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Chapter 1013

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In the Shui Ye building at the Shui Ye lake . The Shui Ye building was brightly lit while a rainbow filled the sky . The mist shrouded the lake and lightly veiled the sky . The bright moon showed through the mist sporadically .

Lights shone on the misty lake surface . With the ripple on the lake surface, the lights broke into millions of wavering luminous lines like the fluttering heart of a young lady . It was passionate and yet trembling with reservation .

On the White Jade Bridge, Chu Yang was in a black robe as he walked confidently off the bridge . He slowed down to a stop and turned his head to ascertain Nangong Shifeng's direction before continuing his journey . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Under the wavering lights, his handsome face was partially obscured in the shadows while the bright parts showed a pair of eyes that was cold and dark as the autumn lake .

As he took a step and turned his head…

A lady in black clothing was behind him .

That face was very distinct .

Lightning struck in her heart! Her mind was a sea of chaos while the ears rang incessantly . Her eyes were dazed as she lost her speech and actions .

The world came to a stop .

Chu Yang, I have finally seen you! Her petite body shivered as two streams of tears rolled down her face that was hidden by her black veil .

She struggled to step to her right as she quickly held onto a large tree for support . She was afraid she would collapse to the ground .

"I trained very hard to achieve the Upper Three Heavens at the expense of my life… Just to see you again and follow in sync with your footsteps…

But you've drifted too far…"

Wu Qianqian's eyes were blurry from the welling tears . Her delicate hands smoothed out the bottom of her black robe unconsciously as her mind drifted . "Chu Yang, Qianqian likes you . "

Her tearful eyes gazed at Chu Yang and his gesture that she mirrored .

Even though it was dark and her vision blurred due to her tears, she could discern the black robe that she sewed for him!

At the same spot on the robe, there was her hair and those words .

"Chu Yang, Qianqian likes you!"

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Chu Yang's black robe would not reflect light . Ordinary black robe would reflect light if there were light rays and body movements at the stitches .

However, Wu Qianqian would gently grind these areas .

The grinding was subtle but it could prevent reflection .

Because he traveled the perilous world and faced many conflicts . Since he liked black robes, it meant that he preferred to travel at night . If she took care of the reflection, he would be safer…

At this instant, all the past memories swept over her like a strong wind on dark waters .

I recalled the first time I met you at the Beyond The Heavens and your well-concealed wits . At that time, I treated you as my junior .

When I met you at the Iron Cloud Nation, you had become a powerful swordsman that the crown prince was in awe of! In a few days, you became the owner of the Bu Tian Pavilion and the King of Hell that controlled life and death .

From then onwards, I was by your side and helped you with the mundane affairs . With your ruthlessness, decisiveness and wits, all the problems were easily solved .

Your meticulous ways and intoxicating gentleness caused me many heartaches . You were constantly struggling for survival, yet you never complained to your close ones .

When you flared up at your close ones, it was when you were in a good mood .

My indifference to you became curiosity . I was curious how you could become master of the Bu Tian Pavilion at such a young age . After getting to know you gradually, I discovered many of your plus points .

Do you realize that women prefer a man like you? No matter how much pressure and hardship were bearing down on you, you would always treat your close ones with ease, confidence and gentleness .

A woman needs support and a man like you gave women a great sense of security! Even in the face of imminent danger, a woman would not panic with such a man beside her .

And you sneaked into the Great State of Zhao alone and created chaos in the state . After fleeing for your life, you returned and participated in the Great Battle!

Yet, you did not mention a word about the experience!

Nobody could imagine a lone ranger facing and surviving the wrath of a country and the relentless pursuit of the Golden Horse Rider Department!

But you did .

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After creating this miracle, you created another greater miracle . You pitted the weak Iron Cloud Nation against the superior Great State of Zhao .

The battle on that day was so ferocious that the sky was stained crimson .

The next morning, before anyone had the chance to celebrate the victory, you left . You left silently…

You have your goals . Hence you were indifferent to your miraculous feats!

With your power and influence at that time, a word of yours would dictate the will of the Lower Three Heavens!

But you did not because you had your loved one . You rejected the Lower Three Heavens casually . When I was with you daily, you did not pay attention to me .

Do you realize that your persistence and your great affection for your loved one was a fatal attraction for other women?

You left and brought along my affection . The black robe became my life . Every time I put on the mask, I feel you are by my side .

I am unable to reveal my intention because of your deep affection for that unknown loved one . I could only watch you silently and like you discreetly in my heart!

I am unwilling to stand against your persistence but you cannot take away my affection .

A woman's affection once invested last a lifetime .

When a woman's most beautiful and sacred affection could only exist in fantasy… Chu Yang, do you realize how pitiful I am?

You would not know, would you? Perhaps you do but you would never utter it .

Now that I am here and have seen you in the colorful rainbow, I am still behind you, hiding in the shadows .

Wu Qianqian covered her lips with fierce determination as she struggled to control herself and prevent revealing herself . She looked forlorn at the figure of the black-robed Chu Yang .

I traveled to the Upper Three Heavens in extreme hardship with the intention to gaze at him from afar .

After watching him, why is my heart aching even more? Is my affection contagious? I should be contented after seeing him . Why am I yearning for more than a look?

I wanted to watch him… watch more of him… watch him endlessly…

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Looking at his arms, I wished to rest in his arms…

He… did not hug me, not even once…

Chu Yang felt something as he walked forward . It was as though a pair of sorrowful eyes were watching him and he was startled . He turned to look .

Wu Qianqian noticed he was startled and knew he was turning . She did not know why she panicked and hid behind the tree with lightning speed .

Chu Yang saw a few distant people walking behind him . He smiled helplessly at the gloomy night and thought he was too sensitive . He turned and left .

Wu Qianqian hid behind the tree to calm herself . She could not bear to leave, and trailed after him .

Nothing in the world was as good as her trailing after Chu Yang .

She knew Chu Yang's habits and he mentioned that he was being followed .

When trailing Chu Yang, the attention should not be focused on him . Instead, the attention should be focused on other targets to avoid being discovered by him!

In another direction .

The brothers, Ye Shifeng and Ye Shiyu, walked together in silence .

"Why are you wary of that man?" Ye Shifeng suddenly asked, "His tone was to agitate you . Can't you see that?"

Ye Shiyu went silent before saying, "I know but I still feel indignant . "

Ye Shifeng scoffed and said, "I dislike him . He's tired of living when he fooled our Ye family!"

"He's not easy to deal with . " Ye Shiyu knitted his brows . His tone was no longer feminine .

Ye Shifeng's weathered face revealed a trail of ruthlessness as he said, "Not easy to deal with? Let me check his background . "

Ye Shiyu remained silent for a long while . Then he said, "Checking his background… is good . He's mysterious and unpredictable . Let's not make the situation worse . Be careful not to expose our men when they do the checks . "

Ye Shifeng smiled coldly and he said, "I know . I'll send two highly skilled Martial Saints to kill him . If not, they'll find out more about him . "

"Be wary of Han Xiaoran . " Ye Shiyu reminded .

Nangong Shifeng sat down at a tree with a wine jug at his feet and holding a braised chicken in his hand . He gulped down the wine sporadically and abruptly made a startled sound before exhaling .

"Nangong?" Chu Yang appeared like a spirit before him .

"Yes… it's you . " Nangong Shifeng wiped the wine off his lips and stood up . He looked intently at Chu Yang's hands .

Chu Yang understood his gesture and laughed . He took out a broken sword fragment and passed it to him . "Take a look, it is the correct one?"

Nangong Shifeng laughed and took out a broken sword fragment which fitted nicely with Chu Yang's fragment . He was excited and asked, "Where is my leader?"

Chu Yang said, "I don't know where he is but do you remember what he told you?"

Nangong Shifeng smiled fawningly . "Yes… hehe … yes . "

Chu Yang nodded and said, "I'm Chu Yang and my alias in the Southeast is called 'Black-Hearted Saint'… Do you get the gist?"

Nangong Shifeng's eyes lit up and nodded like a chicken pecking on the rice grains .

"I need you to find out… all the physicians that came to Tianji City . Their influence, power, names and herbs… Find out as much as you can . Report to me once every three days . If there are urgent matters, you may update me immediately . "

Chu Yang spoke slowly .

"Good!" Nangong Shifeng braced his chest .

"I stay at the Orchard Palace . " Chu Yang said casually .

"Write down the details of the Medicine Banquet if you know about it . " Chu Yang did not have the chance to know more about the banquet and had to go through Nangong to prevent attracting unnecessary trouble…

Nangong Shifeng acknowledged and left . As Ye Shiyu was still nearby, Nangong Shifeng did not want to stay for long to avoid seeing his nemesis .

Chu Yang sat down and hugged his knees as he gazed at the surface of the lake . Looking at the reflected rainbow on the surface, he recalled his power of gentle water while ruminating feelings surged within him…

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