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Chapter 1012

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"Their real purpose is to frustrate our nine Supreme Martial Artists from nourishing the heaven . "

Everyone in the hall sighed when this sentence was said . Even their desire to eat and drink was gone . Chu Yang was the exception .

Because this guy didn't even know what this meant .

"The Medicine Banquet is for the purpose of refining the Heaven-Nourishing Jade, which is meant to deal with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! After this jade is made, nine Supreme Martial Artists at their upper stages will use different martial techniques to transport the jade into another place . Then, the most skilled one among them will fill the Heaven-Nourishing Jade up into heaven . This person will be the Dharma Supreme . "

Knowing that Chu Yang didn't know about this, Han Xiaoran explained to Chu Yang in detail .

"But how can this Heaven-Nourishing Jade deal with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?" Chu Yang was puzzled .

"No, since ancient times, the mission of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is to remedy the Nine Heavens . From a certain extent, Heaven-Nourishing Jade plays the same role as the nine tribulations . So… If the Heaven-Nourishing Jade can nourish the nine heavens before the Nine Tribulations Sword Master does so, the fate energy of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master can be destroyed!" Han Xiaoran said .

"Oh, I see . " Chu Yang took a tumble and praised, "What a good idea!"

Han Xiaoran sighed and muttered, "Master Feng and Master Yue… are two whom I respect the most in my life . " Then, he turned silent . After a long time, he shook his head dejectedly .

Zhuge Shanyun said, "Since Masters Feng and Yue are intervening in this matter, this matter is not on us . Our original plan needs to be revised . We have to give up the decisions that we've made earlier on . Now, we need to discuss how to make the Medicine Banquet carry on successfully!"

Everyone nodded slowly . All of them looked heavy .

Zhuge Shanyun pondered for a while and said, "In our original plan, the Zhuge clan plays the role as the host, while the Dharma Supreme and the other Supreme Martial Artists shall show up to make their keystroke in the end . But obviously, this method is inappropriate now . "

He smiled bitterly and said, "The two elders of our Zhuge Clan have already retreated for thousands of years and they won't come out easily, and… Even if they come out, they won't be the opponents of Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue! I can only try my best to invite…"

As he said, he looked at the two from the Ling clan and the two from the Ye clan .

The four remained silent .

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"Hanwu, who is the Supreme Martial Artist that your Ling clan has appointed to nourish the heaven?" A trace of unhappiness flashed across Zhuge Shanyun's eyes . He's obviously dissatisfied with the silence of these four people . But this trace of unhappiness disappeared in a moment's time, and he asked this question warmly .

"It's seventh elder!" Reverence was shown across Ling Hanwu's face . "He's now at the peak of the sixth stage Supreme level!"

Chu Yang's heart skipped a beat . It turned out that there were actually experts hiding among the Ling clan's troop . This expert was really good at self-controlling . When Zi Xieqing mercilessly beheaded three of the Supreme Martial Artists from the Ling clan, this expert could actually hold back himself from showing up!

Zhuge Shanyun shook his head slowly and asked, "The cultivation of seventh elder is naturally shocking and good enough at usual times . But in the face of Masters Feng and Yun, do you think seventh elder can win?"

Ling Hanwu shook his head slowly . "No . "

"There's still time," Zhuge Shanyun said, "We must change our leader now . "

Ling Hanwu nodded slowly .

Zhuge Shanyun smiled lightly and turned to look at the two brothers from the Ye clan . "Shifeng, Shiyu, who's the Supreme Martial Artist from your Ye clan?"

Ye Shifeng laughed and said, "It's fourth elder, Ye Zhangzui . His cultivation is also at the peak of the sixth stage Supreme level . "

"Ye Zhangzui…" Zhuge Shanyun frowned .

Ye Shiyu said girlishly, "But, I heard that our great elder is also coming . "

Zhuge Shanyun instantly became spirited and said, "That's good . " Then he turned towards Han Xiaoran and the other two law-enforcement masters, saying, "Law-enforcement masters, I'll pass the message to the other great clans now for them to change their candidates . Please also inform the Dharma Supreme to make arrangements as early as possible . This matter is related to the fate of the Nine Heavens and we can't afford to be careless . "

Mu Jiuyou and Yuan Jinbao nodded repeatedly and their eyes flickered .

Han Xiaoran's face was cold and stiff . He let out a long sigh and didn't speak . Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were the two whom he respected the most . But now, it seemed that he's going to walk on a different path as them .

Although the Nine Tribulations Sword Master hadn't made his clear appearance, these two people were already working hard for the fate of the nine tribulations .

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It might not be the time of a deadly battle now . After all, even the Dharma Supreme didn't want people such as Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou to be his enemies . But once the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was out, a deadly battle was inevitable!

Han Xiaoran felt a turmoil of emotions in his heart .

"Will the Li clan send people up this time?" Mu Jiuyou frowned and asked .

"This…" Yuan Jinbao touched his chin and said, "I really have no idea . Now that the situation isn't clear yet . The Li clan should come, I guess?"

"But, who's the woman in white who has appeared just now?" Zhuge Shanyun frowned tightly and said, "Why is the Medicine Banquet this time around so strange? All kinds of misfortunes are gathered here, virtually . Anyone has information about this… woman in white? Or, did anyone of you hear about her before?"

Everyone shook their heads bewilderedly .

Ling Hanwu and Ling Hanxue looked towards Chu Yang .

Both of them were 90% sure that this woman was Zi Xieqing, that 'Miss Zi' who's together with Chu Yang . She's also the 'ninth concubine' whom Chu Yang had mentioned previously .

Zhuge Shanyun also looked at Chu Yang smilingly . "Envoy Chu?"

Chu Yang pondered and said, "According to what Nangong Shifeng had said, I felt somehow… familiar… with that woman in white…"

Everyone instantly looked towards him .

"Somehow familiar?" Zhuge Shanyun's spirits rose .

"That's right . From his narration, that woman looks like my concubine…" Chu Yang touched his nose embarrassedly . "*Cough*… ninth concubine . "

"Damn it!" Mu Jiuyou, Ye Shifeng and Ye Shiyu scolded out at the same time!

The faces of Yuan Jinbao and Zhuge Shanyun also became distorted as both stared at Chu Yang . They looked like they were going to eat Chu Yang alive! Han Xiaoran smiled bitterly and was at a loss of how to react .

This guy really dared to speak this way!

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That's a real expert who dared to challenge Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou single-handedly! Your ninth concubine? Motherf**ker, what a wonder that your tongue still hadn't been blown away by the wind!

"*Cough… But, your concubine's cultivation is indeed very high…" Ling Hanxue rolled her eyes and said .

"Well, this topic shall stop here . " Mu Jiuyou extended his hand to stop them from talking and said discontentedly, "Niece Hanxue, there's simply no need for you to bring up this matter to discuss . This guy likes to brag… Concubine his ass! Why didn't he say he's the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?"

Everyone laughed when this sentence was out .

Zhuge Shanyun laughed and said, "Let me divine who his mysterious expert is . "

As he said, he sat down with his legs crossed, and took out nine copper coins from his chest . Then, he cast them thrice on the table . For the third time when he cast the coins, there were actually eight coins facing up, while the last coin went rolling down the table . After turning two rounds on the ground, it actually stood still .

"Eh?" Zhuge Shanyun said in surprise .

"What's the matter?" everyone asked together .

"Starry sky and moving nine heavens; It actually shows an ethereal realm . The woman's background can't be seen, and whether the luck is good or bad is unpredictable . In the end, there's actually a meteor flying past the sky, indicating an extraterrestrial visitor . Why is it like this?" Zhuge Shanyun shook his head and looked at the table suspiciously, asking, "Is this a mistake?

"This divine is a little ridiculous," Mu Jiuyou said deeply, "But since this expert chose to challenge Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou… Even if they're not friends, they won't be enemies!"

"I hope so!" Zhuge Shanyun sighed sadly and said, "It's really untimely . It just so turns out that strange things come one after another when it's our clan to host the Medicine Banquet . The Li clan's stance is ambivalent, Masters Feng and Yue has come, the Chen clan's troop was killed, and now there's a mysterious, great expert… Alas, if Masters Ning and Bu also came, I really don't know if this Tianji City could bear with them…"

"Haha, now there're Masters Feng and Yue, and the mysterious woman . If either Master Ning or Master Bu comes, that will make four; Dharma Supreme will of course come, and that will make five… Since Sir Yedi is coming, then Sir Xiaose will also not remain idle… Besides, there are countless Supreme Martial Artists from various big clans… Your Tianji City is in danger . "

Mu Jiuyou couldn't help but laugh . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Zhuge Shanyun also started laughing . "But that's generally impossible; If all those super experts congregate here, even if our Tianji City is destroyed, that'll also be an honor . "

After saying this sentence, he felt his heart suddenly jerk . An ominous feeling suddenly overwhelmed his heart . Instantly, he regretted over what he had just said .

A thought suddenly hit upon Yuan Jinbao and he said, "Masters Feng and Yue have taken a disciple . They must be making preparations for the future battle . They want to put up a deadly fight, so they've taken a disciple in advance so that they'll have a successor…"

Everyone's face turned dark when this sentence was out .

They didn't think in this direction before . Now, they felt that there's a great possibility that this was really the case .

Ye Shifeng laughed and said, "Since even Masters Feng and Yue have a successor, will Masters Ning and Bu also have one? Haha… don't tell me that these super experts all have disciples! That'll be a great event in the Nine Heavens . "

The corners of Chu Yang's mouth twitched, then it twitched again, and again .

Haha, my Qingwu… Humph humph…

Everyone then discussed other matters . After they had eaten, Zhuge Shanyun said, "Law-enforcement masters, would you like to follow me down to have some tea? And meanwhile have a battling competition?"

The three law-enforcement masters agreed readily .

Ye Shiyu, Chu Yang and others all knew that Zhuge Shanyun was going to discuss some core secrets with the law-enforcement masters .

So everyone parted at the White Jade Bridge .

After Chu Yang parted with Ling Hanwu and was about to greet Ye Shiyu, Ye Shiyu had already vanished…

Chu Yang smiled contentedly as he walked unsteadily towards the place where he and Nangong Shifeng had agreed to meet .

In front of the Shui Ye Lake . Although it's already late at night, the lakeside was still buzzing with people . Light of different colors shone on the lake, making up a beautiful scenery . Chu Yang enjoyed the scenery as he walked .

But he didn't realize that amidst the crowd behind, a slim figure dressed in black suddenly froze to the ground upon seeing him .

Instantly, that pair of eyes was filled with tears .

I've dreamt of you thousands of times, and now, I've found you here where the lantern light is dimly shed .

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