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Chapter 1020

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Zi Xieqing returned to her room and remembered she did not tell Chu Yang about her fight with the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists .

She said to herself that it was alright to say it tomorrow as the rascal would not mind .

However… in order to have children after mastering the Moon Breeze Technique…

Hehe, Chu Yang, this is my present for you . Hope that you can make full use of it .

Before dawn, a white figure shot out from Zi Xieqing's room . It flashed and vanished into thin air .

Chu Yang was meditating when he heard clearly the voice say, "Let me check out the first step . " The voice was extremely faint .

Chu Yang opened his eyes as he smiled .

He gradually knitted his brows as he pondered, "This matter… if Diwu Qingrou knew about it, it would be perfect . Because it's in line with the Diwu Clan's interest . "

Diwu Qingrou would definitely make the plans .

At this thought, Chu Yang felt regretful . He should not have caused the death of Diwu Qingyun . Now that Qingyun was dead, he had no messenger…

Chu Yang furrowed his brows and thought bitterly . How could he let this matter be known to Diwu Qingrou?

The white figure was as swift as the wind and circled above Tianjin city before descending . She knocked down a window and a white ray shot into the room like lightning .

Ye Shifeng and Ye Shiyu were waiting anxiously in the room .

"Why aren't they back yet? Did they meet with a mishap?"

After Shifeng finished speaking, the window shattered . A white ray flew atop the room beam . It was a shiny short sword . On it was a white note with blood written words .

Ye Shiyu leaped and brought the note down . On it was crimson words that said, "Biting off more than you can chew!"

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Angry roars filled the air as the powerful fighters of the Ye Clan leaped on the rooftop . The Ye brothers also hurried outside .

A masked white figure laughed condescendingly when everyone came out . She extended her finger and pointed at them as she sneered . "Ye Clan! Ye Clan! Just you wait… Hahaha…"

In her laughter, the white figure diminished to a white streak as she flew into the distance…

The Supreme Martial Artists of the Ye Clan shouted angrily, "Chase after her!"

Numerous men chased after her hastily . But the white figure had vanished without a trace .

At a different location in the city .

A white figure descended . The white robe turned mysteriously to black when the figure landed .

The dark color of the night .

The white figure became a dark figure .

Nobody could figure out that the dark figure was a woman . The figure had become short and fat . The figure darted into the guesthouse like a shooting star . Without hesitation, she slapped out with her palm!

A loud demolishing noise rang in the air as the premium rooms of the guesthouse was disintegrated .

The dark figure lowered her voice and said, "You're tired of living . You are trash and yet dared to covet the Divine Clan's treasure! Come out, I'm going to teach you a lesson! Those who are not involved, scram!"

A few angry-looking men jumped out .

The Ling Clan's Supreme Martial Artists were infuriated . They were humiliated by a woman on their journey as their skills were inferior . However, their frustrations were on the brink of breaking out .

Upon arriving at Tianji City, they received the news of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists and felt great pressure . They discussed their plans late last night . As they were about to rest, their rooms were destroyed…

And the taunting words were illogical!

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Are you treating the Ling Clan as weaklings? Whoever wants to bully us could do so? The tolerance is gone…

A white-robed figure flashed several times and appeared outside the guesthouse .

The opposite dark-clad figure was startled and gave a hollow laugh . "Apologies, I got the wrong person . " He turned and left .

Got the wrong person?

The crowd was ignited by the irresponsible words!

Why did you not recognize a beggar as your dad? After demolishing the rooms, you dared to say you got the wrong person?

The four Supreme Martial Artists confronted the dark-clad figure but the figure had gone far . The four Supreme Artists were unwilling to let it go . How could the honor of the Ling Clan be tainted?

If the matter was not settled satisfactorily, they would quit the martial arts realm!

The four of them gave the signal and chased after the dark-clad figure . Their chests were about to explode with anger…

In the early morning at the side of the Shui Ye Lake .

The morning mist was sparse .

Ye Shifeng, Ye Shiyu and the three dark-clad elders stood by the lake as they stared at two horrible-looking corpses . Everyone was looking glum . They chased the white-robed figure to this location but the figure vanished and they discovered the two corpses!

Ye Shifeng exclaimed in shock .

The reason why the white-robed figure led them here was to show them the two corpses! The white-robed figure was taunting them!

The Ye brothers looked at each other and saw the regrets and their denial in the eyes .

They never expected that two eighth grade Martial Saint would die in the mission to kill a puny Chu Yang!

One of the corpses was full of dense crawling ants . There were even spiders, bees and hornets… the corpse was no longer visible .

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The other corpse had his brain exploded and the body stuck in the mud . The face was contorted with extreme fear .

The five of them studied for a long time but could not figure out how a powerful Martial Saint who was not afraid of death could be so fearful!

For all eternity, the greatest challenge was to face death!

The middle black-clad elder stood emotionless .

He walked forward and examined carefully . "Since the perpetrator wanted us to see, then we'll examine carefully . "

He waved his hand and the sleeves were curled up . The insects on the corpse that was pinned to the tree were swept clean .

They saw the horrible state of the corpse and inhaled a gust of cold air . They felt sick within as if their organs were churning inside!

The sight was beyond horrible!

"They are Ye Kong and Ye Yun . " He walked forward as his emotionless eyes watched carefully . Then he looked at the corpse on the ground and said, "Good riddance! The perpetrator is the world's most ruthless person! No…"

He muttered to himself as he pondered deeply . "The perpetrator is a super cruel and a classic King of Hell type of executioner!"

He pointed his finger and sighed . "Good execution! The perpetrator has a world-class psychology understanding of powerful fighters . "

The Ye brothers were puzzled . "Elder Master, what do you mean?"

The elder smiled as he pointed with his finger . "The perpetrator fractured the jaw and ruptured Ye Kun's Dantian . Then Ye Kong was controlled by him . "

"Then his next step was to destroy Ye Kung's lower body . This tree branch was used to penetrate his skull and pin him to the tree!"

He pointed at the suspect tree branch .

The corpse was suspended on the tree by the thin tree branch .

The end of the tree branch that was protruding out of his forehead was full of leaves .

"Then he crushed Ye Kong's bones and created wounds on his body . Then he washed the wounds with a salt solution before scattering with salt particles and finally, sealing the wounds and salt with honey . "

"Ye Kong's death was due to his spirit being extinguished and his soul was expelled from the body! He was tortured to death . "

The elder kept quiet for a while and said, "Superb torture technique . "

"Even if there was deep hatred, it was enough to kill with a slash . Why did he torture Ye Kong?" Ye Shifeng was full of anger and his eyes were red .

He sent them on this mission so he felt responsible for their deaths .

Ye Shifeng felt very guilty inside .

"Fool!" the elder scolded angrily with his low voice, "Do you think he tortured Ye Kong just to vent his anger?"

"Isn't that so?" Ye Shifeng trembled with anger . "This executioner who deserved a thousand slashes… he expelled Ye Kong's soul, isn't that torturing?"

The elder sighed and said, "He made use of the cruelty on Ye Kong to destroy Ye Yun's willpower . "

"Ye Kong and Ye Yun are eighth grade Martial Saints . If they were tortured together, no matter how cruel the torture was, they would endure to their last breath . But he only tortured Ye Kong and left Ye Yun intact . "

"Ye Yun witnessed his brother being tortured but he felt worse than suffering the torture himself . Because the pain of torture would occupy the mind . As long as you gritted teeth and endured, you would not think of other stuff . The greater the cruelty of the torture, the easier it would be for an obstinate person to die of torture . But a spectator would not! Because he was able to think and imagine the effects of the torture uncontrollably!"

"Ye Kong did not say anything from beginning till the end . The perpetrator did not ask because he knew Ye Kong would not divulge anything . His target was Ye Yun . "

"When Ye Kong died, Ye Yun had already broken down . If not, the perpetrator would not let Ye Kong die! Observe Ye Yun's eyes that were full of grievances . Aren't they full of fear? Look at his face . Isn't it showing terror? I know… I know that the perpetrator had obtained what he needed to know . "

The elder inhaled deeply . "The perpetrator must be an experienced interrogator to know of such methods . Shifeng, you had created huge trouble . "

"Could it be Chu Yang?" Ye Shifeng lowered his head and asked softly .

"Most likely not," the elder was composed as he said, "From your description, the youth was less than twenty years old . Hehe… at such a tender age, even if he is a disciple of the Nine Super Clans, he would not have such scheming mind and killed two eighth grade Martial Saints!"

A dark figure approached rapidly from far .

There were a few white figures in pursuit behind him .

The dark figure looked like a member of the Ye Clan . When he saw the five of them by the lake, he made haste . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The five of them frowned . Who are those bold white figures?

Who dares to pursue Ye Clan's member?

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