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Chapter 1017

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The two Ye clan's pugilists laughed sinisterly as they watched Wu Qianqian rushing into their lethal sword paths . Their eyes were filled with pleasure and excitement .

This woman who was dying by their sword was the disciple of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou! They felt great satisfaction at the thought of this .

Who dared to kill their disciple? Us!

After killing her and Chu Yang, they would escape to a faraway place and nobody would know!

They were about to clash!

At this critical moment, the sword vibration that sounded like a dragon's moan pierced the air and melted the ice on the lake surface .

A ray of sword energy came up like a rising sun and leaped out of the rippling lake .

It became a ray of rainbow!

Yes, it was a rainbow!

Because the sword was filled with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet colors!

This ray of rainbow had astonishing speed and it bypassed Wu Qianqian's body and clashed with the sword energy of both eighth grade Martial Saints .

Chu Yang flicked his left hand and propelled Wu Qianqian back .

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A cold lonely sword slashed across the sky .

The loud clanging of metal was heard and the trio flew back in the air . The clothes of the two Martial Saints were messed up as they flew back dozens of feet!

They looked in shock at Chu Yang who had appeared again from the lake . They could not imagine that he was a seventh grade Sovereign of Swords before entering the lake!

After he appeared from the lake, he had become an eighth grade Saint of Swords!

This… this was too incredible!

They looked at each other and felt that the information they had was wrong . Thoughts of retreating started to germinate . They signaled to each other without a word and leaped up in an attempt to escape!

Chu Yang laughed triumphantly and said, "Thinking of escaping? I'm unable to kill eighth grade Martial Saints?"

His tone had mirrored the two Martial Saints' tone when they taunted Wu Qianqian previously .

Chu Yang's dark figure flit past and his sword flashed twice .

Wu Qianqian was puzzled as she felt that two rays of rainbow coming out of the sword had no power .

The effect on the two Martial Saints was entirely different .

The two rainbow streaks were like two sharp blades that impaled in their eyes! They were instantly blinded by the colors!

They could not make out directions!

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And they panicked!

What kind of technique was that?

The sword spirit had possessed Chu Yang and made him vibrate his wrist at high speed, causing the lateral sides of the sword to quiver and refract the rainbow lights from the sky .

To control your opponents, blind them first!

Both Martial Saints panicked in mid-air . They lost their sight and sense of direction like lost souls . Their energy dipped and they fell rapidly . Chu Yang was in hot pursuit and kicked at them . His left leg landed on the right Martial Saint while his right leg stomped on the left Martial Saint . Chu Yang's legs were crisscrossed and he exerted great force on the two Martial Saints! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

They plummeted at full speed after being kicked and crashed face-down at the lakeside with a loud thud!

Both of them had a great constitution and leaped up immediately, leaving two human depressions on the ground . They ran in a bid to escape .

An eerie voice said, "Running away? Haven't you heard… where you fall is where you lie down?"

Wu Qianqian covered her chest to regulate her breath . After hearing this, she almost choked on her breath .

She only heard of "Where you fall is where you stand up" instead of "Where you fall is where you lie down" .

Chu Yang , who was possessed by the sword spirit, turned with lightning reflex and emitted rainbow streaks from his long sword . The surroundings were illuminated with beautiful colors .

Underneath the beautiful colors was a lethal intent .

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Two slapping sounds filled the air and two of them rolled back . Their back spine was hit by the sword spine and the blows paralyzed them . They were unable to exert their strength and were slapped back .

Their chests were stepped on while their eyes were blinded by rainbows .

After which, they were kicked twice . One kick landed on the chin that was fractured . The other kick stomped on the Dantian meridian and caused it to burst .

They lost all their strength and did not have the energy to kill themselves .

Both of them were flung together and they became dizzy and dazed .

The sword spirit left Chu Yang's body and returned to the awareness realm to continue figuring out Chu Yang's Rainbow Technique . To the sword spirit, the usage of light was a completely new realm of study .

While Chu Yang was meditating on the technique, the sword spirit was also trying to figure it out . After this battle, the effects were obvious but the sword spirit felt that the full potential of this technique had not been figured out .

Once the two Martial Saints were defeated, the sword spirit went back immediately .

That dark-robed lady… required Chu Yang's attention and understanding… hence the sword spirit vanished abruptly .

Chu Yang was not ready and fell to the ground on his butt .

And then he recovered his senses .

Wu Qianqian saw Chu Yang fall to the ground and was worried . She disregarded the pain in her stomach . Rushing over, she asked, "You… are you alright?"

Chu Yang smiled and replied, "I'm alright… thank you, lady . How do I address you…"

After some observation, though she was masked, Chu Yang felt that she looked familiar and was curious .

Why does this dark-robed lady look like Senior Sister Wu Qianqian?

But… it is not possible .

Wu Qianqian was married to the Iron Cloud Emperor Tie Butian and was the Empress in the Iron Cloud Palace . How could she be here? When I left the Lower Three Heavens, Wu Qianqian was only a Martial Arts Great Master . Even if she went to the Upper Three Heavens, she could not possibly attain Martial Saint level .

The increments from ninth grade Martial Arts Great Master to third grade Martial Saint… was an astonishing 40 levels!

The time difference was only one and a half year and not even two years . How could it be?

As a Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword… my progress was not as fast! As for Wu Qianqian, it was impossible .

Hence this dark-robed lady could not be Wu Qianqian!

Wu Qianqian turned her head to avoid direct eye contact . She said in a hoarse voice, "It's nothing much . I can't stand the way they took advantage of their greater number to bully you . "

Chu Yang laughed heartily . "You are indeed a chivalrous disciple of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists . "

Wu Qianqian said, "Let's dispense with the formalities . I believe you are eager to question both Martial Saints . I heard you mentioned they were law enforcement officers… perhaps you had a conflict with them at a young age?"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "I said they were law enforcement officers but they are not! The law enforcement officers brought with them a special aura like the cruel demeanor of the Interrogation Hall wardens… they viewed everyone as prisoners . Both of them do not have such aura… I do not have any entanglements with them… hence they must be acting under orders…"

He smiled casually as his eyes lit up with sharp focus . He grinned ruthlessly as he said, "However, the truth is about to be known!"

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