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Chapter 1015

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In the late night .

Chu Yang sat silently by the lake as he focused his thoughts .

Although nothing had changed, a sword appeared in the lake in front of him .

The sword was inserted vertically into the lake . Even the hilt was covered .

Chu Yang sat quietly as he focused on the sword in the lake .

The sword appeared bent in the water due to refraction . Lights at the Shui Yue garden and the surroundings flickered . The sword in the lake changed its posture at every flicker .

Chu Yang sat quietly as he pondered .

The body of the sword looked smooth as it was made of numerous faces . Each face refracted different light rays .

Different light rays that refracted on the same face gave the same color while another face created a different color . A single light ray that was refracted by the numerous faces created a rainbow!

So that was how it worked .

With changes of the light rays, the effect of refraction on the sword body would be different . But… if the light rays remained unchanged and the sword was moved to create the refraction, how would it be like?

How could I let my sword energy produce such a beautiful rainbow?

Chu Yang pondered deeply as he gently waded the lake surface with his hand . The refraction of the word became more vague and chaotic…

Wu Qianqian stood behind the tree as she peered at Chu Yang . She did not know what he was doing but he was in a mystical realm…

She could only protect him discreetly…

In the far distance, two black figures swept across the sky like lightning . They advanced rapidly towards Chu Yang, leaving a trail of after-images behind them .

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Chu Yang was enlightened as he slapped his thigh and muttered, "The sword's immobile . If I think along this line, it's superficial and I can't figure out the source . But where is the source? It's in my wrist! With an agile wrist, I could follow the light rays for refraction and slowly create the desired effect . "

As he slapped his thigh, an explosion erupted in a distant location outside the city .


Boom! Boom!

The entire Tianji City shook violently . The Shuiye garden on the lake wavered like a tilting doll and panicked screams reverberated through the air . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The calm lake surface abruptly erupted with gigantic waves that reached for the sky .

Chu Yang was caught off guard and he fell back on his butt . He muttered, "I can't believe the slap on my thigh had such power…"

Wu Qianqian, who was behind the tree, was shaken dizzy and she almost screamed out . Though she had mixed feelings, after listening to Chu Yang, she almost laughed out .

After a long time, the lake returned to its tranquility .

Chu Yang stood up and stretched his back . Hearing the cracking sounds of his bones, he realized he had been here for the greater part of the night .

"Time flies . " Chu Yang smiled bitterly . He bent his back and retrieved the long sword from the lake . Abruptly, his heart skipped a beat and a great sense of danger surged within him . He flashed and appeared on the lake surface .

High up in the sky, two black-clad figures charged forward like lightning . Their sword rays stretched like a rainbow as they advanced towards Chu Yang maliciously .

Chu Yang hissed and flew up with his black robe fluttering in the air . His figure flashed as he shouted, "Who are you?"

Another dark figure flew up in the sky with a raised sword and pointed her lightning fast sword at the two black-clad figures as she shouted in a low voice, "Who are you?"

The two black-clad figures laughed sinisterly . "You aren't fit to know who we are . I'll let the two of you adulterous pair perish here! And be a pair of dead love-birds . "

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Chu Yang raised his row and looked suspiciously at the dark female figure who had come forward to support him . He thought bewildered, "This figure, why does it look familiar?"

Wu Qianqian lowered her voice so Chu Yang was unable to recognize her . As he was about to recall properly, the two black-clad figures attacked with lightning fast speed and illuminated the sky with their moves!

Chu Yang smiled casually as he dodged and exclaimed, "Slash!"

Abruptly, he felt the sword energy surge within him!

Sovereign of Swords, seventh grade, all out!

On a hilltop outside the city, three white figures separated like comets and occupied a hilltop each, creating a triangle formation . Each had a white flowing robe like a fairy .

Zi Xieqing, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue .

Zi Xieqing's white robe danced in the air and she smiled while she kept her serenity . She did not look like she had just finished a great battle as her white robe was flawless .

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were solemn as they looked at Zi Xieqing with mixed feelings .

A large empty space separated the three of them .

And a messy pile of rocks .

Moments ago, the empty space once stood a sky-reaching hillock .

Ever since they arrived here, they were evenly matched . In the fierce fighting, Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were forced by Zi Xieqing to enter their mystical Tao state!

Even Zi Xieqing was led into the mystical Tao state and she had gained much in this fight .

Her cultivation had surpassed this realm and both of them were not her match . Though she suppressed her true potential in the fight, she had great satisfaction sparring with them .

Though their cultivation was inferior, the technique of Moon Breeze As One was powerful, especially when both of them fused their hearts and minds as one . Moon Breeze As One belonged to the "Greater Tao" technique . After the fusion of the hearts and minds and meeting such a formidable opponent, the couple entered the Tao state .

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Zi Xieqing was also brought into the Tao state .

In the millions of years since Zi Xieqing arrived at the Nine Heavens Continent, she only had two satisfactory fights . The first one was the fight with Supreme Martial Artist Chen Feng and Liu Yun . However, she did not gain energy from the Tao state .

The second time was the current fight .

This time, Zi Xieqing was pleasantly surprised by the endless energy from the Tao state! She could not believe her windfall from this fight!

With the pincer attack of the couple, the energy from the Tao state was like rain falling from the sky .

Zi Xieqing collected the energy in a hurry . She felt that calling from the Nine Heavens . The barrier of the Nine Heavens seemed to be getting weaker rapidly…

The three of them benefited greatly . Zi Xieqing could only collect her share and the sparse remnants of the Tao state's energy . She was unable to collect the energy from the Tao state of Moon Breeze As One… As such, from the viewpoint of cultivation, the couple had gained more benefits than her!

Even the couple's battle with Ning Tianya could not be compared to the current fight .

The couple felt that Ning Tianya's cultivation as compared to the white-fairy like lady… was much inferior .

They did not feel the current terrifying pressure with the encounter with Ning Tianya .

In the fierce fight, the couple intensified their moves as they used their most powerful technique: Moon Breeze Fatal Palm!

Zi Xieqing blocked instinctively .

When they exchanged blows, the entire hillock collapsed!

They also extricated themselves from the Tao state .

Zi Xieqing retrieved the collapsed hillock and pressed it underground! Thus creating the flat ground!

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou felt troubled by Zi Xieqing's superior cultivation . They thought they could be on par with her… but she was much more superior .

They could also flatten a hillock .

But they were unable to manipulate the collapsing hillock like kneading noodles together and pounding them into the ground!

"Lady, you have good skills . We've lost the fight . " Yue Lingxue said straightforwardly .

It was very clear who had the upper hand . With his current status, Yue Lingxue could not afford to lose but he admitted defeat .

Feng Yurou nodded in agreement with her husband .

"I am not affiliated with the Chen family . " Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "If you didn't intervene, I would have done so . " She wanted to clarify her stand that she was not related to the Chen family .

She felt pitiful inside . She did not expect the Moon Breeze As One to facilitate energy absorption from the Tao state . If they continued fighting, she could have filled her energy requirements . It was a pity that she was interrupted .

If they continued to fight, with their agitation, the overwhelming benefits and without proper cultivation, they would not enter the Tao state…

"Both of you have strong cultivation . " Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "Among the powerful pugilists of the Nine Heavens, both of you could enter the top ten! After our sparring, you could consolidate your position in the best eight . "

"Top ten?" Feng Yurou could not help asking in curiosity .

Among the legendary pugilists, the couple claimed to be the top five but Zi Xieqing told them they were in the top ten . Who were those five people?

For the top Nine Heavens pugilists, Dharma Supreme was unfathomable . Next were Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya, followed by the Moon Breeze couple .

Though Ye Di and Xiao Se were about to attain the top nine but they were no match for the Moon Breeze couple!

Perhaps they were Chen Feng and Liu Yun Supreme Martial Artists?

"That's correct . Top ten . " Zi Xieqing said, "Both of you have come close to the endpoint of the Nine Heavens! When you had surpassed the final barrier… you would understand me . "

Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "Perhaps one day, we'll meet again somewhere . Farewell… the sky's the limit . May we meet again . "

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