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Chapter 1016

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Zi Xieqing smiled as she flapped her sleeves and leaped backward . She floated to the side of a tree and curled her sleeves, causing Chu Le'er in the tree to drop into her arms . She turned her body in mid-air and flashed before vanishing into thin air .

"Ripped Dimension!" Yue Lingxue's pupils contracted . The white-robed lady's skill caused his heart to skip half a beat .

"There's such powerful pugilist in this world! And she's a lady!" Feng Yurou was dazed for a while before sighing . The couple looked at each other speechlessly .

They took a while before checking on their cultivation and enlightenment . They were pleasantly surprised .

"We had entered the Tao state just now!" Yue Lingxue's handsome face showed his elation as he said, "Now, I'm at the pinnacle of ninth grade Supreme Martial Artist!"

"Me too . " Feng Yurou said, "I didn't expect us to benefit greatly from this fight!"

"If we advance, we would reach the 'Nine Heavens End Point' as described by the white-robed lady . " Yue Lingxue's eyes lit up as he said, "I can feel a strong pliable barrier in front of us… once we surmount it, it would be a new world for us!"

Feng Yurou nodded and sighed as she said, "If we surmount the endpoint, what's the use?" She turned her head with guilt as she looked at Yue Lingxue . "We are a couple for a long time… I…"

Yue Lingxue hugged his wife in his arms and said gently, "This is the limitation of the Moon Breeze As One . It's not your fault . Moreover… if you are by my side, even if we don't have children… what's the big deal? I'm already contented . "

Feng Yurou nodded silently and snuggled in his arms . At this moment, the powerful ninth grade Supreme Martial Artist had become a vulnerable woman .

"Let's go into the city . " Yue Lingxue said and Feng Yurou nodded . At this moment, a voice rang from afar, "Using Moon Breeze As One doesn't mean you can't have children… both of you haven't reached the cultivation level yet . "

It was the voice of Zi Xueqing .

The couple lifted their heads happily . "Really!?"

But she did not respond .

"Let's go!" Yue Lingxue was resolute . "Let's go to Tianji City! She must be there!"

Chu Yang roared angrily as his sword energy surged!

Besides him, the three persons' long swords were momentarily delayed!

The Sovereign of Swords' power was facing off the Martial Saint and it had a resilient dignity!

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The three swords made clinking sounds together . An indication of swords being subdued .

The two black-clad figures sneered and said, "Sovereign of Swords?! If you were a Saint of Swords, it would create trouble for us… but since you are a Sovereign of Swords, it poses no problems for us!"

Chu Yang straightened his sword and said, "Whether it will bring you trouble, it can't be articulated . "

The two black-clad figures said condescendingly, "If we can't articulate, then let's fight it out . " They split and attacked from both sides .

Their moves created immense pressure on Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian!

Chu Yang's gaze flickered as he shouted, "Supreme Martial Saints?!" He reacted and said, "You are law-enforcement officers?"

The two black-clad figures broke into weird laughter as their agile bodies descended rapidly .

Chu Yang descended from the sky like a comet . He knew that he was no match for them! He had to avoid them .

The dark-robed woman was also a Martial Saint but she had just attained it and was no match for both of them, As Chu Yang plummeted, he said hastily, "Hold your breath! Stay side by side and regulate your breath…"

He had the tone of a forest bandit who had failed in robbery and was attacked .

Both Martial Saints pursued relentlessly .

Wu Qianqian extended her long sword horizontally . As the cold rays reflected from her sword, she appeared behind Chu Yang! She intended to fend off the two powerful Martial Saints alone!

Her right hand extended back and caught up with the falling Chu Yang and she gave him an additional shove!

Chu Yang descended faster .

But he was immensely shocked!

This dark-robed lady's cultivation was far inferior . She was in a precarious position after shielding him! She was sacrificing her life in exchange for his escape!

Who is she?!

And why is she doing this?

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The two black-clad Martial Saints' eyes were filled with ruthlessness . Their long swords left behind a trailing light screen as they bore down with the pressure of a mountain!

Wu Qianqian scoffed and said, "Three, thousand, miles of, frozen, ice!"

She pointed her long sword as her right soft palm extended out . A cold drift exploded out from her palm and caused the temperature to drop rapidly!

As Chu Yang splashed into the water and sank, the lake surface had frozen into thick layers of ice!

Under her mask, Wu Qianqian smiled triumphantly .

I am helping you to escape . Otherwise, you won't be able to escape as the opponents are too strong . I am also no match for both of them and unable to delay them for long .

Hence, I used Three Thousand Miles of Frozen Ice to divulge my identity . If they are wary of my Teacher, we would be safe .

Even if they do not care, after listening to the name, they would hesitate . Even if the delay is as short as the blink of an eye, it is good for you to flee further!

Then I would freeze the water surface .

If they disregarded my Teacher and killed me and goes into the water to pursue you, I and my ice surface would obstruct them . With these three obstructions and your intelligence, you could escape unscathed! I am confident of your escape!

That way, I am relieved and I am absolved…

However… you must not be silly!

Do not come back for me on the basis of loyalty… my sacrifice would be meaningless…

Indeed .

Once the Three Thousand Miles of Frozen Ice was used, the two supreme Martial Saints were taken aback and immediately retracted their sword energy . "Little girl, are you a disciple of the renowned Moon Breeze couple?"

Wu Qianqian said coldly, "So what if I am? What will you do if I'm not?"

The two Martial Saints were in a dilemma .

This lady was the one responsible for causing the downfall of the Chen family outside the city! She was the disciple of Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue!

Chu Yang has to be killed as it's an order from the second son of our master . However, a disciple of the Moon Breeze couple is hindering us . What should we do?

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The two Martial Saints looked at each other with their eyes glimmering .

It was late at night and there were few people around . Even if there were people… it was inconsequential . Moreover, they were masked… who would know who did it?

They were wary of the Moon Breeze couple placing a prohibition on her . If a prohibition existed, both of them would be in trouble . Even the Ye family would be in trouble!

"Little girl, even if you are the disciple of the Moon Breeze couple, they are not around . Let me advise you to leave! I won't take this matter to heart!" one of them said in a low voice .

The other guy activated his full meridian energy of a Martial Saint and focused on Wu Qianqian's mask to check on her spiritual fluctuation .

After a long time, he affirmed that the little girl's strength was achieved rapidly without consolidation! At this stage, it was not possible for any spiritual prohibition .

Both of them looked at each other and nodded as they made their decision!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

If they could avoid killing the disciple of the Moon Breeze disciple, they would . If not, they would kill her decisively .

"If you leave, I would also leave . " Wu Qianqian said in a hoarse voice, "I don't intend to interfere in your affairs . But you are taking advantage of the weak and I don't agree with your deeds . "

Both of them said, "Little girl, you are adamant, aren't you?"

Wu Qianqian did not detect water movements for a long time and deduced that Chu Yang had escaped . She was reassured and said, "You are merely a bunch of shameless villains . "

Both of them were infuriated!

"Little girl, you are tired of living!" They slashed their long swords and attacked! This time, the attacks were more vicious than the previous ones!

They wanted to kill her fast, especially when they found out that she was the disciple of the Moon Breeze couple… the faster the better!

Wu Qianqian sneered as she held her cold shiny blade and charged .


Wu Qianqian was only a third grade Martial Saint and her opponents were eighth grade! It was a difference of Heaven and Earth!

It was merely a face-to-face clash and Wu Qianqian's sword was broken . She flew back like a kite separated from the string . Fresh blood flowed at the corners of her mouth …

She tried her best to avoid a head-on clash . As her skills were far inferior, she only contacted a portion of their energy and she could not take it!

They grinned maliciously as they said, "Trying to leave? Don't think we can't kill the disciple of the Moon Breeze couple?"

Wu Qianqian managed to survive the first blow and they were taken by surprise . It was a freak accident so the second time they attacked, they did not hesitate .

She felt a cold gusty wind lapping her face . She was about to be crushed by the immense force but her eyes were smiling .

I am absolved .

And contented .

Before I die, I managed to see you . To be able to sacrifice, in exchange for your life, was enough .

I am most pleased… that you do not know who I am . Perhaps you would feel pity, but you would not be guilty and sad…

Wu Qianqian smiled bitterly and she brandished her broken sword to stop her retreat . Charging forward, her green hair danced in the air and she looked like a moth drawn to a flame . She was about to throw her vulnerable self in the path of the fatal sword energy!

Die… Even if I die, I must ensure my corpse is dismembered!

Chu Yang, if I survive, I may appear with my true self in front of you, but… I am dying… I can't let you recognize me .

Both of them used their full force to strike!

Wu Qianqian met them with haste!

Three of them made their decisions to clash head-on . One side was confident and sure of victory while the other side knew she would lose but insisted on fighting!

Wu Qianqian knew that since both of them fought with her, they would not let her escape! If she fled, one of them could catch up with her while the other could search for Chu Yang!

I might as well push my luck!

Death… is of no consequence . To make my death worthwhile is the greater concern .

A man's death might be due to his ideal, career, aspirations, a lofty goal or his love . There were simply too many reasons for a man to die…

But for a woman, when she was willing to sacrifice, most of the time, it was for the man she loved deeply!

Wu Qianqian bit her red lips lightly with her pearly teeth as she leaped!

Her light body, that was filled with great resolve, went into the path of the sword energy!

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