's deep cultivation, after witnessing the corpses he inhaled deeply . The three people behind him were shocked and almost vomited out .

They remained silent .

The truth was uncovered . They were almost tricked into fighting!

But… even if they were being tricked, the insults that they hurled were irreversible and had become a heart sore!

The Ye Clan would not stand being insulted! The Ling Clan would not tolerate provocation either!

Both super clans had their reputation and baseline .

Though their words were not harsh, as sixth grade Supreme Martial Artists, their words had a million times greater weight than normal people!

Moreover… there was the unresolved issue of the Divine Clan's elder between them .

Once this secret was revealed, the Ye and Ling Clans would not be at ease .

Even if the Ling Clan said they had no motives, but would the Ye Clan believe? It was not easy to determine the benefits involved . If the leading Ye Clan was involved, would the Ling Clan not be tempted?

Ye Zhangzui and Ling Yuanshan looked at each other and smiled bitterly .

Both of them knew that though they did not fight, their relationship would never be the same as before .

Ye Zhangzui was wondering if the Ling Clan would play a hand in this matter .

Ling Yuanshan was thinking of the Divine Clan's elder . What kind of benefits would there be? Why was the Zhuge Clan so possessive? Even the Ye Clan was coveting . This issue… required much thinking . If the Ling Clan…

Ling Yuanshan stopped himself from further thinking . But this thought had grown its roots in his mind and was haunting him .

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