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Chapter 1018

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Wu Qianqian nodded and said with tiredness, "You'll take care of them . I'll take my leave . "

Chu Yang furrowed his brows and said, "You are injured . It's better to rest . "

Wu Qianqian endured her pain and said, "I have my ways . " She wanted to leave as soon as possible as she was afraid Chu Yang might discover her identity at close proximity!

Wu Qianqian was confident that Chu Yang was already suspecting her as Wu Qianqian .

As the difference in time, space, cultivation and identity were too great, hence Chu Yang was not able to confirm his suspicion .

If she was not a Martial Saint and a Moon Breeze disciple, then Chu Yang would have called out her name!

Chu Yang pondered and took out a pill . He said, "This is a healing pill, you may take it . "

"Thank you . " Wu Qianqian was trusting as she popped it into her mouth without examining it .

Chu Yang gazed intently at her and smiled . "Lady, have we met before?"

Wu Qianqian was startled and replied, "No, I've no impression of you . "

"But I find you familiar . " Chu Yang smiled and said, "You look like my friend . "

Wu Qianqian asked, "Is your friend your sweetheart?"

Chu Yang sighed and laughed but he did not say a word .

Wu Qianqian smiled and said, "Take care, I'm leaving . "

Her slender body leaped into the air and did a twist before vanishing like a comet .

Chu Yang asked after her, "Aren't you curious to know who they are?"

Wu Qianqian did not respond . It seemed she had traveled far .

Chu Yang, you sidestepped my question!

The distant Wu Qianqian smiled bitterly .

Wu Qianqian mustered up her courage to ask that question: "Is your friend your sweetheart?" She tried very hard to control herself but she could not resist finding out her status in Chu Yang's heart .

But Chu Yang chose to sidestep her question .

Wu Qianqian did not know what to feel . She was well aware of Chu Yang's way of interrogation . He would definitely obtain the information that he wanted!

The interrogation would be very bloody and it was not appropriate for her to stay .

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Chu Yang stood by the lake as he gazed in the direction that Wu Qianqian had left . He said silently to himself, "Sword spirit, did I do right?"

The sword spirit replied nonchalantly, "What's that?"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly and said, "Well… the way I treated Senior Sister Wu… is that right?"

The sword spirit widened his eyes . "You couldn't confirm her identity, could you?"

Chu Yang breathed deeply and said, "I don't know why she came to Upper Three Heavens, why she became a Moon Breeze disciple and why she attained Martial Saint level… but I am sure it's her! It's definitely her . "

The sword spirit knitted his brows . "Reason?"

Chu Yang said softly, "She tried to keep a low profile as she was afraid I might recognize her . But my suspicion was confirmed by what she said . "

"What did she say?"

"Perhaps you had a conflict with the law enforcement officers at a young age?" There was bitterness in his eyes . "Though I look young, I am a Sovereign of Swords . With this cultivation, I'm able to maintain my youth . If she doesn't know me, why is she so sure that I am young? She's obviously worried . I'm only her acquaintance, why is she worried about me?"

The sword spirit said, "She could be chivalrous and it's hard to judge . It's too far a stretch to use this reason . "

"Good . The second reason is when I gave her the healing pill, she popped it into her mouth without examining it . " Chu Yang smiled . "She trusted me . She's a young woman . Would she trust a stranger she had just met? Senior Sister Wu always trusts me!"

The sword spirit nodded in agreement . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Reason three, when I asked her if we had ever met before, her heartbeat was extremely fast!" Chu Yang said, "Reason four, she asked me… if my friend was my sweetheart . It's inappropriate to ask such a question in the first meeting… the question also showed a strong suppressed desire . "

Chu Yang sighed . "If she's not Senior Sister Wu, then my eyes are blind!"

The sword spirit kept quiet for a while before saying, "If you knew her identity, then… you're breaking her heart by your aloofness . "

Chu Yang kept quiet while he ruminated for a while . He said gently, "Am I not touched? Am I not touched? Can I bear to break her heart? But I… hehe, I thought if I left, she would forget about me . Moreover, she decided to marry Tie Butian… he's a man, a ruler and my friend . If I acknowledge her, am I not breaking up her family? So I have to remain aloof . "

"That's correct . Why did the Iron Cloud Empress come to Upper Three Heavens?" The sword spirit's brows were tightly knitted .

He agreed with what Chu Yang had said . He only thought of how Wu Qianqian would be heartbroken but he forgot that she was Tie Butian's wife .

It was indeed inappropriate for Chu Yang to say anything .

A rare man like Tie Butian should not be cuckolded…

Moreover, he's Chu Yang's friend .

But the sword spirit did not know if Tie Butian heard Chu Yang say, "Tie Butian's a man", she would strangle him on the spot . She had borne him a son and he said… she's a man!

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Your entire family consisted of men!

"Let's not talk about this . " Chu Yang was feeling frustrated .

After confirming Wu Qianqian's identity, Chu Yang was vexed . He was touched and angry at the same time .

You are someone's wife, why aren't you observing your obligations?

Yes, you had a deep affection for me and I had let you down . I did not respond directly to your… affection . My heart… only had Qingwu .

Now, you are someone's wife and yet you are following me . Why did you do that…

How should I deal with it? When I next meet Tie Butian, even if I am innocent, I do not dare to face my battle comrade, brother and good friend!

Chu Yang sighed and decided if given the chance, he would persuade Senior Sister Wu that she had a husband and should stop following me… she should return to her husband .

It is a tricky situation…

If I lose control someday… I would not be able to face the world again…

Chu Yang felt more vexed the more he pondered . He walked towards the unlucky prisoners and tore away their masks . He scrutinized them as they glared wide-eyed at him and indicated their unyielding attitude .

Chu Yang thought to himself, "The left guy's face shape, gaze and demeanor indicated he was tough and not afraid to die . The other one was not afraid to die but his eyes were shifty…"

For interrogation, if the King of Hell Chu claimed to be the world's number two, the law enforcement officers of the Interrogation Hall would not dare to claim to be the world's top!

He decided the guy on the left guy . Without a word, he slapped hard on his face and eight to nine of his teeth fell out .

"Quit thinking… you can… extract any information from me!" the guy muttered unintelligibly but with conviction .

"I don't intend to ask! I only wanted to torture you so that you quit being human in your next life!" Chu Yang slapped him again . "Did I ask you?"

Pah! His right face was slapped . The two slaps dislodged all his teeth .

Chu Yang lifted him and tore his clothes . Then he kicked his naked body to a tree . As the naked guy stood by the tree, Chu Yang kicked him viciously at his crotch . Pah! His crotch was a mess of flesh and blood .

Chu Yang scoffed and said, "I'm not asking you!"

And he added another kick!

"Did I ask you? Am I that idle to ask you?"


The Martial Saint was in such pain that he could not utter a sound . After recovering his breath, he broke into a long wail .

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A muddy grass patch was shoved into his mouth with force . He moaned before passing out .

Chu Yang's face was hardened with cruelty . He pierced with a tree branch and penetrated the Martial Saint's skull, pinning him to the tree .

The Martial Saint screamed as he woke up to the pain .

Chu Yang said calmly, "In your next life, remember not to be human!" Kcha! His finger was crushed .

The other intact prisoner was sneering in the beginning . After witnessing the torture, he could not help saying, "Chu Yang, you scumbag! Kill us if you dare . You're not a hero the way you torture him!"

"No! I don't wish to be a hero . I only have the capability to torture you to a state worse than death!" Chu Yang revealed his canine teeth as he smiled . "Kill both of you? It's too easy on you . "

The tortured Martial Saint had his bones crushed and a body full of blood .

His body was peppered with numerous wounds and it looked like a nightmare's scene .

Chu Yang extended his hand and retrieved a big bag of salt . He fed the salt to the man on the ground and smiled . "Is it tasty?"

The man on the ground trembled . "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to let him experience a pleasure! And let you watch with pleasure . " Chu Yang rubbed his hands and the salt dissolved into a solution . He splashed the salt solution at the wounded man .

The wounded man emitted gagged sounds and a muffled scream . His rolling eyes showed white and his body convulsed violently .

The man on the ground trembled more violently than his wounded companion . "Dog! Scumbag… B*stard… You… If you dare, kill me! Kill me…"

He wanted to turn away but Chu Yang held his neck, pried open his eyelids and forced him to watch .

Chu Yang observed the man on the ground carefully as he was the one that would reveal information . If he had interrogated him, even if he tortured him to death, it would be of no use .

Chu Yang was unable to use the Soul Control Method as the Martial Saint had Spiritual Concentration . If he failed, he would become retarded…

The prisoner was extremely fearful, but… Chu Yang knew that he had not broken down mentally .

Chu Yang extended his hand and a big bag of salt appeared in his hands . He scattered the salt on the open wounds of the man who was pinned to the tree . He struggled and convulsed in agony . He gaped and exhaled in short bursts when the pain surpassed his threshold but he was unable to make any sounds…

He exhaled in big gulps and could not breathe .

"Watch this . " Chu Yang smiled at the prisoner on the ground as he held a pail of honey . Chu Yang fed honey to him and he exclaimed, "Honey!"

The prisoner was experienced and understood all these methods . Whatever Chu Yang took out, he understood the use . At this moment, he hated his experience and understanding .

It was too cruel!

Chu Yang smiled . "Is it fun?" He splashed the honey on the prisoner who was pinned on the tree . The honey was sticky and covered the wounds with a thick fragrance .

But the salt was sealed within the wounds .

The pinned prisoner pushed his body up and opened his toothless mouth as he screamed voiceless at the sky . A faint twirling smoke came out above his head .

His two legs kicked after which he lost his breath .

"Too fast . " Chu Yang tilted his head and pondered for a while before gesturing with his open palms to the man on the ground . "He's dead . "

The man on the ground was mentally confused . He gasped as his face was filled with fear . The muscles at the corner of his eyelids twitched as he looked at Chu Yang with fear instead of hate!

He was a Devil!

As a Martial Saint, he understood what the twirling white smoke meant…

The soul was expelled from the body!

Chu Yang was able to cause his soul to be expelled without using mystical skills while a Martial Saint was conscious by using only torture . How cruel was that?

And this executioner had been smiling throughout the process! As though he was chatting with his good friend!

That was the scary part!

A fierce-looking torturer was not scary as he was strong in appearance but cowardly inside . A composed torture that managed to expel the soul from the body was a classic method of the King of Hell!

Chu Yang had turned his body and was washing his hands carefully with the lake water .

Chu Yang stood in front of him and examined his own fingers as he sighed . "Though this pair of hands had caused countless casualties, they were never stained with blood stench . "

Chu Yang gazed into his eyes and said sadly, "Actually, I had no intention to cause him a painful death . He was already quite old and was raised by his parents for quite some time . "

The prisoner on the ground looked even more terrified .

Chu Yang was extremely perverted…

The dead prisoner had his soul expelled… and you are acting kind?

Chu Yang twisted his neck and said gently, "I'll ask you a few questions . You can choose to answer or not . If you refuse, I won't ask you again . Do you understand? If you answer, I'll grant you a quick painless death . "

Chu Yang pointed at the corpse . "A quicker death than his . "

The prisoner on the ground trembled and curled up slowly as he moaned . It sounded like he was whimpering .

Chu Yang ignored him . He did not look at him . Instead, he looked deeply at the lake surface and asked gently, "Which clan do you belong to?"

"Ye clan! I'm from the Ye family!" He did not wait for Chu Yang to finish his words and blurted as though a delay would cause his demise .

Chu Yang suppressed his smile and said, "Really?" He placed his feet above the prisoner's crotch area .

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